Abstract for Automatic Attendance Using Face Recognition

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A key factor of improving the quality of education is having students attend classes regularly. Traditionally students are stimulated to attend classes using attendance points which at the end of a semester constitute a part of a student’s final grade. However, traditionally this presents additional effort from the teacher, who must make sure to correctly mark attending students, which at the same time wastes a considerable amount of time from the teaching process. Furthermore it can get much more complicated if one has to deal with a huge number of students. Moreover the attendance sheet is subjected to damage and loss while being passed on between teaching staff. This process could be easy and effective with a small number of students but on the other hand, dealing with the records of a large number of students often leads to human errors. Our project aims at providing a system to automatically record the students’ attendance during lecture hours in a hall or room using facial recognition technology instead of the traditional manual methods. The objective behind this research is to thoroughly study the field of facial recognition (pattern recognition) which is very important and is used in various applications like identification and detection. This new system aims to be less time consuming than traditional methods, at the same time being nonintrusive and not interfere with the regular teaching process. The tool promises to offer accurate results and a more detailed reporting system which shows student activity and attendance in a classroom.

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