A Visit to a Hospital

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Sample English SPM essay for SPM students in Malaysia



A Visit To A Hospital
Yesterday, I followed my father to visit my uncle who was hospitalised at a private hospital. We left home at about 5.00 pm. and reached the hospital at 6.15 pm. The private hospital was a new hospital. It was opened two months a o. !y uncle suffered from chronic diabetes. Two days a o he came to the hospital for his re ular chec"#up but the doctor had to admit him because his su ar level was very hi h. The doctor had to monitor him all the time. $e would be allowed to o home once his su ar level stabilised. !y uncle%s ward was at the fifth floor. The lift was very spacious and fast. & nurse, who was my mother%s old friend, reeted my father. 'he told us that my uncle was doin fine. &fter tal"in to the nurse for a while we went to (oom 515. !y uncle was very happy to see my father and I. & youn ) yptian doctor was e*aminin my uncle at that time. The doctor said that my uncle was ettin better and he would be dischar ed soon. !y father chitchatted with my uncle for almost one hour. I felt bored so I went out of the room to e*plore the new hospital. I went to the hospital lobby. It was li"e a hotel lobby. There was a lon list of specialists and their academic +ualifications on the wall. &lto ether, the hospital had ,5 specialists and some of them were forei ners. Then, I went to the cafe. I was surprised as the cafe was li"e a five#star restaurant. They served a variety of healthy dishes. -ut I would not eat there on my own as a plate of fried rice alone was (!..50/ )ven a lass of plain water cost (!1.00/ Initially, I planned to have somethin there but I 0ust wal"ed out as I only had (!1.15 in my poc"et. When I was waitin for the lift to o bac" to the fifth floor, a woman cried hysterically with her dau hter. 2rom her words, I understood that she had 0ust lost her husband. I did not say a word but I sympathised them, especially her cute and charmin dau hter. I wish I could console her dau hter. -ut before I could offer some help, the door of the lift opened and my father appeared. $e indicated it was time to o home so I 0ust followed him. I wal"ed to the main entrance while my eyes still loo"in at the irl.

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