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 A new new tra traini ining ng center center..

AITC is pleased to announce the recent opening of purpose built training facility center for Industrial maintenance & Repair courses. This state of art facility allows us to deliver hands on training with the use of actual equipment and machines, interactive audio and video aids and class room teaching. ur location offers an ideal learning environment.  

AITC training programmes stand uniquely from others due to!!

"ighly customi#ed trainings with an e$periential philosophy that would particularly address your trainees needs

ut!of!the!bo$, practical training solutions achieved by innovative methods

Carefully chosen instructors having proven records of creating e$cellence in their respective domains

%a$imi#ed learning curve due to constant focus on easing the process of imparting technical sills and concepts.

'se of (ifferential instruction methodology in a group of mi$ed capabilities.


'se of actual equipment for training purposes to give the real flavor to the training e$perience.




All Training rograms IncludeTraining material and certification, A worboo and printed notes to eep  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ABOUT OUR INSTRUCTORS ur Inst Instruc ructor tors s have for formal mal qua qualifi lificati cations ons with rea reall wor world ld e$p e$peri erienc ences es with e$ce e$ celle llent nt com commu muni nicat cation ion s sill ills. s. Th They ey are are qua qualif lifie ied d to discu discuss ss the the spe specif cific ic problems in alignment, relevant to the industries


PRESENTATIONS state!of!the!art   presentations with  with  computers, proection ur instructors use state!of!the!art equipment and software to bring you a high quality visual e$perience. /hich would be lively, with crisp and clear illustrations.









Code : MS ! S"aft A#i$n%ent E&pert Course

AITC, (A%%A%


10/11/2006 15/11/2006

25/11/2006 30/11/2006

7/11/2006 –

Code: A' ( AITC, Indu In dust stria ria## 'ear 'ear)o )o&es &es (A%%A%

Course fee Per participant )R2344



Repair And Maintenance 

16/11/2006 20/11/2006


Code:AP ( Centrifu$a#-Pu%p Maintenance * Repair

AITC, (A%%A%




Code: APM ( Precisi Prec ision on Mainte Maintenan nance ce S+i##s

AITC, (A%%A%



10/12/2006 15/12/2006

1/12/2006 -5/12/2006


10/12/2006 12/12/2006




Code: A,P ( ,drau#ics Pneu%atics Code: AP ! Pu%p * Sste% Interaction


AITC, (A%%A%


COURSES Course code: MS 02

S"aft A#i$n%ent E&pert Trainin$ pro$ra% -------------------------------------------------------------Course .or%at 5 da days ys full full se sess ssio ions ns,, cl clas assr sroo oom m in inst stru ruct ctio ion n & pr prac acti tice ce on real real equipment   I%portance of t"e course )haft7C )haft 7Cou oupli pling ng mi misal salign ignme ment nt is resp respons onsibl ible e fo forr ove overr hal halff of all all e$ e$ce cessi ssive ve vibration in machines. The resulting premature bearing and seal wear has a significant effect on machine life, production availability, and ultimately, your plant pla nt8s 8s pro profit fitab abili ility ty.. reci recise se an and d co cons nsist isten entt ali alignm gnmen entt of all all yo your ur rota rotati ting ng equipment equipme nt will help you reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime, downtime, incr increa ease se proc proces ess s qu qual alit ity, y, an and d e$ e$te tend nd ma mach chin ine e life life.. Th This is co cour urse se te teac ache hes s alignment principles 9applicable to all methods and machinery: in practical, easy to un unde ders rsta tand nd term terms s an and d al also so pr prov ovide ides s han hands! ds!on on e$ e$pe peri rien ence ce pe perf rfor ormin ming g precision alignment

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Course O)/ecti0e To teach the techniques and sills needed to perform alignment in the shortest time and to increase awareness of its importance to obtaining the smoothest running machinery.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Course Content ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(1 Introduction to %isa#i$n%ents %isa#i$n%ents (efinition of misalignment *ffects of misalignment on the rotating equipment life "ow it helps to reduce maintenance costs and machine downtime

!1 Tpes of %isa#i$n%ents


arallell misa aralle misalign lignmen ment, t, angu angular lar misa misalign lignmen ment, t, and com combine bined d mis misalig alignme nment, nt, misalign misa lignmen ments ts in ver vertica ticall plan plane e and hori hori#ont #ontal al plan plane, e, sel select ection ion of ref refere erence nce positions for defining misalignments

21 Deter%inin$ t"e references positions *stablishing *stablis hing the equipme equipment nt refer reference ence as station stationary ary and movable equipmen equipmentt for alignment procedure, relative orientation of the machines and the alignment technician, direction of viewing, maring of the reference points on the coupling hubs hu bs,, re repr pres esen enti ting ng th the e hu hub b of th the e fi$e fi$ed d co comp mpon onen entt by cloc cloc  po posi siti tion ons, s, importance of sticing to one set of reference points through out the e$ercise

31 Pre a#i$n%ent c"ec+-ups (ial indi indicato cators, rs, equi equipme pment nt pre prepara paratio tion n for tas tas, , che checin cing g of the fou founda ndation tion,, leveling leve ling,, defi definiti nition on of pipe str strain ain eff effect ect & cor correc rection tion,, def definit inition ion of sof softt foo foot, t, methods method s to chec soft foot & its correctio correction, n, definition of shaft7c shaft7coupling oupling run!ou run!out, t, its measurement and correction, definition of thermal growth, how it affects the align alignme ment nt of the the ma machi chine nes, s, dif diffe fere rence nce be betwe tween en co cold ld an and d ho hott ali align gnme ment nt,, methods to determine thermal characteristics, determination of true center of rotation for the equipment, determination of the magnetic center of rotation for the prime mover9motor:

41 Ri% and face %et"od Carrying out rough alignment before rim and face alignment, understanding the proper sequences of operations for rim and face alignment, fi$ing of bracets and dial indicators, determination of bar sag, preparation of the data sheet for linear measurements on machines and (TI readings. %easure %easu reme ment nt of ve vert rtica icall pla plane ne mi misal salign ignme ment nt,, plo plott ttin ing g of da data ta on gr grap aphs hs,, determination of misalignment, thermal growth considerations, %easurement of ho hori ri#o #ont ntal al pl plan ane mi misa sali lign gnme ment nt,, misalignment in e hori#ontal plane.

pl plot otti ting ng


va valu lue es,

de dete term rmin inat atio ion n


51 Co Corr rrec ecti tion on of %isa %isa#i #i$n $n%e %ent nts s in 0e 0ert rtic ica# a# an and d "o "ori ri6o 6ont nta# a# p#anes7 addin$8re%o0in$ s"i%s 91 Re0erse dia# indicator %et"od for a#i$n%ent Intr Introd oduc ucti tion on,, arra arrang ngem emen entt of di dial al in indi dica cato tors rs for for re reve vers rse e dial dial me meth thod od,, esta es tabli blishi shing ng da datu tum7r m7ref efer eren ence ce po point ints, s, ca carr rryin ying g ou outt pr pre e align alignme ment nt ch chec ecs, s, nece ne cessa ssary ry pr pre e al align ignme ment nt tass tass su such ch as me measu asure reme ment nt of lin linea earr dista distanc nces es,, preparation of data sheet.


%easuring and correcting vertical plane misalignment, measuring and correcting hori ho ri#o #ont ntal al pl plan ane e mi misa sali lign gnme ment nt,, us usin ing g grap graph h an and d an anal alyt ytic ical al fo form rmul ulae ae for for calc ca lcul ulat atio ions ns,, pl plot otti ting ng the gra graph phs s fo forr ther therma mall gr gro owt wth, h, co corrre rect ctin ing g the the misalignment by using proper methods to lift the machinery for adding7removing shims

1 A#i$n%ent of 0ertica# insta##ations   Introduction, (ifference in the alignment procedure for vertical installations from the hori#ontally mounted equipment. *stablishing the reference points for vertical installations re alignment checs, linear measurements and recording of data Rim and face method for alignment for vertical installations

;1 <aser a#i$n%ent /hat is laser alignment; *quipment used in the laser alignment, fi$ing of the laser alignment tools on the equipment, taing the readings and determining the misalignment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

  ="at t"e trainees are )enefited >it"? Trainees attending this course are e$pected to go bac to their worplace and immediately apply what they have learned confidently

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------="o s"ou#d attend? The five day e$tensive course is designed to train anyone ! !!who have little or no e$perience in shaft alignment and lie to become a confidant man in the field of alignment !!people who have been doing alignment but ... have not been e$posed to all alignment techniques !!who wish to become an e$pert ! !one who would lie to now about the advantages and disadvantages of the avai av aila labl ble e al alig ignm nmen entt sy syst stem ems s on th the e ma mar ret et to toda day y an and d th the e eval evalua uati tion on of alignment systems !!! /ho are plant managers and people involved in time & motion study;

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Certifications )tudents will receive a personali#ed Certificate of 


Completion with a copy of hand boo


Course code: AG 01

Gear Box Expert Programme Programme   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Course for%at 5 days full sessions, class class room instruction instruction and !ands on practice practice on industrial gear"o#es ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Course su%%ar This is a co This compr mpreh ehen ensiv sive e trai trainin ning g pr prog ogra ramm mme e fo focu cusin sing g on the the pr princ incipl iples es of gearin gea ring, g, rat rating, ing, app applica lication tions, s, han handlin dling g of par parts ts safe safely, ly, insp inspect ection ion of gear gearbo$ bo$ parts, maintenance & repairs, installation and alignment. The programme is oriented in ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course o)/ecti0e To prepare trainees to wor as industrial mechanic to, carry out maintenance, pr prec ecisi ision on repa repair ir an and d trou trouble blesho shoot oting ing,, in inspe spect ction ion of pa part rts, s, use of pr prec ecis ision ion measur mea suring ing too tools, ls, ali alignme gnment nt and ins instal tallati lation on of all ma maor or type types s of ind industr ustrial ial gearbo$es following correct maintenance procedures and safety ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course content ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(1 Introdu Introduction ction to differe different nt tp tpes es of $ears Introduction to definition of gear, identifying different types, spur gear, worm gear, gea r, heli helical cal g gear ear,, spir spiral al be bevel vel g gear ear,, hy hypoi poid d ge gearin aring g he herri rringbo ngbone ne g gear ears, s, planetary gears, their fundamental construction, their principle of woring !1 'ear ter%in ter%ino#o$ o#o$ and definit definitions ions


<ear termino terminology, logy, pit pitch ch circl circle e diame diameters, ters, d diametr iametral al pitch pitches, es, mo modules, dules, distances

cente center! r!

21 'ear tr trains ains an and d spee speed d ratio ca#cu#at ca#cu#ations ions )imple gear train, compound gear trains, epicyclic gear train, calculation of speed of output shaft in a given gear train, gear ratio, effect of idlers 31 Tp Tpes es of $ea $ear)o r)o&es &es Introduction to gearbo$, general characteristics, gearbo$ ratings, thermal ratings, baclash, service factors, self!locing, efficiency7 efficiency7 spur!reduction gearbo$, single reduction and double reduction, worm gear reducers, helical reduction gearbo$, herringbone helical gear reduction gearbo$, hypoid gear reducer, epicyclic gear bo$ 41 Radia# and t"rust #oa #oads ds in diffe different rent $ea $ear r arran$e arran$e%ents %ents 'nderstanding the force mechanics and dynamics of gears, baclash in gears   51 <u)r <u)ricat ication ion sst sste%s e%s on $ear $ear)o& )o&es es +ubrication systems in a gearbo$, simple lubrication, forced lubrication, centrali#ed lubrication systems, properties of lubricants, A<%A recommendations

91 ,ou ,ousin$ sin$s s of $ea $ear)o& r)o&es es Characteristics of housings , its constructional details, material of construction, methods tocorrection chec the of concentricity of the parent bores of the housings, line boring and bores in housings ;1 S"aft c"aracteristics7 %ateria# of construction7 arran$e%ent 1 'ear %ou %ountin ntin$s $s on s s"aft "afts s <ears press fitted on shafts, hydraulic presses, cold mounting, eyed gears, mounting on splines, mounting & dismounting of bearings on the gearbo$ ;1 Disasse%) Disasse%)# # and R Reasse%) easse%)# # of $ $ear ear )o )o& & @ prac practice tice (1 Safet aspects >"i#e "and#in$ $ear)o& repairs re disassembly checs, of threeusing maor types tools of gearbo$es worm & worm gear, helical gears disassembly and hypoid gearing correct and methods


((1 Inspection of $ear)o& e#e%ents =isual inspection, inspection of parts by precision measurements measurement of parts for their dimensions using dial indicators, micrometers, wear in gear elements, determining other repair characteristics, checing baclash, concentricity of gears, shaft run!outs, gear contact pattern (!1 Trou)#es"ootin$ $ear)o& Causes of oil leas, over heating of gearbo$, noise generation, high amperes drawn by gearbo$, input shaft doesn8t turn, failure of bearings (!1'ear co0ers7 $as+ets * sea#s Construction of gearbo$ covers, mounting, screwed fasteners, gasets& seal replacement

(21Insta##ation of $ear)o&es Alignment, rim and face method of alignment for coupled gear bo$es ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

="at t"e trainees are )enefited >it"? )ound basics, e$pert mechanical sills to carry out the given tas related to gearbo$ and other equipment, problem solving sills ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

="o s"ou#d attend? The five day e$tensive course is designed to train anyone ! *ntry level technicians7woring technicians7engineers7supervisors

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Certifications Trainees will receive a personali#ed Certificate of  Completion with a copy of hand boo



Course code: AP 01

Cetr!"uga# Pump  progra  pro gramme mme




-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Course 'ormat   5 da(s "u## sess!os) c#ass room !struct!o ad pract!ce o rea# pumps -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Course summar(   Centrifugal pumps are the most important class of pumps that are used in the industr ind ustries ies.. Thi This s cou course rse pre prepare pares s a tra traine inee e com compre prehen hensive sively ly to deal with the repairs and maintenance of centrifugal pumps independently with confidence and safety practice -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Course o*+ect!,e  to enable trainees to tae up a maintenance tas as a pump millwright on a variety of pumps, troubleshoot faults, tear down assembly for repairs, identify repair rep air cha charact racteri eristic stics, s, pre prepar pare e rep report orts, s, use pre precisi cision on mea measuri suring ng ins instru trumen ments ts such as dial indicators & micrometers, prepare inspection sheet, carry out tass according to manufacturer8s specs, use proper tools and specified torques on fasteners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course Cotets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(1 Introduction to centrifu$a# pu%p t"eor /oring prin /oring principl ciple e of pump pump,, pum pump p gove governin rning g equ equati ation, on, simp simple le mat mathema hematica ticall formulas for calculating, input power and efficiency, measurement of pressure with the gauges and head terminology

!1 Centrifu$a# pu%p constructiona# detai#s and parts


Types of impe Types impeller llers, s, cas casings ings,, and sha shaft ft and bea bearin rings, gs, seal sealing ing arr arrang angeme ements nts,, reading C) drawings of the pumps and identifying the parts and tolerances, submersible pumps configurations 3. Materia#s of construction %aterial used in maing impellers, casings, shafts, seals, their influence on the

performance of the pump, AI standards for the selection of materials for pump parts 31 Safet aspects "and "a ndli ling ng pr prec ecis isio ion n houseeeping

pa part rts s


pu pump mps, s, ha hand ndli lin ng

he heav avy y

pa parrts sa safe fely ly

an and d

41 'eo%etries of casin$s and arran$e%ents =olute and vorte$ casings vertically split and hori#ontally split casings, vertical and hori#ontal installations, bearing supports 51 no>#ed$e of <oads in a pu%p Radial& Thrust loads on pump shaft, hydraulic loads, balancing of hydraulic thrust 91 Disasse%)# and asse%)# of actua# pu%ps Complete teardown practice for assembly and disassembly on real pumps 1 Inspection of parts and >ears and to#erances Inspe Inspect ction ion of par parts ts of the the pum pump p vi visua sually lly and by pr prec ecisi ision on me measu asure reme ment nts, s, che ch ec cin ing g run! run!o out of sh shaf aft, t, be bear arin ing g se seat at we wear ar an and d run un!o !out uts, s, ch chec eci ing ng concentricity & squareness of the shaft with respect to casing, checing wearing ring ring ga gap p an and d its its repai repairr pr proc oced edur ure, e, me measu asuri ring ng cle clear aranc ances es,, ch chec ecin ing g fits fits & tolerances of locating surfaces, preparing inspection data sheet

="at t"e trainees are )enefited >it"? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------)ound theo eore reti tical cal ba bacg cgro roun und, d, e$ e$pe peri rien enti tial al le lear arnin ning g e$ e$pe peri rien ence ce th that at wil willl )ound th contribute in self growth and development as an e$pert pump technician !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

="o s"ou#d attend? The five day e$tensive course is designed to train ! !entry level technicians7 woring technicians7 engineers7supervisors



Certifications )tudents will receive a personali#ed Certificate of Completion and hand boo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course code: AP 02

Pump % (stem .teract!o !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Course for%at 5 day full sessions, with hands!on and case studies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !Course su%%ar A ey ey fa fact ctor or in imp impro rovin ving g pla plant nt op oper erat ation ion is de dete termi rminin ning g wh wher ere e the the pu pump mp actually is operating. %aority of the problems arise due to pump and system interaction. This course primarily addresses to the need for understanding the relat relatio ionsh nship ip be betw twee een n pum pump p an and d sy syste stem m as a use usefu full tool tool in ef effic ficie ient nt pla plant nt operation and troubleshooting. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Course O)/ecti0e The ob The obe ecti ctive ve of this this cou course rse is to en enli light ghten en the the tr train ainee ees s wit with h the the co compl mplet ete e unde un derrst stan andi ding ng of the the pu pump mp an and d sy syst stem em inte intera ract ctio ion, n, ef effe fect ct on pu pump mp performance, >)" concepts, to assist them in system design, modifications, and troubleshooting and overall cost reduction in operating the plant. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Course content !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! 0. 0. Introduction  Introduction /oring principle centrifugal pump, <eneration of centrifugal force, conversion of i ine neti tic c en ener ergy gy to pres pressu sure re en ener ergy gy,, go gove vern rnin ing g eq equa uati tion on,, op oper erat atio ion n of centrifugal pump, importance of priming 1. 1. Tpes  Tpes of centrifu$a# pu%ps  pu%ps 


Classification of pumps based on flow paths, based on types of casings, based on types of impellers   5. 5. Definition  Definition of t"e pu%pin$ ter%s7  ter%s7  "ead, components of heads, total dynamic head, their definitions, Calculation of head, input power, efficiency, 2. 2. Pu%p  Pu%p Cur0es "ead ?capacity curve, power curve, efficiency curve, >)" curve, )ystem curve 3. 3. Perfor%ance  Perfor%ance Para%eters of Pu%ps !head, capacity, brae power, best efficiency point @* !@* as an optimum energy conversion point, !@* as a measure of stable operation !specific speed as a measure of geometric similarity of pumps, !specific speed as a measure of general class of impellers, !suction specific speed as a measure of safe operating capacity of pump 6. %ultiple pump operations )eries and parallel configurations . . Deter%ination  Deter%ination of operatin$ point  point  Test gauge set up and taing pressure readings B. B. Concept  Concept of Net Positi0e Suction ,ead  ,ead  !importance of >)", !>)"R a design function of pump, !>)"A as a design function of system 9installation:, !difference between >)" required and >)" available, !determination of >)" available for any installation . . Ca0itation7  Ca0itation7    (efinition of cavitation, damages caused by cavitation, operating pumps without cavitation 04. Startin$ c"aracteristics of %otor for centrifu$a# pu%ps 04. Startin$ )tarting methods for radial and a$ial flow pumps, priming of pumps, pump testing on a test rig,  00. API  00.  API codes re#ated to pu%p se#ection, se#ection , design of pumping system ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

="at t"e trainees are )enefited >it"?


)ound theoretical bacground, evaluation of best operating point for the plant and ability to design a pumping system !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

="o s"ou#d attend? The five day e$tensive course is designed to train ! ! *ngineering technicians7 engineers7supervisors7managers

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Certifications )tudents will receive a personali#ed Certificate of achievement and hand boo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Course code: AP 01

,drau#ics * Pneu%atics -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Course for%at 4 das fu## sessions "ands-on and c#ass roo% instruction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course su%%ar This course introduces the basic components and functions of  "ydraulic and pneumatic systems. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course o)/ecti0e -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'pon completion, should be able to understand The operation of astudents fluid power system, including desig n, design, Application and troubleshooting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course content ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  )tandard symbols, pumps, control valves, control assemblies, actuators, DR+, maintenance procedures, and switching and control devices.


Course Code: APM(

Precision Maintenance S+i##s ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course "ormat  5 days full sessions !andson and class room lectures ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course su%%ar Inspection of parts and precision measurement plays important role in the maintenance & repair of rotating equipment. This is a comprehensive hands! on course where the the trainees overhauls and repairs different equipment such as pumps, compressor, valves, mechanical drives to attain the sills of a millwright ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course o)/ecti0e bective of this course is to enable the technicians to identify the type of fits between the parts, identification of machined surfaces, use of precision measuring instruments, measurement of features, concentricity, squareness, flatness, wear determination, recording of data in the inspection sheet, carrying out repair according to the procedure -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Course content • • • • • •

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reading %anufacturers drawings selection of tools maintenance procedure safety aspects, handling of parts disassembly cleaning of parts and laying out the parts for inspection


micrometers, bore gauges, telescopic gauges identifying repair characteristics of an assembly fits and tolerances measurement of parts precisely and recording data

determination of wear on sliding partsE bearing seats

• • •

• • • • • • • •

checing checi ng co conce ncent ntri ricit city, y, true true a$i a$is s an and d sq squa uare rene ness ss of pa pare rent nt bor bores es in housings, casings Repair or replace; repair procedures carrying out repairs checing of parts after repairs preparing for assembly importance of correct torquing of nuts & bolts critical checs before assembling the parts assembling of parts

.OR RE'ISTRATION8ENUIR CONTACT: EN'R1 ABDU<<A,1 S1 A<MU<,EM   MANA'IN' DIRECTOR7 AITC TE<8.A: MOBI<E: -----------------------------------------------------------&&&& ---------&&&&-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Basic Industria !n"u#atics Di(isi'ns& $H'#"& H'#"& $Trainin% Ca"ndar & $Cr'ss Di(isi'ns&

Course Objective To deelop a strong fundamental +nowledge of the (asic principles of pneumatics) and to introduce concepts useful in the day-to-day application and trou(leshooting of pneumatic components.   Course contents •


&neumatic &rinciples: &ascal/s Law) causes of pressure) properties of air) force) pressure and area relationships) concept of wor+) concept of power) factors affecting actuator speed) adantages and disadantages of pneumatic power transmission  0ir System Systems: s: com compre presso ssors) rs) air distri distri(ut (ution ion)) a air ir treat treatmen mentt c comp ompone onents nts)) contr control ol compon components ents)) actuator components &neumatic ylinders: (asic operation and theory) cylinder types) cylinder components1 cylinder mounting) factors affecting cylinder selection &neumatic 2ales: pressure) flow and directional controls) special purpose ales) ale actuator and return deices) application considerations 2ale and ylinder ircuits: circuit sym(ols) use of sym(ols) control systems) circuit design consideration



This three-day course is designed for those responsi(le for the operation) maintenance trou(leshooting and repair of pneumatically operated machinery.

The Millwright Machinist program presents courses in the following areas: %igging &rocedures Safety 'elding Trade Mathematics Machine Installation Blueprint Interpretation &ower Transmissions Measuring Tools and Layout Lu(rication Hand Tools Bearings) *as+ets and Seals Fasteners Materials Handling "#uipment Metals and Heat Treatment Metallurgy! ,ynamic &umps and ompressors •

Machine Shop "#uipment and $peration

Basic Hydraulics and &neumatics


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