a2 Revision of Representations

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A2 REVISION OF REPRESENTATIONS AIMS: to revise to include examples of REPRESENTATIONS across a RANGE of media CLASS STUDY RANGE = Film, boyz n the hood, do the right thing, bullet boy, la Haine Documentary = Macintyre investigates Sitcom = Fresh Prince OWN STUDY Current debates or discources on black male youth in UK (youth killings) Archive resources Aims: continued To revise themes and specific examples from the texts To put ideas into essay shapes TYPICAL QUESTIONS: How fair and accurate a rep is How alternative reps arise and how these affect mainstream reps How place can represent a group How reps differ according to medium How power structures affect our reading of reps and stereotypes How resistant stereotypes are to change STARTER: Look at the question below and on your own attack it. Are there arguments in favour of stereotyping by the media? Give a range of examples in your answer

It is argued that dominant media representations serve the interest of the powerful. Discuss with reference to One or More social group or place

MAIN: What are the main themes that come up with the film texts we have studied? Why? Do these change according to different mediums Docu? Macintyre investigates Sitcom? Fresh prince Do the Right thing Education Non- academic Only excelling in sports Boys Sats culturally biased 2 contrasting reps Tre academic Ricky only collage for football (stereotype) Narrative based around the gun Gentrification La Haine

Guns Violence Drugs Environment/community No role models in Grafitti pizza place Vandalism Viewed in society Should they represent the community ? Intelligent economic argument Littering in streets = rep of no respect


“they want us to kill ourselves”

Sexual responsibility Self representation Hoodies Do the right thing Stereotyping Film demos difficult contradiction for black male youth

John singleton message about fatherhood Tre struggling to do the right thing


defending position by violence or my peacefull insistence (COUNTERTYPE)

We will spend 30 mins arranging notes on the above in shared groups You must then assess if these are still prominent in Docus and Sitcoms. You now have 45 mins to complete an essay.

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