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NWoD Combined: The Accord ( Release Date: 3/15/13 Revision: 1.0 Designer: Jeremiah Spaulding (US2002023190) Lead Writer: Jeremiah Spaulding (US2002023190) Some materials are © copyright 2013 and trademarked by CCP hf. All rights reserved.

Accord CCD
Player Name: Membership Number: Email: PC Name: PC Aliases: VSS:

Character Building Questions:
1. Universal: a. Do you have a family? b. Do they know of The Truth? c. Were you or anyone important to you part of the Church of Ultimate Truth? d. Do you have anyone who depends on you who is not part of The Accord? e. What was your focus in life before joining the Accord? f. Do you have any regrets about joining? g. Do you have any resentments about being pulled into this shadow war? h. Do you think The Accord can win? i. Would you rather just kill everyone in a cult or disperse them and ensure they don’t start j. k. l. m. n. o. p. q.
it up again? When was the first time your PC encountered an agent of The Truth? How does your PC view those of their kind that don’t know about The Truth? How does your PC prevent those of their kind from finding out about The Truth? How does your PC view other supernaturals? What is your attitude toward other members in the local Cell? Are you a white-hat, black-hat, or grey-hat (good guy, bad guy, or neutral)? Do you have high status in a non-Accord group? If so, which one and how do you manage your responsibilities along with your Accord duties? If a vital secret of your kind would aid in the effort against the Truth, would you share it?

2. Requiem: a. How will you deal with working with Vampires on the other side (Covenant vs Brood)? b. How do you coordinate being part of a Covenant and The Accord? c. How do you avoid getting entangled in city politics?

d. How will you present your need to drink blood to the more squeamish members of your
Cell? e. How do the philosophies of your Covenant affect your views of The Truth? f. Will you consider feeding on another member of the Accord if offered?

3. Mage: a. How will you deal with working with Mages on the other side (Order vs Seer)? b. Some orders are more militaristic and strict than others, how do you balance your
responsibilities? c. Do you have a Cabal and if so, how do you keep them safe from knowing The Truth? d. Many PCs will want lots of buffs and magic items from you, what (if anything) will you charge for these services? e. Paradox is a great way to quickly increase the Action RQ and make things harder for everyone in the city, what steps will you take to prevent this?

4. Changeling: a. Goblin Fruit, Tokens, Hedgespun and Trifles will all be in high demand from others in
the Accord. What will you charge for providing them? b. Your Pledges can bind the other supernaturals. How direct or underhanded will you be with them? c. How will you balance fulfilling your role in your Court so that all Lost can be safe from the Gentry with you duties in the Accord? d. How open will you be to taking other supernaturals into the very dangerous Hedge?

5. Forsaken: a. How do you balance your inherited duty of policing spirits with fighting The Truth? b. How do you keep your pack in the dark about The Truth? c. Will you allow other supernaturals to have Fetishes? d. How will you deal with working with Uratha from the other side (Forsaken Vs Pure)? e. How will you deal with other Changing Breeds? f. Will you provide them with the Fetishes? If so, what will you charge for them? g. As most Uratha are fighters, how will you manage everyone’s expectations that you are
always in front, no matter the danger level? h. As the ones most likely to be called in to kill the really bad stuff, how will you contribute in other ways?

6. Promethean: a. Are you still trying to follow your Pilgrimage while being in the Accord? b. How does your Disquiet changing affect how you feel about The Truth? c. If a Centimani, how do you deal with your nature around other Prometheans? 7. Sin-Eater: a. How do you balance your Krew life and the Accord?

b. Since your Geist likely knows that your death will mean it gets eaten too, how will its
influence towards being cautions affect your actions? c. Will you help others in your cell go into the Underworld? How would you prepare them for it? d. Would you allow others in the Accord to take part in Ceremonies? e. How did your PC feel during Death? What made them accept the bargain, and do they regret it now in any way?

8. Other: a. How are you dealing with being “special”? b. Does the cell allow you to focus on something other than being rare? c. Are you too much of a snowflake? d. If you are a Minor Template, how do you deal with other supernaturals being so much
more powerful?

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