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What is Netmeeting?
Netmeeting is a conferencing client developed by Microsoft that allows users to interact in real time
over the internet. Most people call it a "video conferencing client", but it is actually capable of much
more than that. Ìt includes:
O A Chat client, similar to AOL Ìnstant Messenger
O An Audio and Video conferencing client
O A Whiteboard, which is a shared drawing space where people can collaborate in real time.
O Application Sharing, where you can choose to share an application you are running with
others in your conference. Note here that while other users will need to have Netmeeting
installed, they do not need to have a copy of the application you are sharing installed.
O A file transfer application for sending files
What Do I Need?
A PC running a Windows variant, such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows
2000 or Windows XP. You should have Ìnternet Explorer 4.0 or better installed as well. Note that
Windows XP and 2000 come with Netmeeting already installed.
The PC should a reasonably current machine, such as a Pentium ÌÌ 233 MHZ or better. A slower
machine may work, but audio and video performance will suffer. Ìt should have a decent amount of
Ram (64 MB or better). A sound card is not mandantory, but for audio conferencing, some sort of
audio interface is necessary.
Netmeeting uses the Videoconferencing standard .h323. There are other products that use this
standard as well, including a solution for Macintosh users. See the section "For Mac Users" at the
Microphone and Headphones
Ìf you want to participate in an audio conference, you need a microphone. You need not spend a lot of
money. A inexpensive SoundBlaster compatable (this is important) microphone (less than $10.00)
and a inexpensive pair of headphones (like the kind that can be used with a Walkman) is all you need.
You can also opt for a headset that has the microphone built in; this is all a matter of preference.
Using headphones instead of a pair of speakers is preferred, since the microphone will pick up what is
coming over the speakers, and will lead to a strange, and disconcerting "echo" effect.
Network connection
While it is possible to use some functions in NetMeeting with a 56k modem, a faster network
connection is preferable. For Video or screen sharing, use at least a Dual ÌSDN connection (112 kbs).
A Cable Modem or DSL connection is perfectly adequate for any of the features in NetMeeting when
at home. Most campuses have at least 10 mb/s connections, which is good enough to do decent low
frame rate video and good audio, as well as all the other features in NetMeeting.
There are some additional issues concerning use of NetMeeting iin special situations, such as with a
firewall, or through a home networking router. A brief outline on the issues is being written, and will
appear shortly.
%he Software
You will need the Netmeeting software itself. Ìf you are currently running Windows 2000 or XP, you do
not need to install it; it comes with the standard install. Under Windows XP, you may need to "unhide
Netmeeting to launch it directly:
o to your Start menu and select "run". Type in "conf.exe" (no quotes). The Netmeeing setup wizard
will then start, and ask you whether you would like shortcuts created (yes you do).
For Windows 2000, look in your Start menu under Accessories/Communication to launch it. You
should also confirm that you have at least version 4.0 of Ìnternet Explorer installed
As oI Windows Vista, NetMeeting is no longer included with MicrosoIt Windows, and MicrosoIt recommends
using newer applications such as Windows Meeting Space, Remote Desktop Connection, Remote Assistance,
Windows Live Messenger and MicrosoIt OIIice Live Meeting in place oI NetMeeting.
nyper1erm|na| overv|ew
Pyper1ermlnal ls a program LhaL you can use Lo connecL Lo oLher compuLersţ 1elneL slLesţ bulleLln board
sysLems (88Ss)ţ onllne servlcesţ and hosL compuLersţ uslng elLher your modemţ a null modem cable or
LLherneL connecLlonŦ
1hough uslng Pyper1ermlnal wlLh a 88S Lo access lnformaLlon on remoLe compuLers ls a pracLlce LhaL has
become less common wlLh Lhe avallablllLy of Lhe World Wlde Webţ Pyper1ermlnal ls sLlll a useful means of
conflgurlng and LesLlng your modem or examlnlng your connecLlon wlLh oLher slLesŦ lor more lnformaLlonţ see
SeL up a new connecLlonŦ
Pyper1ermlnal records Lhe messages passed Lo and from Lhe compuLer or servlce on Lhe oLher end of your
connecLlonŦ 1hereforeţ lL can serve as a valuable LroubleshooLlng Lool when seLLlng up and uslng your modemŦ
1o make sure LhaL your modem ls connecLed properly or Lo vlew your modemƌs seLLlngsţ you can send
commands Lhrough Pyper1ermlnal and check Lhe resulLsŦ Pyper1ermlnal has scroll funcLlonallLy LhaL allows
you Lo look aL recelved LexL LhaL has scrolled off Lhe screenŦ
?ou can use Pyper1ermlnal Lo Lransfer large flles from a compuLer onLo your porLable compuLer uslng a serlal
porL raLher Lhan golng Lhrough Lhe process of seLLlng up your porLable compuLer on a neLworkŦ lor more
lnformaLlonţ see Send a flle Lo a remoLe compuLerŦ
?ou can use Pyper1ermlnal Lo help debug source code from a remoLe LermlnalŦ ?ou can also use
Pyper1ermlnal Lo communlcaLe wlLh older characLerŴbased compuLersŦ
Pyper1ermlnal ls deslgned Lo be an easyŴLoŴuse Lool and ls noL meanL Lo replace oLher fullŴfeaLure Lools
avallable on Lhe markeLŦ ?ou can use Pyper1ermlnal Lo perform Lhe speclflc Lasks descrlbed aboveţ buL do noL
aLLempL Lo use Pyper1ermlnal for more complex communlcaLlon needsŦ
I|rst of a|| what |s te|net ?
1elneL ls a proLocol whlch ls parL of Lhe 1CÞ/lÞ sulLeŦ lL ls qulLe slmllar Lo Lhe unlx rlogln programŦ 1elneL
allows you Lo conLrol a remoLe compuLer from your own oneŦ lL ls Lermlnal emulaLlon sofLwareŦ ln Lhe old days
harddrlves were humonguous and expenslve (l am Lalklng wa? back here) and Lhere were no personal
compuLersŦ 1o make use of exlsLlng compuLers you had Lo lease hardrlve space and use Lermlnals Lo operaLe
Lhe sysLemŦ lor developers Lhls was greaL because compuLlng became loLs cheaperŦ ?ou needed a server and
many connecLlons could be madeŦ WlLh LelneL u can emulaLe Lhls Lype of dlsLrlbuLed compuLlng and for
example operaLe a supercompuLer from a dlsLanceŦ

1CÞ/lÞ works wlLh porLs and LelneL has one alsoŦ lLƌs nr 23Ŧ lLƌs has several rfcƌsŦ nr 834 daLes back Lo 1983 and
ls named LelneL proLocol speclflcaLlonŦ
WlLh LelneL you can do varlous Lhlngs llke send mallţ log ln Lo lrc or proxy and even (Lhough hardly anymore)
vlew and modlfy webslLesŦ 1here are LelneL servlces avallable allowlng you Lo search Lhrough large daLabases
uslng LelneLŦ WlLh Lhls you use Lhe remoLe compuLerƌs power so lL wonƌL presure your preclous resourcesŦ
usually help or remoLehelp are Lhe commands Lo use Lo flnd ouL whaL you can and cannoL doŦ lf you canƌL see
whaL you Lype ln Lhen seL echoŦ Cnce you made a connecLlon you can use Lhe compuLer as lf lL was your ownŦ
?ou use command llnes for LhlsŦ
1elneL knows dlfferenL emulaLlon LypesŦ v1Ŵ100 ls mosL usedŦ 1hls emulaLlon was used on Lhe vldeo Lermlnals
of uLCŦ 1here are sLlll v1Ŵ100 servers runnlng ouL LhereŦ SclenLlsLs use LheseŦ

1o use LelneL you need a cllenLŦ Wlndows has LelneL bullL ln by defaulL (as does unlx buL LhaLƌs a dlfferenL
sLory)ţ buL Lhere are Lhlrd parLy cllenLs avallable on Lhe neLŦ ?ou sLarL a LelneL sesslon by Lyplng ln Lhe
command ƌLelneL serverŦneL 23ƌ where Lhe porL number ls opLlonalŦ Slnce 1elneL was based on unlx (as lL ls
parL of 1CÞ/lÞ whlch also was based on unlx) lL uses unlx commandsŦ 8aslc knowledge would help you hereŦ
1he porL number speclfles whaL servlces you wlll useŦ 23 ls Lhe defaulL oneŦ ?ou can log lnLo varlous servlcesŦ
80 ls Lhe P11Þ server for LhaLŦ
So say you wanLed Lo modlfy your slLe from a dlsLance on a leased llneŦ ?ou donƌL have your fav progs and
hardly any LlmeŦ
/* LelneL serverŦneL 80 (leave Lhe /*)
/* CL1 hLLpť//wwwŦserverŦneL/?Cu8Sl1LŦP1M P11Þ/1Ŧ1
?ou can use Lhls meLhod Lo geL Lhe ouLpuL of a cglŴscrlpL as wellŦ 1he slmple requesL doesnƌL use Lhe P11Þ/1Ŧ1
(Lhls ls Lhe P11Þ verslon runnlng on Lhe server)Ŧ lf you perform a bad requesL you usually geL some lnfo on Lhe
serverŦ use Lhls Lo flnd a Lhe correcL verslons of servlces runnlngŦ
1o puL flles Lo Lhe server u use Lhe Þu1 commandŦ 1elneL ls preLLy slmlllar Lo l1Þ whlch ls also parL of 1CÞ/lÞŦ
1here are oLher commands avallable llke ÞCS1ţ whlch ls used Lo puL larger daLa flles Lo Lhe serverţ PLAu Lo geL
Lhe slLes header and uLLL1LŦ 1hls one ls obvlous lsnƌL lLŦ
?ou can also use LelneL Lo send raw lmallsŦ 1he porL Lo logln Lo ls 23Ŧ
llrsL you have Lo ldenLlfy your selfŦ 1hls geos llke Lhlsť
/* LelneL mallŦserverŦneL 23
/* PLLC wwwŦyouŦneL
When you Lyped Lhls command youƌll geL some feedback Lelllng you who and whaL you logged on LoŦ When
you logln u may geL also some feedback Lelllng you LhlngsŦ ť`Ť
AfLer Lhls you Lell Lhe server where Lhe mall ls from llke Lhlsť
/* MAlL l8CMťyou[youradressŦneL
1he server wlll glve you feedback agaln Lelllng you
/* ŦŦŦSender Ck
?ou are accepLedŦ now for Lhe recelpanL
/* 8CÞ1 1CťyourroommaLe[hlsadressŦneL
agaln feedback
/* ŦŦŦ8ecepLlenL Ck
1he server sLll does lLƌs duLyŦŦŦŦŦ
/* uA1A
AfLer Lyplng Lhls command youƌll geL Lhe lnsLrucLlons on Lhe proper way Lo send Lhe mallŦ 1ype your mall uslng
Lhe lnsLrucLlonsŦ AfLer youƌre done sendlng your mall close Lhe connecLlon uslng
/* Cul1 (or Lnuţ Lxl1ţ LCCCll LCCCu1)
?ou can use Lhls Lo recelve your mall as well (lf your provlder allows you)Ŧ 1he ÞCÞ porL ls 110Ŧ 1elneL Lo Lhe
server on Lhls porLŦ Cnce Lhere use Lhe followlng commandsŦ
/* uSL8 you[1PL_SL8vL8_CCLS_PL8LŦneL
/* ÞASS ŤLype ln your password (slmple huhŦ)Ŧ
Cnce you are accepLed as a valld user use Lhe followlng Lo llsL your mallŦ
/* LlS1
ÞorLs can be conflgured so Lhey may be dlfferenL on some sysLemsŦ Many admlns use Lhe defaulL ones LhoughŦ

1wo Lhlngs come ln handy when compleLly undersLandlng LelneL and how lL worksŦ 1hey are a baslc
undersLandlng of 1CÞ/lÞ and a baslc undersLandlng of unlx commandsŦ

?ou could use LelneL Lo connecL Lo a proxy and from Lhere on conLlnue your quesLŦ llnd a good proxy (use a
search englne Lo locaLe one) and creaLe an accounLŦ now LelneL Lo Lhe server on Lhe porL speclfled on Lhe
webslLe and hang looseŦ uslng a proxy Lo use Lhe web keeps your ldenLlLy beLLer hlddenŦ Þroxles ofLen use porL
8080 or 3128Ŧ lf you use lL or neLscape you conflgure Lhem Lo use a proxyŦ lf you have compuLer frlends
maybe Lhey could help you locaLe one nearbyŦ 1o learn more abouL proxles read a LuLorlal abouL LhemŦ 1elneL
ls parL of 1CÞ/lÞ and wlLh Lhls comes speclflc bullL ln connecLlon securlLyŦ 1hls baslcly comes down Lo Lhe
LhreeŴwayŴhandshake whlch l wlll noL furLherly dlscuss ln Lhls LuLŦ 1ermlnal emulaLlon was embraced by
developers because lL ls a qulck and secure way for remoLe compuLlngŦ

8cause LelneL ls developed Lo be qulck and rellable you could use lL Lo connecL yourself Lo an lrcŴserver and
chaL wlLh your buddles wlLhouL a resource consumlng CulŦ ?ou may even wanL Lo use a proxy Lo keep Lhe
(f)lamers from flndlng ouL your lpŦ 1o do Lhls you have Lo know LhaL Lhe lrc proLocol has lLƌs porLs dedlcaLed Lo
6666ť6669Ŧ ÞorLs can be conflgured so you have Lo know Lo whaL porL you should connecLŦ 1he ldenLd runs on
porL 113Ŧ 8eLLer use a shell accounL Lo connecL Lo l8C servers or a Cul cllenLŦ Cnce you are Lhere u can use Lhe
usual lrc commandsŦ lf you have goL a good shell (commandŦcom) you can use scrlpLs Lo auLomaLe proceduresŦ
1o learn more abouL lrcť 8equesL for CommenLsť 1439 lnLerneL 8elay ChaL ÞroLocolŦ mlrc ls a preLLy good lrcŴ
cllenL for nowadays hlgh resource conpuLers lf you wanL Lo learn Lhls LoŦ Slnce llnux was bullL on unlx and
llnux ls freeţ you should have by now lnsLalled Lhls operaLlng sysLemŦ Ck
u can also posL Lo newsgroups lf Lhe server allows LhlsŦ newsgroups use nnLp (rfc 977) over porL 119Ŧ use your
sklllsŦ lf you wanL Lo geL lnformaLlon on a parLlcular sysLem you can use a Lechnlque known as porL scannlngŦ
1here are preLLy fancy porL scanners on Lhe neL buL Lo become a guru you wlll have Lo know how hlLs Lake
placeŦ So use porL surflng lnsLeadŦ 1elneL Lo Lhe server on varlous porLs Lo geL lnfo on servlcesŦ 1hls ls much
more rewardlng Lhen uslng someone elseƌs porLscannerŦ lf you wanL Lo become a good hacker learn a
programmlng language and wrlLe your ownŦ 8ecause 1CÞ/lÞ ls noL deslgned for a speclflc plaLform lL works
much Lhe same on anyŦ 1CÞ/lÞ uses porLs LhaL have cerLaln servlcesŦ
1here are severel lnLerresLlng porLs for Lrylng LelneL llke 7ťechoŦ 1hls one replles whaLever you Lype lnŦ
13 dayLlme
13 neLsLaL
37 Llme Llme
39 rlp
33 domaln
119 nnLp
443 hLLps

use your commands Lo geL Lhe requesLed lnfoŦ 8y connecLlng Lo dlfferenL servlces you geL a clear look aL Lhe
sysLem ln useŦ lf you wanL Lo explolL a sysLem use Lhe lnfo and go Lo explolLersŦneLŦ lf you come across a
sysLem you donƌL know read Lhe AL1Ŧ2600ŦlACŦ
1here are also a loL of Lro[ans clrculaLlng (llke back orlflce or neLbus)Ŧ lf you know how Lo use Lhese you can do
some rad Lhlngs buL mosLly Lhe use lf Lro[ans ls consldered lameŦ Learn Lhe commands and seLup your prlvaLe
backdoorŦ When you wanL Lo aLLack a sysLem prepare yourself for LhlsŦ 1here has been some dlscusslon on Lhe
legallLy of porLŴscannlng/surflngŦ Many servers log every aLLempL Lo connecL Lo lLŦ 8e warnedŦ
1he expanslon of free sofLware Lowards Lhe wlndows markeL glves greaL Lools Lo seL up your own hackerlabŦ
lor Lhls you use your compuLer and one oLherŦ SeL up a slmple neLwork wlLh a serverŦ
Conflgure Lhe server and sLarL hacklngŦ
lf you have a rooL accounL on a LelneL server you can use Lhls Lo remoLely admlnlsLer Lhe serverŦ 1here are
many waLs Lo geL a rooL accounLŦ 8emember LhaL lf an admlnlsLraLor flnds a new rooL accounL on hls sysLem he
wlll know lL has been Lampered wlLhŦ Coverlng your Lracks ls faLal lf you wanL Lo sLay uncaughLŦ 1elneLLlng from
a ÞuA ls a preLLy fancy way Lo read your mall or posL Lo newsgroups from a dlsLanceŦ 8ecause CSM phones can
only LransmlL upLo 9600 bps you mlghL noL wanL Lo load up Lhe webŦ

u can use LelneL Lo creaLe a shell accounLŦ 1hls allows you Lo use a good shell even Lhough u use MlcrosofL CSŦ
Shell accounLs vary ln Lhe servlces Lhey have avallableŦ 1o flnd a good shell accounL search Lhe neL or Lry
freeshellŦorgŦ Look for a shell LhaL offers Lhe progs youƌdd llke Lo useŦ
J|ndows 2000 Þrofess|ona| was deslgned as Lhe deskLop operaLlng sysLem for buslnesses and power usersŦ lL
ls Lhe cllenL verslon of Wlndows 2000Ŧ lL offers greaLer securlLy and sLablllLy Lhan many of Lhe prevlous
Wlndows deskLop operaLlng sysLemsŦ lL supporLs up Lo Lwo processorsţ and can address up Lo 4 C8 of 8AMŦ
1he sysLem requlremenLs are a ÞenLlum processor (or equlvalenL) of 133 MPz or greaLerţ aL leasL 32 M8 of
8AMţ 630 M8 of hard drlve spaceţ and a CuŴ8CM drlve (recommendedť ÞenLlum llţ 128 M8 of 8AMţ 2 C8 of
hard drlve spaceţ and CuŴ8CM drlve)Ŧ

J|ndows 2000 Server shares Lhe same user lnLerface wlLh Wlndows 2000 Þrofesslonalţ buL conLalns addlLlonal
componenLs for Lhe compuLer Lo perform server roles and run lnfrasLrucLure and appllcaLlon sofLwareŦ A
slgnlflcanL new componenL lnLroduced ln Lhe server verslons ls AcLlve ulrecLoryţ whlch ls an enLerprlseŴwlde
dlrecLory servlce based on LuAÞŦ AddlLlonallyţ MlcrosofL lnLegraLed kerberos neLwork auLhenLlcaLlonţ
replaclng Lhe ofLenŴcrlLlclsed n1LM auLhenLlcaLlon sysLem used ln prevlous verslonsŦ 1hls also provlded a
purely LranslLlveŴLrusL relaLlonshlp beLween Wlndows 2000 domalns ln a €¾ (a collecLlon of one or more
Wlndows 2000 domalns LhaL share a common schemaţ conflguraLlonţ and global caLalogţ belng llnked wlLh
LwoŴway LranslLlve LrusLs)Ŧ lurLhermoreţ Wlndows 2000 lnLroduced a uomaln name Server whlch allows
dynamlc reglsLraLlon of lÞ addressesŦ Wlndows 2000 Server supporLs up Lo 4 processorsţ requlres 128 M8 of
8AM and 1 C8 hard dlsk spaceţ however requlremenLs may be hlgher dependlng on lnsLalled componenLsŦ

J|ndows 2000 Advanced Server ls a varlanL of Wlndows 2000 Server operaLlng sysLem deslgned for medlumŴ
LoŴlarge buslnessesŦ lL offers clusLerlng lnfrasLrucLure for hlgh avallablllLy and scalablllLy of appllcaLlons and
servlcesţ lncludlng maln memory supporL of up Lo 8 glgabyLes (C8) on Þhyslcal Address LxLenslon (ÞAL)
sysLems and Lhe ablllLy Lo do 8Ŵway SMÞŦ lL supporLs 1CÞ/lÞ load balanclng and enhanced LwoŴnode server
clusLers based on Lhe MlcrosofL ClusLer Server (MSCS) ln Wlndows n1 Server 4Ŧ0 LnLerprlse LdlLlonŦ
number of coples of an lAŴ64 verslonţ called Wlndows 2000 Advanced Serverţ LlmlLed LdlLlon were made
avallable vla CLMsŦ SysLem requlremenLs are slmllar Lo Lhose of Wlndows 2000 Serverţ
however Lhey may
need Lo be hlgher Lo scale Lo larger lnfrasLrucLureŦ
J|ndows 2000 Datacenter Server ls a varlanL of Wlndows 2000 Server deslgned for large buslnesses LhaL
move large quanLlLles of confldenLlal or senslLlve daLa frequenLly vla a cenLral serverŦ
Llke Advanced Serverţ
lL supporLs clusLerlngţ fallover and load balanclngŦ lLs mlnlmum sysLem requlremenLs are normalţ buL lL was
deslgned Lo be capable of handlng advancedţ faulLŴLoleranL and scalable hardwareŸfor lnsLance compuLers
wlLh up Lo 32 CÞus and 64 C8s 8AMţ wlLh rlgorous sysLem LesLlng and quallflcaLlonţ hardware parLlLlonlngţ
coordlnaLed malnLenance and change conLrolŦ LlmlLed number of coples of an lAŴ64 verslonţ called Wlndows
2000 uaLacenLer Serverţ LlmlLed LdlLlon were made avallable vla CLMsŦ SysLem requlremenLs are slmllar Lo
Lhose of Wlndows 2000 Advanced Serverţ
however Lhey may need Lo be hlgher Lo scale Lo larger
lnLerneL lnformaLlon Servlces (llS) Ŷ formerly called lnLerneL lnformaLlon Server Ŷ ls a web server appllcaLlon
and seL of feaLure exLenslon modules creaLed by MlcrosofL for use wlLh MlcrosofL WlndowsŦ lL ls Lhe mosL used
web server afLer Apache P11Þ ServerŦ llS 7Ŧ3 supporLs P11Þţ P11ÞSţ l1Þţ l1ÞSţ SM1Þ and nn1ÞŦ lL ls an lnLegral
parL of Wlndows Server famlly of producLsţ as well as cerLaln edlLlons of Wlndows xÞţ Wlndows vlsLa and
Wlndows 7Ŧ llS ls noL Lurned on by defaulL when Wlndows ls lnsLalledŦ
As of CcLober 2011ţ llS ls Lhe second mosL used server ln Lhe worldţ afLer Apache P11Þ ServerŦ lL ls used on
13Ŧ66Ʒ of servers and responds Lo 12Ŧ46Ʒ of LoLal requesLsŦ
1he archlLecLure of llS 7 ls modularŦ Modulesţ also called exLenslonsţ can be added or removed
lndlvldually so LhaL only modules requlred for speclflc funcLlonallLy have Lo be lnsLalledŦ llS 7 lncludes
naLlve modules as parL of Lhe full lnsLallaLlonŦ 1hese modules are lndlvldual feaLures LhaL Lhe server
uses Lo process requesLs and lnclude Lhe followlngťż23Ž
P11Þ modules Ŷ used Lo perform Lasks speclflc Lo P11Þ ln Lhe requesLŴprocesslng plpellneţ such as
respondlng Lo lnformaLlon and lnqulrles senL ln cllenL headersţ reLurnlng P11Þ errorsţ and
redlrecLlng requesLsŦ
SecurlLy modules Ŷ used Lo perform Lasks relaLed Lo securlLy ln Lhe requesLŴprocesslng plpellneţ such
as speclfylng auLhenLlcaLlon schemesţ performlng u8L auLhorlzaLlonţ and fllLerlng requesLsŦ
ConLenL modules Ŷ used Lo perform Lasks relaLed Lo conLenL ln Lhe requesLŴprocesslng plpellneţ such
as processlng requesLs for sLaLlc fllesţ reLurnlng a defaulL page when a cllenL does noL speclfy a
resource ln a requesLţ and llsLlng Lhe conLenLs of a dlrecLoryŦ
Compresslon modules Ŷ used Lo perform Lasks relaLed Lo compresslon ln Lhe requesLŴprocesslng
plpellneţ such as compresslng responsesţ applylng Czlp compresslon Lransfer codlng Lo responsesţ
and performlng preŴcompresslon of sLaLlc conLenLŦ
Cachlng modules Ŷ used Lo perform Lasks relaLed Lo cachlng ln Lhe requesLŴprocesslng plpellneţ such
as sLorlng processed lnformaLlon ln memory on Lhe server and uslng cached conLenL ln subsequenL
requesLs for Lhe same resourceŦ
Logglng and ulagnosLlcs modules Ŷ used Lo perform Lasks relaLed Lo logglng and dlagnosLlcs ln Lhe
requesLŴprocesslng plpellneţ such as passlng lnformaLlon and processlng sLaLus Lo P11ÞŦsys for
logglngţ reporLlng evenLsţ and Lracklng requesLs currenLly execuLlng ln worker processesŦ

llS 6Ŧ0 and hlgher supporL Lhe followlng auLhenLlcaLlon mechanlsmsťż24Ž
Anonymous auLhenLlcaLlon
8aslc access auLhenLlcaLlon
ulgesL access auLhenLlcaLlon
lnLegraLed Wlndows AuLhenLlcaLlon
unC auLhenLlcaLlon
ŦnL1 ÞassporL AuLhenLlcaLlon (8emoved ln Wlndows Server 2008 and llS 7Ŧ0)ż23Ž
CerLlflcaLe auLhenLlcaLlon

llS 7Ŧ3 lncludes Lhe followlng addlLlonal or enhanced securlLy feaLuresťż26Ž
CllenL CerLlflcaLe Mapplng
lÞ SecurlLy
8equesL lllLerlng
u8L AuLhorlzaLlon

AuLhenLlcaLlon changed sllghLly beLween llS 6Ŧ0 and llS 7ţ mosL noLably ln LhaL Lhe anonymous user
whlch was named ƍluS8_žmachlnenameſƍ ls a bullLŴln accounL ln vlsLa and fuLure operaLlng sysLems
and named ƍluS8ƍŦ noLablyţ ln llS 7ţ each auLhenLlcaLlon mechanlsm ls lsolaLed lnLo lLs own module
and can be lnsLalled or unlnsLalled

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