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Closing Date : 29 May 2010 Intake Commencement Date : July 2010

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PERSONAL DETAILS Age: ______________

Name: ______________________________________________________________ NRIC No.: _______________________

Email Address: _________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Contact No.: Postal Code: _____________

______________ (O)

_____________________ (H) ____________________ (Pgr/HP)

2 

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Polytechnic Diploma From To Month _____ _____ / Year / / _____ _____

Title: ____________________________________________________________ Institution: _______________________________________________________  GCE Advanced Levels

Institution: _______________________________________________________ No. of A'level Passes: _________  No. of AO'level Passes: _________

From To

_____ _____

/ /

_____ _____

GCE Ordinary / Normal Levels From To _____ _____ / / _____ _____

Institution: _______________________________________________________ No. of O'level Subjects: _________  Other Qualifications No. of O'level Passes: _________

Title: ____________________________________________________________ Institution: _______________________________________________________

From To

_____ _____

/ /

_____ _____

NOTES We are pleased to offer to a graduating student of Diploma in Accountancy for our July 2010 Kaplan-ACCA Scholarship to pursue the ACCA professional qualification at Kaplan Financial. The terms and conditions of the scholarship are provided below.


CRITERIA  The scholarship award is based on scholastic merit, which include academic results, participation in  
campus activities, projects, overseas representation, etc OR To assist a student who wishes to pursue further studies in Accountancy but faces financial hardship. The scholarship is opened to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents only. Foreign students are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.


CONDITIONS  Applicants must be new Diploma in Accountancy graduates in year 2010.        
Studies leading to the ACCA professional qualification are fully conducted with Kaplan Financial. There will be a total of 11 subjects and tuition for each subject will consist of 18 - 20 lectures. The scholarship covers basic tuition and revision course fees for the 11 subjects. Each tuition course is about 18 - 20 sessions and revision course is 6 sessions per subject. The scholarship does not cover ACCA initial membership registration fees, annual subscriptions, exemption and examination fees. These are solely the responsibility of the scholarship recipient. Upon award of the scholarship, recipients must enrol in the ACCA course within one year, failing which the scholarship will be considered as lapsed. After the release of results for each examination, recipients must submit a copy of their detailed results transcript to Kaplan without fail. Scholarship recipients have up to a maximum of 3 years to complete their studies and obtain the ACCA qualification, beyond which the scholarship will be terminated. Kaplan will review the results of the recipients on a yearly basis. Should the recipients not perform up to standard during their course of studies, Kaplan reserves the right to terminate the scholarship. During the course of their studies, scholarship recipients must help out at Kaplan events (such as Preview Talks, Career Fair etc), whenever the need arises.


APPLICATION  Interested students must submit their applications directly to:
Kaplan Financial (S) Pte Ltd 51 Cuppage Road #04-01 StarHub Centre Singapore 229469 Attention: Ms Nancy Ng

Applications must state all the relevant information as per clause A, including personal particulars (address and contact numbers), a passport-size photograph, transcripts of examination results, records of their extra curricular activities and testimonials (if any). Selection of the successful applicant will be from a single lot of applications by a Kaplan selection panel whose decision is final. Applications must reach Kaplan Financial by 29 May 2010. Proof of posting is not roof of receipt. For further enquiries, kindly contact Ms Nancy Ng at 6309 5792 or email: [email protected]

  

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