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JEFFREY D. ZIEGLER 369 Crawford Circle Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 Cell: (330) 283-5915, E-mail: [email protected]

EXECUTIVE PROFILE A Dynamic leader with a distinguished career and demonstrated success developing profitability, building or restoring market share, and increasing sales in high ly complex and competitive business climates. Effective and detailed, with the a bility to create and execute strategic, high-value solutions. A professional, ac complished, and versatile communicator instilling customer confidence and promot ing internal and external business relationships that have proven to drive sales . SUMMARY OF CORE COMPETENCIES *Market Share Improvement *Territory Development *Revenue Generation * Forecast Accuracy *Sales Ingenuity *Business Development *Benchmarking *Channel Development* Product Launch * Sales Training CORE COMPETENCIES DEMONSTRATED PATTERSON DENTAL COMPANY, CLEVELAND, OHIO Business Development; Equipment Specialist 2008 - 2010

* Sales Ingenuity / Territory Development: Challenged to develop a new value add service to gain a more significant foothold in undeveloped customer base and de velop new relationships. Created a "complimentary" evaluation service and led tr aining and roll out. Sales representatives who had previously been denied access were now invited to meet with potential customers. Within 90 days, most territo ries reported sales increases. This process continued to be honed and developed through the balance of my tenure. * Business Development / Training: Recruited to reverse flat sales. Within 90 da ys, conceived, created, branded, and led "day-of-the-experts" training program t o educate customers on "Best Practices" in multiple areas, and then presented so lutions. Despite economic issues facing our customers, developed new business wi th 50% of those present. This program became a benchmark in sales development an d was replicated in other markets as it evolved our brand to "advocate" rather t han simply supplier/vendor. A-DEC, INC., NEWBERG, OR Regional Sales Manager, North Central Region Clinical Territory Manager, Great Lakes region 2001 - 2008 1999 - 2001

* Market Penetration / Market Share Improvement: Vast un-penetrated territories plagued the Sr. Leadership team. Committed to restructure territories and increa se sales. Restructured the team and territories then created the strategic plan to re-engage the selling force. Within the 1st year, penetrated all territories. By end of year 2 sales doubled. By end of year 3, sales doubled again. Increase d market share 8X while eroding our primary competitor's position and virtually eliminating attrition in all regions. * Sales Development: In the wake of 2% sales growth, called upon to achieve doub le digit sales. Within 90 days, introduced a new conceptual sales program with s tatistics, market demographics, and imagery rather than the standard product pit ch. Documented and branded customized presentations. Achieved double digit growt

h within the year while other regions remained flat. The success of this program inspired Sr. Management to order it rolled out nationally the following year. * Benchmarking / Metrics: Selected to identify metrics for analyzing sales perfo rmance in mature markets. Developed and delivered a measurable and comprehensive performance benchmarking system as a compliment to traditional indicators. With in 1 year, this new system provided for the easy identification of growth areas and accurate "benchmarking". The system was made available to all regions as it allowed a focused effort in key areas, increased sales, and improved sales team morale. * Forecast Accuracy: Inconsistent forecasting prohibited intelligent executive d ecision making. Committed to restore accuracy to sales forecasting. Isolated dat a points and utilized customer perspectives to predict flow. Within 90 days, cre ated detailed forecasts with probability associated by product line. Compared th ese figures with company projections to identify major gaps, and improve forecas t confidence. Provided forecasts with up to 98.97% accuracy and maintained a +-3 % going forward. JEFFREY D. ZIEGLER * PAGE 2

* Market Intelligence: Incomplete field information led to less than optimal pro duct and system development. Identified and secured key industry targets, respec ted specialists, used additional market intelligence to create data points, and executed feedback sessions in multiple markets. Implemented improvements identif ied during these sessions with all departments. Achieved #1 Market Share positio n with several product releases. These achievements led to the establishment of "Best Practices" for product releases. * Capturing #1 Market Share: Tasked to develop profitable promotions to drive sa les, increase market share, and profit margins. Analyzed competitive products, d istribution methods, and promotions. Developed and selected first promotions whi le adding non-traditional marketing concepts. Sales skyrocketed 400% over the fo llowing 3 years. Our company became #1 in market share by the end of year 3. * Sales System Innovation: Challenged to grow and dominate market position in a market already over saturated and hyper-competitive. Within 60 days, designed, i mplemented, and branded a program called "Client Engagement meeting". This progr am strengthened key dealer relationships by identifying synergies for growth opp ortunities. Immediately realized increases in customer satisfaction and sales cu lminating in a nationwide rollout to 45 territory managers the following year. * Dashboards: Lack of synergy between sales and key dealer personnel led to lost opportunities. Created and implemented a dashboard with key information for uti lization by regional managers to improve communication. Within a few months, the dealership network reported that it was using the dashboard as a barometer for sales activity. This dashboard became a tool our company used to strengthen deal er communication and relationships. * Channel Development: Our sales division was expanding but several major market s were not hitting their goals. Conceived and implemented a "jump-start" for und erperforming markets, led training, and created sales "co-travel" blitzes to ign ite sales. Within 90 days, targeted markets began to respond. These re-focused e fforts more than tripled sales within 3 years. Achieved a significant market sha re improvement eroding our primary competitor's position in the product space. * Trade Show Optimization: Recognized the need to reduce Trade Show lead expense and to improve brand awareness. Conceived and implemented pre-show dealer train

ing, reduced personnel during marginal times, and orchestrated all company activ ities at "major" shows. Reduced expenses 15% saving $1M over 8 shows while incre asing brand and product awareness. This led to enhanced customer experience and a created a system with a reduced cost per lead. * Product Launch: Tasked to lead the product launch for the Introduction of new premium medical equipment. Coordinated territory representatives, personnel, and dealer activity, synchronized departments marketplace, and developed sales plan . Achieved targeted penetration within 6 months. By the end of year 1, achieved 111% of plan, while most other territories failed. Increased penetration gave ou r company a 1st to market position that secured a foothold in market share for t hat product line. DUX SALES, OXNARD, CA Territory Manager, MI, IN, OH, PA, KY 1997 - 1999

* Marquee Account Development: Tasked to increase sales within the educational s pace. Identified limited product awareness within my territory. Structured the s ystematic approach to call on 8 major educational institutions, developed a stra tegic account penetration plan for each. Achieved 10X increase in sales to educa tional institutions within 180 days. The increased exposure led to consistent re sidual sales and multiple territory turn-around efforts. PATTERSON DENTAL COMPANY, COLUMBUS, OHIO Territory Manager 1992-1996 * Sales Ingenuity: Challenged to increase sales in the territory. Heavily prospe cted territory by selling products that would be used by the gatekeepers to gene rate credibility of our product lines. Doubled customer base within 3 months. Th is unique kind of ingenuity continued to grow sales and profit. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance, UNIVERSITY OF AKRON, Ak ron, OH, 1990 Master of Business Administration, UNIVERSITY OF AKRON, Akron, OH, 1992

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