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3D Stereoscopic - Concept Animations
Exceptional Teaching & Learning

Modern Educational Methodology
Education in today’s time, is undergoing an evolutionary change. Traditional methods of ‘chalk and talk’ are being met with much antagonism by the new-age, technologysavvy generation. While many teachers continue to practice traditional, teachercentric teaching methods, the younger generation of students is refusing to be receptive to these old methods in the classroom. The modern student who is exposed to a dramatic amount of information from the media and the internet, wants to be greatly stimulated in the classroom. The modern educational methodology for these student’s of today involves kinesthetic, visual and auditory modes of learning, including animations and Youtube videos. Teachers need to recognize this change in education and consciously move away from traditional teaching methods to modern interactive, student-centric, activity based teaching methodologies in the classroom. Teachers also need to transfer knowledge in the classroom using skill based learning activities and assessment mechanisms.

3D Stereoscopic - Concept Animation

+ Entertainment) - Unique cross-curricular content for holistic development of the child.

Content focuses on cognitive, social, emotional skills and intellectual development of children. The result is a unique, immersive visual experience that allows students to observe and interact with high fidelity models of structures in stereoscopic 3D.

Advantages of Edutainment:
• • • • A fascinating learning experience for the New–Gen students 3D Stereoscopic Edutainment product IMAX 3D Theatre experience in a classroom Makes learning more effective and creative

Benefits to the student:
• • • • Development of multi-sensory communication Skills Creativity Logical & reasoning Skills Easy & Effortless learning

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