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Professors from University Bogazici have started the lectures for
participants of KEDS Academy
On the weekend of 17-18 January the participants of KEDS Academy have attended
the lectures of professors from the famous University Bogazici from Turkey. The
lecturers were Prof.Dr.Mahmut Eksioglu and Profesor Dr. Birgul Kutlu Bayraktar, who
have lectured last year also for the first generation of KEDS Academy.
Professor Eksioglu started the lecture with the group of scholars on the subject
Occupational Safety and Health. The two day lecture was focused in protection
from hazardous factors at the workplaces. With various examples and illustrations
the professor explained how we should protect ourselves from many illnesses that
might appear from the workload, physical injuries, protection from hazardous
substances that might be encountered at the workplaces, diseases that are subject
to physical and chemical agents and other disease that may appear.
“Human factor is the most important in the work process, therefore you should be
careful and work according to the labor laws and use always the required
equipments for work, advised the scholars “, Eksioglu.
For scholars this lecture was quite interesting and attractive, being involved in
discussion about the subject and making many questions. For Agim Kryeziun,
scholar from the high school “Gjin Gazuli”, today’s lecture was very important.
“We learned many important things such as to be aware about the events that
might occur at the workplaces in future, having in consideration the nature of work.
I have good impression about the Professor who seemed to have professional
background and gentle and close approach. We are lucky to have this opportunity. I
thank all of them that are part of this initiative”, says Agimi.
For professor Eksioglun the presentation to scholars is a new experience. “It’s my
first time to present my program in front of scholars, and I see here today a
generation who is interested. The programs are important for Kosova and we should
train new generations in need for this country”, said he.
In a separate class Professor Dr. Birgul Kutlu Bayraktar was holding the lecture to
students on the subject Fundamentals of Electrical Industry. The students attended
the lecture in English language without a need for a translator, which means that
they were very well prepared and without difficulties in communication.
Professor Bayraktar unfolded her experience in power systems to the students, by
comparing as well the power systems of Kosova. An interesting chapter for the
participants was that of energy market, everything that has to do with electricity
price in the market, electricity exchange with other countries, contracts,
negotiations, etc.
On the second part of the lecture the students divided into groups have done some
online research tasks. .

For profesor Bayraktarin the communication in English language was an ease during
the lecture. “It is an advantage as this generation is receiving the lectures in English
Language , which means that we are saving time and I do not see any difficulties for
the students’, says Bayraktar.

On the other hand for the students the subject of the lecture was not so unknown,
but there were many novelties as well.
Shqipron Sahitaj, Faculty of Economics

“The lectures of this weekend were different from the other lectures, since this is
the first lecture held in English language, with little difficulties in communication,
but very attractive, as we were more attentive to what we hear and understand.
The lectures were mainly related to the field of Electrical Industry and this module
will serve us as a basis for our future experiences as KEDS employees. The Subject
discusses are directly related to transmission , generation, distribution and supply
system. Very attractive subject was that of Energy Balance and energy marketing,
this was a good experience for us, as we have learned how the contracts and
regulations are prepared , irregular and bilateral. The Professor has been very
communicative, attractive with the task that has assigned to us. It is a privilege for
us to have such professors and we appreciate KEDS for that”.

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