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11808 Hemlock Street Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 U.S.A. Tel: 561-775-1881 E-mail: [email protected] Andy Plotkin Objectives Obtain appointment to an academic, administrative, or communications and marketing position to help an educational institution expand and improve its teaching and communications objectives in order to achieve its pedagogical, com munity, and recruitment goals. I am especially eager to work with higher educat ion institutions that foster integrated liberal arts, international education, a nd work experiences for their students. Experience Administrative, For-Profit and Non-Profit Enterprises * Executive Producer/Writer, 1990, "Hibel's Russian Palette," a one-hour TV docu mentary showing the unraveling of the former Soviet Union. Broadcast to million s of homes through 100 P.B.S. stations, and nearly 100 cable stations, and distr ibuted to dozens of high schools, colleges, and libraries. Program won several awards, including a Cultural Award from the American Association of Museums, and resulted in an advertising equivalent of over $1,000,000. * Assistant to the Producer, 2002, "Edna Hibel: A Personal Portrait" (30 minutes ) and "With Love, Edna Hibel" (52 minutes), TV documentaries for public broadcas t and home video sales. * Organized 24 exhibitions, 1980-2002, of the Hibel Museum of Art's collections, to museums and universities in more than 20 countries on four continents, inclu ding the former Soviet Union, the former Yugoslavia, and The People's Republic o f China. Duties include curating, shipping, packing, insuring, and hanging art work, as well as the production of exhibition posters, catalogs, and publicity m aterials. The exhibitions increased public awareness by more than 500,000 peopl e. * Oversaw design, construction, and opening of the new Hibel Museum of Art on th e Florida Atlantic University Campus, Jupiter, Florida, 1999-2003. * Contributing editor and publisher of newsletter of the Edna Hibel Society, 198 5-2009, mailed to more than 3,000 members. Developed multi-tiered membership le vels which increased dues revenues by 20%. * Executive Trustee and Consulting Director of the Hibel Museum of Art, Palm Bea ch, Florida, 1983-2003. Special Advisor, 2009. Manage 20 people, including the director, director of education, and other paid and volunteer staff and docents . Initiate and oversee all fundraising, exhibitions, gift store administration and product development, educational outreach, concerts, festivals, and writing of advertisements, brochures, catalogs, biographies, and publicity materials. D uties also include maintenance, repairs, building sale, and new construction. D oubled attendance in past ten years. * Vice President (1988-98) and CEO (1998-2009) of Edna Hibel Corp., Lake Worth, Florida. Manage 35 people in retail and wholesale sales and marketing, producti on, operations, financing, product development, and contributing to community-ba sed and nationwide charities. Patent received for new type of art gift and its presentation. Implementation of all foreign sales, including trade shows, and a ll publicity materials. * President of Hibel Studio, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 1995-2009. Resp onsible for licensing and commissioning of images for fine arts, collectibles, g ift items, books, and films. * Environmental Researcher, Environmental Research and Technology, Inc., Lexingt on, Massachusetts, 1972. Conducted research and wrote about the impact of noise and other construction by-products on the social fabric of area neighborhoods. * Public Relations Assistant, Arnold Greene Testing Laboratory, Framingham, Mass achusetts, 1971. Developed press releases and programs to raise visibility of th e organization to the public. Teaching and Administrative, Higher Education * Adjunct Instructor, 2009, Palm Beach Community College. Teach introduct ion to sociology and marriage and family. Serve on college's General Education Faculty Assessment Steering Committee. Supervise honors college research projec ts.

* Adjunct Instructor, 2009, MedVance Institute. Teach technical communication to biomedical technician students. * Adjunct Instructor, 2009, Strayer University. Teach sociology of developin g countries to upper level undergraduate students. * Adjunct Instructor, 2010, Palm Beach State College, Teach sociology and adv ise students. Serve on college's General Education Faculty Assessment Steering Committee. Organizer and moderator for social science career panel. * Adjunct Instructor, 2010, Strayer University. Teach on campus and online intr oduction to sociology, sociology of developing countries, and writing fundamenta ls, and advise students. Tutor in writing lab. Faculty Advisor. * Assistant to the Academic Dean, Strayer University, Palm Beach Gardens Campus : advising, tutoring, and registering students; assisting in registration, admis sions, faculty and student orientation, financial aid; and assisting in evaluati ng faculty, and writing reports and power point presentations in campus leadersh ip and student retention. * Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, 1976-80, Bridgewater St ate College. Served on faculty curriculum committees. Taught undergraduate soci ology and anthropology. Named Massachusetts State College Teacher of the Year, 1978. * Adjunct Professor, Tufts University, under the auspices of Bridgewater Sta te College, Taught American Society and Culture to junior executives from Japan, summers of 1977 and 1978. * Director of Criminal Justice Program and Instructor of Sociology and Geography , 1975-76, University of Maine at Presque Isle. Taught undergraduate students, Presque Isle municipal police, and U.S. Air Force military police. * Adjunct Teaching Positions, Massachusetts: Stonehill College, sociology; North eastern University (Lecturer), criminal justice program taught to Massachusetts State Police; and Boston University, sociology, criminology, public relations, a nd communications. * Teaching Fellowship, Sociology Department, Boston University Graduate School, 1971, included individual tutoring of 60 undergraduate sociology students. * Teaching Assistantship, Communications, Boston University College of Communica tion, 1970; Teaching Assistantship, Public Relations, Boston University College of Communication, 1971.

Other Courses Developed and Taught * Women's Studies (Bridgewater State College) * World Geography (University of Maine at Presque Isle) * Statistics in Social Science (Bridgewater State College) * Social Gerontology (grant developed and taught for Area Council on Aging, Plym outh, Massachusetts) * Applied Sociology for Social Workers (grant developed and taught for Bridgewat er State College) * Social Gerontology in Cross-Cultural Perspective, taught at the University of Zagreb's Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia (now Croatia) * Workshop and Seminar in How to Write Memoirs * Workshop and Seminar in Wandering through the Jewish Universe * Sociology of Developing Countries * Marriage and Family * Sociology of Class, Gender, Ethnicity, and Race Substituted for teaching these courses: Introduction to Business Business Ethics Fundamentals of Mathematics

Writing Fundamentals Education * Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, Boston University, 1977. * Master of Science in Communication with specialty in Public Relations, Boston University, 1971. * Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Sociology (cum laude), Boston University, 19 69. * Diploma (cum laude), Brookline (Mass.) High School, 1965 Continuing Education Academic Dean Leadership Training, Strayer University Teaching Online Asynchronous and Synchronous Courses, Strayer University Teaching Online Courses, Kaplan University Constitutional Law, Northeastern University Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting, The Wharton School, University of P ennsylvania Fundamentals of International Marketing, International Sports Institute Microsoft Office Suite, Palm Beach Community College Fiction writing courses from the U.C.L.A. Online Extension and Gotham Write rs' Workshop. Other seminars attended: constructing surveys and questionnaires, marketing, public relations, management, fundraising, grant writing, museum directing, and retailing

Military U.S. Army Reserve, Honorable Discharge with rank of Specialist 6th Class Supply Sergeant responsible for property control of dental supplies and clothing , and public affairs writer, 1969-75. Basic training and supply training, Fort Polk, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1969-70; a nd medical supply training, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, 1970. Community Service and Other Employment U.S. Census Enumerator and Fingerprinting Assistant, Palm Beach County, Fl orida, (paid position, April-July, 2010) Assistant Manager and Manager, Junior League Baseball, North Palm Beac h, Florida, 1990-91. Member, Recreation Committee, Town of Sharon, Massachusetts, 1979. Interviewed on a variety of radio and television programs. Volunteer for Palm Beach County public schools, 1985-2003, including tutoring, s chool advisory boards, and head of security, Project Graduation, Dreyfoos High S chool of the Arts, West Palm Beach, Florida Foreign Languages Some reading, aural, and oral understanding of French, Spanish, Italian, and German; basic reading of Hebrew Other Experiences and Accomplishments Established Advanced Biographies, a consortium of writers to organize w orkshops and help individuals write their memoirs and autobiographies. Currentl y writing a book about one of Palm Beach's prominent ophthalmologists. Established Advanced Tutoring, a consortium of writers to help students write better tests and essays to gain entry into colleges and graduate schools; and to help business people to write with more impact. Tennis Teacher, Photographer, Grant-writing, Travel Founder of Transform, a private company to create and teach seminars to corporate and government organizations, 1978-79.

Founder of the International Social Gerontology Center, a private com pany to publish about aging, and to develop seminars on social aspects of aging, 1979-83. Founding Director and Faculty, Seminar on Social Gerontology, Center for Postgraduate Studies of the University of Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia (no w Croatia), 1979-82. Taught graduate students from America, Canada, and Europe. Member, S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., Inc. (Barbershop Harmony Society) since 19 66. International Quartet Quarter-Finalist, St. Louis, Missouri, 1969. Preside nt of Boston Chapter, 1979 (improved singing ability of chorus, increased membe rship, and increased revenues through marketing and community sing-outs). Selec ted as member of Florida's Coaches Guild, 2009 Recipient, California Community Colleges Instructor Credential, Sociology and Co mmunication Student awards in physics and geography, Boston University. Massachusetts State College Teacher of the Year Award Recognitions for Community Volunteer Work, B'nai B'rith International and Hadass ah Author/Writer "Social Solidarity in Primary Groups as a 'Cultural Roadblock' to Upward Mobilit y," forthcoming research paper, August, 2011, annual meeting, Society for the St udy of Social Problems "The Atonement Tablets," writer and producer, forthcoming screenplay, expected r elease in June, 2011 The Black Block Legend, Publish America (Baltimore: 2007), with Edna Hibel (art) and Theodore Plotkin (poetry) The Red Sox and the Devil's Handmaiden, Publish America (Baltimore: 2005) An Open Letter to Women Everywhere, Goodwriters.Net, 2004 Other publications in anthologies, literary journals, academic journals, books, newspapers, flash fiction, art catalogs, and online literary journals. Still wo rking on numerous unpublished short stories, novelettes, novellas, and two telev ision series. References for Andy Plotkin, Ph.D. Frank A. Lucero, Ph.D., President, Utility Products Company, P.O. Box 67, W abasso, FL 32970; (772) 234-7301 Bernard S. Phillips, Ph.D., President, Sociological Imagination Group, 2002 Harbourside, Unit 1602, Longboat Key, FL 34228; (941) 387-0784 Philip L. Fishman, President, Advanced Biographies, P.O. Box 811955, Boca R aton, FL 33481; (617) 875-2347 Robert Gingras, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Palm Beach Commu nity (now State) College, 3160 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410; (561 ) 207-5421 Sepandar (Frank) Mossadeghi, Department Chair, Social Sciences, Palm Beach C ommunity (now State) College, 3160 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410. (561) 207-5080 Joann Raphael, Ph.D., Academic Dean, Strayer University, 11025 RCA Center Dr ive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410; (561) 904-3000

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