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SUBMITTED BY: Megha gupta   ROLL NO : 117060000106





PREFACE This project report is the result of my 6 weeks in industry Summer Training at “ HINDUSTAN providing a first hand practical experience experience of the industry COMPUTER LIMTIED “.  It aims at providing to the students. It really helped me to know the real business world closely, which in turn influenced my perception. I am privileged that I got an opportunity to pursue my summer training in such a reputed, well estab est abli lish shed ed,, fast fast gr grow owin ing g an and d pr prof ofess essio iona nall lly y mana manage ged d or orga gani niza zatio tion n like like “HIN “HINDU DUST STAN AN COMPUTER LIMITED ”. The project assigned to me dealt with the study of Stress Management followed at “HINDUSTAN COMPUTER LIMITED “an opportunity to understand as to how handle stress of the personal in the company. I am extremely thankful to the people of “HINDUSTAN COMPUTER LIMITED ” for giving this golden opportunity of doing my Summer Training in their organization and shall remain obliged towards them.


ACKNOWLEDGMENT This has been a truly learning experience as the project assigned had a great learning potential and tremen tre mendo dous us scope scope of applic applicatio ation. n. It gives gives a great great pleasur pleasuree in acknow acknowled ledgin ging g the invalu invaluable able assistance extended by the various personalities in the successful completion of this project report. Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is not different. Firstly, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to MR.

, Manager- Channel Marketing,

HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. for his kind co-operatio co-operation n and providing providing me good environm environment ent to

work on . Rare are the competent competent and indefatigable indefatigable lecturers, lecturers, who bestow their fortunes fortunes upon students.   I am grat gratef eful ul to Prof. Keshav Sharma (Director, Rayat bahra Institute of management, Kharar), Khar ar), (Faculty (Faculty guide, guide, Rayat& Rayat& Bahra Bahra Institut Institutee of managemen management, t, Kharar) Kharar) and Faculty Faculty guide, Rayat &Bahra Institute of management, Kharar)  for their guidance and encouragement.

Without their moral support project would not have been possible. I am also highly thankful to Ms.ANSHU GABA for assigning an innovative project and for his continuous motivation, encouragement and guidance. He poured every inch of the manuscript and made a number of helpful suggestions that lead to completion of project.  

Megha Gupta






EXECUTIVE SUMMARY HCL Info Infosy sys’ s’ ch chos osen en plat platfo form rm of to tota tall tech techno nolo logy gy in inte tegr grat atio ion n le lend ndss itsel itselff to some some ve very ry significant alliances with the global leaders. Among its partner are HP for high end AISCE/UNIX services and workstation and HP Open view network management solution; Intel for PC and PC server building blocks; Microsoft, novell and SCO AG solutions; Red hat ;Linux; Samsung; Pivota for CRM solution and ORACLE Sybase and Informix for RDBMS platform. Today the company has aligned its operations operations into five entities entities that offer seamless linkages for the customers seeking entry into the wired world through total the. ‘Integration solution ands services’. HCL Infosystems focuses on the ever-growing segment in Imaging, Telecom and Communication  products solutions and services. Now it has an exclusive sale and support partnership with Toshiba Corpor Cor poratio ation, n, Japan, Japan, for sales sales and servici servicing ng of its imagin imaging g and photoc photocopi opier er produc products. ts. HCL Infosy Inf osyste stems ms produc productt portfo portfolio lio covers covers a range range of other other office office automa automatio tion n and commu communic nicatio ation n  products through alliances with world leaders. The Managed Network Service offerings for  corporates include VPNs, ASP offerings, Co Location/ hosting, CDNs, security, corporate internet tel teleph ephony ony soluti solutions ons,, technic technical al and consum consumer er help help desks, desks, 24/7 24/7 Networ Network k Operat Operation ionss Centre Centre monitoring and a host of value added networking services. Consumer services include dialup PSTN/ISDN Internet access, Valufon calling cards and VoIP telephony devices. HCL Insys’global customers include Samsung, Government of Singapore, and AMAL insurance Jurong Port in Singapore and Malaysian’s BSN commercial bank, SIA, DBS bank, Maybank life assurance charted semiconductors . Today the company has aligned its operations into five entities that offer  seaml sea mless ess link linkag ages es fo forr th thee cu custo stome mers rs se seek ekin ing g en entr try y in into to th thee wi wire red d worl world d th thro roug ugh h to tota tall th the. e. ‘Integration solution ands services’. The menu of HCL Insys global services broadly covers IT consulting and professional services in the area of vertic vertical al applic applicati ations ons,, techno technolog logy y integr integrati ation, on, ERP implem implementa entatio tion n and softwa software re develo dev elopme pment. nt. This This also includ includes es a comple complete te po portfo rtfolio lio of system systemss and networ network k service servicess for  develo dev elopme pment. nt. This This also includ includes es a comple complete te po portfo rtfolio lio of system systemss and networ network k service servicess for  Facilities Management, Helpdesks, Sysytems Supports and network and Internet Implementation.


COMPANY PROFILE HCL Enterprise Enterprise is a leading leading Global Global Technology Technology and IT enterprise enterprise that comprises comprises two companies companies listed in India - HCL Technologies & HCL Infosystems. The company was founded in 1976 and is one of India's original IT garage start-ups. It’s team comprises approximately 46,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 17 countries including 360 points of presence in India. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms, including leading IT and Technology firms. HCL Technologies was established on November 12th, 1991. The company has  been in the forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions for wide range of markets. HCL is the pioneer of low 19 cost system.HCL Technologies : - HCL Technologies deals with the IT and BPO services and targets global markets.HCL Infosystems : - HCL Info systems deals with IT, communication, office automation automation products & system in integration tegration and it targets . Today, HCL sells more PCs in India than any other brand, runs Northern Ireland's Ireland's largest BPO operation, operation, and manage man agess the networ network k for Asia's Asia's largest largest stock stock exchan exchange ge networ network k apart apart from from design designing ing zero visibility landing systems to land the world's most popular airplane. HCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market, with its origins in 1976. For  over quarter of a century, we have developed and implemented solutions for multiple market segments, across a range of technologies in India. We have been in the forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions. The advantage of supplying customized products makes company scale new heights. Companies ‘strengths can be summarized as:

Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology.

Long-standing relationship with customers .

India support & service infrastructure .



HCL was established in 1976.

Six persons started this company in a very small area in Delhi.

Started with small scale budget.

HCL then divided into two parts HCL Info systems Ltd. and HCL technology.

Vision “Together we create Enterprise of tomorrow”


“To provide world class solution and services to enable our customers to serve their customers” Values

  We shall uphold uphold the dignity dignity of individual individual

  We shall honor all commitments


  We shall be committed to quality ,innovation

We shall be responsible corporate citizen

and growth of every endeavour 

HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms, including several IT and Technology majors


-: 1977 : Leading position position on office Automation Automation and Laptops Laptops in India

-: 1981 : Scripting an era of computing across the Microprocessor.

- :1985 : Dominant position position in mobile handset market in India India

-: 1991 – 96 :  : Created the HP brand for Computers in India

-: 2004  2004  :Partnering in computing and providing IT Services


-: 20 2006 06 - :  HCL has set up a center forIBM which is the First Power PC

architecture design center outside of IBM. HCL has the license to use the Power PC architecture to  build new software .  



India‘s India ‘s Most Preferred Computer Computer Brand by CNBC AWAAZ AWAAZ Consumer Consumer Award

2007 .


HCL among among the Top 3 IT companies companies for the last 3 years, DQ & IDC,Best IDC,Best

Employer Survey, 'Best employer 2005' with Five Star Ratings.


Top 50 in ET Top 500 Companies' Listings for 2006



Top 21 companies in Business Standard 1000 Ranking 2006 .


'The Most Responsive Responsive Company Company 2005' 2005' - IT Hardware Hardware Category Category by The Economic Times Avaya GlobalConnect.


Business Partner














IBM Lenovo




Nadar Ajai

Chowdhry J V Rama Ramamu murt rthy hy

Founder HCL, Chairman and Co-Founder HCL, Chairman and Chief CEO





HCL Technologies

HCL Infosystems







President: HCL Technologies   President and CEO of the

 HCL Technologies (BPO)






Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring best-qualified candidate (from within or  outside of an organization) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner. Recruitment means to estimate the available vacancies and to make suitable arrangements for their  selection and appointment. Recruitment is understood as the process of searching for and obtaining applicants for the jobs, from among whom the right people can be selected. Recruitment is the activity that links the employers and the job seekers. A formal definition states, “It is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for the employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applicants are submitted. The result is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected


It is a process of searching for and obtaining applicant for job, from among whom right people can  be selected.

In Formal Terms:

It is a process to find and attract capable applicant for employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applicants are submitted.

 Recruitment is a process finding & attracting capable applicant for employment.



Recr Re crui uitm tmen entt proc process ess be begi gin n when when ne new w recru recruit it so soug ught ht & en ends ds when when ap appl plic ican ants ts Subm Submit itte ted d applications .


 Recruitment comprises by following five elements.




Strategy development






Evaluation & control


Planning Plann ing involves involves translation translation of likely job vacancies & information information about the nature of job, it specify in,


 Number of contacts


Type of applicant to contacted

1.Number of contacts

1 ) Any organisation like to more applicant then they actual required.


2) Company yield ratio.

2.Types of applicant

Type of application based on job responcibility,qualification & experience.

Strategy Development


“Makes" or “Buy”


Technological sophistication


Geographical distribution


Source of recruitment(Method)





Source of activation





Main Mai n aim of screening screening is short short listing listing and differ different entiate iate quali qualifie fied d applican applicantt

among among from from un



Evaluating & Control

 Evaluation and control is necessary as considerable costs are incurred in the recruitment process, it also necessary to know about to whether the recruitment methods use arevalid & whether the recruitment process is effective itself.


To attract people with multi-dimensional skills and experience that suit the present and future organizational strategies.


The general purpose of recruitment is to provide a pool of potentially qualified job candidates. Specifically, the purposes and needs are:

· Determ Determine ine the presen presentt and future future requir requireme ements nts of the organi organizati zation on in conjun conjunctio ction n with with its  personnel-planning and job-analysis activities.

· Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost.


· Help increase increase the success rate of the selection selection process by reducing reducing the number of visibly, visibly, under  qualified or overqualified job applicants.

· Help reduce the probability that job applicants, once recruited and selected, will leave the organization only

after a short period of time.

· Begin identifying and preparing potential job applicants who will be appropriate candidates.

· Induct outsiders with a new perspective to lead the company.

· Infuse fresh blood at all levels of the organization.

· Develop an organizational culture that attracts competent people to the company.

· Search for talent globally and not just within the company.

Need for recruitment:

The need for recruitment may be due to the following reasons / situation: 

Vacancies due to promotions, transfer, retirement, termination, permanent disability, death and labour turnover.

Creation of new vacancies due to the growth, expansion and diversification of business activities of an enterprise. In addition, new vacancies are possible due to job specification .


The sources of recruitment may be broadly divided into two categories:

Internal sources and external sources. Both have their own merits and demerits.


Internal Sources:-

Pe Pers rson onss who who are are alre alread ady y work workin ing g in an or orga gani nizat zatio ion n co cons nsti titu tute te th thee ‘int ‘inter erna nall vs sour source ces’. s’. Retrenched employees, retired employees, dependents of deceased employees may also constitute the internal sources. Whenever  any vacancy arises, someone someone from within the organizatio organization n is upgraded, upgraded, transferred, transferred, promoted promoted or  even demoted.

External Sources:-

External sources lie outside an organization. Here the organization can have the services of:

(a) Employees working in other organizations

 (b) Jobs aspirants registered with employment exchanges

 (c) Students from reputed educational institutions

(d) Candidates referred by unions, friends, relatives and existing employees

(e) Candidates forwarded by search firms and contractors

(f) Candidates responding to the advertisements, issued by the organization

 (g) Unsolicited applications/ walk-ins.   METHODS OF RECRUITMENT

Internal Methods:


Promotions and Transfers

This is a method of filling vacancies from internal resources of the company to achieve optimum utilization of a staff member's skills and talents. Transfer is the permanent lateral movement of an employee from one position to another position in the same or another job class assigned to usually same salary range. Promotion, on the other hand is the permanent movement of a staff  memb me mber er from from a po posit sitio ion n in on onee jo job b class class to a po posi siti tion on in an anot othe herr jo job b cl class ass of in incr creas eased ed responsibility or complexity of duties and in a higher salary range.

Job Posting

Job Posting Posting is an arrangement arrangement in which a firm internally internally posts a list of open positions positions (with their  descriptions and requirements) so that the existing employees who wish to move to different functional areas may apply. It is also known as Job bidding. It helps the qualified employees working in the organization to scale new heights, instead of looking for better perspectives outside. It also helps organization to retain its experienced and promising employees.

Employee Referrals

It is a recruitment method in which the current employees are encouraged and rewarded for  introd int roduci ucing ng suitab suitable le rec recrui ruits ts from from among among the people people they they know. know. The The logic logic behind behind employ employee ee referral is that “it takes one to know one”. Benefits of this method are as follows:

Quality Candidates

Cost savings

Faster recruitment cycles


Incentives to current employees

On the other hand it is important for an organization to ensure that nepotism or favoritism does not happen, and that such aspects do not make inroads into the recruitment process.

External Methods:

External methods of recruitment are again divided into two categories-

Direct External Recruitment

Indirect External Recruitment methods.

Direct External Recruitment Methods :-

Campus Recruitment

In Campus Recruitment, Companies / Corporate visit some of the most important Technical and Professional Institutes in an attempt to hire young intelligent and smart students at source. It is common practice for Institutes today to hire a Placement Officer who coordinates with small, medium and large sized Companies and helps in streamlining the entire Campus Recruitment  procedure.

Benefits of Campus Recruitment

· Companies get the opportunity to choose from and select the best talent in a short span of time.

· Companies end up saving a lot of time and efforts that go in advertising vacancies, screening and eventually selecting applicants for employment.


· College students who are just passing out get the opportunity to present themselves to some of  the best companies within their industry industry of interest. interest. Landing a job offer while still in college college and  joining just after af ter graduating is definitely what all students dream of on the negative front, campus recruiting means hiring people with little or no work experience.

Indirect External Recruitment Methods


Advertisements are the most common form of external recruitment.They can be found in many  places (local and national newspapers,notice boards, recruitment fairs) and should include some important information relating to the job (job title, pay package, location, job description, how to apply-either by CV or application form, etc). Where a business chooses to advertise will depend on the cost of advertising and the coverage needed i.e. how far away people will consider applying for  the job.

Third Party Methods


Walk-ins is relatively inexpensive, and applicants may be filed and processed whenever vacancies occur. Walk-ins provide an excellent public relations opportunity because well treated applicants are likely to inform others. On the other hand,walk-ins show up randomly, and there may be no match with available openings. This is particularly true for jobs requiring specialized skills.

· Public and private priva te employment employ ment agencies: agenci es:


Public and private employment agencies are established to match job openings with listings of job ap appl plic ican ants ts.. These These ag agen enci cies es also also class classify ify an and d sc scree reen n ap appl plic ican ants. ts. Most Most ag agen enci cies es ad admi mini niste ster  r  worksample tests, such as typing exams, to applicants . · E-Re E-Recrui cruiting ting::

There are many methods used for erecruitment, some of the important methods are as follows:

a. Job boards boards: These are are the places places where where the employe employers rs post jobs jobs and search for for candidates. candidates. One of the disadvantages is, it is generic in nature.

 b. Employer web sites: These sites can be of the company owned sites, sites , or a site developed by various employers.

c. Professiona Professionall websites: websites: These are for specific specific profession professions, s, skills skills and not general general in nature. nature.

Gate Hiring and Contractors:  

The concept concept of gate hiring is to select people who approach on their own for employment employment in the organization. This happens mostly in the case of unskilled and semiskilled workers. Gate hiring is quite useful and convenient method at the initial stage of the organization when large number of  such  people may be required by the organization




The following are the 2 important factors affecting Recruitment: -


· Recruiting policy

· Temporary and part-time employees

· Recruitment of local citizens

· Engagement of the company in HRP

· Company’s size

· Cost of recruitment

· Company’s growth and expansion


· Supply and Demand factors

· Unemployment Rate

· Labour-market conditions

· Political and legal considerations


· Social factors

· Economic factors

· Technological factors



Research Methodology

Management Manag ement essentially essentially is concerned concerned with the direction direction and control control of various various activities to attain the business objectives. The section defines the research methodology, which has been adopted for the purpose of study. It shows the type of samples, design used, sample size and the procedure procedure used for handling handling special  problems during the coerce of study. It includes the description of the research data collection, research instrument and sampling. Research refers to: 

Defining and redefining problems

Formulating hypothesis or suggested solution

Collecting, organizing and evaluating data

Making deduction and reaching conclusion

At last careful carefully ly testing testing the conclu conclusio sion n to determ determine ine whethe whetherr they they fit the formul formulati ating ng hypothesis.

Methodology makes the most important contribution towards the enrichment of the study. In a research there are numerous methods and procedures to be applied but it is the nature of the  problem under investigation that determines the adoption of a particular method for all studies. Method selected should always be appropriate to the problem under investigation. The generally accepted methods of research are survey method case study and genetic method. The decision upon the method survey method case study and genetic method. The decision upon


the methods to be employed, however, always depends upon the nature of problem selected and the kind of data necessary for its investigation, feasible, well planned and well understood. Some changes and additions in the detail of the methods may be necessary as the study proceeds but the main plan of approach should be ready at the start and researcher should be able to describe it clearly.


Data may be obtained either from the primary source or the secondary source by seeing the objectives to be achieved. A primary source is one which are collected a fresh and for the first time and thus happens to be original in character. The secondary data are those data which have already  been collected by someone else and which have already been passed passed through statistic process. In my search both primary and secondary data was collected.

Primary data

In this study, questionnaire methods have been used for receiving primary data. 


Personal Interviews.

Telephonic interviews.



Secondary data

In this study, information from the various websites and magazines has been used. 






 

Libraries Old records


The main research instrument in collecting primary data is the questionnaire. This is by far the first common instrument in collecting the primary data which has been use for fulfilling our objectives for obtaining further information. Interview has been conducted with customer so that the response may not become biased. Secondary information has been obtained though companies literature and many website. SIZE OF SAMPLE

The overall sample involved consisted of 30 individual. It was fixed before hand and every effort was made to cover the given no. of individuals with available time for the collection of data for  this project. SAMPLING PLAN 

Sampling unit un it: In this project pro ject sample sa mple unit is i s IT companies compani es .

Sampling Samp ling size : The overall sample involves involves consisted consisted of 30 individual individual before hand and every effort was made to cover the given no. of individuals with available time for the collection of data for this project.

Contact methods: The respondances were personally interviewed.

Analysis method: The data was tabulated and frequency distribution was developed. The %age are computed for different variable.








Q.1 Age of the respondent?

Option 18-30 years 30-45 years More than 45 years

Frequency 22 5 3

Percentage 73% 17% 10%


frequency more than 45 10%

30-45 17%

18-30 73%

In this quesention, the no of the respondents 18-30 yrs are 73% ,between 30-45 yrs are 17% and more than 45 45 are 10% .it means majority of the respondent are from age group group 18-30 yrs .

Q.2 What is recruitment policy followed by you ?


option Centralized decentralized

Frequency 20 10

Percentage 67% 33%



decenterlised 33% centerlised 67%

In this question the no of respondent are 20% i.e. 67% says centralised 10% respondent says decentralised .it means majority of the the respondent followed the centralised policy .

Q.3 Do you have any flexible recruitment policy ?


option Yes  No

frequency 22 8

Percentage 73% 27%

frequency yes




In this quesention 22 respondent i.e. 73% says yes and 8 respondent i.e. 27% says no .it means majority of the respondent says flexible recruitment policy . Q.4 Do you adopt any techniques to attract candidates ?


Option Yes  No  

Frequency 24 6

Percentage 80% 20%

frequency no 20%

yes 80%

In this quesention 24 respondent i.e. 80% says yes and 6 i.e.20% says no .it means the majority of  the respondent adopt techniques to attract candidates . Q.5 Is there any GD section during recruitment process ?





Yes no

23 7

77% 23%


frequency yes




In this quesention 23respondent i .e. 77% says yes and 7 respondent i.e. 23% says no .it means majority of the respondent says yes use gd process . Q.6 Do you any human resource management software ?


option Yes no  .

Frequency 18 12

Percentage 60% 40%

frequency frequency 100% 80% 60% 40%





20% 0%


In this quesention 18 respondent i.e . 60% say yes and 12 respondent 40% says no .It means majority of the people use human resource management

Q.7 How candidates are recruited in the company ?

Option Written exam

frequency 12

Percentage 40%


GD section All of above

8 10

33% 27%


frequency wrien exam

GD secon

all of above

33% 40%


In this quesention 40% respondent are recruited in written exam , 33% respondent are recruited in GD exam , 27% are recruited in the all of the above .

Q.8 The primary source of information for recruitment people should be?

option Managerial Testing

Frequency 10 8

Percentage 33% 27%

Recruitment themselves




Job analysis




frequency mangerial ; 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

tesng; 8  job analysis analysis;; 7 recritment themselves; 5

mangerial tesng

recritment themselves  job analysis analysis

In this this questi question on source source of inform informati ation on manage managerial rial should should be 33% ,27% ,27% testing testing ,re ,recru cruitm itment ent themselves are 17% , 23% 23% are job analysis . the majority of the respondent respondent is managerial .

Q.9 Is there any changing trend in the recruitment of the candidates ,in the IT industry ?

option Yes  No  

frequency 21 9

Percentage 70% 30%


frequency yes




In this this question question 21 respon respondent dent i. e 70% say yes and 9 respon respondent dent i . e .says .says no .the .the majority majority of  the people says yes .

Q.10 Do u take fresher or experienced candidates for recruitment ?

option Yes  No

frequency 17 13

percentage 57% 43%


frequency frequency

no 13 yes 0



17 6








In this quesention 17 respondent respondent i.e 57%.says yes and 13 respondent i.e 43% say no .the majority of the people says that they take fresher people .

Q.11 How many stage are involved in selecting the candidate?

option 1 2 3 More  

Frequency 6 8 7 9

Percentage 20% 27% 23% 30%


frequency frequency 10

9 8

8 6

7 6

4 2 0





mor e tnan

In this quesention one stage involed 6 i.e 20% ,two stage involed 8 I .e 27% , three stage involed 7 i .e 23% ,and more than than 9 stage involed involed i.e 30 % .The majority of of the people says involed more than stage in recruitment process .

Q.12 In which department you need to recruit employees?

option Business process outsourcing  Networking Database management Software development  

frequency 5 12 6 7

Percentage 17% 40% 20% 23%


freqency bussine bussi ness ss proce process o out utsou sourc rcing ing database mangement

ne nettworking orking soware development

17% 23%

20% 40%

  In this quesention business outsourcing outsourcing need 17% , networking need 40% ,database management management nned 20% ,software development need 23% .The majority of the people says need people in networking .

Q.13 What type of tests do you use for testing the candidates ability ?





Intelligence test Aptitude test Proficiency test Interest test Personality test

10 5 2 7 6

33% 17% 7% 20% 27%


freuency inte ntelli lig genc nce e test

apt ptude test

proc rociiency tte est

in inttere resst test

person rsona ality te test

23% 33%

20% 17% 7%

  In this question 33% use intelligence test ,17 % use aptitude test , 7% use proficiency test,205 use interest test, 23 5 use use personality test . The majority majority of the respondent use intelligence test .

Q.14 DO you apply the strategy of campus recruitment?

option Yes no  

frequency 26 4

Percentage 87% 13%


frequency yes





In this question 87% respondent says yes apply the campus recruitment,13% respondent say no .The majority of the the people is apply the strategy of campus recruitment .

Q.15 What kind of verification do u do ?

option Educational qualification Family background Professional background

frequency 20 4 6

Percentage 67% 13% 20%


frequency edua duaon ona al qu qual ali iccaon on

fam famil ily y ba bacckg kgrou round nd

pro profe fess ssio iona nall ba bacckgro kgroun und d


13% 67%

In this quesention 67% of the respondent on the basis of educational qualification ,13% on the family background and 205 on the professional basic .the majority of respondent on the basis of  educational qualification .

Q.16 Do you take any technological support for the process of recruiting?

Option Telephone Video conferencing Other

frequency 10 8 12

Percentage 33% 27% 40%


frequency frequency 12 10


12 8

8 6 4 2 0 telephone video conferencing conferencing other

In this question 33 % respondent respondent use telephone technique, 27 27% % use video conferencing ,40% use other technique .The majority of the respondent respondent use other technique .

Q.17 Which qualities do you look for selection of a salesperson ?

option Personal skill Communication skills Interacting power

frequency 8 18 4

percentage 27% 60% 13%


frequency pe pers rson ona al sski kill ll

com omm mun uniicaon ski skill ll

int intera raccng pow power

13% 27%




In this question hr person prefer 27% for personal skill , 60% for communication skill , 13% for  interacting skill .The .The majority of the respondent in the favor of communication communication skills .

Q.18 Does the company have any policy related to e- recruitment?

option Yes  No

Frequency 25 5

Percentage 83% 17%


frequency yes




  In this question 83% of respon dent say yes and 17% of respondent say no .The majority of the  people says yes policy are re-related to the recruitment process .

Q.19 What referred you to inform for vacant position?

option Direct call Consultant Empl Em ploy oyee ee refe referr rred ed walk walk in

frequency 12 6 7

Percentage 40% 20% 23%

interview From traning




frequency direct call consultant employe in refered walk in interview in new newss lae laerr from traning





In this question 40% respondent apply for the direct call , 20% respondent apply for the consultant , 23% the respondent respondent apply apply for the employee in referred in the walk in intervie interview w in news letter letter , 17% respondent apply for the from training.

Q.20 Is there any GD section during recruitment process ?

option Yes  No  

frequency 17 13

Percentage 57% 43%



yes no

43% 57%

In this question 57% respondent say yes ,43% respondent say no .The majority of the people says yes .



The employees of any organization are its life blood, without doubt. Withthe dawn of this realization upon the present day business organizations, there appears to be a major shift towards human resource management. In fact, the employees of today are encouraged to participate in the major decisions and thus play a vital role in the management of the firm. Theperformance of the organization depends on the efficiency that its employees exhibit. Hence it is of crucial importance that employees with the most suitable qualifications be selected. This is where the processes of  recruitment and selection come in. It is difficult to separate one from the other. The various company illustrations given in this report indicate that these processes require a great deal of thought and advanced planning. In fact, it is not only the HR department that is involved. The finance department provides the budget for the processes and the manpower gap is determined by


inputs from all the departments. Also the gruelling procedure through which the candidate goes through is, in itself, an indicator of the significance of these processes in the efficient functioning of the organization. Success of every business enterprise depends on its human resource. Recruitingand selecting the right people for your business is a challenge. Finding the right man for the job and developing him into a valuable resource is an indispensable requirement of every organization. Proper recruitment helps the line managers to work most effectively in accomplishing the primary objective of the enterprise. In order to harness the human energies in the service or organizational goals, every HR manager is expected to pay proper attention to recruitment and selection activities in an organization. Thus, personnel functions recruitment and selection, when carried out properly, would enable the organization to hire and retain the services of the best brains in the market . The recruitment process inform qualified individuals about employment opportunities, create a positive image of the company, provide enough information about the jobs so that applicants can make comparisons with their qualifications and interests, and generate enthusiasm among the best candidates so that they will apply for the vacant positions. Recruitment represents the first contact that a company makes with potential employees. It is through recruitment that many individuals will come to know a company, and eventually decide whether they wish to work for it. The end result of the recruitment process is essentially a pool of applicants. Next to recruitment, the logical step in the HR process is the selection of qualified and competent people. As such, this process concentrates onare differentiating between applicants in order to identify – and hire- those individuals whose abilities consistent with the organization’s requirements. In the end, this project endeavors to present a comprehensive picture of Recruitment and Selection and hopes to enable the reader to appreciate the various intricacies involved.



Hello Sir/Madam ,

We would like to solict your invalueable input in collecting data towards a small research .To this end we would would if you be most most gratef grateful ul if you could could respond respond to a few sample sample question question.. The information infor mation provided provided by you will be kept completely completely confidential confidential and used only for our internal research purposes .We thank you for your Kind co- operation .


Q. Q.1 1

Name Name


Resp Respon onde dent nt

………… ……………… ………… ………… ………… ………… ………… ………… ………… ………… ……


Company name……………………………………

Q.2 What is the age of Respondent ?

(a) Below 18

(b) 18-30

(c) 30 -45

(d) More than 45

Q.3 what is the recruitment policy followed by you?  

(a) Centralised (b) Decentralised

Q.4 Do you have flexible recruitment policy?  

(a) yes

( b) no

Q.5 Do you adopt any techniques to attract the candidates ?  

(a) yes (b) no

Q.6 In general what are the constraints faced by the IT companies while recruitment ? 

 Image of the organisation

 Unattractive job

 Internal policies of the organisation  Goverment policy

Q.7 Is there any GD session during during recruitment process?



(b) no

Q.8 Do you use use any human resource management software ?   (a) yes (b) no

co cont ntac actt


Q.9 How candidates are recruited in the company ? (a ) Written exam (b)written exam& gd interview (c)All of above Q.10 The primary souce of information for recruitment people should be ? (a )Managerial  (b ) Testing  (c)Recruitment themselves (d) job analysis

Q.11 Is there any changing trend in the recruitment of the candidates ,in the IT industry ? (a ) yes (b ) no Q.12 How many stages are involed in selecting the candidates ? 




4 More

Q .13 In which department you need to recruit employees ? 

Bussiness process outsources


Database mangemant

Software development




Q.14 What type of tests do you use for testing the candidates ability?


Intelligence Tests


Aptitude Tests   Proficiency Tests   Interest Tests   Personality Tests

  Q.15 Do you you apply apply the strategy of Campus Recruitment?   (a ) Yes (b ) No


Q .16 What kind of verifications do you do? Educational qualification Family background Professional background

  

  Q.17 Do you take any any technological support for the process of recruiting?

  

Telephone Video conferencing Others


Q.18 Which qualities do you look for selection of a salesperson?


Personal Skills Communication skills Interacting Power 

  

  Q.19 Does the company have have any policy related to e- recruitment? (a) (a) Yes Yes (b) (b) No 1

Q.20 Q.20 What What referr referred ed you you to inform inform for vacant vacant positi positions ons??

2   


Direct Call Consultant Employee Referred Walk in Newspaper Ad

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