ACIO-2012 Question Paper

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ACIO 2012 Question Paper

Part I: General Awareness 100 Marks

1. A man decides to travel 80 kilometers k ilometers in 8 hours partly by foot and p partly artly on a bicycle. If his speed on foot is 8 km/hr and on bicycle 16 km/hr, what distance would he travel on foot !i" #0 km !ii" $0 km !iii"%8 km !iv" 60km   #. &ue to a #' ( increase in the price of rice per kilo)ram a person is able to purchase #0 kilo)rams less for *upees %00. +hat is the increased price of rice per p er kilo)ram !i"*s ' !ii"*s 6 !iii" *s 10 !iv"*s %   $. A toy wei)hin) #% )rams of an alloy of two metals is worth *s 1%/-, but if the wei)hts of the two metals be interchan)ed, the toy would be worth *s 16#/- If the price of one metal be *s 8  per ,)ram, find the price of the other metal used to make the toy !i" *s 10/ )ram !ii" *s 6/)ram !iii" *s %/ )ram !iv" *s '/)ram   %. hree bells chime at intervals of %8, 60 and 0 minutes respectively. If all the three bells chime to)ether at 10 A, A, at what time will will all the three chime chime a)ain that day !i" 1  !ii" #  !iii" 8  !iv" 10    '. 2ind the last two di)its of 3 1'$6$'11 !i" $' !ii" %' !iii" '' !Iv" 8'   6. After strikin) strikin) the floor, a ball rebounds to %/'th of the hei)ht from which it has fallen, 2ind the total distance that if travels before comin) to rest if it has been )ently dropped from a hei)ht of 1#0 metres. !i" '%0 mtrs !ii" 60 mtrs !iii" 1080 mtrs !iv" 11#0 mtrs   . here is a -di)it telephone number with all different di)its . If the di)it at e4treme ri)ht and e4treme left are ' and 6 respectively, respectively, find how many such telephone numbers are ossible. !i" 1#0 !ii" 1,00,000 !iii" 6#0 !iv" $0,#%0  


8. A speaks the truth $ out5 of % time, and  ' out of 6 times . +hat is the probabili probability ty that they will contradict each other in statin) the same fact !i" #/$ !b" 1/$ !c" '/6 !d" 1/#1   . A circle is inscribed inside an e7uilateral trian)le touchin) all the three sides, If the radius of the circle is # cm, find the area of the trian)le. !i" 1' !ii" 18 !iii" 1# !iv" 1#   10. 2ive persons A, , , & and 9 are sittin) in a row facin) you such that & is on the left of :  is on the ri)ht of 9: A is on the ri)ht of  and  is on the left of &. If If 9 has only one nei)hbour, then who is sittin) in the centre !i" A !ii" !iii"  !iv"&   11. In which city is the head7uarters of +orld +orld rade ;r)anis ;r)anisation ation !+;" locate  !i" <ew =ork !ii" >eneva >enev a !iii" *ome !iv" aris   1# In a family of five persons, &inesh is ?airam5s son son and >opal5s brother while eeta is >opal5s mother and ?ayanti5s dau)hter If there are no step brothers or half brothers in the, family which of the followin) statements is true !i" ?ayanti is &inesh5s mother  !ii" eeta is &inesh5s other  !iii" ?ayanti is ?airam5s )randmother  !iv" All the above   1$. four [email protected], ara, ma and Bihba Bihba are playin) a )ame such that the loser doubles dou bles the money of each of the other players from her share, hey played four )a )ames mes and each sister lost one )ame in alphabetical order, At the end of fourth )ame, each sister had *s.$#. Cow much money did @uvarna start with  !i" *s !ii" !iii" *s6066 !iv"*s *s$% #8   1%. Indira is three times older than =o)esh =o)esh while Daheer Dah eer is half the a)e a) e of +ahida. If =o)esh =o)esh is older than Daheer then +hich of the followin) statements can be inferred  !i" =o)esh =o)esh is older than wahida. !ii" Indira is older than +ahida. !iii" Indira may be youn)er than +ahida. +ahida. !iv" <one of the above   1'. A four-person four-person team from Asian aints is paintin) paintin) 2oolan5s house. ehmood is paint paintin) in) the front of the house. *amesh is in the alley behind the house paintin) the back . ?eevan is paintin) the +indow frames on the north side and @udhir is on the south. If ehmood switches places +ith +it h ?ohn, and ?ohn then switches places with @udhir, where is @udhir how


!i" in the alley behind the house !ii" on the north side of the house !iii" in front of the house !iv" on the south side of the house   16. +hat is the total number of Dodiac constellations !<akshatra" in Indian astrolo)y !i" 1# !ii" 1' !iii" 18 !iv" #   1. +ho established *amkrishna ission !i" *aEa *am ohan *oy !ii" @hivanand !iii" @wami &ayanand @araswati !iv" Bivekanand   18. If in a coded lan)ua)e A&*[email protected] is written as F@D, how would ;A= be written !i" A<G !ii" AFDD !iii" ;D !iv" H;G   1. If under a certain code the +ord A**; is written as DHH<F, which word will be oded as C;@9 !i" ><*& !ii" I<B*2 !iii" IB2 !iv" >I&   #0. *ahul5s mother is the only dau)hter of  onika5s father. Cow is onika5s husband related to *ahul5s !i" ncle !ii" 2ather  !iii" >randfather !iv" rother    #1. A man man is facin) west. Ce turns %' 0 in the clockwise direction and then another 1800 in the same direction and then #00 in the anticlockwise direction. +hich direction is he facin) now !i"@outh -+est -+est !ii" @outh !iii" <orth-+est !iv" +est +est   ##. If it was @aturday on 1th 1 th &ecember, 18# what will be the day on ##nd &ecember, 18% !i" onday !ii"uesday !ii"uesday !iii" +ednesday +ednesday !iv" @unday   #$. ;ne term in the followin) number series is not correct. 1', 16, ##, #, %', 0 2ind out the wron) term !i" 16 !ii" ## !iii" %' !iv" 0   #%. ln an e4ercise, rishnan walked #' metres towards @outh and then he turned to his left and moved, for #0 metres, Ce a)ain turned to his left and walked #' metres. hereafter,he turned to


his ri)ht and walked 1' metres. +hat is the distance and a nd direction of his present location with reference to the startin) point, !i" 'v% metres <orth 9ast !ii" 60 metres <orth !iii"$' metre 9ast !iv" %0 metres @outh 9ast   #'. +here did <[email protected] <[email protected] land rover uriosity landed on ars on Au)ust '/6, #01 #01# # !i" @ea of ran7uility !ii" >ale rater  !iii" 2ast ountain !iv" *over &esert   #6. India5s ars ;rbiter ;rbiter ission is likely to be launched in <ovember #01$. +hat kind of rocket will be used by [email protected]*; for this mission. !i" >eo @ynchronous Faunch Behicle !>@FB" !ii" A)ni III !iii" 94tended olar @atellite Faunch Behicle ehicle !iv" @F= J III   #. In Fondon ;lympic >ames #01#, which country won the hi)hest number of medals !i" >reat ritain !ii" hina !iii" *epublic of orea !iv" nited @tates of America   #8. +ho won the >old edal in 100 metres race in Fondon ;lympics #01#. !i" ?ustin >atlin !ii" =ohan =ohan lake !iii" yson yson >ay !iv" sain olt   #. +ho have been selected for *aEiv >andhi hel *atna Award Award #01# !i" *aEyabardhan @in)h *athore ! @hootin)" and aichun) hutia !2ootball" !ii" >a)an <aran) [email protected])" and @aina <ehwal !adminton" !iii" BiEay BiEay r !shootin)" !shootin )" and =o)eshwar =o)eshwar &utt !+restlin)" Bishwanatha Anand !hess"  !iv" ary om !o4in)" and Bishwanatha $0. +hich country announced in Au)ust #01# its decision to )rant political asylum to the +ikileaks +i kileaks founder ?ulian Assan)e. !i" >reat ritain !ii" hina !iii" 9cuador !iv" el)ium   $1. India5s &*&; has developed a pilotless tar)et aircraft. +hat is its name !i" aiEas !ii" <a) !iii" A)ni III !iv" Fakshya #   $#. +hat is the name of India5s first indi)enously developed nuclear submarine !i" I<@ @indhu)hosh !ii"  1' !iii" I<@ Arihant

!iv" I<@ Bi Bikramditya kramditya


  $$. +hy was 9*<, the lar)est particle physic laboratory located near >eneva >en eva in news  recently !i" 2or discovery of <eutrino, a new subatomic particle !ii" 2or discoverin) Ci))s oson, a new subatomic particle. !iii" ecause of differences amon) the member nations over finance liabilities. !iv" aEor breakdown in the laboratory   $%. +hich of the followin) countries in the iddle 9ast is facin) a civil war between the >overnment forces and rebel insur)ents !i" @yria !ii" 9)ypt !iii" unisia unisia !iv" ?ordon   $'. In which country, there has been a spate of Kinsider killin)5 in which <A <A ; soldiers have  been killed by their comrades in local police and Army Army !i" akistan !ii" Ira7 !iii" Af)hanistan !iv" Iran   $6. Cow do you observe every year the first onday of ;ctober !i" 9nvironment &ay !ii" +orld Cabitat &ay !iii" +orld &iabetes &ay !iv" <; &ay   $. +hich country5 coun try5ss lower house of arliament is known as +olesi +olesi ?ir)a !i" Af)hanistan !ii" an)ladesh !iii" akistan !iv" Iran   $8. @9I has decided to introduce Lasic @ervices &emat AccountM!@&A", +hat is the ma4imum value of securities in a @&A at any point of time !i" *s ' lakh !ii" *s % lakh !iii" *s $ lakh !iv" *s # lakh  $. +hich of the followin) companies is posin) a stiff competition to @weden5s 9ricsson to  become the world5s lar)est telecom e7uipment manufacturer !i"@amsun) !ii" Cuawei !iii" <okia !iv" anasonic   %0 +hat is the present permissible power density value for mobile towers operatin) at 1800 1 800 CN !i" %.' watt/metre !ii"  watt/metre !iii" 1$.' watt/metre !iv" 18 watt/metre  


%1. ohammed orsi, 2racois Collande and ashar al-Assad are the current residents respectively of which countries !i" ?ordon, >ermany and @yria !ii"9)ypt, anada and Ira7 !iii" Hatar, 2rance and Febanon !iv" 9)ypt, 2rance and @yria %#. +here are entre for ellular and olecular iolo)y, Indira >andhi entre Atomi Atomicc *esearch and Bikram Bikram @arabhai @pace *esearch entre respectively located !i" Cyderabad, arapur and @riharikota !ii" chennai, arapur and hiruvanantpuram !iii" Cyderabad , alpakkam and hiruvanantpuram !iv" hennai, arapur and @riharikota   %$. +hat is +akhan orridor !i" <orth 9astern e4tremity of Af)hanistan !ii" art of the border between India and hina in Fadakh re)ion !iii" A passa)e between Iran and Af)hanistan Af)hanistan !iv"<arrow strip Eoinin) Eoinin) an)ladesh with yanmar    %%. +hat does <@A stand for in Indian conte4t con te4t !i" <ational @ociety for Animal reeders !ii"<ational @upport Activity for hutan !iii" <ational @piritual Assembly of uddhists !iv"<ational @ecurity Advisory Advisory oard   %'. +hat is the si)nificance of ;None layer in atmosphere !i" It maintains the cycle of seasons !ii" It causes timely arrival of onsoon !iii"It filers the ultraviolet rays of the sun !iv" It prevents the )lobal warmin)   %6. +hich business house has promoted 9ssar )roup of companies !i" *uias !ii"Ambanis !iii" >oenkas !iv" anorias   %. In which country [email protected] the head7uarters of <estle company located !i" @weden !ii" @witNerland !iii">ermany !iv" <etherlands   %8. +hich family owns the Cero )roup of ompanies in India !i" CinduEas !ii" 2irodias !iii" unEals !iv" ansin)h   % +here is iticaca iticaca , the hi)hest lake in the world, located !i" *ussia and entral Asian countries !ii" @ and anada border  !iii" @outh Africa


!iv" eru and olivia border    '0. At which point of 9arth there is no )ravity !i" At <orth and @outh ole !ii" At e7uator  !iii" ;n the ocean surface !iv" At centre of the 9arth   '1. +hat is the main hemical component of Bi Bine)ar ne)ar !i"Acetic acid !ii" itric Acid !iii" a artaric rtaric acid !iv"<itric acid   '# +hich )as is released from paddy fields !i" arbon dio4ide !ii" ethane !iii" Ammonia !iv"Cydro)en @ulphide   '$. +hich of these is not a micronutrient essential for plant )rowth and health !i" an)anese !ii" Iodine !iii" oron !iv" Dinc   '%. +ho amon) the followin) four is the odd man out !i" Abanindranath a)ore a)ore !ii" ? @ @waminathan !iii" Akbar adamsee !iv"?aved Ahhtar    ''. In the last one decade, de cade, which amon) the followin) sectors has attracted the hi)hest forei)n direct investment inflows into India !i" omputer hardware and software !ii" @ervices sector  !iii" Automobile sector  !iv"elecommunication   '6. +hat is the estimated siNe of Indian economy for #01#-1$ !>& in @ &ollars". !i" one trillion !ii" two trillion !iii" three trillion !iv" four trillion   '. +hat percenta)e of India5s >& in #011-1# #011-1# was contributed by A)riculture A)riculture and allied sectors. !i" #0( !ii" 1%( !iii" '%( !iv" $%(   '8. +hat was India5s crude import bill !in @ &ollars" in #011.1# and its percentile share to total imports !i" O1'0 billion, billion, $#( !ii" O'6 billion, billion, #6( !iii" O%' billions, 80(

!iv" O#'0 billion,'1(


  '. In which country is the >reat Bictoria &esert located !i" <amibia !ii" Ar)entina Ar)entina !iii" on)olia !iv"Australia   60. +hich of the followin) is not caused by movement of tectonic plates !i" 9arth7uakes !ii" Bolcanic eruptions !iii" ;cean current !iv" ;ceanic trench formation   61. +hich of the followin) is not a L)reenhouse L)reenho use )asM!>C>" K !i" ;4y)en !ii" arbon dio4ide !iii" +ater +ater vapour vapou r !iii"ethane !iii"etha ne   6#. +hich of the followin) is the basic structural and functional unit un it of a kidney !i" Fymphocyte Fymphocyte !ii" <ephron !iii" Fobule !iv" <euron   6$ >erman @ilver is an alloy of !i" opper, Dinc and <ickel. !ii" @ilver, opper and arbon !iii" @ilver, Dinc and Aluminium !iv" Aluminium, Aluminium, Dinc and obalt   6%. +hich of the followin) substances is most commonly used for cloud seedin) !artificial rains" !i" a)nesium hydro4ide !ii" otassium hloride !iii" @ilver iodide !iv" Dinc @ulphate   6'. A heodolite heodolite is used for measurin) !i" oceanic temperature variation !ii" celestial distances !iii" river water flow !iv" an)les in horiNontal and vertical planes.   66. +hich of the followin) is not a Eovian planet !)aseous planet" in the @olar system !i" ?upiter !ii" @aturn !iii" Benus Benus !iv" <eptune <eptun e   6.+hich is the only internal or)an of human body capable of re)eneratin) its lost tissues !i" Fun)s !ii" idney !iii" Fiver !iv" rain  


68. +hat is meant by @ulphur @hower !i" @ulphuric acid rain due to air pollution !ii" @hower of yellow pollen from conifers in sprin) !iii" An An industrial process to treat porcelain with @ulphuric acid !iv" *elease of hydro)en sulphide from industries   6. +hich mobile operatin) system today has the lar)est share in )lobal smartphone market !i" Android ;@ !ii" lackerry ;@ !iii" Apple i;@ !iv" <okia @%0 ;@   0. Alteration of consciousness durin) deep sea divin) is known as !i" *aptures of the deep !ii" artini 9ffect !iii" <itro)en <arcosis !iv" All the three   1. he )ases used in normal weldin) process are !i" ;4y)en and Cydro)en !ii" ;4y)en, Cydro)en and Acetylene !iii" Acetylene Acetylene and <itro)en !iv" ;4y)en and Acetylene   #. +ho was the first 9uropean to sail around the ape of >ood Cope in 1%88 !i" artolomeu &ias !ii" 2erdinand a)ellan !iii" olumbus !iv" ?ames cook    $. <orthern Africa was divided between two uslim aliphates at around 1000 A&. +hile northwestern Africa Africa !essentially, modern orocco" and southern @pain were ruled by the mayyads, which aliphate ruled over what is now modern unisia, Fibya and 9)ypt !i" Cafsid !ii" Idrisid !iii" 2atimid !iv" A)hlabid   %. +ho founded the L=oun) ItalyM ItalyM movement, the anchor or)aniNation behind the unification of  Italy in the nineteenth century !i" ount avour !ii" >aribaldi !iii" >iuseppe aNNini !iv" *ed @hirts   '. +here was the battle of adr fou)ht in which uslims led by uhammad defeated Huraish of ecca decisively on arch 1$, 6#% A& !i" 80 miles south west of edina !ii" outskirts of ecca !iii" ?eruselam !iv" ount Arafat  


6. +ho was the ommander J in J hief of onfederate @tates in the American ivil war !1861-6'". !i" Abraham Fincoln !ii" ?efferson &avis !iii" *obert 9 Fee !iv" ?ames Fon)street   . ;n which date @ dropped the first atom bomb on Ciroshima !i" Au)ust , 1%' !ii" ay 8, 1%' !iii" ?uly #6,1%' !iv" Au)ust 6,1%'   8. he reaty of @riran)apatna was si)ned in 1# between ipu @ultan and !i" &alhousie !ii" ornwallis !iii" +arren +arren Castin)s Castin) s !iv" Ford live   . +imbledon ournament ournament is associated with which )ame !i" 2ootball !ii" >olf  !iii" ennis !iv" adminton adminto n   80. nder an a)reement with which wh ich of the followin) countries .did @ubhas handra ha ndra ose. or)aniNe the Indian soldiers, taken as pnsoners by the [email protected] owers, Into the ANad Cind 2auE !i" hina !ii" >ermany !iii" Italy !iv" ?apan   81. In which part of ancient India was haroshthi script in use between $Pd cen century tury  and $Pd century A&. !i" a)adh re)ion !ii" entral re)ion !iii" @outhern re)ion !iv" >andhar re)ion   8#.attle of ?amrud was fou)ht between @ikhs and Af)hans in April 18$ in which Af)hans were defeated but an important @ikh )eneral was killed. +ho was this @ikh )eneral !i" ?orawar @in)h !ii" ahan @in)h !iii" Cari @in)h <alwa !iv"&iwan hiwani &as   8$. +ho was the first uslim president of Indian <ational on)ress !i" ohammad Ali ?innah !ii" adraddin ayabEi ayabEi !iii" aulana Abdul alam ANad !iv" @yed Ahmed han   8% hree *ound able onferences were or)aniNed by ritish >overnment between 1$0 and 1$# to discuss the constitutional reform in India. In which *ound able able onference did the on)ress attend !i" 2irst !ii" @econd !iii" hird !iv" All the three   8'. +ho was the hairman of &raftin) ommittee of Indian onstitution on stitution !i" &r *aEendra rasad !ii"   unsi !iii" < > @ Ayan)er Ayan)er !iv"  * Ambedkar   


86.+hat is the Huorum laid down to constitute a meetin) of either of the Couses of arliament. !i" one-tenth of the total number of members of that Couse !il" one-fourth of the total number of members of that Couse !iii" one-fifth of the total number of members of that Couse !iv" one-half of the total number of members of that Couse   8. +ho has the authority to call a Eoint session of the two Couses of arliament !i" rime inister  !ii" resident !iii" @peaker of Fok @abha !iv" hairman of *aEya @abha   88. In which session of the year, resident addresses both the Couses of arliament !i" 2irst session !ud)et" !ii" @econd session !onsoon" !iii" hird hird session !winter" !iv" none of the above   8.+hich of the followin) @tates do not have bicameral le)islature !i"ihar !ii" ttar radesh !iii" adhya radesh !iv" aharashtra   0.+hat fraction of Fe)islative ouncil embers are nominated by >overnor on the advice of abinet from amon)st those havin) e4celled in the fields of science ,arts, literature, cooperative movement or social science !i" 1/$ !ii" 1/6 !iii" 1/1# !iv" 1/%   1. In which of the followin) states is the construction site of proposed ipaimukh dam located !i" iNoram !ii" Assam !iii" anipur !iv" <a)aland   #. he capitals of anipur , iNoram and Arunachal radesh respectively are !i" Imphal, AiNawl and Itana)ar  !ii" Itana)ar , AiNawl and Imphal !iii "ohima, @hillon) and A)artala !iv" Imphal, Itana)ar and AiNawl   $. +hich of the followin) is not a tributary of rishna river !i" un)bhadra !ii" hima !iii" oyna !iv" >odavari   %. +hich of the followin)s not a hill station in @outh India !i" ;oty !ii" odaikanal !iii" unnar !iv" oimbatore   '. +hich of the followin) states shares border with hina !i"+est !i"+ est en)al

!ii"Cimachal radesh


!iii" <a)alnd !iv"ttar radesh   6. +hich of the followin) is not a land locked state !i" ihar !ii"hhattis)arh !iii" iNoram !iv" ;rissa   . +hich of the followin) is not matched correctly co rrectly !i" @ J IA !ii"  J I 6 !iii" 2rance J ossad !iv" India5 J *QA+   8. In which year was >uru <anak &ev born . !i" 1#%# A& !ii" 1$'8 A& !iii" 1%6 A& !iv" 1'%# A&   . +hich reli)ious leader established e stablished Kfour mathas5 in India !i" haitanya ahaprabhu !ii" @hankaracharya !iii"Bivekananda !iv" *amanuEa   100. +ho was the first hristian missionary to India !i" homas the Apostle !ii" ?ohn reeden !iii" *ichard nill !iv" @t >eor)e  

Part II (English Language) 50

Max. Marks:

+rite an essay in 9n)lish lan)ua)e in only on any one +rite o ne of the followin) topics is not more than %00 words. (i)

India’s Spae Pro!ra""e

(ii) (iii)

Causes o# orruption in India $ow to to de deal wi wit% le le#t win! e& e&tre"is"'

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