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Web Management Console Trixbox CE Developer Fonality Trixbox CE site site Trixbox PRO Overview Latest stable version 2.2.8 (trixbox CE), 1.0 (Trixbox PRO) Gender VoIP, Linux Distribution Operating System Linux License GPL Trixbox is a distribution of the operating system GNU / Linuxbased on CentOS, which has the distinction of being a telephone exchange (PBX)based software- PBX Open Source Asterisk. Like any central PBX, to interconnect telephone company's internal and connect the telephone network standard (RTB - basic telephone network). Trixbox CE version is a continuation of Asterisk At Home.1 The package trixbox includes many features previously only available in expensive proprietary systems and creating extensions, send voice messages to e-mail, conference calling, interactive voice menus and automatic call distribution. Trixbox, being an open source software, has several benefits, such as the creation of new functions. Something very important is that not only supports connection to traditional telephony, but also offers VoIP -Voice over IP, allowing significant savings in the cost of international calls, since they are not performed by the traditional telephone line but use the Internet. Protocols with which it works can be SIP, H.323, IAX, IAX2 and MGCP Trixbox runs on the operating system CentOS and is designed for businesses of 2 to 500 employees. Content [hide] 1 Main components 1.1 Linux Centos 1.2 Asterisk 1.3 FreePBX

1.4 Flash Operator Panel (FOP) 1.5 Web Meet Me Control 1.6 A2Billing 1.7 SugarCRM 2 Trixbox Editions 2.1 1) trixbox CE (Community Edition) 2.1.1 Why use trixbox CE? 2.1.2 Who uses trixbox CE? 2.2 2) TrixBox Pro (Commercial Version of payment) 3 Features and Benefits 1.3 1. Free and flexible: 2.3 2. Easy installation, configuration and use: 3.3 3. Advanced Features: 4.3 4. HUD: 5.3 5. Six languages: 4 Key features 4.1 Description of the main features of trixbox Pro 4.1.1 Answering System (IVR): 4.1.2 Integration with Outlook: 4.1.3 Voice Mail: 4.1.4 Voice mail messages: 4.1.5 Scheduler: 4.1.6 Analog and IP Phones: 4.1.7 VoIP 4.1.8 Web Control Panel: 4.1.9 Reporting and monitoring: 04/01/1910 Bridges Conference: 01/04/1911 Support Branch: 5 codecs that supports 6 working protocols with 7 Current versions 7.1 trixbox CE 7.2 trixbox PRO 8 References 9 See also 10 External links 11 Companies Implement TrixBox 12 Trixbox Training Centers [edit]Major Components

The main components of TrixBox are: [edit]Linux Centos It is the Linux distribution that serves as the operating system base, which in turn is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. [edit]Asterisk It is the core of telephony. When we talk about Asterisk also include Zapata Telephony drivers (zaptel) and ISDN support library (libpri). It is then understood as the physical environment either isa / pci / pci-e. [edit]FreePBX Is the graphical environment that facilitates the configuration of Asterisk, not by editing text files, but through friendly web interfaces. [edit]Flash Operator Panel (FOP) The FOP is an Asterisk monitoring application type operator accessible from the Web. [edit]Web Meet Me Control The administrator of multiple conference rooms and MeetMe, accessible from the Web. [edit]A2Billing A prepaid calling platform compatible with Asterisk and Trixbox. [edit]SugarCRM SugarCRM is a software that implements the management of customer relationships (Customer Relationship Management), essentially allowing easy three processes which are involved most of the companies and their customers: marketing, sales and support. It also serves to store all data and customer activities such as meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. [edit]Trixbox Editions Trixbox has two types of models: Started in 2004 as a grassroots project IP-PBX called Asterisk @ Home. Since that time the distribution became more popular, with over 65,000

downloads a month. This version is characterized by two important pillars: its flexibility to meet customer needs and, above all, to be free. [edit]Why use trixbox CE? As mentioned above TrixBox CE is a very flexible version, which not only allows you to configure features and configurable modules for the needs of each client, but you can also go to the TrixBox community to help or be helped. This is one of the largest and most active of the world and its members work each day by day to answer questions, solve problems, failures and further develop the tool. [edit]Who uses trixbox CE? Companies around the world, from those that pose very few workstations, to medium companies that have hundreds of employees. [edit]2) TrixBox Pro (Commercial Version of payment) Screenshot Tool HUD Is a solution called "hybrid-hosted", meaning that the client can perform a monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, manage the plant from anywhere and receive software updates automatically. Trixbox Pro is an enterprise version that runs on PBXtra technology, marketed since 2004, allowing you to send / receive over 120 million calls per day. The trixbox Pro family has 3 versions: Standard Edition (SE) Enterprise Edition (EE) Call Center Edition (CCE) [edit]Features and benefits [edit]1. Free and flexible: The 3 versions have the following characteristics: Standard Edition (SE): Free. Enterprise Edition (EE) and Call Center Edition (CCE): Very low cost monthly or lifetime fee. [edit]2. Easy installation, configuration and use: It has an installer that makes installation is simple, has also an intuitive admin control panel for easy installation, configuration and administration. [edit]3. Advanced Features: It has features such as voicemail, integration with Outlook, voicemail to email, reports, conference calls, etc. [edit]4. HUD:

The Hud is a tool called "all-in-one that allows employees to handle business communications from your desktop. This way they can access private chat, make calls with a single click, perform call transfer, etc. [edit]5. Six languages: The control panel of trixbox Pro is in 6 languages, allowing any user to configure the unit: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. [edit]Main features Trixbox is a complete and powerful platform. The products included are: trixbox dashboard Asterisk (tm) Open Source PBX FreePBX web management tool SugarCRM Munin (in package manager) HUDLite server / admin (in package manager) IVRGraph (in package manager) phpMyAdmin (in package manager) Webmin (in package manager) [edit]Description of the main features of trixbox Pro [edit]Answering System (IVR): One characteristic feature is the Auto-Responder that guides callers according to predefined settings. Example: "Press 1 to communicate with support" or "Press 2 for sales." This feature in this product is very powerful and easy to use with just a few clicks. You can set the flow of calls, configure scheduled responses, forward calls outside the workplace and some more options. [edit]Integration with Outlook: Incoming calls: when the phone rings, caller ID can be analyzed against Outlook contacts and if a match is found it will display a window with the name of the person. Make calls from your personal inbox, just click the right mouse button on the contact or a contact to call message without realizing his wife, or girlfriend. [edit]Voicemail: Offers four easy ways to store messages: • Pressing a button on the phone. • Making remotely from any telephone. • Receiving Files. WAV attachments in the mail. • Listening through the web control panel. [edit]Voice mail messages:

The ability to receive voice messages as emails simple. Trixbox comes preconfigured to send each employee an email when they receive a voice message. You can also have audio attached to email and listen directly to your inbox. [edit]Scheduler: You can play different messages to callers based on time of day. Set up a totally different menu on weekends with different options to choose from. [edit]Analog and IP Phones: Telephone system is the most flexible, supporting all analog phones and numerous IP phones from brands such as Cisco, Polycom, Aastra, Snom and Swissvoice. [edit]VoIP Trixbox is ready for VoIP depending on the product being used, which limits the number of phones possible. Trixbox can easily connect to any provider of VoIP (SIP or IAX). [edit]Web Control Panel: Provides an easy to use web interface. An admin panel that manages all aspects of the trixbox remotely and user panel for employees that allows them to manage their personal configurations (such as listening to your voice mail, answer calls with a click, call forwarding, etc..) Anywhere . [edit]Reporting and monitoring: With this feature you can analyze real-time call logs for any extension using powerful filters and search parameters. It also provides reports of expenses that a client has done or individual call log. All these reports can be exported in. Csv. [edit]Bridges Conference: The conference bridges are preset for free and unlimited support internal and external. [edit]Support Branch: Development of low cost servers at each branch or office. Some of the options that are set forth in this feature: Free calls between offices via VoIP. Transfer calls to any extension that is connected to the server. [edit]Codecs supporting ADPCM G.711 (A-Law & μ-Law) G.722 G.723.1 (pass through) G.726

G.729 (Through purchase of a commercial license) GSM iLBC [edit]protocols with which it works IAX™ (Inter-Asterisk Exchange) IAX2™ (Inter-Asterisk Exchange V2) H.323 SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol SCCP (Cisco ® Skinny ®) Traditional Telephony Interoperability FXS FXO DTMF support PRI Protocols [edit]Current versions [edit]trixbox CE (Stable): http://sourceforge.net/projects/asteriskathome/files/trixbox % 20CE/trixbox- File released: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/asteriskathome/trixbox% 20CE/trixbox% 202.8/trixbox- 2.6.2 (Stable) - December 2 of 20082 2.4 - December 27 of 2007 - Beta 2.2.8 - current stable version is 2.2 - to be executed in a vmware [edit]trixbox PRO 1.1.1 - from 15 October to 2007March

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