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Radio Acronyms 4000+ (Always under construction) By Hugh Stegman NV6H

At end of file: Police/CB 10-codes Other police codes Computer networking standards [~] = not an acronym, just looks like one

Radiospeak, techspeak, milspeak, NASAspeak, and compuspeak all developed for spoken, sent, or stored brevity. As Larry Van Horn is always noting, acronyms and abbreviations don't always save all that much space in written text. Utility World tries to slog through all the alphabet soup and write in good old English. Sometimes we fail. Acronym Definition Decode our lapses thusly:

// Parallel transmission (simulcast) on -/// Cloud layer below observing station +FC Tornado on the ground 1 LT first lieutenant 16-DPSK 16-Phase Differential Phase-Shift Keying 16P4A 16 phase, 4 amplitudes 2 LT second lieutenant 220SMA 220 (MHz) Spectrum Management Assn (Amateur) 2600 (1)2600 Hz, audio frequency used for US telephone idle tones 2600 (2)Hack/Phreak magazine, named in honor of above 2600 (3)Use of tone-spoofing equipment to control phone switches; now a good way to get caught phreaking and go to jail 2G ALE Second generation automatic link establishment 32BDA 32-Bit Disk Access (Windoze) 3D Three dimensional (like some weather models) 3F Three-figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 3FG Three-figure code groups 3G ALE Third generation automatic link establishment 3G Third Generation 3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project 3G-TM Third Generation Traffic Management Protocol 3L Three-letter code groups 3LG Three-letter code groups 4F Four figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 4FG Four figure code groups 4L Four-letter code groups 4LG Four-letter code groups 5 by 5 (1) Signal report: readability 5, strength 5 5 by 5 (2) Signal report: you are loud and clear 5D Demand Driven Direct Digital Dissemination 5F Five-figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 5FG Five-figure code groups 5L Five-letter code groups 5LG Five-letter code groups 73 Old telegraphy slang: "Best regards" 81-81 Strange Russian teleprinting system, popular in Cuba 88 Old telegraphy slang: "Love and kisses" 89/336/EEC European electromagnetic compatibility directive 8-DPSK 8-Phase Differential Phase-Shift Keying 8P2A 8 phase, 2 amplitudes A Index 24-hour magnetic activity index, lower=better A (1)Altimeter setting A (2)Old "A" battery, for portable radio tube filaments A&P Airframe & Powerplant, U.S. aircraft mechanic certificate a/c Aircraft A/D Analog to digital converter A/G Air to ground A0 AM carrier with no modulation, now N0N A1 (Alpha-1) Aircraft maintenance status: no writeups; plane OK A1A Morse telegraphy for aural copy, i.e. "CW" A2 (Alpha-2) Status: write up non-mission-critical system A2A Modulated CW telegraphy for aural copy, i.e. "MCW" A3 (Alpha-3) Status: write up critical system; mission aborted A3E AM voice or broadcasting AA CW prosign: "[repeat] all after" AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science AAB Automatic Answer-Back (RTTY) AABCP Advanced airborne command post AACC Airborne Air Command Center AADC Area Air Defense Commander AAF (1)Auxiliary Airfield AAF (2)Army Air Forces, obsolete AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service AAIC Accounting Authority Identification Code AAL ATM Adaptation Layer AAL-1 Synchronous adaptation layer designed for carrying voice trunk lines AAL-2 Adaptation layer intended for variable bit rate video, but never really got off the ground and is not offered by vendors AAL-3/4 Adaptation layer intended to be used by Frame Relay and SMDS and other delay-insensitive variable rate or bursty data traffic, but mostly now passed ove AAL-5 'Simple and efficient adaptation layer' for computer networking AALC (1)Amphibious Assault Landing Craft AALC (2)Amplified automatic level control AAM Air to Air Missile AAMDS Automated Air Movement Data System AAMSS Arinc Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service (proposed; would replace much of MWARA) AAR (1)Air to Air Refueling AAR (2)After-Action Review AAR (3)Automatic Alternate Rerouting AAR (4)Assn. of American Railroads AARS Army Amateur Radio System, started 1925, now part of MARS AASS Advanced Air Surveillance Radar AATO Automated Air Tasking Order AAV Assault Amphibious Vehicle AAVP Advanced Aircrew Vision Protection AAW Anti-Air Warfare AB (1)Air Base AB (2)CW prosign: "[repeat] all before" ABA Australian Broadcasting Authority ABC (1)Atomic, Biological, Chemical (warfare) ABC (2)American Broadcasting Company ABC (3) Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian ABCC Airborne battlefield command and control center ABCCC Airborne Command Control Center ABCS Army Battle Command System ABD Air Base Defense ABIS Advanced Battlespace Information System ABITS Airborne Imagery Transmission System ABL Airborne Laser ABM Anti-Ballistic Missile

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ABN Airborne ABNCP Airborne National Command Post ABO Annular Beam Oscillator ABOR Abort ABU Asia Broadcast Union AC (1)Alternating Current AC (2)Active Components (US Army) AC (3)Acquisition Center AC&I Acquisition, Construction & Improvement ACA (1)Airspace control authority ACA (2)Australian Communications Authority ACAA Automatic chemical agent alarm ACAP Application Configuration Access Protocol (computing) ACAPS Area communications electronics capabilities ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System ACAT Acquisition Category ACC (1)Air Combat Command (US) ACC (2)Area Communication Center ACC (3)altocumulus castellanus ACCHAN Allied Command Channel ACCINTNET ACC Intelligence Network ACCMSF Advanced Cooperative Collection Management ACCS Air Command and Control System ACE Airborne Command Element ACERT Army Computer Emergency Response Team ACF Autocorrelation Factor ACFT MSHP aircraft mishap ACI Air Control Intercept ACINT Acoustic intelligence ACIS Air Combat Information System ACJ Advisory Circular, Joint ACK Positive Acknowledgment (ASCII 06) ACLS Automatic Carrier Landing System ACM (1)Association for Computing Machinery ACM (2)Advanced Cruise Missile ACM (3)Air Combat Maneuvering ACMI Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation ACOM U.S. Atlantic Command ACP (01)Allied Communication Publication (127, etc) ACP (02)Allied Communication Protocol ACP (03)Adjacent Channel Power ACP (04)Adjacent Channel Protection ACP (05)Access Control Point ACP (06)Access Control Protocol ACP (07)Access Communications Processor ACP (08)Achieved Communication Performance (ARINC) ACP (09)Adaptive Communications Processor ACP (10)Advanced Communications Package ACP (11)Alternate Command Post ACP (12)Airborne Command Post ACP (13)Area Command Post ACP (14)Automated Command Post ACP (14)Applied Communication Program ACP (15)Automatic Communications Processor ACP (16)Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (17)Autoloading Colt Pistol ACP100 Allied Call Sign and Address Group System - Instructions and Assignments ACP110 Tactical Call Sign Book ACP112 Task Organization Call Sign Book ACP113 Call Sign Book for Ships ACP117 Allied Routing Indicator Book ACP119 Allied Tactical Voice Call Sign System - Instructions and Assignments ACP121 Communications Instructions - General ACP122 Communication Instructions - Security ACP123 Common Messaging Strategy and Procedures ACP124 Communication Instructions - Radiotelegraph Procedure ACP125 Communication Instructions - Radiotelephone Procedure ACP126 Communication Instructions - Radioteletype Procedure ACP127 Communication Instructions - Tape Relay Procedures ACP127SUP1A Allied RATT Procedures (RTTY) ACP128 ALTERS Operating Procedures ACP129 Communications Instructions - Visual Signalling Procedures ACP130 Direction Finding Procedure ACP131 Communication Instructions - Operating Signals ACP134 Telephone Switchboard Operating Procedure ACP135 Communications Instructions - Distress and Rescue Procedures ACP136 Communication Instructions - Panel Signaling ACP147 Call Sign Book for Merchant Ships in Time of War ACP148 Allied Guide to Master ACP149 Radio Communication Instructions for Merchant Ships Under Naval Control ACP150 Recognition and Identification Instructions, Air, Land, and Sea Forces ACP160 IFF SIF Operational Procedures ACP165 Operational Brevity Codes ACP167 Glossary of Communications-Electronics Terms ACP168 Pyrotechnic Signals ACP176 Allied Naval and Maritime Air Communication Instructions ACP177 Land Forces Electronic Warfare Instructions ACP178 Maritime Electronic Warfare Instructions ACP179 Electronic Warfare Instructions for Air Forces ACP190 Guide to Frequency Planning ACP198 Instructions for the Preparation of Allied Communications Publications ACR Armored cavalry regiment ACRM Automated Communication Resource Manager ACRONYM Actual Computer Related Overused Name You Mention ACS (1)Assistant chief of staff ACS (2)Agile Combat Support ACS (3)Airborne COMINT System ACS (4)Attitude Control System ACSB Amplitude Compandored SideBand ACSL altocumulus standing lenticular cloud ACT Airborne Communications Terminal ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration ACTEX Active Controls Technology Experiments ACTIVE Advanced Controls Technology for Integrated Vehicles ACTS (1)Air Combat Training System ACTS (2)Automated Computer Time Service ACU Avionics Control Unit ACW Air Control Wing (like 552nd AWACS at Tinker) ADA (1)Americans with Disabilities Act ADA (2)"Official" DoD computer language, not an acronym, named for Ada Babbage, the world's first programmer ADAS AWOS Data Acquisition System (Nice nested acronym) ADC Analog-to-Digital Convertor ADCC Air Defense Control Center addr Address ADDS Aviation Digital Data Service ADES Airdrop equipment and systems ADF (1)Automatic direction finding ADF (2)Australian Defence Forces ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone ADM Admiral ADMD Administration Management Domain ADO (1)ActiveX Data Objects ADO (2)Active Data Objects ADOC Air defense operation center ADONIS Article Delivery Over Network Information Systems ADP Automated data processing ADPCM Adaptive differential pulse-code modulation ADPE Automated Data Processing Equipment

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ADPS ASARS Data Processing Station ADPSIS Automated Data Processing Software Inventory System ADPSO Automated Data Processing Security Officer ADPSSO Automated Data Processing System Security Officer ADR CW brevity: address ADRG ARC Raster Digitized Graphics ADS (1)Advanced Distributed Simulation ADS (2)Automatic Dependent Surveillance ADS-B Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast ADSI Air Defense System Integrator ADSL Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line Ae Auroral Electrojet magnetic activity index AEEC Airlines Electronics Engineering Committee AEOS Advanced Electro-Optical System Spectrograph AEPDS Advance Electronic Processing and Dissemination System AES Application Environment Specification AF (1) Air Force AF (2) Audio Frequency (30 Hz - 30 kHz) AFAMPE Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System AFB Air Force Base AFC Automatic frequency control AFCA Air Force Communications Agency (US) AFCS Automatic Flight Control System AFDC Air Force Doctrine Center AFEPS ACARS Front-End Processor System (ground computer network) AFETR Air Force Eastern Test Range AFEWES Air Force Electronic Warfare Effectiveness Simulator AFFSA Air Force Flight Standards Agency AFGIHS Air Force Geographic Information Handling System AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Central at Offutt AFB, NE AFI (1)Africa/Indian Ocean (MWARA) AFI (2)Air Force Instruction (official directive) AFI (3)American Film Institute AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology AFIWC AF Information Warfare Center AFK Absolute Frequency Keying (amateur very slow Piccolo) AFMC Air Force Materiel Command AFMSS Air Force Mission Support System AFN American Forces Network (US broadcast for military) AFNET Air Force Integrated Telecommunications Network AFOS Automation of Field Operations and Services AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research AFR Armed Forces Radio AFRES Air Force Reserve (US) AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory AFRN Armed Forces Radio Network AFRTS Armed Forces Radio & Television Services AFS (1)Air Force Station AFS (2)Aeronautical Fixed Service AFSAA AF Studies and Analysis Agency AFSATCOM Armed Forces Satellite Communication AFSFC Air Force Space Forecasting Center AFSFCR AF Space Forecast Center Replacement AFSK Audio frequency-shift keying AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command AFSOF Air Force Special Operations Forces AFTCO Air Force Telecommunications Certification Office AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network AFV Alternate Fuel Vehicle AFW Air Force Weather AFWSS Air Force Weather Support System AFWTF Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility AG (1)Adjutant general AG (2)Airlift Group AGC Automatic gain control AGE Aerospace Ground Equipment (pronounced like how old you are; when you replace it you order New Age) AGL (1)Above ground level AGL (2)Air to Ground Laser AGM Air to Ground Missile AGU American Geophysical Union AGWPE AGW Packet Engine (creator: SV2AGW) Ah Ampere-hour(s), battery capacity AH Authentication Header AHAMSL Antenna height above mean sea level AHD Acoustic Hailing Device AHDL Analog Hardware Descriptive Language AHF Adaptive High Frequency AHMSL Antenna height above mean sea level AHP Army Heliport AI (1)Artificial intelligence AI (2)Air Interdiction AI (3)Airborne Interceptor AI (4)Avionics Infrastructure AIA Air Intelligence Agency AIC Air Intercept Control AICPITS All India Coordinated Program of Ionosphere & Thermosphere Studies AIDA Atmospheric Investigations of Dynamics over Arecibo AIDC Automatic Identification and Data Capture AIFSS Automated International Flight Service Station AIG (1)Address Indicator Group AIG (2)Air Intelligence Group AIM (1)Air launched Interceptor Missile AIM (2)AOL Instant Messenger (popular internet talk program) AIN Advanced Intelligent Network (US NCS) AIR (1)All-India Radio AIR (2)Aviation Incident Response (Red Cross) AIREP Air Report; weather observation, like a PIREP AIRES Advanced Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System AIRK Area interswitch rekey AIRMET Air Meteorological Information AIRST Advanced Infrared Search and Track AIS (1)Automatic Identification System (USCG) AIS (2)(Universal) Automated Identification System AIS (3)Alarm Indication Signal AJ Anti-Jam AJCOM Anti-Jam Communications AkDT Alaskan Daylight Time, US AkST Alaskan Standard Time, US AL Approach and landing ALARM Air-Launched Anti-Radiation Missile ALC (1)Automatic level control ALC (2)Air logistics center ALC Air Logistics Center ALCC (1)Airborne Launch Control Center ALCC (2)Airlift Coordination Cell ALCE Airlift Control Element ALCF Airlift Control Flight ALCM Air Launched Cruise Missile ALCS (1)Airlift Control Squadron ALCS (2)Airborne Launch Control System ALE Automated Link Establishment ALERT Attack & Launch Early Reporting to Theater ALF Absorption Limiting Frequency, realtime version of LUF AlGaN Aluminum-Gallium Nitride ALOC Air lines of communication Aloha Wide-area net protocol, developed at U of Hawaii ALP airport location point

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Alpha + # Aircraft maintenance status (1 is best) Alpha Hotel A-- H--- (also Adam Henry) ALQA Active Link Quality Analysis ALS Airlift squadron ALTERS Allied Telecommunications Record System ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit (computer h/w) ALW Airlift Wing AM (1)Amplitude Modulation AM (2)Aeronautical Mobile AM (3)Ante Meridian, hours between midnight and 11:59 local AMARC Association Mondiale des Radiodiffusuers Communautaires AMASS Airport Movement Area Safety System AMBALG Algerian Embassy AMC (1)Air Mobility Command (old Air Force MAC, MATS) AMC (2)Army Materiel Command (US) AMCC Air Mobility Control Center AMCLD Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display AMCO Aircraft maintenance company AMCS Air Mobility Control Squadron AMD (1)American Micro-Devices (with Cyrix, Intel's competition) AMD (2)Automatic Message Display AMDRFM Advanced Monolithic Digital Radio Frequency Memory AME (1)Automatic Message Exchange AME (2)Air Mobility Element AME (3)Amplitude modulation equivalent AMEDD Army Medical Department AMI Alternate Mark Inversion AMMCS Airborne Multimedia Multiservices Communication System AMO Air & Maritime Operations AMOG Air Mobility Operations Group AMOS Air Force Maui Optical Site AMP Antenna Maintenance Program AMPS (1)Advanced Mobile Phone Service AMPS (2)Automated Mission Planning System AMRAAM Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile AMRAD Amateur Radio Research And Development Corporation AMRS Austrian Military Radio Society AMS Analog Mixed Signal AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Agency AMSAT Radio Amateur Satellite, Inc. AMSI Arctic Maritime Safety Information AMTOR Amateur Teleprinting Over Radio (Ham SITOR) AMVER Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System AMW Air Mobility Wing AMX Air Mobility Express AN Army/Navy (prefix on US military type designators) AN/FRT Army/Navy Fixed Radio Transmitting AN/GRC Army/Navy General Radio Communication AN/MRC Army/Navy Mobile Radio Communication ANARC Assn. of North American Radio Clubs ANDVT Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal ANG Air National Guard ANGB Air National Guard Base ANI Automatic Number Identification ANL Automatic noise limiter ANMCC Alternate National Military Communications Center (?)-WAR 46 Annmt Announcement Annr Announcer ANS Advanced Network Services, operates an Internet backbone ANSI American National Standards Institution ANT (1)Antenna [~] ANT (2)Advantaged Node technology ANZUK Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom (alliance) ANZUS Australia, New Zealand, United States (alliance) AO Area of operations AO1 automated station without precipitation discriminator AO2 automated station with precipitation discriminator AOA (1)Angle Of Arrival AOA ACARS Over AVLC (ARINC, neat nested acronym) AOC (1)Air Operations Center AOC (2)Army Operations Center (Pentagon) AOC (3)Air Operational Control AOE Airport of Entry AOI Area Of Interest AOO Area of operations AOR (1)Area of responsibility AOR (2)Atlantic Ocean Region (USCG GMDSS) AOV ACARS Over VDL (ARINC, neat nested acronym) AOS (1)Acquisition Of Signal AOS (2)Area Of Service Ap Planetary A index of geomagnetic activity AP Associated Press APC Armored personnel carrier APCO 25 New standard for digital public safety radio APCO Association of Public Safety Communications Officials API Application Programming Interface (computers) APIC APCO Project 25 Interface Committee APIPA Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing APL A Programming Language (computer code) APLink Amtor-Packet Link APNIC Asia Pacific Network Information Centre APO (1)Air Post Office APO (2)Army Post Office APOD Aerial port of debarkation APOE Aerial port of embarkation APPCON Approach Control APRNT apparent APRS (1)Automatic Position Reporting System, ham tracking w/GPS APRS (2)Automatic Packet Reporting System APRX approximately APSC APCO Project 25 Steering Committee APT Automatic Picture Transmissions APU Auxiliary Power Unit AQC Automatic Quick Call AR (1) Aerial refueling AR (2) Ground track for above AR (3) CW prosign: "End of message" AR (4) Army Regulation ARA Appletalk Remote Access, Mac networking ARB Air Reserve Base ARC (1)American Red Cross ARC (2)Airborne Radio Communications (AN/ARC-xxx) ARC (3)Air Reserve Component ARC-190 Common Collins mil HF aircraft radio, civil version is HF-190 ARC-220 Fancy Collins HF radios for new US mil aircraft ARC-230 Collins 400-watt HF Link-11/Tadil-A aircraft radio, civil voice version is HF-121 ARCAL Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting Archie Internet database search program, finds files ARCP Air Refueling Control Point ARD Automatic Ring Down ARDF (1)Automatic Radio Direction Finding ARDF (2)Amateur Radio Direction Finding AREC (1)Air resource element coordinator AREC (2)Amateur Radio Emergency Corps, now ARES ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service ARF Air Reserve forces ARFA Allied Radio Frequency Agency ARFOR Army forces

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ARG (1)Amphibious Ready Group ARG (2)Air Refueling Group ARGOS Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite ARIA Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft ARIB Association of Radio Industry Businesses (Japan) ARIDPCM Adaptive Recursive Interpolated Differential Pulse Code Modulation (whew!) ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Inc (US radio consortium) ARIP Air Refueling Initial Point ARISS Amateur Radio on the International Space Station ARM Anti-Radiation Missile ARMRV (1)Armored Mobile Reconnaissance Vehicle ARMRV (2)Armored Multi-Role Vehicle ARNG Army National Guard ARO Army Research Office ARP Address Resolution Protocol, Internet ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency, operated original Internet ARPANET ARPA Network, became NSFNET, now separate from Internet ARQ Synchronous transmission and automatic repetition teleprinter system ("Acknowledge Request") ARQ6-90 Six-character blocks simplex ARQ teleprinter system ARQ-E3 Single channel ARQ teleprinter system ARRL American Radio Relay League ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service ARS Amateur Radio Service ARSA (1)Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance Architecture ARSA (2)Airport Radar Service Area ARSOF Army special operations forces ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center ARTE (1)French media company ARTE (2)ADA Run Time Environment ARTG Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group (Swiss) ARTS Automated Remote Tracking Station ARW Air Refueling Wing (USAF/AFRES) ARWO Aerial Reconnaissance Weather AS (1) Air station AS (2) CW prosign: "Please Wait" AS (3) Analog secure (like original PARKHILL) AS (4)Submarine Tender (USN) ASA American Standards Association, obsolete ASAM Anti-Shipping Activity Message (warning) ASAP As Soon As [humanly] Possible; how one handles FLASH traffic ASAR Advanced Synthetic Aperture System ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System ASAS All Source Analysis System (US Army) ASAS-RWS ASAS Reconfigurable Work Station ASAT Antisatellite ASB Aviation support battalion ASC (1)AUTODIN Switching Center ASC (2)Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI) ASC (3)American Society of Cameramen (motion picture) ASC2A Air & Space Command & Control Agency ASCC Army service component command ASCIET All Services Combined Identification Evaluation Team ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange, 7-bit computer alphabet, usually extended to use 8th bit ASCOT Air Support Command Operations Task (RAF Air Transport) ASD Assistant Secretary of Defense ASDE-3 Airport Surface Detection Radar System ASDS Advanced SEAL Delivery System (a minisub; see SEAL) ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations (old SEATO) ASECNA Agence pour la Securite de la Navigation Aerienne en Afrique et a Madagascar ASF Advanced Systems Format (Microsoft media player) ASG (1)Aeronautical Standards Groups ASG (2)Area support group ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit ASID Advanced Secure Information Dissemination ASIM Automated Security Incident Measurement ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation ASIT Adaptable Surface Interface Terminal ASK Amplitude Shift Keying ASL Above Sea Level ASLAR Aircraft Surge Launch and Recovery ASM (1)Air to Surface Missile ASM (2)Analog Switching Module ASM (3)Assembler (computer code) ASMB Area support medical battalion ASMC Area support medical company ASME American Society for Mechanical Engineers ASMRO Armed Services Medical Regulating Office ASO Air surveillance officer ASOC Air Support Operations Center ASOS Automated Surface Observation System ASOTSE Army special operations theater support element ASP (1)Ammunition supply point ASP (2)Acquisition Support Plan ASP (3)Active Server Pages ASP (4)Application Service Provider ASR (1)Automatic Send-Receive ASR (2)Airport Suveillance Radar Assn Association Assoc Association AST Atlantic Standard Time, Canada ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials ASU Aircraft Starting Unit ASW Anti-submarine warfare AT (1)Advanced Technology (IBM's original name for its improved PC, now a standard architecture) AT (2)Amateur (radio allocation code) ATA (1)Army Technical Architecture ATA (2)AT Attachment ATA (3)American Trans Air ATAPI AT Attachment Packet Interface ATC Air Traffic Control ATCALS (1)Air Traffic Control and Landing System ATCALS (2)Air Traffic Control Liaison Section ATCCS Army Tactical Command & Control System ATCS Advanced Train Control System ATCT airport traffic control tower ATD Advanced Technology Demonstration ATDL 1 Army Tactical Data Link 1 ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms ATH Air Transportable Hospital ATG Afloat Training Group (USN) ATHS Automatic Target Hand-off System ATIS Automated Terminal Information System (usually voice loop) ATM (1)Asynchronous Transfer Mode, 53-byte packets ATM (2)Automated Teller Machine ATM (3)Advanced trauma management ATMs Air Tasking Messages ATN Adventist Television Network ATO Air Tasking Order ATOI Aerial Track Of Interest A-TOR Automated Telex Over Radio ATP (1)Ammunition transfer point ATP (2)Appletalk Transaction Protocol, Mac networking ATP (3)Acquisition, Tracking & Pointing ATP (4)Authority to Proceed ATP (5)Air Traffic Procedures ATR Air Transport Rack (standard airplane radio bay)

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ATR/ATC Automatic Target Recognition/ Automatic Target Correlation ATS (1)Aeronautical Telecommunications Services ATS (2)Applications Technology Satellite ATSA Aviation and Transportation Security Act ATU (1)Antenna Tuning Unit ATU (2)Arab Telecommunications Union ATU-A Arabic ATU-80 alphabet ATV (1)Amateur (fast-scan) television ATV (2)All-Terrain Vehicle AUI Attachment Unit Interface, Ethernet AUSREP Australian Ship Reporting System AUTO Weather observation is from automated station [~] AUTOCONET Automatic Digital Network Conference Network AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network (US military) AUTOVON Automatic voice network (now DSN as of 1990) AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUW All Up Weight (gross) AV Air Vehicle AVC Automatic volume control AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer AVI Audio Video Interleave (Microsoft file format) AVIM Aviation intermediate maintenance AVL Automatic Vehicle Locating AVLC (1)Aviation VHF Link Control AVLC (2)Automatic Vehicle Location and Control AVN AViatioN weather model AVO Air Vehicle Operator AVTR Airborne Video Tape Recorder AVUM Aviation unit maintenance AWACS Airborne Warning And Control System AWADS Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System AWAPS Automated Weather Distribution System AWDS Adverse Weather and Debriefing System AWG American Wire Gauge AWGN Arbitrary White Gaussian Noise AWIPS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System awk Aho, Weinstein & Kernighan, wrote a Unix script language AWN Aviation Weather Network, now on US Air Force Digital Weather Switch AWO American Waterway Operators AWOL Absent without leave AWOS Automated Weather Observing System AWR Adventist World Radio AWS (1)Air Weather Service AWS (2)Advisory Warning System AWS (3)Automated Weather Systems AWS (4)Automated Weather Station AWST Automated Weather Station AX.25 Amateur variant of CCITT X.25 packet radio protocol B (1)began B (2)old "B" battery for tube plates, typically 90 volts B&G Bombing & Gunnery B/m Benchmark B/U Backup B+ Tube plate voltage (highest in set) B8E Mode: Independent sideband, different voice programs B9W Mode: Independent sideband, mixed voice & data modes BA Braking action BAA (1)Broad Agency Announcement BAA (2)Broad Area Announcement BAC Broad Area Coverage BAe British Aerospace Bae British Aerospace BAI Backup Aircraft Inventory BAI Battle Area Interdiction Balun Balanced-to-unbalanced line transformer [~] BAM Beta and Advection Model (wx) BAN Base Area Networks BANANA Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone (municipal response to most radio proposals) BAQ Basic allowance for quarters BAS Basic allowance for subsistence BASIC Beginners' All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, computer language BAT (1)Blood Alcohol Testing (the "Batmobile," in the field) BAT (2)File extension: execute as command list (Batch job) BAT (3)Brilliant Anti-armor Submunition Baud Computer transmission unit, one state transition per second, no longer one bit per second in complex modulation schemes BBC British Broadcasting Corporation BBCS Broadband Connectivity Service (Swisscom) BBIS Battle Broadcast Information System BBN Backbone network BBS (1)Bulletin Board System (computer networking) BBS (2)Battery backup system BC (1)Broadcast BC (2)Back course BC (3)Patches (of sig. Weather) BC2A Bosnia Command & Control Augmentation BC3 Battle management and command, control and communications BCA Broadcast Control Authority BCB Broadcast Band (typically 540-1710 kHz) BCC (1)Base Communication Center BCC (2)Bureau Communication Center (LAPD) BCC (3)Battlefield circulation control BCC (4)Blind Carbon Copy (e-mail) BCD (1)Binary-coded decimal BCD (2)Bad conduct discharge BCE Base civil engineer BCF Backup communications facility, Dahlgren, VA BCFG Fog patches BCI (1)Broadcast interference (from xmtr to bc) BCI (2)Binary-coded information BCL (1)Broadcast listener BCL (2)Broadcast Communications Limited (New Zealand) BCM Baseline correlation matrix BCO (1)Base communications officer BCO (2)Base contracting officer BCO (3)Broad concept of operations BCP (1)Base communications package BCP (2)Base comprehensive plan BCS Broadcast Keying Station BCT Battlefield Communications Terminal bd Baud BDA (1)Battle damage assessment BDA (2)Bermuda (NASA) BDAR Battle damage assessment and repair bde Brigade BDU (1)HFDL: Basic Data Unit BDU (2)Battle dress uniform BEAR Beam Experiment Aboard Rocket BEC Bulk encrypted communications BEEF Base Engineering Emergency Force,("Prime BEEF team") BEL Bell (ASCII, RTTY) Bel Unit of voltage or power ratio, named for Alexander Graham Bell, usually expressed in deciBels BEP (1)Bit error probability BEP (2)break-even point BER Bit Error Rate BERT (1)Bit error rate test(er) BERT (2)Bit Error Rate Testing BF Basic Function BFACS Battlefield Functional Area Control Systems

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BFBS British Forces Broadcasting Service BFO (1)Beat frequency oscillator (CW/SSB mode of receiver) BFO (2)Backhaul follow-on BFSK Binary Frequency-Shift Keying BG Brigadier general BGEN Brigadier general BGP Border Gateway Protocol (TCP/IP) BICE Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement BID Billing Identifier BIDDS Base integrated digital distribution system BIDS Backup information display system BIFC (1)Boise Interagency Fire Cache, obsolete BIFC (2)Boise Interagency Fire Center, now NIFC BiFET Bipolar Field Effect Transistor BIH Bureau International l'Heur, International Time Bureau, coordinates UTC leap seconds BILS Ballistic Impact Locator System Bin Binary BIND (1)Berkeley Internet Name Domain BIND (2)Berkeley Internet Name Daemon (old) BIND (3)Buggy Internet Name Daemon (geekspeak) Binhex Binary to hexadecimal, usually for sending binaries as ASCII BIOS Basic Input/Output System (part of computer op-system) BIOT British Indian Ocean Territory BIP Base Information Protect BIPS (1)Billion Instructions per Second (computing) BIPS (2)Backup Impact Prediction System BIPS Billion Instructions Per Second B-ISDN Broadband-Integrated Services Digital Network BIST Built-In-Self-Test Bit (1)BInary digiT, a one or zero, basic digital information unit BIT (2)Built-In Test BIT Built in Test Bit/s Bit per second BITE Built-In Test Equipment BITNET Because It's Time NETwork, from IBM, now global BIU Bus interface unit (computer h/w) BK CW prosign: long break or break-in BKN Broken cloud cover BL (1)Baseline BL (2)blowing BLAISE (1)British Library Automated Information Service BLAISE (2)Blaise Pascal, French Mathematician BLDU Blowing dust BLER Block Error Rate BLERT Block Error Rate Testing BLEVE Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion BLM Bureau of Land Management (US) BLOS Beyond line of sight BLPY Spray BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics (US) BLSA Blowing sand BLSN Blowing snow BM Battle Management BMC2 Battle Management, Command and Control BMC3 Battle Management, Command, Control and Communication BMC3I Battle Management C3I BMC4ISR Battle Management C4I Surveillance and Reconnaissance BMD Ballistic Missile Defense BMDATC Ballistic missile defense advanced technology center BMDC Ballistic Missile Defense Center BMDCCC Ballistic missile defense command and control center BMDE Ballistic missile defense enhancement BMDO Ballistic missile defense organization, formerly SDIO BMDOC Ballistic missile defense operating center BMDSCOM Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command, now U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System BMO Ballistic Missile Office (US) BMOPS Battle Management Operations BMP (1)File extension: bitmap image BMP (2)Battle manager processor BMS Backward Music Station (weird RF feedback on HF) BMT (1)Ballistic Missile Threat BMT (2)Beam Management Terminal BMT (3)Bronx Motor Transit BMT (4)Ballistic Missile Technology BMT/SS Ballistic Missile transporter, storage and shipping bn Battalion BN CW prosign: repeat between -- and -BNC (1)Bayonet Neill-Concelman (cable connector) BNC (2)Bayonet Navy Connector (alternate) BNC (3)Blimped Noiseless Camera (Classic Mitchell) BNCC Base Network Control Center BNCR Blimped Noiseless Camera, Reflex BnOC Battalion Operations Center BNSC British National Space Center BO Bad Order (inoperative unit writeup) BoD Board of Directors BOM Bureau Of Meteorology (Australia) BOND Beginning Of Next Day BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol (IP addressing) BOPS Billion operations per second (computing) BOQ Bachelor Officer Quarters BORAM Block-Oriented RAM BOSS Battlefield Optical Surveillance System BOT Beginning of Tape bot Robot, typically a network program that does an admin duty BP Bandpass BPI Boost-Phase Intercept BPL Broadband over Power Line bpp bits per pixel bps Bit per second, not necessarily a "baud" Bps Bytes per second BPSK Biphase Shift Keying BQ (1)Beam Quality BQ (2)Acknowledging receipt (DSC protocol) BR Bridgewire resistance BR mist BRAC Base Realignment And Closure BRACC Base Realignment And Closure Commission (US military) BRB Be Right Back (Internet) BRD Broadcast brdg bridge BRI Basic Rate Interface BRI Basic Rate ISDN, 2 64Kbps channels BRV (1)Booster Recovery Vessel (NASA) BRV (2)Ballistic reentry vehicle (Stratcom) BS (1)Battle staff BS (2)Battle station BS (3)Backspace BS (4)aka "Bravo Sierra;" the excrement of bulls BSA (1)Brigade support area BSA (2)Birmingham Small Arms BSC Base security council BSD Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix type) BSE Broadcast Satellite Experiment BSS (1)Broadcast Satellite System BSS (2)Broadcasting Satellite Service

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BSSC Battle staff support center BSTRS Base Support Trunked Radio System, aka "B-STARS" BSU (1)Baseband separation unit BSU (2)Bulk Storage Unit BSVS Backup Secure Voice System BT (1)("Bravo Tango") Bomb threat BT (2)CW prosign: short break BT (3)British Telecom BTC Block transfer controller (computing) BTH Below (beyond) the horizon BTI British Telecom International BTL Black telemetry (USAF) Btry Battery BTS Broadcast Transmitting Stations BTW By the way Buff Big Ugly Flying F[ellow] (B-52) BUFR Binary Universal Format for Representation BULLDOG BULLSEYE US Navy HF upgrade, like USAF's SCOPE, but includes DF [~] BUMCS Backup Master Control Station (GPS, Gaithersburg, MD) BUR Bottom Up Review BURN 1000W UHF aircraft orderwire (US mil; not an acronym, refers to high power) BVR Beyond Visual Range BVR Beyond visual range BW (1)Bandwidth BW (2)Biological Weapon BWC Bandwidth Compression BWS Base weather station BX Base exchange BZ ("Bravo Zulu") Good job C (1)Capacitance, in farads C (2)Confidential C (3)the C programming language C (4)Celsius C (5)Designator for head of British MI6 C (6)Center (with reference to runway designation) c The speed of light, and radio waves, in a vacuum C&DH Communications & Data Handling C&DP Communications & Data Processing c/s Callsign c/w Callword C2 Command and Control C2CM Command and Control Countermeasures C2IPS Air Mobility Command and Control Information Processing System C2P Command and Control Processor C2V Command and Control Vehicle C2W Command and Control Warfare C2WC Command and Control Warfare Commander (US Navy) C3 Command, Control and Communications C3F Mode designation: television or video C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence C3S Command, control and communications segment C3SMP Command, control and communications system master plan C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence C4ID Command, Control, Communications, Computers and intelligence Dissemination C4IFTW C4I for the Warrior C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconaissance C4S Command, Control, Communications, Computer Systems C4SMP Command, control, communications and computers system master plan CA (1)civil affairs CA (2)COMSEC Account CA (3)cloud-air lightning CA (4)Counter Air CA (5)Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) CAATS Canadian Automated Air Traffic System CAB Combat Area Broadcast CACS Command And Control Squadron CAD (1)Computer-aided design CAD (2)Coherent amplitude detector CAD (3)Computer-aided dispatch CAD/CAM Computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing CADRG Compressed Arc Digitized Raster Graphics CAE (1)Common Application Environment CAE (2)Computer Aided Engineering CAEWIS Computer Aided Electronic Warfare Information System CAF Combat Air Forces CAFWSP CAF Weather Support Package CAI (1)Computer-aided instruction CAI (2)Cooperative Airborne Identification CAINS Carrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System CAL Calibrate, calibration CALLS Contact And Long-range Liaison System (USCG) CALM Codan Automated Link Management CALS (1)Computer-aided Acquisition & Logistics System CALS (2)Contingency Airfield Lighting System CAM Computer-aided manufacturing camo Camouflage CAMO Computer-aided manual operation CAMSLANT Communications Area Master Station, Atlantic CAMSPAC Communications Area Master Station, Pacific CAN (1)Cancel (ASCII) CAN (2)Controller Area Network (industrial automation) CANFORCE Canadian Forces CANR Canadian NORAD Region CANUS Canada/US CAOC (1)Combined Air Operations Center CAOC (2)Combined Allied Operations Center, Vicenza, IT (Allied Force) CAP (1) Civil Air Patrol CAP (2) Carrierless Amplitude Phase CAPCOM Capsule Communicator (NASA) CAPEG Cape Canaveral Ground Antenna (GPS) CAPPS Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System CAPS Center for the Analysis and Prediction of Storms (NWS) CAPT Captain CAR Caribbean (MWARA) CARB Channel Availability Radio Bulletin (NATO) CARCAH Chief, Aerial Reconnaissance Coordination, All Hurricanes (NHC) CARIBROC Caribbean Regional Operations Center CARR Corrective Action Request & Report CAS (1)Close Air Support CAS (2)Collision Avoidance System CAS (3)Calibrated Air Speed CASE (1)Common automated system execution CASE (2)Computer-aided software engineering CASE (3)Computer-aided system engineering CASREP Casualty Report CAT (1)Clear Air Turbulence CAT (2)Computer Aided Transceiver, proprietary control interface CATIS Computer Aided Tactical Information System CATT Computer Assisted Technology Transfer CATV Community Antenna Television ("cable") CAU Crypto Ancillary Unit CAV (1)Collision Avoidance CAV (2)Conditionally Available (LA City FD) CAV (3)Ceiling and visibility CAVOK Ceiling & Visibility OK (non-US METAR) CAVU Ceiling & visibility unlimited CB (1)Citizen Band Radio (legal or otherwise, around 27 MHz) CB (2)Cumulonimbus (thundercloud)

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CBAA Community Broadcasting Association of Australia C-band 4-8 GHz microwave band CBC Canadian Broadcasting Company CBFS Cesium Beam Frequency Standard CBM Central battle management CBMAM Cumulonimbus mammatus cloud CBP Customs and Border Protection CBR (1)Chemical, Biological, Radiological (warfare) CBR (2)Constant bit rate CBRN Caribbean Basin Radar Network CBS Columbia Broadcasting System (U.S.) CBT (1)Computer-based training CBT (2)Combat CBTS Computer-based training system CBU Cluster Bomb Unit CBW (1)Chemical & Biological (warfare) CBW (2)Constant bandwidth CC (1)Transmission is in Standard Chinese ("Mandarin") CC (2)Command & Control CC (3)Command Center CC (4)Control Center CC (5)Commander CC (6)Computer controller CC (7)Copies CC (8)C Compiler (unix) CC (9)cloud-cloud lightning CC&D Camouflage, concealment and deception CC&R Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions; what you check before buying a home if you intend to build an antenna there CCAS Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL, formerly CCAFS CCB (1)Configuration Control Board CCB (2)Computer Controlled Brake (railroad) CCC (1)Central computer complex CCC (2)Communications control complex CCC (3)Consolidated Command Center (NORAD) CCD Charge Coupled Device CCDM Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Meter CCDS Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Second CCE (1)Command & control element CCE (2)Consultative Committee on Electricity CCEMRI Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiations CCG Calibration Coordination Group CCIP Continuously-Computed Impact Point CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee, now ITU-R CCIR 476-4 International SITOR character set CCIRID Charge-coupled infrared imaging device CCITT Comite Consultatif International de Telegraphique et Telephonique (International Telegraph & Telephone Consultative Committee), obsolescent CCL Common Command Language CCM (1)Combined Cipher Machine (WWII Allies) CCM (2)Counter-Countermeasures CCMC Canadian Centre for Maritime Communications CCP Console Command Processor, part of CP/M CCPC Civil Communications Planning Committee (NATO) CCPDS-R Command Center Processing and Display System - Replacement CCR Central Control Room CCRP Continuously-Computed Release Point CCS (1)Continuous Commercial Service (power rating) CCS (2)Charge Control System CCSL cirrocumulus standing lenticular cloud CCT Computer Compatible Tape ccTLD Country Code Top Level Domain CCTV Closed Circuit Television C-cubed Command Control and Communications CCV Code change verifier CCW (1)Counter-clockwise CCW (2)Command & Control Warfare CCW (3)Continuous Carrier Wave CCW (4)Coherent CW CCW (5)Class C CW biasing (most efficient) CD (1)Compact Disc CD (2)Civil Defense (in U.S., now FEMA) CD (3)Carrier detect (modem line) CDA (1)Central distribution amplifier CDA (2)Command & data acquisition CDB Command data buffer CDC (1)Canadian Department of Communications CDC (2)Centers for Disease Control (US) CDC (3)Control Data Corporation CD-DA Compact Disc Digital Audio (format, part of the "Red Book") CDE Common Desktop Environment CDF (1)Common Data Format CDF (2)California Division of Forestry (fire fighters) CDHF Central Data Handling Facility CD-I Compact Disc - Interactive (one format in the "Green Book") CDIS Canadian Defence Intelligence Staff CDL Common Data Link CDM Chemical Downwind Message (US Army) CDMA Code Division Multiple Access CDMA One (IS-95) Qualcomm 2nd generation CDMA CDMA2000 3G CDMA technology CDNU Control Display Navigation Unit CDR (1)Commander CDR (2)Command destruct receiver (Stratcom) CD-R Compact Disc - Recordable CDRAM Cache Dynamic Random Access Memory CD-ROM XA CD-ROM eXtended Architecture, extends the "Yellow Book" CD-ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory CD-RTOS Compact Disc - Real Time Operating System (CD-I) CDS (1)Canadian Defence Staff CDS (2)Combat Direction System CDT Central (US) Daylight Time CDU Control display unit (fancy "control head") CE (1)Conformite Europeanne (European Conformity); mark put on products for EEC CE (2)Committee that sets these requirements CEC (1)Commission of the European Communities (drafts "CE" standards) CEC (2)Cooperative Engagement Capability CECOM US Army Communications Electronics Command CENTCOM U.S. Central Command CEOI Communications-Electronics Operation Instructions CEP (1)Central East Pacific (MWARA) CEP (2)Circular Error Probability CEP (3)Circular Error Probable CEPPO Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office CEPT Conference of Postal & Telecommunications Administrations (EU) CEPTAG Civil Emergency Planning Telecommunications Advisory Group (Joint US/Canadian) CERDEC Communications Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center CERN Centre Europ'eene por la Recherche Nucleaire, Center for European Nuclear Research, huge particle accelerator center, WWW originated there CERT Computer Emergency Response Team (Internet security) CF (1)Canadian forces CF (2)Center frequency CFAP Commandement Force Aerienne de Projection (French AF) CFARS Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System CFB Canadian Forces Base CFBL Call Forwarding Busing Line (telco) CFBS Canadian Forces Broadcasting Service CFDA Call Forwarding Don't Answer (telco) CFEP Communications front end processor CFL Confidential Frequency List (good shortwave publication) CFM Cubic feet per minute

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CFR 33: USCG Navigation Regulations CFR 46: USCG Vessel Regulations CFR 47: FCC Regulations CFR Code of Federal Regulations CFS (1)Center for Standards CFS (2)Canadian Forces Station CFT Center Frequency Tone CG (1)Coast Guard CG (2)Commanding General CG cloud-ground lightning CGAS Coast Guard Air Station CG-C2 Coast Guard Command & Control CGCWOA (US) Coast Guard CW Operators Assn. (see CW) CGDN Coast Guard Data Net CGM (1)Computer Graphics Metafile CGM (2)Corrected Geomagnetic coordinates CGMS Coordinating Group for Meteorological Satellites CGSIC Civil GPS Service Interface Committee CGU Canadian Geophysical Union Ch mkr Channel marker Ch Channel CHAP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (PPP) CHATH Chemically/Biologically Hardened Air Transportable Hospital CHBDL Common High Bandwidth Data Link CHBDL-ST Common High Bandwidth Data Link-Surface Terminal C-HFET Complementary Heterostructure Field Effect Transistor CHI cloud-height indicator CHINO sky condition at secondary location not available CHOP (1)Change in Operational Control CHOP (2)Chief Operator (Navy MARS) CHOP (3)Counter Measures Hands-on Program CHS Combat health support CHS Cylinder, Head, Sector (direct disk addressing) CIA Central Intelligence Agency (US) CIBAR Conference of International Broadcasters' Audience Research Services CIC (1) Combat Information Center (Navy) CIC (2) Combined Intelligence Center (US Air Force) CIC (3)Combined Intelligence Center CICA Competition in Contracting Act CICBMs Conventionally-armed ICBMs CICS Customer Information Control System (IBM) CID (1)Circuit Identifier CID (2)Combat Identification CIDE Communication Information Data Exchange CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing (Internet, replaces class A-C) CIDX Canadian International DX Club CIG ceiling CIIP Common Imagery Interoperability Profiles CIJ Close In Jamming CIL Command Image Library CINC Commander In Chief, replaced by CDR 2003 CINCLANT C in C, Atlantic, obsolete CINCNORAD C in C, NORAD, obsolete CINCPAC C in C, Pacific, obsolete CINCSTRAT C in C, Stratcom, obsolete CIOL Common Interface Objects Language CIPO Commanders in chief Interoperability Program Office CIPSO Common Internet Protocol Security Options CIRC Cross Interleaved Reed Solomon Code CIRAF French acronym for international broadcast zone system CIRF Co-Channel Interference Reduction Factor CIS (1)Combat Intelligence System CIS (2)Commonwealth of Independent States (replaced USSR) CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing CISCO Consolidated intelligence support to combat operations CISPR International Special Committee on Radio Interference CIT California Institute of Technology (CalTech) CITS Combat Information Transfer System CI-V Radio computer interface made by Icom CIW Combined Intelligence Watch CIWS Close-In Weapons System CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (US) CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSM Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Memo CJFET Complementary junction field effect transistor CJMAO Central Joint Mortuary Affairs Office CK Check (usually word count in a message) CL (1)Centerline Lighting System CL (2)CW prosign: I am closing my station (clearing) Class A (1)Stage is biased to conduct continuously Class A (2)High explosive (military phone patches) Class B Stage is biased to conduct on half of cycle Class C (1)Stage is biased to conduct less than half Class C (2)Gunpowder (military phone patches) Class D Digital switching Class E New, like D CLC Circuit Link Control Clg Calling CLIPER CLImatology and PERsistence (weather model) CLOVER Robust RTTY mode for HF CLR (1)Clear CLR (2)Clear below 12,000 feet (automated METAR) CLR (3)Common Language Runtime (MickeySoft) CM (1)Countermeasures CM (2)Cipher Machine CM (3)Corrected Geomagnetic coordinates CM (4)Chemical Mace, a tear gas CM (5)Configuration Management cm (1)Centimeter cm (2)Control monitor CMARS Cruise Missile Autonomous Routing System CMAS Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, was CMAFB, CMAFS CMAWS Common Missile Approach Warning System CMC (1)Cheyenne Mountain Complex (NORAD) CMC (2)Command management center CMC (3)COMSAT Mobile Corporation, part of COMSAT CMCS COMINT Mission Collection System CMD (1)Command CMD (2)Network Command (ALE) CMDR Commander CMDS Countermeasure Dispenser Set CME Coronal Mass Ejection, causes aurora CMF Combat Mission Folder CMI Computer-managed instruction CMIS (1)Cheyenne Mountain Interface Subsystem CMIS (2)Closed Loop Maintenance Information System CMLSA Commercial Microwave Landing System Avionics CMO (1)Central Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Office CMO (2)Civil-military operations CMOC Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center CMOS (1)Complementary Metallic Oxide Semiconductor CMOS (2)Cargo Movement Operations System CMP Common Management Practices CMR Crisis Management Reconnaissance CMRS Commercial Mobile Radio Service CMS (1)Canadian Maritime Service CMS (2)Calendar Messaging Service (Solaris) CMS (3)Common Mapping System

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CMS (4)Community Management Staff CMS (5)Counter Measures Set CMS (6)Counter Measures System CMSA Cruise Missile Support Activity CMT Cellular Mobile Telephone CMU Cheyenne Mountain Upgrade CMX Crisis Management Exercise (NATO) CMY Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (subtractive color printing) CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK (4-color printing) CN (1)Communications network CN (2)Counter-narcotics CNA Center for Naval Analysis CNAAS Counter-narcotics air analysis system CNCE Communications nodal control element CNCS Centralized Net Control Station (Scope Command hub at Andrews AFB) CNE (1)Communications Network Environment CNE (2)Communications Node Emulator CNE (3)Certified Netware Engineer (Novell) CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (French space agency) CNI Communications, Navigation, and ID CNM (1)Communications Network management CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands CNN Cable News Network CNO (1)Chief of Naval Operations CNO (2)Casualty notification officer CNR Combat Net Radio CNRADL Canadian RADIL (ROCC/AWACS digital information link) CNS (1)Communications, navigation & surveillance CNS (2)Central nervous system CNS (3)Consolidated NOTAM System (Another nested acronym courtesy FAA) CNTRA Chief of Naval Air Training (pronounced "Sinatra" like the singer) CO (1)Commanding Officer CO (2)Central Office (telcom) CO (3)Contracting Officer co UK version of .com (Internet domain) CO/MIS Commander, Management Information Center COA Courses of Action Coax Coaxial cable COBOL Common Business Oriented Language (clunky old programming code) COBRA DANE US military air surveillance radar system COBRA (1)Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance System COBRA (2)Counter Battery Radar COBRA (3)Coaxial Beam Rotating Antenna COCOM Combatant command COD (1)Carrier Onboard Delivery COD (2)Collect On Delivery CODAR Coastal Ocean Dynamics Radar CoDE Coherent Digital Exciter Codec Coder/Decoder COE (1)Circle of Error COE (2)Common Operating Environment COE (3)Central Office Equipment COFAS Commandement Force Aerienne Strategique (French AF) COFC Container On Flat Car (as opposed to container car) COFF Common Object File Format (Windoze) CofS Chief of Staff COG Continuity Of Government (emergency plan) COI Critical Operational Issue COIL Chemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser COL Colonel COM (1)Computer file extension: load as simple command program COM (2)Commercial domain (Internet) COM (3)Component Object Module (Windoze) COMACC Commander, Air Combat Command COMAFFOR Commander Air Force Forces COMAFSPACE Commander, Air Force Space Command COMARSPACE Commander, U.S. Army Space Command COMASWFORLANT Commander, ASW Forces Atlantic COMCON Communications Condition (MARS) COMFAIRMED Commander, Fleet Air Mediterranean COMFAIRWINGTEN Commander, Fleet Airwing Ten COMHSWINGONE Commander, Helicopter Antisubmarine Wing One COMINT Communications Intelligence COMJAM Communications jamming COMM Communications Comm Communications (also "commo") COMMSTA Communication Station COMMZ Communications zone COMNAVCOMTELCOM Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command COMOPTEVFOR Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force COMPATWING Commander, Patrol Wing COMPATWINGSLANT Commander, Patrol Wings Atlantic COMPUINT Computer intelligence Compul Compulsory COMPUSEC Computer Security COMSAT (1)COMmunication SATellite COMSAT (2)Comsat Corp., US consortium & INMARSAT Convention rep COMSEABASED Commander, Sea-Based ASW Wings, Atlantic COMSEC Communication Security COMSTAT Communications Status Report COMSUBLANT Commander, Submarine Forces, Atlantic (USN) COMSUBPAC Commander, Submarine Forces, Pacific (USN) COMTAC Communications Tactical CONCISE Cosine Network's Central Information Service for Europe CONDX CW brevity: propagation conditions (usually wretched) CONELRAD Control of Electromagnetic Radiation, obsolete Config Configuration, configure conmara Italian Consulate, Maracaibo, Venezuela conmars Italian Consulate, Marseille, France conmopr Italian Consulate, possibly Montpellier, France conmpla Italian Consulate, Mar del Plata, Argentina CONOP(s) Concept of Operations(s) CONS continuous conspie Italian Consulate, possibly St. Pierre contolo Italian Consulate, Toulouse, France CONUS continental United States conwett Italian Consulate, Wettingen, Switzerland COOP Continuity Of Operations (US Army) Coq Coquelet (French teleprinting system, after "Rooster") Coq8 8-bit Coquelet COR (1)Carrier operated relay COR (2)Consolidated Operations Room ("Lights Out") COR (3)Correction to a previously disseminated weather report CORES Commission Registration System (FCC) COS Communication Operations Segment COSCOM Corps support command COSE Common Open Software Environment COSIP Computer Open System Interface Processor COSPAS Acronym for Russian SARSAT COT Changeover time COTHEN Customs Over The Horizon Enforcement Network (US) COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf COWS Cells On Wheels (post-disaster cellphone service) CP (1)Command Post CP (2)CW general call: "Hello -- [2 or more callsigns follow]" CP (3)Contental Polar (air mass) CP/M Early Z80 operating system, might or might not have stood for "Control Program for Microcomputers," or "Control Program/Monitor." The guy who would know CPA (1)Closest Point of Approach

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CPA (2)Certified Public Accountant CPAS Cellular Priority Access Service CPCA Camp Parks Communications Annex (USAF) CPDLC Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications CPE Customer Premise Equipment (telco) CPFSK Continuous-Phase Frequency Shift Keying CPM Continuous Phase Modulation CPO Chief Petty Officer CPR Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation CPS (1)Characters Per Second CPS (2)Cellular Priority Services (US NCS) cps Cycle per second (one Hertz) CPT Captain (US Army) CPU Central Processing Unit (computer h/w) CPX Command Post Exercise (NATO) CQ General call: "Hello all stations" CQD "Hello All Stations, Distress," no longer used CQWW CQ World Wide (Amateur DX contest) CR Carriage Return CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet CRATT Crypto Radio Teletype (usually military & encrypted) CRC (1)Cyclic Redundancy Check (computer error test) CRC (2)CONUS Replacement Center CRC (3)Control & Reporting Center CRE Control & Reporting Element CREN Corporation for Research and Educational Networking CRIS Communications Resource Information Sharing (US NCS) CRM Computer Resource Management CRO (1)Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope CRO (2)Croatia (country code) CRO (3)Coaxial Resonator Oscillator CROSS Centres Regionaux Opérationnels de Surveillance et de Sauvetage (French RCC, see RCC) CRPLF French language: Francophonic Public Radio Community CRR Carrier CRRL Canadian Radio Relay League CRS Coastal Radio Station CRT Cathode-Ray Tube (usually a computer terminal) CRTC Combat Readiness Training Center CS (1)combat support CS (2)communication squadron CS (3)Chicken S-it CS (4)Chemical Shield (a tear gas) CSAF Air Force Chief of Staff CSAR Combat Search and Rescue CSARP Common SAR Processor CSB Corps support battalion CSC (1)Combat Support Center (AFOC) CSC (2)Combat stress control CSC (3)Computer Software Component CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item CSE Client/Server Environment CSEL Combat Survivor Evader Locator (pilot survival radio) CSG (1)Carrier Strike Group CSG (2)Corps support group CSH Combat support hospital csh C-shell, popular Unix command interpreter CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access/ Collision Detection CSOM Computer Software Operators Manual CSP Communications Support Processor C-SPAN Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (US) CSS (1)Combat service support CSS (2)Central Security Service (US SIGINT, run by NSA director) CSS (3)Cascading Style Sheets CSS (4)Content Scrambling System (DVD encryption) CSSCS Combat Service Support Control System CST (1)Central (US) Standard Time CST (2)Caribbean Support Tender CST (3)Civil Support Team CSTARS COMBAT SENT Technical Acquisition Receiver System CSU Computer Software Unit CT (1)Center Tap CT (2)("Charlie Tango") - Communications Technician (on an aircraft) CTA Control Area CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency CTAPS Contingency Tactical Air Combat System CTBT Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CTC Centralized Traffic Control (railroad) CTCSS Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System ("PL") CTI Computer - Telephone Integration CTIA Cellular Telecommunications Industry Assn CTLZ Control Zone CTP Critical Technical Parameter CTR Combat Training Range Ctrl (1)Control Ctrl (2)Computer's control key, sometimes shown with a ^ CTS Clear To Send (Serial I/O handshaking line) CTT Commander's Tactical Terminal CU CW brevity code: "See you" CUAGN CW brevity code: "See you again" CUBIC Common User Baseline for the Intel Community CUCV commercial utility cargo vehicle CUL CW brevity code: "See you later" CV (1)USN Aircraft Carrier CV (2)Vice Commander CVBG Carrier Battle Group CVIC Carrier Intelligence Center CVN US nuclear aircraft carrier CW (1)Continuous Wave (usually Morse code) CW (2)Clockwise (rotation) CW (3)Composite Wing CWDE Chemical Warfare Defense Ensemble CWIS Campus-Wide Information System CWISP Campus-Wide Information System Protocol CWOC Composite Wing Operations Center CWP Central West Pacific (MWARA) CWS Combat Weather System Cygnus Cygnus, Your Gnu Support (nested recursion; see Gnu) CZ (Panama) Canal Zone D (1)Down D (2)Diode D/A Digital/Analog converter D/L (1)Downlink D/L (2)Download D2 Degrade and Destroy D2C D-2 Small Cassette D3 Degrade Disrupt Deny D4 (1)Degrade Disrupt Deny Destroy D4 (2)Deny, Disrupt, Degrade, & Destroy D4EN Disrupt, Delay, Destroy, Exploit, or Neutralize DA (1)Directional antenna DA (2)Department of the Army DA-2 Station changes directional pattern at night (FCC) DAC (1)Digital-to-Analog Converter DAC (2)Disaster Assistance Center (FEMA) DAC (3)Disaster Application Center DACT Data Automated Control Terminal DAE Disaster Assistance Employee DAGS Data Architecture and Gateway Services

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dah Morse code dash [~] DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access D-AMPS Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System DAMSON Doppler And Multipath Sounding Network DAQCS (1)Distress Alert Quality Control System DAQCS (2)Data Acquisition and Quality Control System DARN (1)Dual Auroral Radar Network DARN (2)Disaster Amateur Radio Network, SoCal 440 MHz system DARO Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office DARP Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARTS Dynamic Avionics Real-Time Scheduling DAS Data Aquisition System DASR Digital Airport Surveillance Radar DAT Digital audio tape DAWS Defense Automated Warning System DB (1)Directional Beacon DB (2)Dead body dB Decibel (1/10 Bel, a logarithmic voltage or power ratio) dBA Sound level (corrected to "A" scale dB) dBc Decibels referenced to full-rated peak envelope power DBCS Double byte character set dBd Decibel gain over dipole antenna dBi Decibel gain over (theoretical) isotropic antenna dBic Db gain over circular isotropic DBM (1)Doubly balanced mixer DBM (2)Data Block Message dBm Decibels over 1 mW into 50 ohms, usually rf, 0 dBm = 0.316 Vp DBMS Data Base Management System DBPSK Differential Binary Phase-Shift Keying DBS Direct broadcasting satellite (system) dBW Db over one watt DC Direct Current DC1 Device Control 1 (ASCII flow control) DC2 Device Control 2 (ASCII) DC3 Device Control 3 (ASCII flow control) DC4 Device Control 4 (ASCII) DCA (1)Defense Communications Agency (now DISA) DCA (2)Defensive counter Air DCA (3)Dual-Capable Aircraft DCAC Defense Communications Agency Circular (now DISA) DCD Data Carrier Detect (packet modems) DCDR Deputy Commander DCE (1)Data Communication Equipment (like a modem) DCE (2)Distributed Computing Environment DCG Deputy commanding general DCI (1)Defensive Counter Information DCI (2)Director of Central Intelligence DCID Director of Central Intelligence Directive DCO Defense Coordinating Officer DCOM Distributed Component Object Model (Windoze) DCP (1)Data Collection Platform DCP (2)Defense Cryptologic Program DCPA Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, now FEMA DCR Direct Conversion Receiver ("Homodyne") DCS (1)Defense Communications System DCS (2)Disaster Communications System, amateur, from RACES DCS (3)Digital Coded Squelch DCS (4)Distributed Control Systems DCT (1)Digital Communications Terminal DCT (2)Direct Cosine Transform DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network DCW Digital Chart of the World DD Dual Diversity DDD Maritime preamble for relayed distress message DDDS Defense Data Dictionary System DDM DoD Data Model DDN Defense Data Network DDNS Dynamic Domain Naming System/Server (Internet) DDO Dynamic Drive Overlay (used by Disk Manager on the PC) DDPO Defense Dissemination Program Office DDR Dual Diversity Receiver DDRS Defense Data Repository System DDR Double Data Rate (memory) DDS (1)Direct Digital Synthesis DDS (2)Defense Dissemination System DDT (1)Delay/Denial Technology DDT (2)Dynamic Debugging Tool, named for old pesticide DE Morse code prosign meaning "from" DEA Drug Enforcement Administration (US) DEC Digital Equipment Corporation, made some nice computers DECCA Low-frequency CW phase comparison navigation DECM Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures DECnet DEC's name for networking protocols and products DECT Digital European Cordless Telecommunications DEFCON DEFense CONdition, 1-5; 5 is peace, 1 is global thermonuclear war (STRATCOM) DEMIZ DEW East Military Identification Zone DEPCON Departure Control DE-QPSK Differentially Encoded Quaternary Phase Shift Keying DES Data Encryption Standard DES-FED Stronger (108 bit) DES used by US government Det Detector DEW Distant Early Warning (radar in Canada) DF (1)Direction finding DF (2)Direction finder ("duffer") DF (3)Damping Factor DFAD Digital Feature Analysis Data DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service DFCC Digital Flight Control Computer DFCS Digital Flight Control System DFCW Dual-Frequency Continuous Wave DFO Disaster Field Office DFRC Dryden Flight Research Center (NASA) DGM Digital group multiplexer DGPS-MSK Differential GPS, Minimum Shift Keying DGPS-QPSK DGPS-QPSK : Differential GPS, Quarternary Phase Shift DGS Deployable Ground Stations DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHS Department of Homeland Security DHTML Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (web) DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DIAC Defense Intelligence Analysis Center DIAL Differential Absorption Lidar DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency Manual DICE Data Integration & Collection Environment DIDOP Digital Image Data Output Product Differential GPS, Quarternary Phase Shift Keying DIG Domain Internet Groper DIGEST Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard DIGI ~ Digipeater, simplex digital repeater DII Defense Information Infrastructure DIMM Double In-line Memory Module DIMMS Double In-line Modular Memory System DIN German standards agency DIOP Data Input/Output Port DIP Dual In-line Package (chips or small switches) Diplo Diplomatic traffic, usually encrypted DIPS Digital Image Processing System

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DIRCM Directed Infrared Countermeasures DIRMOBFOR Director of Mobility Forces DIS (1)Defense Investigative Service DIS (2)Distributed Interactive Simulation DIS (3)Distributed Interactive System DIS (4)Draft International Standard DIS (5)Daily Intelligence Summary DIS (6)Data and Information System DIS (7)Defense Information System DIS (8)Defense Intelligence Service DISA Defense Information Systems Agency DISAC Defense Information Systems Agency Circular DISC Packet control frame: Disconnect DISCO Defense Industri+al Security Clearance Office DISCOM Division support command DISN Defense Information Systems Network dit Morse code dot [~] DITAW Detect, Identify, Track, Assesment, & Warn DIW Dead in the water DIWSA Digital Imagery Workstation Suite Afloat DJ Deceptive Jamming DJBDNS Daniel J. Bernstein DNS (more secure than BIND) DL (1)Download DL (2)Data Link DL (3)Driver's License (police) DLA Defense Logistics Agency DLC Data Link Control DLE Data Link Escape (ASCII) DLL Dynamically Linked Library (computer programs) DLQ Deck Landing Qualification DLRP Data Link Reference Point, a USN authenticator DM (1)Delay Modulation (Miller Coding) DM (2)Packet control frame: Disconnect Mode (busy) DMA (1)Direct Memory Access DMA (2)Defense Mapping Agency DMAAC Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center DMAHC Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Center DMAHTC DMA Hydrographic Topographic Center DMAL Defense Mapping Agency List DMAT Disaster Medical Assistance Team DMATC Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center DMC Defence Management Committee (Canada) DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMD Digital Micromirror Device DME Distance Measuring Equipment (airport approach) DMI Depot Maintenance Interservicing DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office DMSP (1)Distributed Mail System Protocol DMSP (2)Defense Meteorological Satellite Program DMT Discrete Multi-Tone DMTD Digital Message Transfer Device DMTF Distributed Management Task Force DMUX Demultiplexer DMZ Demilitarized Zone (Korea) DN (1)Dutch (Royal) Navy DN (2)Directory Number (telco) DNC Digital Nautical Chart DNCC Deployed Network Control Center DND Department of National Defence (Canada) DNS Domain Naming System/Server (Internet) DNSSEC DNS Security DO design objective DOA Dead On Arrival DOB Date Of Birth (police) DOC (1)Department of Commerce (US) DOC (2)Department Of Communication (Canadian "FCC") DoD Department of Defense (US) DoDD Department of Defense Directive DoDIIS (1)Defense Intelligence Information System DoDIIS (2)DOD Intelligence Information System DODISS (3)Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards DoDISS (4)DoD Index of Specifications and Standards DoDSI Department of Defense Security Institute DoDSSP DoD Single Stock Point DOE Department Of Energy (US) DOI Department Of the Interior (US) DOJ Department Of Justice (US) DOMS Director Of Military Support (MARS) DOS (1)Department of State (US) DOS (2)Disk Operating System (generic) DOS (3)MS-DOS (proprietary PC op-sys) DOS (4)PC-DOS, IBM version of above, obsolete? DOS (5)Denial of Service (attack) DOT Department of Transportation (US) DOW Doppler On Wheels (storm chasing radar equipment) DP Development Prototype DPCA Displaced Phase Center Antenna DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulation DPDT Double-Pole, Double Throw DPG Defense Planning Guidance DPL Diode-Pumped Laser DPSK Differential Phase-Shift Keying DPST Double-Pole, Single-Throw dpx Duplex DQPSK Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying DR low drifting DRAC Dynamic Relay Authorisation Control DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory DRE Drug Recognition Expert DRFM Digital Radio Frequency Memory DRFMU Digital Radio Frequency Memory Unit DRM (1)Digital Radio Mondiale DRM (2)Digital Rights Management DRO Dielectric Resonator Oscillator DRS Deployable Red Switch DRSN Defense RED Switch Network DS (1)Direct support DS (2)Dust storm DSA Division support area DSA/SMC Deputy for Systems Acquisition/Systems Management Center DSB Double sideband DSC Digital Selective Calling (GMDSS) DSI Defensive Simulation Internet DSL Digital Subscriber Line DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer DSM Digital Switching Module DSN Defense Switched Network (old AUTOVON) DSNET Defense Secure Network DSNT distant DSOR Depot Source of Repair DSP Digital signal processing DSR Data Set Ready (Serial I/O primary handshaking line) DSRC Dedicated Short Range Communications DSS Digital Satellite System Dst Disturbance Storm Time, equatorial magnetospheric activity index DSTO Defence Science & Technology Organisation (Australia) DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data DSVT Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal

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DSW Russian CW brevity code: "Daswedanya" (Goodbye) DT (1)District T (USCG) DTAC Division tactical command post DTC Design to Cost DTD Data Transfer Device DTE Data Terminal Equipment (computers, workstations, dumb terminals) DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data DTG Date time group (typically ddhhmm mon yy tz) DTIM Delivery Traffic Indication Message DTM (1)Data Text Message DTM (2)Data Transfer Module DTM (3)Digital Technology Model DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency (like telco "touch tone") DTMF-RA Dual Tone Multi-Frequency - Remote Access DTO Division tactical operations center DTOP Digital Topographic Data DTR Data Terminal Ready (Serial I/O primary handshaking line) DTS (1)Digital Transmission System (Euro radio e-mail s/w) DTS (2)Data Terminal Set DTS (3)Digital Terrain System DTSS Digital Terrain Support System DTT Digital Terrestrial Television DTV Digital television DU (1)widespread dust (weather) DU (2)depleted uranium DUATS Direct User Access Terminal System DUP-ARQ Hungarian diplomatic teleprinting system DUPE CW prosign: message or contact is a duplicate DUSD Deputy Undersecretary of Defense DUT1 UTC correction interval to get UT1 DV Distinguished Visitor DVA Department of Veterans Administration DVD Digital Versatile Disk DVFR Defense Visual Flight Rules DVI Digital Video Interface DVM Digital Voltmeter DVMT Dynamic Video Memory Technology DVP (1)Distinguished Visitor Protocol (US Air Force DVP (2)Digital Voice Protection (Motorola DES mode) DW Deutsche Welle DX (1)Distant Transmitter. The distance can be either geographic or psychological. DX (2)First transmission of FEC character DX (3)Duplex DXAC DX Advisory Committee (ARRL) DXCC Coveted amateur radio award, for confirming at least 100 countries DXing The hobby of listening to distant radio or television DZ (1)Drop zone DZ (2)drizzle DZST Drop Zone Support Team E (1)Electromotive force (in volts) E (2)east, ended E (3)E-region (middle zone of ionosphere) E (4)Electric field EA (1)East Asia (MWARA) EA (2)Electronic Attack EAC Echelons above corps EAD Echelons above division EAF Expeditionary Airfields EALS Emergency Airfield Lighting System EAM Emergency Action Message EARN European Academic and Research Network EAS (1)Emergency Alerting System, replaced EBS EAS (2)Equivalent Air Speed EAS (3)Electronic Article Surveillance EBB Electronic bulletin board EBC Emulated buffer computer EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code, old IBM EBIOS Enhanced Basic Input/Output System (PCs with disks over 540 meg) EBONE A pan-European Backbone service EBS Emergency Broadcasting System, replaced CONELRAD EBU European Broadcasting Union EC (1)Electronic Combat EC (2)Emergency Coordinator ECB Echelons corps and below ECC (1)Error Correction Code (better than parity) ECC (2)Error Checking & Correcting (memory chip) ECC (3)Error Control Coding ECCM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures ECCO Electronic Combat Coordination Officer ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System ECDIS-N Electronic Chart Display and Information System-Navy ECHS Extended Cylinder, Head, Sector (addressing) ECM (1)Electronic countermeasures ECM (2)Electronic Cipher Machine ECOM Emergency Communications ECRS East Coast Radar System ed Edit; any of several funky line editors for old printing TTYs connected to computers EDC Error Detection Code EDD Electronic Document Delivery EDFMCM Environmental Data Fusion for Mine Countermeasures EDGE Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (telephony) EDI Electronic Document Interchange EDO Extended Data Output (memory chip) EDP Electronic Data Processing EDPT Enhanced (fixed) Disk Parameter Table EDR Enhanced Data Rate EDS Explosives Detection Systems EDSAC Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator (1949) EDT Eastern (US) Daylight Time edu Educational Institution domain (Internet) EDVAC Electronic Discrete Variable Computer (1945) EE (1) Transmission is in English EE (2) Person with Electrical Engineering degree EEC European Economic Community EECEN Electronics Engineering Center, NJ (USCG) EEFI Essential Elements of Friendly Information (COMSEC) EEFI 1 Position (notification prepended by ZNX) EEFI 2 Capabilities EEFI 3 Operations EEFI 4 Electronic Warfare EEFI 5 Personnel EEFI 6 COMSEC breach EEFI 7 Wrong circuit used EEFI 8-10 Spare EEI Essential Elements of Information (Federal report form) EEJ Equatorial Electrojet, might cause trans-eq spread-f propagation EEPROM Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone ("200-mile limit") EFAS Enroute Flight Advisory Service EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet free speech group EFFI Essential Elements of Friendly Information EFTO Encrypted for transmission only EGC Enhanced Group Call (GMDSS) EGP Exterior Gateway Protocols EGPRS Enhanced General Packet Radio Service EGS European Geophysical Society E-HA Enroute High Altitude EHS External Hostile Structured threat

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EHU External Hostile Unstructured threat EI-232 Latest name for RS-232, the serial interface standard EIA (1)Electronic Industries Association, replaced RETMA EIA (2)Equatorial Ionization Anomaly EICC Emergency Information and Coordination Center (FEMA) EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics, ATA version once proprietary to WD EIG External Interface Gateways EINE EINE Is Not Emacs (recursive acronym; see Emacs) EIP ELINT Improvement Program EIRP Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power EIS Enhanced Imaging System EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture EISCAT European Incoherent Scatter Radar (research) E-LA Enroute Low Altitude ELF (1) Extremely Low Frequency (30-300 Hz) ELF (2) US military comm system using same ("Project Elf") ELINT Electronic Intelligence elm ELectronic Mailer (Unix) ELSEC Electronic Security ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter ELV Expendable Launch Vehicle EM (1)Electromagnetic EM (2)Extended mission EM (3)Emergency management EM (4)End of Medium (ASCII) Emacs Editing Macros, powerful if ungainly, Unix text editor E-mail Electronic mail, usually by computer EMC Electromagnetic compatibility EMCON (1)Electromagnetic Radiation Control EMCON (2)Emission Control (radio, etc, not smog) EMCS ELINT Mission Control System EME (1)Electromagnetic energy EME (2)Earth-Moon-Earth (VHF/UHF "moonbounce") EMF Electromotive force (back-EMF occurs in coils & motors) EMI Electromagnetic incompatibility EMP Electromagnetic pulse EMS (1)Extended Memory Specification (IBM PC, old LIM spec) EMS (2)Emergency Medical Services EMSEC Emanations Security EMT Emergency Medical Technician, public safety certificate EMWIN Emergency Manager's Weather Information Center ENE East-northeast ENF ELINT Notation File engr engineer ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, 1940s vacuum tube calculating machine ENIGMA (1) European Numbers Information Gathering & Monitoring Assn ENIGMA (2)[~]Historic German crypto machine, WW II code broken by Allies ENJEP Euro-Nato Jet Pilot Training (at Sheppard AFB) ENQ (1)Enquiry, sent by computer to get ACK/NAK response (ASCII 05) ENQ (2)Enquiry (Like Who Are You?) ENS External Non-Hostile Structured threat ENTNAC Entrance National Agency Check ENU External Non-Hostile Unstructured threat EO Electro-Optical EO/IR Electro-Optical/Infrared EOB Electronic Order of Battle EOC Emergency Operations Center EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal, the bomb squad EOL End of (design) life EO-LOROPS Electro-Optical Long Range Oblique Photography System EOP Emergency Operations Plan EOS Earth Observing System EOT (1)End Of Transmission EOT (2)End Of Tape EOW End Of Watch EP Electronic Protection EPA Environmental Protection Agency EPIC El Paso Intelligence Center (US Customs) EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon EPL ELINT Parameter List EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System EPROM Electrically Programmable Read-Only Memory EPS (1)Emergency Planning Subcommittee EPS (2)Enhanced Processing Segment EPS (3)GOES Energetic Particle Sensor, measures solar flares EPU Emergency Power Unit EPW Enemy prisoner of war ER (1)Eastern Range ER (2)Emergency room ERASER Enhanced Recognition & Sensing Radar ERFAK Emergency Response Fly-Away Kit (US Govt) ERLink Emergency Response Link (US Govt) ERMA Electronic Recording Machine Accounting (1959, first check reader) erp Effective radiated power ERPS External Frequency Interference Protection System ERT Emergency Response Team (FEMA) ERT-A Advance Element of the Emergency Response Team (FEMA) ERTS Earth Rotation Time Service, keeps track of planet's actual position in space ES (1)Electronic Support ES (2)CW brevity code: "And" ES (3)Sporadic E propagation, or clouds making same ESA European Space Agency ESC (1)Enhanced Satellite Capability (US NCS) ESC (2)Escape (computer character) ESE East-southeast ESF Emergency Support Function (part of NTSP; 1-12) ESM Electronic Support Measures ESMC Eastern Space & Missile Center ESMTP Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (does this mean it's no longer simple?) ESN Electronic Serial Number ESS (1)Electronic Switching System (landlines) ESS (2)Electronic Scoring Site EST (1)Eastern (US) Standard Time EST (2)Emergency Support Team (FEMA) ET (1)Extra-terrestrial ET (2)External Tank (NASA) ET (3)Eastern Time (US) ETA Estimated time of arrival ETB End of Transmission Block ETD (1)Estimated time of departure ETD (2)End-of-Train Device ETD (3)Explosives Trace Detection ETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym (a four-letter acronym) ETOH Alcohol (for some reason, paramedics say the chemical name) ETRAC Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETX End Of Text (ASCII) EUCOM European Command Eunet European part of UUCP, Unix file transfer network EUR Europe (MWARA) EUV Extreme ultraviolet (can ionize) EVS Electro-Optical Viewing System EW Electronic warfare EWIR Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming EWMS Electronic Warfare Management System EWN Evangelical World Network, operates WEWN EWO (1)Electronic Warfare Officer (backseater) EWO (2)Emergency War Order

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EWPE EW Processing Element EWR Early Warning Radar EWS Early Warning System EXE Computer file extension: loads as executable EXE2BIN PC program for creating .COM files from .EXE f Frequency (in Hertz) F (1)Farad (a huge capacitor; usually uf or pf) F (2)F-region, highest zone of ionosphere F1 (1)In daytime, lower layer of F region F1 (2)Frequency number one (F2, F3...) F2 In daytime, upper layer of F region F/B Front to back ratio (antennas) F/O (1)Fiber optics F/O (2)Follow-on F/V Fishing Vessel F/W Fixed wing (airplane) F0 FM carrier, no modulation, sounds just like A0, now N0N F1B Mode designator: frequency shift keying F2B Mode designator: Audio frequency-shift keying F3C Mode designator: fax F3E Mode designator: FM voice or broadcasting FAA (1)Federal Aviation Administration (US) FAA (2)Foreign Assistance Act FAAA General call: "All French warships" [~] FAADC3 Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications Intelligence System (US Army) FAC (1)Field-Aligned Current, an irregular propagation mode FAC (2)Forward Air Controller FACSFAC Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility (US Navy) FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control FAE Fuel Air Explosive FAF (1)Fast Access Format FAF (2)French Air Force FAGDS Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Services FAI Field-Aligned Irregularities, like FAC FAM Federal Air Marshal FAPSI Federal Agcy for Govt Comm & Info (Russian, replaced KGB) FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Internet/USENET) FAR Federal Aviation Regulations FARP Forward Arming & Refueling Point FAS (1)Frequency Assignment Subcommittee (of IRAC) FAS (2)Federation of American Scientists FASC Forward area signal center FAST (1)Field Assessment Team (FEMA) FAST (2)Fleet Antiterrorist Strike Team (US Marines) FAST (3)Fast Auroral Snapshot Small Explorer satellite (NASA) FAST Field Adaptable Systems Technology FAT (1)File Allocation Table (MS-DOS) FAT (2)First Article Test FAT32 32-bit File Allocation Table (Newer MS-Windows) FAX Facsimile FB CW brevity code: "Fine Business" (really good) FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (US) FBO Fixed Base Operator FC funnel cloud FCC Federal Communications Commission FCMP Fleet Composite Broadcast (USCG Honolulu) FCO Federal Coordinating Officer (FEMA) FD (1)Floppy Disk FD (2)Fixed Disk (confusing!) FDD Floppy Disk Drive FDDI Fibre Data Distribution Interface FDK Frequency-Difference Keying FDM Frequency-Division Multiplex FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access FDPT Fixed Disk Parameter Table FDX Full Duplex FEBA Far East Broadcasting Assn FEC Forward error correction teleprinter system FEC-A One-way traffic FEC teleprinter system FECC Federal Emergency Communications Coordinator FECTOR Teleprinting over radio, mode B FED-STD Federal Telecommunication Standard FEK Frequency Exchange Keying FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FEP (1)Front End Processor (computers) FEP (2)FLTSAT EHF Package (Navy) FET Field-effect transistor FEW Few clouds FF (1)French Forces FF (2)Transmission is in French FF (3)Formfeed (ASCII) FFH (1)Fast Frigate Helicopter FFH (2)Fast Frequency Hopping (spread spectrum scheme) FFHT-net Fast-Frequency-Hopping Training net FFRDC Federally Funded Research& Development Center (MITRE Corp.) FFT Fast Fourier transform FG (1)Foreign Government (Foxtrot Golf) FG (2)Fog FGS Federal German Ship FH Field hospital FHWA Federal Highway Administration (US) FI Field Investigation, Field Interview (police) FIA (1)Fibreoptic Industry Association (UK) FIA (2)Federation Internationale d'Automobile (Formula 1 racing) FIBI filed but impracticable to transmit FIFO First in, first out FIGS Figures case (Baudot upper case) figs figures follow FIM Flight Information Manual FINDS Flexible Information Dissemination System FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards FIR (1)Flight Information Region FIR (2)Finite Impulse Response FIRESCOPE Firefighting Resources of Southern California Organized for Potential Emergencies FIRRS FAAR/Iceland Air Defense Remote Rekeying System FIRST (1)Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (computers) FIRST (2)first observation after a break in coverage at manual station FISIN Foreign Instrument Signals Intelligence FISINT Foreign Instrumentation Intelligence FIST Fleet Imagery Support Terminal (US Navy) FISTA Flying Infrared Signatures Technology Aircraft FITFEEL Fast Information Transfer For Extremely Errored Links FL (1)Flight level FL (2)Focal Length FLAK German: FLeigerAbwehrKannonen (anti-aircraft artillery) FLASER Forward Looking Infrared Laser Radar FLIP Flight Information Publication (US DoD) FLIR Forward looking infrared Flops Floating point operations per second FLOT Forward Line of Own Troops FLOTUS First Lady Of The United States (President's wife) FLR Forward looking radar FLT HICOM Fleet High Command, (US Navy) Flt (1)flight Flt (2)fleet (US Navy) FLTSAT Fleet Satellite, Navy comsat FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications (US Navy) FM (1)Frequency Modulation

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FM (2)Field manual FM (3)("Foxtrot Mike") VHF FM (US Navy) FM (4)CW brevity: From FM (5)Field Meteorological FMA-net Frequency Management A-net FMH Federal Meteorological Handbook FMH-1 Federal Meteorological Handbook-1 FMH-2 Federal Meteorological Handbook No.2 FMO Frequency Management Office FMOW FM Orderwire (US military) FMP Fleet Modernization Program FMS Foreign Military Sales FMT-net Frequency Management Training net FN French Navy FNG Friendly new guy/gal (possible security risk) FNPRM Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FCC) FOB (1)Field Operations Bureau (FCC) FOB (2)Freight On Board (shipping regs) FOB (3)"Fresh Off the Boat" (humorous) FOD Foreign Object Damage FOIA Freedom of Information Act FOLDOC Free Online Dictionary Of Computing FORSCOM Forces Command FORTRAN Formula Translator (early IBM computer language) FOSIC Fleet Ocean Surveillance & Information Center FOT Optimum Traffic Frequency (fq that will work most days of period) FOUO For Official Use Only FOV Field of View Foxes THE QUICK BROWN FOX... test [~] FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications Systems FPM Fast Page Mode FPO Fleet Post Office Fq Frequency FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name (Internet) FQPSK Filtered Quadrature Phase Shift Keying FR (1)Frequency Response FR (2)Final report FRA (1)Forward repair activities FRA (2)Federal Request for Assistance (FEMA) FRA (3)Fixed Radio Access FRCM Federal Regional Coordinating Manager (FEMA) Freq Frequency FRMR Packet control frame: Frame Reject FRN (1)FCC Registration Number FRN (2)Free Radio Network FROPA frontal passage FRP (1)Federal Response Plan (FEMA) FRP (2)Fleet Response Plan FRQ frequent FRS Family Radio Service FS File Separator (ASCII) FS-1037C Official Federal Telecom Glossary, replaced by ATIS FSB Forward support battalion FSBS (Consolidated) Fixed Submarine Broadcast System FSC Full Scope Command (USAF HF Phase II) FSD Federal Security Director FSE Fire support element FSF Free Software Foundation FSK Frequency-shift keying FSL Forecast Systems Laboratory FSM Facility Status Message FSOC Fairchild Satellite Op Center, Fairchild AFB, WA FSP (1)File Service protocol (Internet) FSP (2)File Slurping Protocol FSP (3)Flaky Stream Protocol FSP (4)FTP's Sexy Partner FSRAM Fast Static Random Access Memory FSS Fixed-Satellite Service FST Forward surgical team FSTS Federal Secure Telecommunications System FSU Former Soviet Union FT (1)Terminal Forecast (weather) FT (2)Feet ft foot FTA F--- The Army FTAM File Transfer Access and Management FTG F--- The Guard FTI Fixed Target Indicator FTP File Transfer Protocol FTS Federal Telephone System FTW F--- The World FU Smoke (from French) FUBAR [Fouled] Up Beyond All Recognition FUD Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (computer marketing technique) FV Fishing Vessel FVLF Fixed, Very Low Frequency FW Fighter Wing (USAF) FWA Fixed Wireless Access fwd forward FWE Fighter Wing Equivalent FWIW For What It's Worth FWOC Fleet Weather and Oceanographic Centre (UK) FY Fiscal Year FYEO For Your Eyes Only FYI For your information FZ freezing FZRANO freezing rain sensor not available G (1)Conductance, reciprocal of R, in mhos, ohm backwards G (2)Gust G/T "G over T", antenna gain divided by noise temperature G1 Asst. Chief of staff, personnel (US Army) G2 Asst. Chief of staff, intelligence (US Army) G3 Asst. Chief of staff, operations and plans (US Army) G4 Asst. Chief of staff, logistics (US Army) G5 Asst. Chief of staff, civil affairs (US Army) G6 Asst. Chief of staff, information mgmt. (US Army) GA (1)CW prosign: go ahead GA (2)CW brevity code: Good Afternoon GaAs Gallium Arsenide GaAsFET Gallium Arsenide Field Effect Transistor GACC Geographic Area Coordination Centers (USFS) GAFRAN Stationary German Air Force GAK Government Access to Key GALEX Galaxy Evolution Explorer (NASA) GaN Gallium Nitride Gantsec Greater Antilles Section (US military/federal, out of Puerto Rico) GAO General Accounting Office (US Government) GATM Global Air Traffic Management GATR ground-to-air transmitter/receiver GBDL Ground Based Data Link GBI Ground-Based Interceptor GBL Ground-Based Laser Gbps Gigabytes per second GBR Ground Based Radar GBS (1)Global Broadcast System GBS (2)Ground Based Sensor GCA Ground Controlled Approach GCAS Ground Collision Avoidance System

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GCBS Ground Control Bombing System GCC Ground Component Commander GCCS (0)Two different systems: GCCS (1)Global Command Control System, obsolete US Air Force GCCS (2)Global Command & Control System, 1992 data network plan to replace WWMCCS computers GCHQ Government Communication Headquarters ("G;" UK comint) GCMP Guam Composite Broadcast (obsolete USCG) GCN (1)ground communications network GCN (2)ground control network GCSS Global Combat Support System GD CW brevity: Good Day GDIP General Defense Intelligence Program GDO Grid/Gate Dip Oscillator GDOC Geographical Display Operations Computer GDR Ground Data Reduction GDSS Global Decision Support System GE (1)General Electric GE (2)CW brevity: Good Evening GE (3) Guerra Elettronica (Italian for Electronic Warfare) GENSER (1)General Security Regulations GENSER (2)general service GENTEL General Telephone Company GEO Geosynchronous Earth Orbit GEODSS Ground-based electro-optical deep space surveillance GEOS (1)Geodynamic experimental ocean satellite GEOS (2)Geomagnetic earth observation system GEOS (3)Graphic Environment Operating System GEP Ground Entry Point GES Ground Earth Station GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (US NCS) GFA Graphical Area Forecast GFAE Government-furnished aerospace equipment GFDL Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory GFE (1)Government-furnished equipment GFE (2)God-Furnished Equipment (ionosphere) GFI (1)Government-furnished information GFI (2)Ground Fault Interrupter GFM Government-furnished material GFP (1)Government Furnished Property GFP (2)Government-furnished part GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying GG Transmission is in German GHFS Global High Frequency System (US Air Force) GHz GigaHertz GI (1)Government Issue GI (2)Old slang, from above: U.S. soldier GID Group Identification GIF Graphics Interchange Format, first used on CompuServe GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out; first rule of computing GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program, a nested acronym GIS Geographical Information System GKS Graphical Kernel System GLOB Ground Loving Old B-----d (KC-135) GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System (Russian GPS) GM (1)CW brevity code: Good Morning GM (2)General Motors GM (3)General Manager GM (4)Guided Missile GMDSS Global Maritime Distress & Safety System GMF (1)Ground Mobile Force GMF (2)Government Master File (frequencies) GMI General Military Intelligence GMRS General Mobile Radio System GMS Geostationary Meteorological Satellite (Japanese) GMT (1)Greenwich Mean Time (obsolete, still UK's name for standard time) GMT (2)Ground Moving Target GMTI Ground Moving Target Indication GNA Gulf News Agency GNC (1)guidance and navigation computer GNC (2)guidance, navigation and control gnd ground GNDCON Ground Control gnu Gnu's Not Unix, a freeware op-system (recursive acronym) GO General Officer GOA Gone on Arrival (police) GOES (1)Geosynchronous Oceanic & Environmental Satellite GOES (2)Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite GOGO government-owned, government-operated GOJ Government of Japan GORIZONT Moscow State University Geostationary Monitor satellite GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile (UK & US) GOTS Government-off-the-shelf gov Government site (Internet) GOWON Gulf Offshore Weather Observing. Network gp Group GPM Gallon(s) per minute GPO (1)Government Printing Office (US) GPO (2)General Post Office GPR Ground Penetrating Radar GPRS General Packet Radio Service GPS Global Positioning System GR Hail (from French) GRADU Gradual weather change GRC General Radio Communications (AN/GRC-xxx) GRDCUS Gulf Range Drone Control Upgrade System grep Global Regular Expression, Print; Unix text search GRI Group Repetition Interval (Loran) grp Group GRT Gross register tonnage GS (1)General support GS (2)Group Separator (ASCII) GS (3)small hail and/or snow pellets GS (4)Ground Stop GS (5)Ground Station GSA General Services Administration (US) GSAC Ground support associate contractor GSC (1)Ground systems controller GSC (2)Ground support contractor GSCO Ground systems control officer GSD General support division GSE Ground support equipment GSF GPS support facility GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD GSM Global System for Mobile communications GSMP General Switch Management Protocol GSO Geostationary Satellite Orbit GSTS Ground-based surveillance and tracking system G-SWF Gradual Shortwave Fadeout (ionospheric disturbance) GTC Greek Telegraphy Club, aka SV-CW-C GTK GIMP Tool Kit, a deeply nested acronym gTLD generic top-level domain GTO (1)geosynchronous transfer orbit GTO (2)fast car made by Ferrari ("Gran Turisimo Omologato") GTO (3)not quite so fast car made by Pontiac GTOC Geosynchronous transfer orbit capability G-TOR Golay Transmissions Over Radio (Kantronics version of PACTOR) GTS Global Telecommunication System (WMO) GUI Graphical User Interface

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GUID GVAR GW GW GW GWARC GWEN GWT H H h/w H24 HA HAARP HAAT HAC HAC HAC HAES HAF HAL HAL HAMP HAMS HAR HARCO HARM HAS HASA HBD HBD HBI HBO HBS HBT HBT HC-ARQ HCI HCJB HCP HD HD HDB HDD HDD HDLC HDOP HDR HDS HDSL HDTV HDX HE HE HEAR HEMP HEMT HEMTT HEO HEO HEP HERE HERF Hertz HES HETS HETS Hex HF HFBC HFCC HFDL HFDLP HFDR HFDU HFGCS HFIA HFMOD HFNC HFNPDU HFO HFO HFS HFSWR HHS HHT HHT HI HICOM HIDAR HIFER Hi-fi HIPAS HIPPI HIRF HISCAT HITRON HIWAS HJ HK HKCC HKCR HKCU HKDD HKEY HKG HKLM HKTI HKU HM HMCS HMMWV HMS HND HNG HNG-FEC HNMP HNS HOLF HP HP hp Hpa HPC HPE HPG HPI HPM Globally Unique Identifier GOES Variable (1)Gigawatt (2)CW brevity code: Good Evening (2)Ground wire General World Administrative Radio Conference Ground wave emergency network (VLF strategic net) Gross Weight Tonnage (1)Henry (unit of inductance) (2)Magnetic field Hardware All 24 hours; station operates continuously ("Hotel Alpha") human remains HF Active Auroral Research Program Height Above Average Terrain (1)higher authority communications(USAF) (2)heading alignment circle (NASA) (3)Hughes Aircraft Company High Altitude ELINT System Headquarters Air Force (1)High-order Assembly Language (space shuttle computers); named for: (2)Heuristically programmed Algorithmic Computer (2001: A Space Odyssey) Horizontal Avionics Modernization Planning Hilltop Amateur Mastertie System; old, big SoCal 440 MHz system Highway Advisory Radio Harris Radio Company, makes HF setups High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile Hardened Aircraft Shelter High Altitude SIGINT Architecture (1)Has Been Drinking (police) (2)Hot Box Detector (railroad) Horizontal Blanking Interval (TV) Home Box Office (TV network) Heart Beat Signal (Australian Internet) Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Hagelin-Cryptos simplex teleprinter system Human-Computer Interface Heralding Christ Jesus' Blessing (callsign) Health and comfort package (1)Hard Disk (2)High Density High-Density Bipolar (1)Hard Disk Drive (2)Heads Down Displays High-level Data Link Control, old synchronous computer protocol Horizontal Dilution of Precision (DGPS) High Data Rate Hard Disk Subsystem High-rate Digital Subscriber Line High-Definition Television Half-duplex (1)high energy (2)high explosive Hospital Emergency Alert Radio (SoCal) High-altitude electromagnetic pulse High-electron-mobility transfer Heavy expanded mobility tactical truck (1)high earth orbit (2)highly elliptical orbit Head End Power (railroad locomotives) Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Equipment High-Energy RF (weapons) Unit of frequency, named for Heinrich Hertz, 1Hz=1 cps Hurricane Evacuation Study (1)heavy equipment transporter system (2)heterodynes [~] Hexadecimal number notation, base 16 High Frequency (3-30 MHz) High-Frequency broadcasting High-Frequency Coordination Conference High-Frequency Data Link, single-tone digital aero mode HF Data Link Protocol HF Data Radio HF Data Unit High Frequency Global Communication System (Scope Command) HF Industry Association Australian Defence Force High Frequency Modernisation Project HF Network Controller HFDL: High Frequency Network Protocol Data Unit (1)High-Frequency Oscillator (2)Honolulu Forecast Office Hierarchical File System High-Frequency Surface-Wave Radar (Dept. of) Health & Human Services (1)Hand-Held Terminal (2)Hand-Held Tester CW brevity code: a laugh (all dits, easier to send than "HA") High Command net (US Navy) High Data Rate High-Frequency Experimental Radio (low-power ~13.5 MHz) High Fidelity (audio) High-Power Auroral Stimulation High Performance Parallel Interface High Intensity Radiation Fields High-latitude, High-altitude, High-power, High-frequency, High-performance, Heating and ionospheric Scatter facility (research) Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron (US Coast Guard) Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service ("Hotel Juliet") Hijack Handle Key (Windows registry) Handle Key, Current Configuration (Windows registry) Handle Key, Classes, Root (Windows registry) Handle Key, Current User (Windows registry) Handle Key, Dynamic Data (Windows registry) Handle to a KEY (Windows Registry) Hong Kong (old country code) Handle Key, Local Machine (Windows registry) Hong Kong Telecom International Handle Key, Users (Windows Registry) Her Majesty Her Majesty's Canadian Ship High mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle (hummvee) Her Majesty's Ship Honduras (country code) Hungary (country code) Hungarian diplo FEC teleprinting system HF Network Management Protocol Host nation support Helicopter Outlying Landing Field (1)High Pass (filter circuit) (2)Highway Patrol Horsepower Hectopascal Hydrometeorological Prediction Center, MD CW brevity code: "Hope to..." Hardcopy Processor Group High-Priority Intercept (global HF comint system) High Power Microwave

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HPTS High-Power Transmitting System (TACAMO) HQ Headquarters HQAN HAVE QUICK A-Net HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army HR High Resolution hr Hour HR Hybrid Receive HRC Harmonically Related Carrier (CATV channel scheme) HRCS High Resolution Camera System HRMP HF Relay Management Protocol HRPT High Resolution Picture Transmissions HRR High Resolution Radar hrs Hours HRT Hostage Rescue Team (FBI) HRT Hrvatske Radio Televizije (Croatian) HRV Croatia (country code) HSAL High Speed Algebraic Logic HSFB High Speed Fleet Broadcast HSI Hyperspectral Imaging HSIP H Camera Sensor Improvement Program HSSP HF Station Status Protocol HST (1)Hawaiian Standard Time HST (2)Hubble Space Telescope HT (1)Handie-talkie, a hand-held radio HT (2)Horizontal Tab (ASCII) HTI (1)Haiti (country code) HTI (2)Hostile Target Identification HTML Hypertext Markup Language (world wide web) HTS High Temperature Superconducting HTTP HyperText Transmission Protocol (WWW) HTTPD HTTP Daemon (Unix) HTTP-NG HTTP Next Generation HTTPS (1)HTTP Server HTTPS (2)HTTP with Secure Sockets Layer HUD Heads-up Displays HULTEC Hull to Emitter Correlation HUMINT Human Intelligence (spies!) HVAR High-Velocity Aerial Rocket HW CW brevity code: "How do you copy me?" hx Signal is a harmonic HYDROLANT US warnings for Atlantic and east HYDROMET Hydro-Meterological bulletin or warning HYDROPAC US warnings for Pacific Ocean and west Hyperfix Hyperbolic Radio Navigation System (proprietary name) HZ haze Hz Hertz (a "cycle per second") I (1)Current (in amperes, amps) I (2)Packet designator: information frame I (3)Italy (country code) I/O Input/Output (computers) i18n Alphabet scheme for multi-lingual computer programs [~] IA (1)Information Assurance IA (2)Italian Army IA (3)Short for IATSE, the movie/theatrical production union IA (4)Information Attack IAAFA Inter-American Air Forces Academy IAB Internet Architecture Board IAC International Analysis Code (weather codes FM-45, FM-46) IADS Integrated Air Defense System IAEM International Association of Emergency Managers (was NCEM) IAF Italian or Irish air force IAG Imagery Analysis Group IAGA International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy IAIP Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority IAPS I Am Pretty Sure IARN International Amateur Radio Network IARP International Amateur Radio Permit (to operate overseas) IARU International Amateur Radio Union IAS (1)Image Access Service IAS (2)Indicated Air Speed IAS Intelligence Analysis System IATA International Air Transport Association IAU International Astronomical Union IAVTR Integrated Audio Visual Transmitter/ Receiver IAW In accordance with IBC (1)International Broadcast Center (Olympics) IBC (2)Italian Broadcasting Corporation IBCT Initial Brigade Combat Teams IBDL Inter Battery Data Link IBM (1)International Business Machines (company) IBM (2)de facto PC standard, though few are true blue IBOC In-band, on-channel (digital broadcasting) IC (1)Integrated circuit (chip) IC (2)Incident Command IC (3)Ice crystals IC (4)In-cloud lightning ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ICAP Internet Calendar Access Protocol ICAS Intermittent Commercial and Amateur service (rating) ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ICD Interface Control Document ICE (1)Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE (2)Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics ICM Intelligence Correlation Module ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol ICNIA Integrated Communications Navigation IFF Avionics ICNIS Integrated Communication Navigation and ID System ICOM (1) Intercom ICOM (2) Japanese radio mfr [~] ICOM (3) Integrated COMSEC ICON Image Communication and Operations Node ICP Internet Cache Protocol ICPO International Criminal Police Organization, see INTERPOL ICQ "I Seek You" (Internet message program) [~] ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross ICS Incident Command System ICSTIS Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services (UK) ICW interrupted continuous wave ID (1)Identification ID (2)Inside Diameter IDAS Integrated Air Defense System IDASS Integrated Data Analysis System for Spacecraft IDCP ID Data Combining Process IDE (1)Intelligent Drive Electronics (small HD standard) IDE (2)Integrated Developer Environment IDECM Integrated Defensive ECM I-DGS Interim-Deployable Ground Station IDLM Interference Detection, Locating, and Mitigation IDM Improved Data Modem IDN Internationalized Domain Names IDPS Interim Digital Processing System IDSL ISDN Digital Subscriber Line IEC International Electrotechnical Commission IED (1)Improvised Explosive Device IED (2)Imitative electronics deception IEE (1)Institute of Electrical Engineers (US), merged with IRE IEE (2)Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)

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IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers IETF Internet Engineering Task Force IF Intermediate Frequency (of a receiver) IFE Inflight emergency IFF (1)Identification, Friend or Foe IFF (2)Logic operation: "if and only if" IFIM International Flight Information Manual IFK Incremental Frequency Keying IFL International Frequency List, ITU doc on fiche or 2 CDs IFOR Implementation Force ("UN peacekeepers") IFP Image Formation Processor IFPS Interactive Forecast Preparation System IFR (1)Instrument Flight Rules IFR (2)"I Follow Roads" IFRB International Frequency Registration Board IFRC Int'l Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent IFSAR Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolor Transistor IGDL Interoperable Ground Data Link IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol IGP Interior Gateway Protocols IGRP Interior Gateway Routing Protocol IGY International Geophysical Year, big 50's research interval IHFR Improved high frequency radio IHO International Hydrographic Organization IHS Internal Hostile Structured threat IHU Internal Hostile Unstructured threat IL Intermediate Language (Object-oriented computing) ILC Integral Locomotive Computer (railroad) ILS Instrument Landing System IM (1)Intermodulation, causes spurious signals or distortion IM (2)Integrity Monitor (DGPS) IMA Individual Mobilization Augmentee (FEMA) IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol IMC Internet Mail Consortium IMD Intermodulation Distortion IMETS Integrated Meteorological System IMHO In My Humble Opinion (Internet) IMI CW prosign: interrogative; more often written "?" IMINT Imagery Intelligence IMIS Integrated Maintenance Information System IMM Image Manifest Message IMN Iraqi Media Network IMO (1)International Maritime Organization, part of UN IMO (2)In My Opinion (Internet) IMS Integrated Maritime Surveillance IMSA International Municipal Signal Association IMSP Internet Message Support Protocol IMTS Improved Mobile Telephone System IN (1)Intelligent Network IN (2)Indian Navy IN (3)Intelligence in inch INA Iraqi News Agency IND India (country code) indiv individual(s) INEFC Interagency National Emergency Fire Cache INFOSEC Information systems security ING International Notification Group(of IRAC) inHg inch of Mercury (air pressure) INMARSAT Intl. Maritime Satellite Org, a consortium, leases bandwidth on Marecs, Intelsat, Marisat for ship use. INMARSAT-A Inmarsat mobile voice/data terminal INMARSAT-B Improved version, replaced A INMARSAT-C Data-only INMARSAT terminal, also for SAFETYnet INMARSAT-E INMARSAT EPIRB INMARSAT-M INMARSAT terminal, voice only, not GMDSS-compliant INO Indian Ocean (MWARA) InP Indium Phosphide INS (1)Immigration & Naturalization Service (US, now part of ICE) INS (2)Inertial Navigation System INS (3)Indonesia (country code) INS (4)Internal Non-Hostile Structured threat INSCOM US Army Intelligence and Security Command INT (1)Interrogative (precedes a question) INT (2)International INT (3)Interrupted (transmission) INT (4)Interrupt (computer processing) intel Intelligence INTELCAST Intelligence Broadcast INTELNET Intelligence Network Internet Global interconnection of regional nets using TCP/IP InterNIC Internet Network Information Center INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization Intl International, internal INU Internal Non-Hostile Unstructured threat IOC Index of co-operation (a fax parameter) IOD Issue Of Data (DGPS) IOM Installation, operation and maintenance IONCAP IONospheric Communications Analysis and Prediction, original prediction algorithm, still used IOR Indian Ocean Region IOS Indian Ocean Station (NASA) IP Internet Protocol IPA Intermediate power amplifier IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield IPCP Internet Protocol Control Protocol IPF Intelligence Processing Facility IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface IPIR Initial Photo Interpretation Report IPIX Interface Processor for Imagery Exchange IPL Image Product Library IPng IP next generation IPS (1)Inches per second IPS (2)Ionospheric Prediction Service (Australia, original name for space weather agcy) IPSec Internet Protocol Security IPSS International Packet SwitchStream, now GNS (UK) IPT Integrated Program Team IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange (Novell) IQ In-phase/Quadrature (analyzer plot) IQSY International Year of the Quiet Sun, 1960's research interval IR (1) Infrared IR (2) Instrument route (numbered military training route) IRA International Reference Alphabet IRAC Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (part of US NTIA) IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile IRC (1)International Reply Coupon IRC (2)Internet Relay Chat, world's primo time waster IRC (3)International Red Cross IRC (4)Incrementally Related Carrier (CATV channel scheme) IRC (5)International Record Carrier IRCA International Radio Club of America IRCCM Infrared Counter-Countermeasures IRCM Infrared Countermeasures IRE Institute of Radio Engineers, now IEEE IRI Ionospheric Research Instrument, transmitter part of HAARP IRINT Infrared intelligence IRIS Improved Radio Ionospheric Sounder IRL Ireland (country code)

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IRN Iran (country code) IRQ (1)Interrupt request (computer hardware) IRQ (2)Iraq (country code) IRRM Image Recording Request Message IRRS Italian Radio Relay Service IRS (1)Information Receiving Station (SITOR) IRS (2)Internal Revenue Service (US) IRS (3)Infernal Revenue Service (U$) IRSS Infrared Surveillance System IRST Infrared Search and Track IS (1)Interval signal IS (2)Intermediate Standard, formerly RS IS (3)Information System IS-136 ANSI-136 multiple access standard ISA (1)Industry Standard Architecture (PC-AT bus) ISA (2)In-Session Activation (telco) ISABPS Integrated Submarine Automated Broadcast Processor System ISAM Indexed Sequential Access Method ISARC Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Cell ISB (1)Independent Sideband ISB (2)Intermediate Staging Base ISC Initial Scope Command (phase I) ISD Inverted Scanning Direction (radiofax) ISDL ISDN Digital Subscriber Line ISDN Integrated services & data network (telco) ISEC Information Systems Engineering Command ISF International Science Foundation ISI Inter-Symbol Interference ISM Industrial, Scientific, Medical (RF devices) ISMLS Interim Standard Microwave Landing System ISO (1)International Organisation for Standardisation ISO (2)International Organizations for Standardization ISODE ISO Development Environment ISP Internet service provider ISR In-System Reprogrammable ISS (1)Information Sending Station (SITOR) ISS (2)International Space Station ISSO (1)Information System Security Officer ISSO (2)Information Systems Security Organization (US) ISTR I Seem To Recall IT (1)Information Technology IT (2)Information Technology Directorate (FEMA) ITA International Telegraph Alphabet ITA1 International Telegraph Alphabet #1 (Old cablegrams, obsolete) ITA2 International Telegraph Alphabet #2 (Baudot double-shift) ITA3 International Telegraph Alphabet #3 (7-bit ARQ) ITA4 International Telegraph Alphabet #4 (FM VFT) ITER Improved Triple Ejector Rack ITFS Instructional Television Fixed Service ITO Installation transportation office ITS (1)Institute for Telecommunication Sciences ITS (2)Intelligent Transportation Systems ITU International Telecommunications Union ITU-R M.493-6 - Protocol for maritime Digital Selective Calling ITU-R ITU Sector for Radiocommunications, old CCIR ITU-T International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector ITU-T ITU Sector for Telecommunications, old CCITT ITU-TSS ITU Telecommunications Standards Section, old CCITT ITWS Integrated Terminal Weather System IUGG International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics IUSS Integrated Undersea Surveillance System IUWDS International Ursigram and World Days Service IVAS Inward Voice Activated Services (telco) IVCS Integrated Voice Communication Systems IVTT Integrated VERDIN Transmit Terminal IW Information Warfare IWS Information Warfare Squadron IWTS Integrated Terminal Weather System IXS Information Exchange System j Vector J/S Jamming to signal ratio J2 Intelligence directorate at a joint headquarters J2B Single sideband, suppressed carrier tone teleprinting (emission) J3E Single sideband, suppressed carrier AM radiotelephony (emission) J4 Logistics directorate at a joint headquarters JAA Joint Aviation Authorities (Europe) JAFO Just Another F[ine] Observer JAG Judge Advocate General JALBTCX Joint Airborne Lidar Bathymetry Technical Center of Expertise JAN Joint Army/Navy (spec) JANA Jamahiriyah News Agency JANET Joint Academic NETwork (UK) JAR Joint Aviation Requirements (Europe) JASORS Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System JATACS Joint Advanced Tactical Command and Control System JATCC Joint Air Traffic Control Center JAWS Juneau Airport Wind System JAWSAT Joint Air Force-Weber State University Satellite JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff JCSE Joint Communications Support Element JDF Japanese Defense Force JDISS Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council Jeep Believed from "General Purpose" military vehicle, now a tradename JFC Joint force commander JFET Junction Field-Effect Transistor JIATF-E Joint Interagency Task Force, East (incorporates JTF-4) JIATF-S Joint Interagency Task Force, South (inc. JTF-6) JIATF-W Joint Interagency Task Force, West (inc. JTF-5) JIC Joint Information Center JINTACCS Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems JIT Just In Time (JAVA Compiler, proprietary to Sun) JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command (US) JIVE Jamming and Interception Vulnerability Estimator JJ (1)Joprep Jiffy (obsolete SAC weather report form) JJ (2)Transmission is in Japanese JJY Japanese standard frequency & time station [~] JMC (1)Joint movement center JMC (2)Jamaica (country code) JMPA Joint Military Postal Agency JMRO Joint medical regulating office JN Japanese Navy JOPES Joint Operations Planning and Execution System JOPREP Joint Operations Report JORN Jindalee Operational Radar Network (Australian OTH-B) JORN Jindalee OTH Radar Network JOSAC Joint Operational Support Airlift Center JOTS Joint Interoperability Targeting System JOVIAL Jules' Own Version of the International Algebraic Language, once used by USAF JP (1)Joint publication JP (2)Jumper (connection) JP4 Jet Propulsion #4 (military jet fuel) JPATS Joint Primary Aircraft Training System JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (lossy compression for pictures) JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA (NASA) JPNIC Japanese Network Information Center JRCC Joint Rescue Coordination Center JRTC Joint Readiness Training Center (Ft. Polk, LA)

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JSC Johnson Space Center, TX JSC Joint Spectrum Center JSF Joint Strike Fighter JSMSw Joint Spectrum Management Spectrum for Windows (software) JSORS Joint Advanced Special OPS Radio System JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, aka "Joint STARS," E-8 surveillance aircraft JTF Joint Task Force, usually US "War on Drugs" JTF-4 Caribbean drug interdiction unit, out of Key West, part of JIATF-E JTF-5 Pacific coast drug unit, part of JIATF-W JTF-6 South & Central America drug unit, part of JIATF-South JTFEX Joint Task Force Exercise JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System JU JTIDS Unit (net member, like a "PU" in Link-11) JUH-MTF Joint user handbook for message text format JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System K Index Logarithmic, 3-hourly geomagnetic activity reading K (1)1024 (decimal) of anything (loosely from hexadecimal) K (2)CW prosign: "Go Ahead," technically an "Invitation To Transmit" k A thousand of anything, in decimal (short for kilo) k/c Kilocycles K/cs Kilocycles per second = kiloHertz KA9Q Packet radio protocol, from callsign of its inventor [~] KAM Kantronics All-Mode (packet/digital controller) KAWN Identifier attached to AWN weather products, as relayed by several HF stations KB Keyboard kB Kilobit, kilobaud kb/s kilobits per second KBD Keyboard kBd Kilobaud Kbps Kilobits per second KBS Korea Broadcasting System kc Kilocycles per second, now kHertz KCAS Knots Calibrated Air Speed KCNA Korean Central News Agency kcs Kilocycles per second, now kHertz KDU Keypad-Display Unit KGB Komitet Gossudarstwennoy Besopasnostij (transliterated from Russian by Klingenfuss), old USSR comint, replaced by FAPSI KH Keyhole, optical recon satellite, KH-12 resembles Hubble kHz KiloHertz KIPM Illuminati Primum Materium (Pirate) KISS Keep it simple, stupid (packet radio mode/engineering golden rule) km kilometer kMc kilo-Megacycle, now GigaHertz knot Nautical mile/hour [~] KNRM Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (Dutch SAR org.) KOR (South) Korea (country code) Kp Planetary K index kph kilometer per hour KRE (North) Korea (country code) KSC Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL KSCPAO Kennedy Space Center Public Affairs Office (NASA) ksh Korn shell (Unix) KSR Keyboard Send-Receive kt knot (nautical mile per hour) KT knots KTS knots Ku-band 12-18 GHz microwave band kV Kilovolt KVA KiloVolt-Amp(s); can <> kW in highly reactive circuit kW Kilowatt L Inductance (in Henrys) L left (with reference to runway designation) L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol LA Low altitude Ladar Laser Radar LAHSO Landing And Hold Short Operations LAN Local Area Network LANL Los Alamos (NM) National Laboratory LANTAREA USCG Atlantic Area LANTIRN Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infra Red for Night LAO Laos (country code) LAPD (1)Link Access Procedure D-Channel LAPD (2)Los Angeles Police Department LAPM Link access protocol for modems LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation LAST last observation before a break in coverage at a manual station LAU Launcher Adapter Unit LBA Logical Block Addressing (Disk access) LBAR Limited area BARotropic (NCEP weather model) LBN Lebanon (country code) LBR Liberia (country code) LBY Lybia (country code) LC Limited Coastal (service) LCA St. Lucia (country code) LCAC Landing Craft, Air-Cushioned (large hovercraft) LCC Launch Control Center LCD Liquid Crystal Display LCMP Atlantic Composite Broadcast LCP Link Control Protocol (PPP) LCS Limited Coastal Station LCU Landing Craft, Utility (US Army) LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDF Lightweight digital facsimile LDOC Long Distance Operational Control (civil aviation) LDP Landing Decision Point LDR (1)Low Data Rate LDR (2)Loader LDTWA Long Dual Trailing Wire Antenna (TACAMO) LEARN Law Enforcement Amateur Radio Network LEASAT Leased Satellite (US military comm) LED Light Emitting Diode LEO Low Earth Orbit ("Little LEO" = a data satellite) LES Land Earth Station LF (1)Low Frequency (30-300 kHz) LF (2)Linefeed LFO Low frequency oscillator LG Logistics Group LGTR Laser Guided Training Round LHCP Left-hand circular polarization LIAR Liar Imitates Apply Recursively (recursive) Lidar Light Detection & Ranging (light "radar") LIE Liechtenstein (country code) LIM (1)Lotus/Intel/Microsoft, original spec for PC extended memory LIM (2)Line interface module LINCOMPREX Link Compression and Expansion, an ACSB system Linux "Linus' Unix," open source shareware version of Unix LIRL Low Intensity Runway Lights LL Landline, "Lima Lima" LLC (1)Logical Link Control LLC (2)Limited Liability Corporation (US) LLCC Low Level Cloud Center (wx obs) LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLP Limited Liability Partnership (US) LLWAS Low Level Wind Shear Alert System LMAO Laughing My A-- Off (Internet) LMCC Land Mobile Communications Council LNB Low Noise amplifier/Block downconverter

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LNBF ln LNP LO LOC LOC log LOGCAP LOGPAC LOI LOJACK LOL LORAC LORAN LORAN-A LORAN-C LORAN-D LOS LOS LOTS LOWFER LP LP LP LP LPB LPD LPDA LPDU LPFM LPI LPM LPR LPRS LPT LPTV LPVA LQA LR LRA LRC LRC LRCOC LS LSASS LSB LSB LSB LSDIS LSE LSI LSI LST LST LSV LTG LTR LTRS LUF LUT LUU LWR LZW M M M M m M/S M/S m/s M/V m/v M1FC mA MAC MAC Mac MACOM MacTCP MAFFS MAFOR MAGIS mAh MAIT MAN MANPAD MAP MAPI MAPS MARAD MARC MARCEMP MARO MARS MARS MARSA MARSEC MASER MASH MASM MATIC MATS MAU MAVICA MAYDAY MB mb MBCS MBCS MBDL MBKS MBO MBONE Mbps MBR MCA MCC MCC MCFB MCM MCP MCP MCP MCS MCS/P MCVFT MDR Low Noise amplifier/Block downconverter Feedhorn Natural logarithm Local Number Portability (cell phones) Local oscillator (of a receiver) (1)lines of communication (2)location Common logarithm Logistics Civil Augmentation Program Logistics package Low Opportunity of Intercept Vehicle locator beacon activated & DF'd by police Laughing Out Loud (internet) Long Range Accuracy (NASA booster recovery) Long Range Navigation Discontinued 160m Loran system 100 kHz Loran system Military Loran system (1)Loss Of Signal (2)Line of sight logistics-over-the-shore Low-Frequency Experimental Radio (~164-190 kHz) (1)Long Playing (old records) (2)Low pass (filter circuit) (3)Linking Protection (US mil ALE security) (4)Log Periodic (antenna) Logistics preparation of the battlefield Line Printer Daemon Log Periodic Dipole Array HDFL: Link Protocol Data Unit Low-Power FM (broadcasting) Low Probability of Intercept Lines per minute Line Printer Low-Power Radio Service (FCC) Logistics preparation of the theater Low-Power TV (broadcasting) Log Periodic V Array Link Quality Analysis (databursts heard from ALE radios) Last Received (message) Landing Rights Airport (1)Longitudinal Redundancy Check (computing) (2)Logistics and Readiness Center Long Range Company Operational Control Last Sent (message) Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (Windoze) (1)Lower Sideband (2)Linux Standard Block (3)Least Significant Bit/Byte Light and Special Division Interim Sensor (US Army) Logistics support element (1)Large scale integration (of chips) (2)Locomotive System Integration (1)Landing ship, tank (2)Local Standard Time Logistic Support Vessel (US Army) lightning Letter(s) Letters case (Baudot lower case) Lowest Usable Frequency (varies with path) Local User Terminal Parachute Flare lower Lempel-Ziv-Welch, lossless compression algorithm for data (1)Mega, meg, a million of anything, or 1,048,576 bytes (hex) (2)minus, less than (3)Below zero C (4)Statute Mile Meter (39.37 inches) (1)Motor Ship (also MS, M.S.) (2)Mile per second Meter per second Motor Vessel (also m/v) Motor Vessel (also MV) Model 1 Full Capacity (Air traffic control) milliamperes (1)Military Airlift Command, now AMC (2)Medium Access Control (computer networks) Macintosh (computer) Major command TCP/IP package for Macintosh Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (tank for C-130) Maritime weather forecast Marine Air-Ground Intelligence System miliamp-hour(s) Major Accident Investigation Team (CHP) Metropolitan Area Network, halfway between a LAN and a WAN Man-Portable Air Defense Maghreb Arabe Presse Mail/Messaging Applications Programming Interface Mail Abuse Prevention System (Internet) MARitime ADministration [~] MAchine Readable Catalog Manual Relay Center Modernization Program (USN) Maritime Air Radio Organization (1)Military Affiliate Radio System (US) (2)Maritime (mobile) Access & Retrieval System (ITU ship lookup) Military Assumes Responsibility for Separation of Aircraft Marianas Sector (US Coast Guard) [~] Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation mobile army surgical hospital, may be obsolete Macro-Assembler (computer code) Mobility Assessment Test and Integration Center Military Air Transportation Service, became MAC, now AMC Media Attachment Unit, a network transceiver Magnetic Video Camera Prosign: Distress traffic follows; repeated 3 times [~] Megabyte millibar (1)Multi Byte Character Set (Unicode) (2)Magnetic Bridge Current Sensor Missile Battery Data Link Multi-Button Key Set (telco) Mailbox Multicast Backbone Megabytes per second Master Boot Record ("boot sector") Movement control agency Master Control Center Movement control center Multi-Channel Fleet Broadcast Mine Countermeasures (1)Mobile communications package (2)Multimode Communications Processor (packet) (3)Male chauvinist pig Mission Communications System Maneuver Control System/Phoenix (US Army) Multichannel Voice Frequency Telegraph (multiplex RTTY) Medium Data Rate

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MDS Multipoint Distribution Service MDT (1)Mobile Data Terminal (usually police) MDT (2)Mountain Daylight Time, US zone includes Rockies med medical MEDAFS Mine Warfare Environmental Data Analysis and Fusion System MEDCOM Medical command MEDFER Medium-frequency Experimental Radio (low power ~510-1710 kHz) MEDICAL Voice prosign attached to c/s of vessel with emergency medical supplies or patients, pronounced MAY-DEE-CAL MEDICO Emergency Medical Communications MEDLOG Medical logistics MEL Maximum Elevation (of a spacecraft) MEMA Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency MEOW (1)Maximum Envelope of Water MEOW (2)Maximum Envelope of Winds MER-# Mars Exploration Rover # (NASA) MERCAST MERchant ship broadCAST MEROD Message Entry and Read Out Device (Thales-Racal, see RAC-ARQ) MERS Mobile Emergency Response Support (FEMA) Messenger Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging Met Office Weather office at a base MET Meterological METAR Meteorological observation code for routine aviation METAREA Meteorological Area, same as a NAVAREA (see WMO) METARS Plural of METAR Meteo Meteorological METOC Meteorological and Oceanographic Centre (Halifax, NS) Metro Meteorological office METSAT Meterological Satellite MF (1)Medium Frequency (300-3000 kHz) MF (2)Multifrequency mf Microfarad MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs MFD Modulated Fractional Division MFM Modified Frequency Modulation (Miller Coding) MFSK Multiple Frequency Shift Keying mgt management mH Millihenry MHD Magnetohydrodynamics; behavior of plasmas in magnetic fields, such as the ionosphere and sunspots MHE materials-handling equipment MHFCS Australian Modernised HF Communication System MHS Message Handling System MHz MegaHertz MI (1)Military intelligence MI (2)shallow mi mile (1.6 km) MI5 Directorate of Military Intelligence, group 5 (UK domestic) MI6 Directorate of Military Intelligence, group 6 (UK foreign, aka SIS) MIB Management Information Base MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (as used by banks) MICS Medical Implant Communications Service MID (1)Middle East (MWARA) MID (2)Maritime Identification Digits, country code prepended to MMSI MIDI Music Industry Digital Interface MIDS Multifunctional Information Distribution System MIFG Shallow Fog MIJI Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming & Interference ("Jammer writeup") Mil (1) Military Mil (2) Milliampere MIL-188-110A NATO standard for single-tone modems MIL-188-141A NATO standard for ALE controllers MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, allows attachment of binaries to ASCII text letters MIMS Medical Information Management System min Minute MINIMUF Miniature Maximum Usable Frequency calculator, classic BASIC MUF prediction algorithm MINREX Ministerio de las Relaciones Exteriores (Cuban news agency) MIR Not an acronym; transliteration of Russian for "Peace" MIREX Mir Experiment, amateur robot packet station on Mir MIRL Medium Intensity Runway Lights MIS Management Information Systems MISDN Mobile ISDN MISR Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (Terra satellite) MIT Massachussetts Institute of Technology M-JPEG JPEG used for moving pictures (cf JPEG, MPEG) mkr Marker ML Machine language, how computers store instructions MLB (1)Motor Lifeboat MLB (2)Magnetic Longwire Balun MLM Marine Location Marker MLS Microwave Landing System MLSE Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimator MLSO Mauna Loa Solar Observatory MLT Magnetic Local Time MM Maritime mobile mm Millimeter MMC (1)materiel management center MMC (2)Microsoft Management Console mmf micro-microfarad, changed to picofarad MMS Maritime Mobile Service MMSI Maritime Mobile Service Identity (code for DSC) MMX Multimedia extensions (microprocessor architecture) MNCS Master Net Control Station MNP Modem Network Protocol MOA Military Operation Area MOAB Massive Ordnance, Air Blast Mob Mobile MOC (1)Mission Operation Center MOC (2)Ministry Of Commerce (Canada) MOC MERS Operations Center (FEMA nested acronym) MOCA Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude MoD Ministry of Defence (UK) MOD Mobile Offshore Drilling Mod Modification (to radio) Mode A SITOR-A (ARQ) Mode B SITOR-B (FEC) Modem Modulator/Demodulator MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (Terra satellite) MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Update MOI Ministry Of Information MOOTW Military operations other than war MOP (1)Measure Of Performance MOP (2)Ministry Of Petroleum MOPP mission-oriented protection posture (0-4, 4 being full suit) MOS (1)Metallic Oxide Silicon MOS (2)Mitoudt Sound, shooting film with a silent camera MOSAIC Multifunctional On-the-move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications MOSFET MOS Field Effect Transistor MOSS MIME Object Security Services MOTD Message Of The Day MOTIS Message Orientated Text Interchange Service, ISO version of MHS MOV moved/moving/movement MOX Manually Operated Switching MOZ (1)Mozambique (country code) MOZ (2)Mozilla (computer browser) MP (1)Military Police (US) MP (2)Member of Parliament (UK) MP (3)Multiprocessor (computer h/w) MP Magnetopause MP2 MPEG-1 Level 2, replaced by MP4

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MP3 MPEG-1 Level 3, CD-quality compression scheme MP4 MPEG-1 Level 4, audio/video compressor MPDU HFDL: Media access Protocol Data Unit MPEG Motion Picture Expert Group, lossy compression for video MPG (1)File extension: MPEG video MPG (2)Miles Per Gallon mph mile per hour MPSA Military Postal Service Agency MPSAP Mobile Public Safery Answering Point MPX Multiplex MR Magnetoresistive MRB Marine Radio Beacon MRC (1)Mobile Radio Communications MRC (2)Morocco (country code) MRCC Maritime Rescue Coordination Center MRE Meal, Ready-to-Eat MRF Medium Range Forecast (NCEP) MRO medical regulating office MRS Mountain Radio Service MRSC Maritime Rescue Sub-Center MRS MPA Medium Range Surveillance Maritime Patrol Aircraft MRT (1)Mountain Rescue Team MRT (2)Mauretania MRU Most Recently Used MS Master Station ms millisecond mS millisiemen MS (1)Motor Ship MS (2)Meteor Scatter MS-188 MIL-STD-188, Military telecom standards MSB (1)Most Significant Bit/Byte MSB (2)Main Support Battalion MSC Military Seaflift Command (US) MSE (1)Mobile Subscriber Equipment MSE (2)Mean Square Error MSF (1)English standard frequency & time station MSF (2)Medicins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) MSFC NASA Marshall Space Flight Center msg Message MSI (1)Maritime Safety Information MSI (2)Marine Safety Information MSIS Mass Spectrometer Incoherent Scatter (research) MSK Minimum Shift Keying MSR (1)main supply route MSR (2)Mobile Sea Range MSS Mobile Satellite Service MST (1)Mountain (US) Standard Time, zone includes Rockies MST (2)Maintenance support team MT (1)Monitoring Times (**the bible**) MT (2)mountain(s) MT (3)Mitigation Directorate (FEMA) MTA (1)Message Transfer Agent MTA (2)Metropolitan Transit Authority MTADS Multi-sensor Towed Array Detection System MTBF Mean Time Before Failure MTF medical treatment facility MTI Moving Target Indicator MTMC Military Traffic Management Command mtr Meter, either distance unit or measuring device MTTR Mean Time To Repair MTU Maximum Transmit Unit (TCP/IP packet length) MUF Maximum Usable Frequency (varies with path) MULTICS Multiplexed Information and Computing Service; Unix precursor Mung (1) Verb: to Mash Until No Good Mung (2) Verb: to Mung Until No Good (recursive acronym) MURS Multi-Use Radio Service MUX Multiplex, multiplexer mV Millivolt MV Motor Vessel MVS Multiple Virtual Storage (large IBM computers) MW (1)Medium Wave (typically 530-1710 kHz) MW (2)MegaWatt mW MilliWatt MWARA Major World Air Route Area MWP Meteorologist Weather Processor MWR Morale, welfare, and recreation MX Mail Exchange Record mx Music MYA Myanmar (Burma;country code) MYM My Mailbox (packet) MYP Personal Mailbox (packet) N No Change N north N/A not applicable N0N Unmodulated, steady carrier, old "A0" NA (1)North America NA (2)Not applicable, N/A NA Not authorized NAAS Naval Auxiliary Air Station NAB (1)National Assn of Broadcasters NAB (2)Naval Amphibious Base, USN, Coronado, CA (SEALs train there) NABA North American Broadcasters Assn. NABER National Association of Business/Emergency Radio NACES Naval Aircrew Common Escape System NAD 83 North American Datum of 1983 NADC Naval Air Development Center NADEP Naval Air Depot NADGE NATO Air Defence Ground Environment NAEC Naval Air Engineering Center NAF Naval Air Facility (US) NAFB National Assn of Farm Broadcasters NAK Negative Acknowledgment (error in received data, ASCII 21d) NALF Naval Auxiliary Landing Field NALO Naval Air Logistics Office NAM Number Assignment Module (Cellular) NANP North American Numbering Plan (telco) NAOC National Airborne Operations Center, aka Nightwatch, old NEACP NARTE Natl Assn of Radio & Telecommunications Engineers NARTEL North Atlantic Radiotelephone NAS (1)Naval Air Station NAS (2)National Academy of Sciences (US) NAS (3)National Airspace System NASA (1)National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA (2)National Acronym Slinging Agency NASTD National Association of State Telecommunications Directors NAT (1)North Atlantic (MWARA) NAT (2)Network Address Translation NATC Naval Air Test Center NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization NAV Navigation NAV/COMM Airplane Navigation/Communication radio NAVAID Navigational aid NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command NAVAREA Navigational Area (IMO/IHO) NAVCEN USCG Navigation Center, VA NAVCOMMAREA Naval Communication Area NAVCOMPARS Naval Communications Processing and Routing System

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NAVCOMMSTA Naval Communications Station NAVCOMTELCOM Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command NAVMARCORMARS Navy/Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio Service (US) NAVMTO Navy Material Transportation Office NAVRADTRANSFAC Navy Radio Transmitter Facility NAVSAT NAVigation SATellite NAVTEX Navigational Telex, Navigational Text (518 kHz SITOR-B) NAWAS National Warning System NAWC Naval Air Warfare Center NAWCAD Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division NAWC-WPN Naval Air Warfare Center NAWS (1)Naval Air Weapons Station NAWS (2)Old group call: Notice to Allied Warships NB (1)Narrowband NB (2)Noise blanker NBC (1)Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (warfare) NBC (2)National Broadcasting Company NBDP Narrowband direct printing (RTTY) NBDPT Narrowband direct printing telegraphy NBF NetBIOS Frames NBFM Narrowband frequency modulation NBR Narrowband Receiver NBS National Bureau of Standards, now NIST NBSV Narrowband Secure Voice NBSVS Narrowband Secure Voice System NC (1)No Connection NC (2)Normally Closed NC3A NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (Nested acronym!) NCA (1)North Central Asia (MWARA) NCA (2)National Command Authorities, US nuclear "button" NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research, CO NCC National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications (US NCS) NCCOSC Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center NCCS Navy Command and Control System NCDC National Climatic Data Center NCEM National Coordinating Council for Emergency Management, now IAEM NCEP National Center for Environmental Prediction NCFSK Non-Coherent Frequency Shift Keying NCG Nicaragua (country code) NCIC National Crime Information Center, US database of police records NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service NCO Non-Commissioned Officer NCPi Netware Core Protocol NCR (1)National Capital Region (US) NCR (2)National Cash Register NCS (1)National Communications System, US government NCS (2)Net Control Station NCS (3)Naval Communications Station NCS (4)Network Coordinating Station NCSA National Centre for Supercomputing Applications, developed Mosaic web browser, which became Netscape (Mozilla) NCTAMS Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station NCTS Naval Computer and Telecommunications System NCTSI Navy Center for Tactical Systems Interoperability (US) NCWF National Convective Weather Forecast ND Nondirectional NDB Nondirectional beacon NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification NDMS National Disaster Medical System NDRS National Distress and Response System NDRSMP National Distress and Response System Modernization Project NDS NUDET Detection System, see NUDET NE Northeast NEACP National Emergency Airborne Command Post, "kneecap," now NAOC NECC National Emergency Coordination Center (FEMA) NECN National Emergency Coordination Network NERC North American Electric Reliability Council (bulk power delivery) NERK Old CW group call, obsolete NESDIS National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service NESP Navy EHF Satellite Program NEST Nuclear Emergency Search Team ("Flynest") NET/ROM Network packet radio protocol NetBEUI NetBIOS Extended User Interface NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System NEXRAD Next generation of (weather) Radar NFCB National Federation of Community Broadcasters (US) NFCC National Frequency Coordinators' Council NFO Naval Flight Officer (same as RIO) NFR Navy Fleet Relay (USN secure satcom) NFS Network File System NFWS Navy Fighter Weapons School NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (ex-NIMA) NGLT Next Generation Launch Technology NGO (1)Nongovernmental organization NGO (2)Near-Geosynchronous Orbit NGO (3)Naval Gunnery Officer NHC National Hurricane Center, i.e. TPC NHK Nihon Hoso Kyokai , Japanese public broadcast co. NIC (1)Network Interface Card NIC (2)Network Information Center NiCad Nickel Cadmium (battery) NiCd Nickel Cadmium (battery) NICP National inventory control point NIEX No-Notice Interoperability Exercise (NATO) NIFC National Interagency Fire Center (US forest fire resources) NIFTP Network Independent File Transfer Protocol NIL CW prosign: "No traffic" or "I copy nothing" NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency (now NGA) NIMBY Not In My Back Yard (place people want radio towers) NiMH Nickel-metal hydride (battery) NiMh Nickel-Metal-Hydride (battery) NIMS Naval Ionospheric Measuring System (UK) Niner Number nine, to distinguish from five [~] NIPRNET Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (military's own Internet, with SIPRNET) NIS Network Information System N-ISDN Narrow Band-Integrated Services Digital Network N-ISDN Narrowband ISDN NISO National Information Standards Organisation (US) NISP Networked Information Services Project (UK) NISS National Information on Software and Services (UK) NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology (old NBS) NLM Netware Loadable Module (extension of Novell Netware) NLSP Netware Link Services Protocol Nm (1)Nautical Mile(s) Nm (2)Nanometer NM Nautical Mile(s) nm Nautical Mile(s); about 1.24 statute miles(1.85 km) NMA US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Miami, now controlled from CAMSLANT NMC (1)National Meteorological Center NMC (2)Call of US Coast Guard CAMSPAC Pt Reyes, CA NMC (3)Naval Missile Center NMEA National Marine Electronics Assn NMF US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Boston, will be ctld from CAMSLANT NMG US Coast Guard COMMSTA, New Orleans, remote from CAMSLANT NMN US Coast Guard CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA NMO US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Honolulu NNCC National Network Control Center (FAA) NNE North-northeast nnnn RTTY/Telex ending characters

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NNR National Nature Reserve NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol (USENET) NNW North-northwest NO Normally Open NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration NOC (1)Network Operation Center NOC (2)Non-Official Cover (now "OGA") NOE Nap-Of-the-Earth (low altitude attack) NOGAPS Navy Operational Global Atmospherics Prediction System NOI Notice Of Inquiry (FCC rulemaking) NOIWON National Operations Intelligence Watch Officers Net NOJ US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Kodiak NOMTS Naval Ordnance Missile Test Center NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAPS Navy Operational Regional Atmospherics Prediction System NORDO (1)No Radio NORDO (2)Aircraft has no radio (uses visual signals to tower) NORLANT North Atlantic norm normal NOS (1)Amateur version of TCP/IP (Internet protocols) NOS (2)National Ocean Service NOS (3)Network Operating System NOS (4)New, Old-Stock (wine or vacuum tubes) NOSC Naval Ocean Systems Center, San Diego, CA, now NCCOSC NOSIG No Significent Weather NOSPECI no SPECI reports are taken at the station NOTAM Notice to Airmen NP North Pacific (MWARA) NPA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPN Negative/Positive/Negative; transistor type NPR National Public Radio (US) NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FCC) NPS National Park Service (US) NPSC National Process Serving Center (FEMA) NPSTC National Public Safety Telecommunications Council NRaD Naval Research and Development (US) NRAO National Radio Astronomy Observatory NRC (1)National Radio Club NRC (2)Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US) NREN National Research and Education Network, faster Internet successor for research sites NRI Net radio interface NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting (Denmark broadcast co.) NRL Naval Research Laboratory (US) NRN National Radio News (Australia) NRO National Reconnaissance Office (operates US spy satellites) NRS Nordic Radio Society NRT Navigation Response Team NRV US Coast Guard COMMSTA, Guam, controlled from CAMSPAC NRWATS Naval Rotary Wing Aircraft Test Squadron NRZ Nonreturn to Zero NRZL Return To Zero Level NRZM Nonreturn To Zero Mark NRZS Nonreturn To Zero Space NS Node switch NS/EP National Security/ Emergency Preparedness NSA (1)National Security Agency (US intercept and crypto) NSA (2)No Such Agency (NSA used to "not exist") NSA (3)Never Say Anything (NSA secrecy policy) NSAP Network Service Address Point NSAWC Naval Strike and Air Weapons Center (replaces "Top Gun") NSAWC Navy Strike Aircraft Weapons Center NSE National Support Element NSF National Science Foundation (US) NSFNET National Science Foundation Network, old Internet backbone NSK Narrowband shift keying NSS Navigation Safety System NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (US) NSU Network Server Unit nT Nanotesla (unit of magnetic flux=1nWeber/m) NT Not Tested NTA (1)National Telecommunications Alliance (NCS) NTA (2)National telecom administration (ITU member bodies) NTC National Teleregistration Center (FEMA) NTCC Naval TeleCommunications Center NTCN National Telecommunication Coordination Network NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration NTM Notice to Mariners NTMS National Telecommunications Management Structure (national emergency plan) NTN NATO Track Number NTS (1)National Traffic System, amateur message network NTS (2)Naval Telecommunications System NTSC (1)National Television Standards Committee (US TV standard) NTSC (2)Never The Same Color (result of using above) NTT Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (Japanese "FCC") NUC Nuclear NUCINT Nuclear Intelligence NUCO Numerical Code (US Navy) NUDET Nuclear detonation NUKO Old group call: To All Ships Receiving MERCAST NUL Nothing (ASCII 0000) NVG Night-Vision Goggles NVIC Navigation & Vessel Inspection Circular NVIS Near Vertical Incidence Skywave NVOAD National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster NVRAM Nonvolatile Random Access Memory NW (1)CW brevity code: "Now," or "New" NW (2)Northwest NWC Naval Weapons Center NWCG National Wildfire Coordination Group NWEF Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility NWR NOAA Weather Radio NWS (1)National Weather Service (US) NWS (2)Naval Weapons Station NWSFO National Weather Service Forecsting Office NWSOP National Winter Storm Operation Plan nx News NYSEMO New York State Emergency Management Office O&O Owned & Operated (by broadcast network) o/l Online O/R Address Originator/Recipient Address O/R On request O/S Out of service OARNET Ohio Academic Resources Network OASD/C3I Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for command, control, communications and intelligence OASIS Operational and Supportability Implementation System (FAA) OBC On-board computer OBS Ship weather report in standard form OCA Oceanic Control Area OCC Operations Control Center (Centre) OCD (1)Office of Civilian Defense, obsolete OCD (2)Operations Control Division OCNL occasional OCONUS Outside Continental United States OCOT Office of the Chief of Transportation (US Army) OCR (1)Optical Character Recognition OCR (2)Optically Coupled Regenerative OCS Office of Coast Survey OD (1)Officer of the Day

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OD (2)Overdose OD (3)Outside Diameter ODBC Open DataBase Connectivity (Microsoft) ODMA Orthogonal Domain Multiple Access ODMP Orbiter Maintenance Down Period (NASA) OE Operating Expense OEI One Engine Inoperative OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OFCM Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex OFP Operational Flight Program OG Operations Group OGA Other Governmental Agencies (formerly "NOC") OHD overhead OIC Officer In Charge OIS Organization for Internet Security OLAC Open Language Archives Community OLAP On-Line Analytical Processing OLF Outlying Landing Field (US Navy) OLTP On-Line Transaction Processing (IBM) OLX OLE Custom Control (MS made it up... i didn't) OM Male voice ("Old Man") OMEGA Optimized Method for Estimated Guidance Accuracy (VLF Navigation) OMF (Weather) Observation Markup Format OMS ("ohms") Orbital Maneuvering System (NASA) OO Official Observer (Amateur) OOB (1)Out of band OOB (2)Out Of Bounds (classic Internet hack) OOC Official Observer Coordinator (Amateur) OOK On-off keying OOOI Out, Off, On, In (ACARS time reporting) OOP Object-Oriented Programming OOW Operations Other than War OP Observation Post op Operation OPAL Orbiting Picosat Automatic Launcher OPBAT Operations, Bahamas and Turks (see JTF) OPC (1)Ocean Prediction Center, Camp Springs, MD OPC (2)Operations Center OPCEN Operations Center OPCODE Operations code OPCON Operational control OPF Orbiter Processing Facility (NASA) OPLAN Operations plan OPORD Operation order OPSEC Operation Security OQPSK Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying OR Offroute (unscheduled flights, usually military) ORACLE Oak Ridge Automated Computer and Logical Engine ORBS Open Relay Behaviour-modification System (anti-email-spam) ORF Oesterreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian broadcasting co.) ORFM Office of Radio Frequency Management org organization (Internet) OS (1)Operating system (code that runs a computer) OS (2)Operations Support OS Operations Specialist (combines older USCG RD and TC) OS/2 Operating System 2, proprietary IBM op-system for PS/2 OS/2 Operating System II (IBM) OSC (1)Operations Systems Center, USCG, VA OSC (2)On-Scene Coordinator OSC (3)Oscillator [~] OSCAR Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OSCR Ocean Surface Current Radar OSEI Operational Significant Event Imagery (NOAA) OSI Open Systems Interconnection (coincidentally, OSI is by ISO) OSIR ISO's famous 7-layer "OSI Reference Model" for packet OSIRM ISO's famous 7-layer "OSI Reference Model" for packet OSPF Open Shortest Path First OSS Office of Special Services, WWII OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy (US Government) OSWER Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response OTAN NATO in French OTAR Over-The-Air Rekeying (crypto) OTASP Over-the-Air Service Provisioning (telco) OTCIXS Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange System OTHB Over The Horizon Backscatter radar OTHR Over the horizon radar OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier Out Voice prosign: Contact completed, going back to listening OVC overcast Over Voice prosign: Transmission completed, go ahead OVR Overcast OWF Optimum Working Frequency, realtime version of FOT OWI Office of War Information, WW II P greater than P Plus P Power (in watts) P/N Part number p/p (1)phone patch p/p (2)point-to-point p/p (3)peak-to-peak PA (1)Power amplifier PA (2)Public address system PA (3)Passenger agent PA (4)Privacy Act PA (5)Proceed Authority PAC (1)Pacific PAC (2)Personnel and Administration Center PAC (3)Political Action Committee PAC-3 Patriot Advance Capability 3 PACAF Pacific Air Force (US) PACAREA Pacific Area (USCG) PACSAT Packet radio satellite PACTOR Packet teleprinting over radio (modes 1 and 2) PAD Packet assembler/disassembler PADAN PAcket Digital Amateur Network PADIL PATRIOT Digital Information Link (US missile batteries) PAL Plus 16:9 PAL PAL (1)Phase Alternate Line (W. Europe TV standard) PAL (2)Positive Arm Latches PAM (1)Phase-Amplitude Modulation, modems PAM (2)Pulse Amplitude Modulation PAM (3)Pluggable Authentication Modules (Linux) PAN Prosign: priority safety traffic follows (also "PAN PAN") [~] PANA Pan-African News Agency PanAmSat Pan American Satellite Co., operates 17 COMSATs PAO Public affairs officer PAP (1)Polska Agencja Prasowa PAP (2)Password Authentication Protocol, computer networks PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator PAR Precision Radar Approach, new name for GCA PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox, obsolete) PASR personnel accounting and strength reporting PATRECONFOR Patrol and Reconnaissance Force (US Navy) PATWAS Pilot Automated Telephone Weather Answering Service PAVE PAWS Phased array SLBM warning system, 4 US Coastal sites PAVE Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry

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PAWS (1)Phased Array Warning System, e.g., PAVE PAWS PAWS (2)Programmable Analyst Work Station PAWSS Ports and Waterways Safety System PAX (1)Passengers PAX (2)~"Peace" in Latin ("Pax Americana") PBBS Packet Bulletin Board System PBS Public Broadcasting System PBT Portable Breathalyzer Test (police drunk testing) PBX Private Branch Exchange (telco) PC (1)Personal Computer PC (2)Printed Circuit PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect (Intel) PCM Pulse code modulation PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association PCN Personal Communication Network PCS (1)Personal Communication Service (mobile phone) PCS (2)Performance Control System PCS (3)Prelaunch Compatibility Station (GPS) PCS (4)Personal Communications System PDA Personal Digital Assistant (palmtop computer) PDC Personal Digital Cellular PDF Portable Document Format (Adobe) PDM Pulse Duration Modulation PDP Programmed Data Processor (DEC, 1960 on, classic machines) PDS Particularly Dangerous Situation (NOAA/NWS) PDT Pacific Daylight Time, US PDU Protocol Data Unit PE (1)ice pellets PE (2)Portable Executable (Micky$oft) PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail PEO-C3S Program Executive Office - Command, Control and Communications Systems PEO-IEWS Program Executive Office - Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors PEP Peak envelope power PER Packed Encoding Rules PERL Practical Extraction and Report Language, Unix scripting pers personnel PERSCOM Personnel command PEST Plasma Experiment Satellite Test pf Picofarad PF Pilot Flying PFC (1)Private, First Class PFC (2)Prepared Form Card, a homemade QSL for a station to sign PFRR Poker Flat Research Range, AK PGP Pretty Good Privacy, e-mail encryption program PHOTINT Photographic Intelligence (satellite pics, etc.) PHP PHP Hypertext Processor (a recursive acronym) PI protection interval PIC Programmable Interrupt Controller (computers) PIN Personal Identification Number pine Pine Is Nearly/Not/Not yet Elm, Unix mailer PING Packet InterNet Groper (ICMP "ping pong" tester for net) PIO (1)Public Information Officer PIO (2)Programmed Input/Output PIP Peripheral Interchange Program, old CP/M copy PIPEX Public IP EXchange (UK) PIREP Pilot Report, weather in standard form PIW Person(s) In Water PK WND peak wind PL (1)"Private Line," Motorola tradename for CTCSS PL (2)Pilot light PL/1 Programming Language 1 (computer code) PLB Personal Locator Beacon PLC Power Line Carrier (Power company LF control system) PLIP Parallel Line Internet Protocol PLL (1)Phase Locked Loop PLL (2)prescribed load list PLS CW brevity: Please PM (1)Phase Modulation, slightly resembles FM PM (2)Post Meridian, hours between noon and 11:59 local PM (3)Project Manager PMBO Participating Mailbox PMC Personnel management center PMCS Preventive maintenance checks and services PME Protective Multiple Earth (ground) PMFC Pacific Missile Firing Center PMO Provost Marshall's Office PMRS Private Mobile Radio Service PMSV Pilot-to-Metro Service PM-TRCS Project manager, tactical radio communication systems PN Pseudo-Noise PNA Philippines News Agency PNF Pilot Not Flying PNO precipitation amount not available PNP Positive/Negative/Positive; transistor type PO dust/sand whirls (dust devils) POB Persons On Board POC Point of Contact POCSAG Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group (paging) POD Point of debarkation POE Point of embarkation POES Polar Orbit Environmental Satellite POETS Push Off Early - Tomorrow's Saturday POL Petroleum, oils, and lubricants POL-ARQ Polish diplomatic ARQ teleprinter system POP (1)Post Office Protocol (Internet) POP (2)Point of presence POR Pacific Ocean Region (USCG) PORTS Physical Oceanographic Real-Time Systems POSIX OSI standard, like Unix POSIX Portable Operating System Interface POST Power-On Self Test pot Potentiometer [~] POTS (1)Plain Old Telephone System POTS (2)Plain Old Telephone Service POTS (3)Purchase Of Telephone Service (US Government) POTUS President Of The United States pp Phone patch PP Transmission is in Portuguese PPDL Point to Point Data Link PPM (1)portable pixmap PPM (2)Page per minute PPM (3)Parts per million PPM (4)Pulse Position Modulation PPP Point-to-Point Protocol PPPoE Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet PPR Prior Permission Required (military landing permit) PPTP Point-to-Point-Tunneling Protocol PQM path quality matrix PR (1)Puerto Rico PR (2)Person Reporting (police) PR partial PRB Personal Radio Bureau (FCC) PRB-1 Personal Radio Bureau 1, FCC resolution attempting to preempt local radio laws PRB-1 Personal Radio Bureau-1 (FCC tower rule) PRC (1)Pseudo-Range Correction (DGPS) PRC (2)People's Republic of China prep preparation PRESRR pressure rising rapidly

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PRFG PRM PRML PROM ProSEDS Prosign PRZ PS/2 PSA PSAP PSB PSDN PSE PSK PSK-31 PSL PSM PSO PSR PSRAM PSS PSS PSSN PST PSTN PSWAC PT PT PT PTC PTD PTO PTR PTR PTR PTT PTT PU pub PUP PVASI PVO PWINO PWM PWR PY Q Q QA QAM QCWA QLF QNH QoS QPC QPSK QRA QRCT QRG QRG QRH QRL QRL? QRL? QRM QRN QRO QRO QRP QRP QRP QRQ QRR QRRR QRS QRSS QRSS QRT QRT QRU QRU? QRV QRX QSA QSB QSD QSK QSL QSL QSO QST QST QSTAG QSV QSV? QSX QSY QSY QTC QTH QWD QWERTY QWZ R chks R R R R R R&D R&O R/T R/W R3E RA RA RA RA RAA RAAF RAC-ARQ RACES Racon RAD Radar RADARA RADAY RADIL partial fog Pulse rate modulation Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (HD transfer mode) Programmable Read Only Memory Propulsive Small Expendable Deployer System (NASA) Procedural Signal ("over," etc.) Polar Return to Zero Personal System 2, IBM's less-than-sensational replacement for the PC Public Service Announcement Public Safety Answering Point Personnel services battalion Public Switched Data Network CW brevity: Please Phase-shift keying Phase-shift keyed very narrowband simplex direct printing scheme Process Specification language Pulse step modulation Public service officer Primary Surveillance Radar Pseudo Static Random Access Memory, obsolescent (1)Personnel service support (2)Packet Switch Stream (British Telecom) pseudo sunspot number Pacific Standard Time, US Public Switched Telephone Network Public Safety Wireless Advisory Committee (1)Preparedness, Training and Exercises Directorate (FEMA) (2)Patrol Torpedo (boat) (3)Permeability Tuned Parallel Test Component (Linux) Pilot-to-dispatcher Permeability tuned oscillator (1)Primary Training Range (2)Puerto Rico (3)Pointer [~] (1)Push to talk (2)Post, Telegraph and Telephone administration (UK) ("Papa Uniform") participating unit publication Principal User Processor Pulsating Visual Approach Slope Indicator private volunteer organization precipitation identifier sensor not available Pulse width modulation Power spray HectoPascals (U.S. METAR variant) Quality (measure of selectivity in inductive circuits) Quality Assurance Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Quarter Century Wireless Association (amateur) Facetious prosign: Now send with your LEFT foot Set your altimeter to -- barometric pressure Quality of Service Question Pool Committee (amateur exams) Quaternary Phase Shift Keying The name of my station is -Quick Reaction Communications Terminal (1)Your frequency is -- kHz (2)The frequency is --, Kenneth Drift ("Your frequency varies...") I'm busy; frequency is in use (1)Are you busy? (2)Is this frequency in use? Interference Noise (1)High power operation (2)Please increase power (1)Low power operation (2)Please reduce power (3)Quick Reaction Package (US Army vehicle) Please increase code sending speed Old land distress call, now SOS, MAYDAY, or QRRR Old land distress call Please reduce transmission speed (1)VERY low speed CW ("super QRS") (2)Quasi-Random Signal Source (1)Station has ceased transmitting (2)Please cease transmitting I have no traffic for you Do you have traffic for me? I am ready (go with your traffic) Please standby Signal strength Fading Your keying is defective Duplex CW ("break-in") (1)A card or letter confirming reception of a radio station (2)Acknowledgment of transmission, a fancy "roger" Communications between two or more stations (1)General call: "Hello all amateurs" (2)Ham radio magazine published by ARRL Qadripartite Standardization Agreement Send Vs Should I send Vs? I am listening on... (1) Frequency change (2) Change frequency to -- kHz Message Location of station Quarterly World Days, observation intervals Name of standard typewriter keyboard, from top row of ltrs Facetious prosign: Are you woozy? I am woozy Radio checks (1)CW prosign: "Message received" (2)DC resistance (in ohms) (3)Resistor (4)Right (5)Runway Research & Development Report & Order (FCC) Receiver/Transmitter Rotary wing (helicopter) Single sideband, reduced carrier (usually 6 dB) radiotelephony (1)Radio Authority (UK) (2)Rain (3)Radio Australia (4)File format: Real Audio Royal Australian Army Royal Australian Air Force ARQ mode propietary to Racal/Thales Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, FEMA affiliates Radar Beacon Radiological [~] Radio Detection And Ranging Regional And Domestic Air Route Area Radio Day (US Mil) ROCC/AWACS digital information link

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RADINT (1)Radar intelligence RADINT (2)Radiation intelligence RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial In Service RADM Rear Admiral RADMO Radio Mode RADSL Rate Adaptive Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line RADSTA Radio Station RAF Royal Air Force RAG Replacement Air Group RAI Radio Televisione Italiana RAID (1)Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (servers) RAID (2)Rapid Assessment and Initial Detection team (FEMA/Army NG) RAIL Runway Alignment Indicator Lights RAM Random Access Memory (can be changed) RAMAC Random Access Method Of Accounting And Control (IBM, 1956) RAMDAC Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter RAMP Radar Modernization Project RAN Royal Australian Navy RAOC rear area operations center RAPCON Radar approach control RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol RASC Radio Atmospheric Science Center (Japan) RASP Radio Science And Propagation RATCF Radar Air Traffic Control Facility (USN) RATS Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society RATT Radioteletype (usually military 75/100 bd) RAV Restricted Availability RB Radar Beacon RBL Realtime Blackhole List (Internet) RBL Realtime Blackhole List (spam filtering) RBS Radar Bomb Scoring RC (1)Reserve Components (US Army) RC (2)Radio control RCA Radio Corporation of America RCC (1)Rescue Coordination Center (GMDSS) RCC (2)Range control center (USAF) RCC (3)Resource control complex RCC (4)Rag Chewer's Club (ham award) RCCC Range communications control center RCI Radio Canada International RCMA Dead scanner radio club, which included HF utility RCNC Range communications network controller RCNY Rules of the City of New York RCO Range Control Officer rcp Remote Copy (unix) RCP Resource Change Proposal RCR Runway Condition Reading RCS (1)Radio Communication System RCS (2)Reaction Control System (NASA) RCS (3)Radar cross-section RCS (4)Radio Conference Subcommittee (of IRAC) RCS (5)Remote Control System RCS Radio Conference Subcommittee rcv Receive mode rcvr receiver RD (1)replacement directorate RD (2)Restricted data RD (3)Regional Director RD Radar man (old USCG grade) RDARA Regional and Domestic Air Route Area RDEC Research, Development and Engineering Center (Army) RDF (1)Radio direction finding RDF (2)Resource Description Framework RDF (3)Resource Description Format RDF (4)Rapid Deployment Force RDF (5)Repeater Distribution Frame (telephony) RDF (6)Raw Data File RDF (7)Record Description Field RDM (1)Radio Data Modem RDM (2)Radio Diffusion Marocaine (Morroco) RDNS Reverse Domain Name System lookup (Internet) RDRAM RAMBUS (company) Dynamic Random Access Memory RDS Remote Data Service RDT Remote digital terminal RE Reverse engineering REACT Radio Emergency Associated Communication Team, like ARES, but on CB and GMRS REC Radio-electronic combat rec receive recon reconnaissance REDHORSE Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineer REE Radio Exterior de Espana (Spain overseas broadcaster) Reg regulation, includes radio rules REJ Packet control frame: Reject, data out of sequence Rem (1)Remark (computer programming) Rem (2)Radiation-equivalent, man (nuclear safety) REP Radiological Emergency Preparedness (program) REQ request req'd required RETMA Radio, Electronics, Television Manufacturers Assn, now EIA retrans retransmission rev reverse RF Radio Frequency RF/EMPINT Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Pulse Intelligence RFC (1)RF Choke RFC (2)Request For Comment (Internet standards) RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service (Australia) RFDU RF distribution unit RFE Radio Free Europe RFI (1)RF Interference RFI (2)Radio France International RFID Radio Frequency Identification RFP Request For Proposals RFPI Radio For Peace International, Costa Rica RFR RF radiation RG-# Radio Guide, Radio Group, Radio Grade (differs) - coax cable designator RGB Red, Green, Blue; additive color mixing like TV RGS Remote ground station RHC Radio Havana Cuba RHCP Right-hand circular polarization RHOJ Radar home on jam RI (1)Routing indicator (Telex or radiograms) RI (2)Ring Indicator (modem line) RIAA Recording Industry Assn of America (audio) RIFF Resource Interchange File Format (Microsoft MIDI) RIMM (1)RAMBUS In-Line Memory Module RIMM (2)Removable Interchangeable Media Module RIO (1)Radar Intercept Officer RIO (2)Relative Ionospheric Opacity Riometer Relative Ionospheric Opacity Meter (uses cosmic RF) RIPE Regional Internet Registry for Europe RIPE Reseaux IP Europeens (Internet registry) RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing, chip architecture RIT Receiver Incremental Tuning, same as "clarifier" RITL Radio In The Loop (telephony) RJ Radio Japan RLC Resistance-Inductance-Capacitance (network) Rlogin Remote Login, networking program like telnet RM (1)("Romeo Mike") Radioman, radio operator

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RM RM RMA RMA RMA RMA RMC RMI RMI RMI RMI RMK RMP RMP RMP RMP RMP RMS RMS RMS RMS RMS RMS RMTN RN RN RN RN RN rn RNR RNZ RNZAF RNZI RNZN RO RO ROA ROC ROC ROC ROCC ROE ROFL ROFOR Roger ROLAP ROM ROMPRES RON ROSE ROTATE ROTFL ROTHR ROTR ROVER RP RP RPA RPA RPC RPG RPI RPM rpm RPN rpt rpt Rptr RPU RQ RQ RQS RR RR RR RR RR RR RRC RRC RRP RRSS RRx RS RS RS RS RS RS RS RS RS RS RS-232 RSA RSA RSGB rsh RSN RSO RSOC RSS RSS RSS RSS RST RST RSTA RSVP RSVP RT RT RT RT RTB RTC RTCA RTCE RTCM RTCP RTD RTDC RTE RTF RTF RTFM RTFMS (2)Radio Man (old USCG grade, became TC) (3)File extension: Real Media (1)Revolution in Military Affairs (US tax subsidized paper crunching) (2)Return Merchandise Authorization (3)Reduced Major Axis) (4)Old Microsoft midi file format (see MIDI) Regional Meteorological Center (1)Radio Magnetic Indicator (2)Republic of the Marshall Islands (3)RIFF MIDI (an acronym made up of acronyms) (4)Radio Miami International Remarks (1)Radio Mobile Patrol (NYPD car) (2)Radio Motor Patrol (3)Radio Móvil Privada (Spanish: Private Mobile Radio) (4)Raster Map Product (5)Radio Merkury Poznan (Poland) (1)Royal Majesty Ship (2)Royal Mail Steamer (obsolete?) (3)Root Mean Square (4)Remote Mine Sweeping (5)Radar Manual Systems (6)Remote Manipulator System (space shuttle's robot arm) Region IV Meteorological Telecommunication Network (1)Radio Netherlands (2)Royal Navy (3)Registered Nurse (4)Revision Notice Radio Netherlands Read News, usually the default Unix Usenet reader Packet control frame: Receive Not Ready Radio New Zealand Royal New Zealand Air Force Radio New Zealand International Royal New Zealand Navy Radio Officer (traditionally trained in Morse code) Receive Only Remotely Operated Aircraft (1)Regional Operating Center (FEMA/NCS) (2)Rear operations center (3)Reservoir Operating Center (USACE) Regional Operations Control Center Rules Of Engagement Rolling On Floor Laughing (Internet, also ROTFL) Route Forecast Voice Prosign: Message Received (from "R" in Morse code) relational on-line analytical processing (databases) Read Only Memory (can't easily be changed) Romanian press agency Remain Over Night (US military) RATS Open System Environment (Packet; see RATS) Radar Observations of Tornadoes And Thunderstorms Experiment Rolling On The Floor Laughing (Internet, also ROFL) Relocatable (HF) Over-The-Horizon Radar Receive-Only Typing Reperforator (tape printer) Remote Out-of-Vehicle Emergency Radio (LAPD) (1)Received Pronunciation (British radio "accent") (2)Reporting Party (Police) (1)Remote Passphrase Authentication (2)Radio-Programming Application Remote Procedure Call (lousy Windoze security) Report Program Generator (strange IBM computer language) Runway Point of Intercept Red (Hat) Package Manager (Linux) Rotations per minute Reverse Polish Notation (computing) (1) Reception report (2) CW prosign: repeat Repeater Remote Pickup Unit (1)Repeat Request (2)Request acknowledgment of receipt (DSC protocol) Request to send (modem handshaking line, rare name for RTS) (1)Transmission is in Russian (2)Radio Regulation (ITU) (3)Railroad (don't laugh, some use HF) (4)Packet control frame: Receive Ready (5)Response and Recovery Directorate (FEMA) (6)Radio Reloj (clock radio, SS news format) (1)Regional Radio Conference (ITU) (2)Range Rate Correction (DGPS) Runway Reference Point Radparker Relay Spam Stopper Routine Report, where x is a sequential letter, used for delayed METAR (01)radiated susceptibility (02)range squadron (03)reentry system (04)requirements submission (05)resource scheduling (06)Radio Satellite (Russian amateur) (07)EIA Recommended Standard, RS-232 was one (08)Record Separator (ASCII) (09)Radio Sweden (10)Reference Station Recommended Standard 232, standard serial I/O, now EI-232 (1) Rivest-Shamir-Adelman, inventors of a proprietary type of public-key encryption (2)Republic of South Africa Radio Society of Great Britain Restricted shell (Unix) Real Soon Now (when everything is going to happen) Range Safety Officer Regional SIGINT Operation Center (like Menwith, UK) (1)Really Simple Syndication (world wide web) (2)Radio Subsystem (3)RDF Site Summary (see RDF #2) (4)Rich Site Summary (1)Signal report: Readability, Strength, [Tone] (if CW) (2)Reset reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (1)Resource Reservation Protocol (2)Repondez Si'Vous Plait (Please Respond, party invitations) (1)Radiotelephone (2)Receiver-transmitter (3)Receive Timing (4)routing table Return to base Rail Traffic Control Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics Reat-Time Channel Evaluation Radio Technical Commission for Maritime (services) Real Time Control Protocol Return to duty Real time data controller Radio Telefs Éireann (Ireland) (1)Radiodiffusion Television Francais (2)Runtime file Read the [fine] manual Real-Time (HF) Frequency Management Software

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RTHK RTLS RTLS RTO RTO RTO RTOK RTOS RTS RTT RTT RTTY RTZ RVR RVRNO RWI RWR RWY RX RX RX RXD RXR RY RZ S S s s/n S/N S/NR s/off s/on s/w S&TCD S1 S2 S3 S3A S4 SA SA SA SA SAA SAAF SAAFR SABC SABM SAC SACCS SACD SACEUR SACLANT SAE SAFE SAGE SAID SALS SAM SAM SAM SAMCOM SAME SANA SAO SAO SAP SAP SAP SAR SAR SAR SARAH SAREX SARNET SARSAT SART SART SARTG SASE SAT SAT SAT SATAN SATCOM SATERN SAVASI SAWS SB SB SB SBA SBA S-band SBCS SBD SBD1 SBE SC SC-104 SCA SCA SCADA SCAMP SCAT SCCS SCDCC SCDX SCDXC SCI SCMA SCN SCN SCO SCO SCO SCOPE SCPC SCPT SCR SCRAM SCRRBA SCS SCSI SCSL SCT SDF Radio Television Hong Kong (1)Return to launch site (2)Real-Time Locating Systems (1)Responsible Test Organization (US) (2)Radiotelephone Operator (LAPD) (3)Range training officer Retest OK Real Time Operating System Request To Send (secondary handshaking modem line) (1)Radioteletype (2)Radio Transmission Technology Radioteletype Return To Zero Runway Visual Range RVR system not available radio wire integration (changed to NRI-net radio interface) Radar Warning Receiver runway (1)Receiver (2)Religious programming (3)Retransmission Received Data (Serial I/O) Receive Reversed (usually RTTY Mark/Space) RYRYRY teleprinter test call Return to Zero (1)south (2)Siemen second Serial number Signal/Noise ratio Signal/Noise Ratio Sign off Sign on software (computer programs and instructions) Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate Adjutant (US Army) Intelligence Officer (US Army) Operations and Training Officer (US Army) Supervised Standard Scientific Analysis Supply Officer (US Army) (1)South Atlantic (2)Sand (3)Situational Awareness (4)Selective Activation (GPS) South Atlantic Anomaly, a large magnetic deviation Small Austere Air Field Standard use Army Aircraft Flight Route South African Broadcasting Corporation Packet control frame: Set Async Balanced Mode (connect) Strategic Air Command, now part of US Stratcom Strategic Automated Command & Control System Super Audio Compact Disk (Sony/Philips) Supreme Allied Command(er) Europe Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic {NATO} Self Addressed Envelope (usually with IRC or "green stamp") Selected Area For Evasion Semi-Automated Ground Environment (early, huge, USAF system) Sub-Auroral Ion Drift Short Approach Lighting System (1)Special Air Mission (US Air Force VIP flight) (2)South America (MWARA) (3)Surface-to-Air missile Special Air Missions Communications ("Mystic Star") Specific Area Message Encoding (US weather warnings) Syrian Arab News Agency (1)South Atlantic Ocean (2)Surface Aviation Observation (weather) (1)Second Audio Program (2)Special-Access Program (3)Soon As Possible, when every radio project has to be done (1)Search and rescue (2)Synthetic Aperture Radar (3)Station Availability Report (SHARES) Standard Automated Remote to Autodin Host Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment NOAA SARSAT Network Search And Rescue Satellite (1) Survival Craft Radar Transponder (2) Search And Rescue Transponder Scandinavian Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (1)South Atlantic (MWARA) (2)Satellite (3)Saturday Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks Satellite communication Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network Simplified Abbreviated Visual Approach Slope Indicator Stand Alone Weather System (1)Standby (EIA-449) (2)Sierra Bravo, son of a [female dog] (3)Sideband (1)Sovereign Base Area (2)Small Business Administration 1.55-5.2 Ghz microwave band Single Byte Character Set Safe Braking Distance (railroad) Safe Braking Distance + 1 minute (also SBD2, etc) Society of Broadcast Engineers Sudden commencement (of a magnetic storm; causes fadeouts) Special Committee #104 (DGPS Standard) (1)Subsidiary Communications Authorization (US commercial FM) (2)Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (NASA's modified 747 for transporting orbiter) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Single-Channel Antijam Man-Portable Strategic Communications (Continuing) Assessment Program satellite communications control system Southern California Digital Communications Council (Amateur) Sweden Calling DXers Southern California DX Club San Clemente Island (USN, CA) Southern California Monitoring Association (1)System Coordination Net (US Coast Guard) (2)SHARES Coordination Net (US NCS/SHARES) (1)Subcarrier oscillator (2)Santa Cruz Organization, a software source (3)State Coordinating Officer (FEMA/NSEP) System Capable Of Planned Expansion (Scope Command) Single channel per carrier Single channel per transponder Silicon controlled rectifier Scramble; automated fast shutdown of nuclear reactor [~] Southern California Repeater/Remote Base Assn (Amateur) Satellite Control Squadron Small Computer System Interface ("scuzzy") stratocumulus standing lenticular cloud Scattered clouds Simplified Directional Facility

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SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDI Strategic Defense Initiative, U.S. space money sink SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control, bitwise computer comm protocol SDLP Station Data Link Protocol SDNRIU Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Unit SDR Software Defined Radio SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory SDSL Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line SDU Secure data unit SDX Semi-duplex SE Southeast SEA Southeast Asia (MWARA) SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses SEAL Sea, Air, Land (US Navy special op teams) SEAM Space Emergency Action Message SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organization (now ASEAN) sec Second SEC Software Engineering Center (Army) SECAF Secretary of the Air Force SECAM (1)SEquentiel Couleur A Memoire, weird French TV standard, adopted by Russian bloc to keep out Western TV SECAM (2)Simply Everything Contrary to America SECDEF Secretary of Defense (US) SECT SHARES Emergency Coordination Team SECURE State Emergency Capability Using Radio Effectively SECURITE Prosign: safety traffic follows; uses FF pronunciation SEE-CURE-EE-TAY SEDENA Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional (Mexico) SEE Stimulated Electromagnetic Emissions SELCAL Selective Calling (tones or numbers) [~] SELFEC Selective FEC SELSCAN Proprietary name for Collins scanning ALE HF radio system SENS System Event Notification Service (Windows) SENSAPI System Event Notification Service API (nested acronym) SENSE Synthetic Environments for National Security Estimates SEP Solar Energetic Particle Event (observation interval) SES Ship Earth Station SESC Space Environmental Services Center SESEF Ship Electronic Systems Evaluation Facility (US Navy) SETI Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (by radio) SEVOCOM Secure voice communications SEW Space & Electronic Warfare SF Special Facility SFA Single Frequency Approach SFC surface SFCG Space Frequency Coordination Group SFDU Standard formatted data unit SFF Small Form Factor (hard disks) SFU Solar flux unit SG Signal ground SG snow grains SGIN Subgroup Identification Number (FCC) SGML (1)Standard Generalised Markup Language SGML (2)Standard Generalized Markup Language SGRAM Synchronous Graphic Random Access Memory SGT Sergeant SH (Rain) Showers sh Bourne Shell, originally the Unix default command interpreter SHA-1 Secure Hash Algorithm-1, US code SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe SHARES SHAred RESources, part of US Federal NCS SHF super high frequency SHIFOR Stastical Hurricane Intensity FORecast SHIPS Stastical Hurricane Intensity Prediction Scheme SHOALS Scanning Hydrographic Operational Airborne LIDAR Survey SHTTP Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (web) SI (1)Systeme Internationale d'Unites; a standard unit system SI (2)Shift In (Baudot & ASCII) SIC (1)Service Identification Code SIC (2)Standard Industrial Classifification SIC (3)Standards Implementation Committee SIC (4)Specific Inductive Capacity SID Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (solar flare effect) SIG (1)Signature [~] SIG (2)Special Interest Group SIGCEN signal center [~] SIGINT Signals Intelligence [~] SIGMET Significant Meteorological warning signals [~] SILENCE MAYDAY Voice prosign: frequency is on standby for distress traffic; uses FF pronunciation SEE-LONCE MAY-DAY SIMM Single In-line Memory Module SIMMS Single In-line Modular Memory System SIMOP Simultaneous Operation (of radios; an interference standard) Simul Simulcast SINAD signal-plus-noise-plus-distortion to noise-plus-distortion ratio SINCGARS Single-Channel Ground/Airborne Radio System SINPFEMO Signal report: adds modulation and propagation details SINPO Signal report: adds Noise, Propagation to SIO SINS Ship's Inertial Navigation System SIO (1)Signal report: Strength, Interference, Overall (1-5) SIO (2)Serial Input/Output SIOP Single Integrated Operational Plan SIOPS Special Intelligence Operations SIPRNET Secret IP Router Network (military's own Internet w/NIPRNET) SIR Subsurface Interface Radar SIRTF Space Infrared Telescope Facility (NASA) SIS (1)Secret Intelligence Service (aka MI6, UK) SIS (2)Scramble Information Service (Dutch planespotter network) SITFAA Inter-American Air Forces Telecommunications Network (Spanish) SITOR (1) Simplex Teleprinting Over Radio SITOR (2) Simplex Telex Over Radio SITOR-A Simplex teleprinting over radio system, mode A (ARQ) SITOR-B Simplex teleprinting over radio system, mode B (FEC) SITREP Situation report SITSTAT Situation status SIU Server Interface Unit SJA Staff judge advocate SK CW prosign: "End of transmission," usually written VA SKC Sky clear SKYWARN NWS/ARRL amateur severe weather spotting network SLAM Standoff Land Attack Missile SLB Single Letter Beacon (Russian Navy marker xmsn) SLBM Sea-Launched Ballistic Missile SLC Space Launch Complex SLEP Service Life Extension Program SLHFB Single-Letter High-Frequency beacon (see SLB) SLIP Serial-Line Internet Protocol, older than PPP SLOC Sea lines of communication SLOSH Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges for Hurricanes SLP (1)Seaward Launch Point SLP (2)sea-level pressure SLPNO sea-level pressure not available SLR Shielded Loop Receiver SLS Space Launch Squadron SM Statute Miles SMART (1)Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology SMART (2)Self-Managed Arrival Resequencing Tool SMART (3)Segmented Method for Analytical Ray-Tracing SMART-T Secure Mobile Antijam Reliable Tactical Terminal SMASH Synchronous Multi-channel Access Signalling for HF

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SMB Server Message Block (Windows) SMC Space and Missile Center SMEX Small Explorer (Goddard/NASA) SMF Special Message Field SMMW Sub-millimeter wave SMRS Specialized Mobile Radio System SMS Short Message Service (text) SMSI Sommet Mondial sur la Société de l'Information SMT Surface mount technology SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Internet) SN (1)Serial number SN (2)Snow SNA System Network Architecture SNAFU Situation Normal All [Fouled] Up SNINCR snow increasing rapidly SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol, computers SNR Signal to Noise Ratio SNSM Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (French National Society for Ocean Rescue) SO DIMM Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module SO (1)Sheriff's Office SO (2)Shift Out (ASCII) SOA School Of the Americas (now WHISC) SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol (Internet) SOAR Special Operations Air Regiment SOB Souls On Board, number of people on an aircraft SOCOM Special Operations Command (US Navy) SODIMM Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module SOF (1)Special Operations Forces SOF (2)Safety Of Flight SOH Start Of Heading (ASCII) SOHFRAD Special Operations High Frequency Radio SOHO (1)Solar Heliospheric Observatory (satellite at Lagrange point) SOHO (2)Small Office/Home Office (computing) SOI (1)Signal of interest SOI (2)Signal operation instructions SOI (3)Space Object Identification (NORAD) SOIR Simultaneous Operations on Intersecting Runways SOJ Small Outline J-lead SOL [Spit] Out of Luck SOLAS Safety Of Life At Sea (series of international treaties) Sonar Sound detection & ranging SONET Bell spec for data transmission over optical fiber SONGS San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station SOP Standing/Standard operating procedure SOPS Space Operations Squadron SOS Morse distress call, sent as one long character, replaced CQD [~] SOSB special operations support battalion SOSEC Surveillance Observation Satellite Evaluation Center SOSEX SOSUS Exercise SOSS (1)Sound Search Stations SOSS (2)Soviet Ocean Surveillance System SOSUS (1)Sound Surveillance Underwater System; network of hydrophones across Bering Straight to listen for Russian subs SOTDMA Self-Organizing Time Division Multiple Access SOUTHCOM Southern Command SOW (1)Start Of Watch SOW (2)Statement Of Work SP (1)South Pacific (MWARA) SP (2)Silent Period (500 kHz CW watch, obsolete) SP (3)Shore Patrol (US Navy MPs) SP (4)Space (RTTY) SPAC Spectrum Planning and Policy Advisory Committee SPACECOM US Space Command SPAR (1)Special Air Resources, US Air Force VIP flight SPAR (2)Seagoing Platform for Acoustic Research SPC Storm Prediction Center (NOAA) SPDT Single-Pole, Double-Throw SPDU HFDL: Squitter Protocol Data Unit SPE Satellite Proton Event; solar-terrestrial disturbance SPECI (1)Aviation Selected Special Weather Report, from French SPECI (2)an unscheduled report taken when certain criteria have been met SPEEDX Society for the Preservation of the Engrossing Enjoyment of DXing. I believe that an old "bug" key had this tradename as well. SPF Shortest Path First SPI (1)Service Provider Interface SPI (2)Stateful Packet Inspection SPINCOM Special Intelligence Communications Spkr Speaker SPL Sound Pressure Level SPL/1 High-Order Signal Processing Language #1 SPO Security, plans, and operations SPOD Seaport of debarkation SPS (1)Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (of IRAC) SPS (2)Standard Positioning Service SPS (3)Service Propulsion System (Apollo project) SPSS Space Surveillance Squadron SPST Single-Pole, Single-Throw Spt Support SPTT Security Policy Translation Table SPX Sequenced Packet Exchange SQ squalls sqdn Squadron SQL Structured Query Language (computer databases) SQPSK Staggered Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (like OQPSK) SR Special Reconnaissance (SR-71 "Blackbird") SRA Specialized repair activity SRAM Static Random Access Memory SRB Solid-Rocket Booster(s), NASA Space Shuttle, recovered by BRV SRMS Smart Resource Management System SRWBR Short Range Wide Band Radio SS (1)Transmission is in Spanish SS (2)Sandstorm SS (3)Shifting Standards (computer marketing technique) SS (4)Steam Ship SSA Supply support activity SSB Single Sideband SSC Sudden Storm Commencement (geophysics) SSD Satellite Services Division (NOAA) SSE South-southeast SSE-CMM Systems Security Engineering-Capability Maturity Model SSEC Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (IBM, 1948) SSF Southern Straits of Florida SSG The Space Systems Group ssh Secure Shell (Unix) SSI Server Side Includes (web) SSI Space Science Institute SSID (1)Secondary Station Identifier (packet) SSID (2)Service Set Identifier (wireless networking) SSL Secure Sockets Layer (encrypted TCP/IP computer networking) SSN (1) Sunspot Number SSN (2) Nuclear Submarine (US Navy) SSN Social Security Number (same as TIN - FCC forms) SSOM Spanish language numbers transmission, male voice SSPAR Solid State Power Amplifier-Receiver SSR (1)Secondary Surveillance Radar SSR (2)Soviet Socialist Republic (obsolete) SSR/IFF Secondary Surveillance Radar/Identification Friend or Foe SSRAM Synchronous Static Random Access Memory SSRC Single Sideband, Reduced Carrier SSSC Single Sideband, Suppressed Carrier

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SST (1)Supersonic Transport (aircraft) SST (2)Sea Surface Temperature SSTV Slow Scan Television SSW South-southwest SSYL Spanish language numbers transmission, female voice ST Send Timing (EIA-449) STA (1)Status (packet) STA (2)Special Temporary Authority (from FCC, to do something) STAJ Short Term Anti-Jam (makes gurgling noise on-air) STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO) [~] STAR SHARES Transportable Auxiliary Radio STARC State Area Command (Army NG) STARS (1)Space-based Telemetry And Range Safety STARS (2)Secure Tactical Army Radio System STARS (3)Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System STARS-V Secure Tactical Army Radio System-VHF STAT Old CP/M status command, replaced in version 3.0 STCICS Strike Command Integrated Communications System (RAF) STD (1)Standard STD (2)Solar-Terrestrial Dispatch, Canadian auroral warning center STG Satellite Tracking Group STK Strike Control sTLD Sponsored Top Level Domain (.aero, .coop, etc) Stn Station STP Shielded Twisted Pair (cable) STPD standard temperature, pressure, dry STRATCOM U.S. Strategic Command STS Space Transport System, the "Space Shuttle" STSA Standard Telemedicine System Architecture STT Shore Targeting Terminal STU Secure Telephone Unit STU-III Secure Telephone Unit, Third Generation STX Start Of Text (ASCII) SUA/ISE Special Use Airspace/Inflight Situational Enhancement SUB Substitute (ASCII) SUNA Sudan News Agency SUO Small Unit Operations SuperDARN Super Dual Auroral Radar Network suppl supplement SURFnet Dutch academic network SUV Sport-Utility Vehicle svcs services SV-CW-C Greek Telegraphy Club, aka GTC SVP (1)Single Line Variety Package (telco) SVP (2)Si Vous Plait ("If you please" in French) SVT (1)Sveriges Television (Swiss TV network) SVT (2)Secure Voice Terminal SW (1)Shortwave (high frequency - HF) SW (2)Southwest SWBC Short Wave Broadcasting SWED-ARQ Swedish ARQ teleprinter system, used by that country SWF Short Wave Fadeout (ionospheric disturbance) SWI Special World Interval, unscheduled radio astronomy observation period caused by solar event SWL Shortwave Listener SWR (1)Standing Wave Ratio SWR (2)Surface-Wave Radar SWS Standard Workstation (US Coast Guard) SX (1) Simplex SX (2) Old Hallicrafters prefix, usually meant radio had xtal filter SYMPA Systeme de Multi-Postage Automatique (French mailing list program) SYN Synchronous Idle SYNOP Synoptic weather reports (from surface observations) Sysop System Operator, the king on a BBS T (1)US Coast Guard C3 office, DC; aka G-T T (2)Boston transit system t Time (in seconds) T/R Transmit/Receive switching T1 Relatively high speed data connection over phone line T2FD Terminated, Tilted, Folded Dipole tac tactical TAC Tactical Air Command, now ACC TAC Technical Advisory Committee TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access Control System TACAMO Take Charge And Move Out (US Navy CP aircraft) TACAN Tactical Air Navigation TACC (1)Tanker/Airlift Command Center (US AMC) TACC (2)Tactical Aircraft Control Center (US) TACFIRE Tactical fire direction system TACS Terminal Access Conversion Service (UK) TACS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System TACSAT Tactical satellite TACSATCOM tactical satellite communications TACT Tailored Annual Cutter Training (USCG) TACTS Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System TAD Temporary Additional Duty TADIL Tactical Digital Information Link (US) TAF Terminal Aerodrome Forecast, aviation weather TAFB Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TPC) TAI International Atomic Time TAL Transoceanic Abort Landing (space shuttle) TALCE Tanker Air Lift Control Element TANJUG Old Yugoslav news agency TAO Tactical Action Officer TAOC Tactical Air Operations Center TAP Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (paging) TAPR Tuscon (AR) Amateur Packet Radio, ham software source tar Tape Archive, Unix backup/archive program TARBS Television and Radio Broadcasting Services (Australia) TARPS Tactical Airborne Reconnaisance Pod System TARPS-DI TARPS Digital Imagery TAS True Air Speed TASMA Two-meter Area Spectrum Management Assn. (Amateur) TAW Tactical airlift wing TAWC Tactical Air Warfare Center TBA To Be Announced TBD To Be Determined TC Telecommunications Specialist (old USCG grade, was RM) TCAS Traffic (Alert) & Collision Avoidance System TCC Telecommunications center TCF Tactical combat force TCH Threshold Crossing Height TCM Trellis Coded Modulation TCN Track Condition Notice (railroad) TCP Transmission Control Protocol TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCPA Time to Closest Point of Approach TCPOD Tropical Cyclone Plan Of the Day TCS (1)Tactical Control System TCS (2)Tactical Camera System TCU Towering Cumulus TCWF Terminal Convective Weather Forecast TD (1)Transmitted Data, short for TXD TD (2)Transmitter/Distributor (old RTTY) TD (3)Tropical Depression TDA Table of distribution and allowances TDD Time Delay Distortion TDM Time-Division Multiplex

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TDMA Time Division Multiple Access TDOA Time Difference Of Arrival TDP Takeoff Decision Point TDU Threat Display Unit TDY Temporary duty ("to go TDY") TEC Total Electron Content (of ionospheric region) TECG Tactical Exercise Control Group TEI Text Encoding Initiative Telco Telephone Company ("The phone company") Telcom Telephone communication TELCOR Telecommunications Operating Requirements (USN) Telecom Telecommunication Teletext Short text messages, usually in TV blank interval TELINST Telecommunications Instructions Telnet Internet or dialup protocol for remote login TEMPEST Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Extraneous Spurious Transmissions (secure enclosure for computers, etc.; prevents eavesdropping) TEMPO Temporary weather change TERPES Technical Electronic Processing and Evaluation System TESTM Metar Test Message TEXN Traffic Exchange Network (MARS) Tfc Traffic tfc Traffic TFE Tactical field exchange TFEO Tactical field exchange officer TFN Till Further Notice TFR Temporary Flight Restriction TFT (1)Thin Film Transistor TFT (2)Task Force Terminal TFW Tactical Fighter Wing THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense THD Total Harmonic Distortion (audio, in %) THFRS Transformation High-Frequency Radio System THREATCON Threat Condition (Alpha, Bravo...) TIA (1)Telecommunication Industry Association (UK) TIA (2)Thanks in advance TIA (3)The Internet Adaptor, clever SLIP emulator from dialup shell TIBS (1)Tactical Information Broadcast System TIBS (2)Telephone Information Briefing Service TIDLS Tactical Information Data Link System TIFF Tagged Image File Format, versatile computer graphic standard TIGER Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing TIM Time Intermodulation distortion (audio) TIN Taxpayer Identification Number (same as SSN - FCC forms) TIP Threat Image Projection TIS (1)Traveler's Information Station TIS (2)Trusted Information System TIS (3)This Is (ALE) TISCOM Telecom & Information Systems Command, VA (USCG) TKAP Transmitter Keep-Alive Program TLA Three-Letter Acronym (NASAspeak for NASAspeak) TLD Top Level Domain (.com, .org. .net, etc) TMC (1)Technical Materiel Corporation, out of business TMC (2)TeleMonteCarlo, Monaco TMDE Test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment TMMMC Theater medical materiel management center tms Teams TN ("Tango November") Track number (ASW) TN3270 Telnet for IBM mainframes, emulates old 3270 terminal TNC (1)Terminal Node Controller (packet) TNC (2)Threaded Neill-Concelman (connector) TNC (3)Threaded Navy Connector (alternate) TOA Time Of Arrival TOC Tactical Operations Center TOD (1)time of day TOD (2)Tactical Ocean Data TOD (3)Target Offset Distance TOD (4)Takeoff Distance TODS TFR Operations Display System (see TFR) TOE (1)Table(s) of organization and equipment TOE (2)Theory of everything (physics) TOR Teleprinting (or Telex) over Radio TOW (1)Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided missile TOW (2)Terminal orderwire TOW (3)Time Of Week (see GPS) TOW (4)Takeoff Weight TPC Tropical Prediction Center, Miami, FL TPFDD Time-phased force and deployment data tpi Turns per inch T-Plex 8-frequency duplex ARQ teleprinter system TPM Technical Protection Measures TPO Transmitter power output TPR Third-Party Relay TPRAM Triple Port RAM TR Transmit-Receive TRACAB Terminal RAdar control in the tower CAB TRACE Transition Region And Coronal Explorer (NASA) TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command trans Transportation TRANSCOM Transportation Command TRC (1)Tactical Radio Communication TRC (2)Transmission Release Code TRI-TAC Joint Tactical Communications trmt Treatment TRSA Terminal Radar Service Area TRT Tropical RadioTelegraph, once owned by United Fruit Co TRUEX Training in Urban Environment Exercise (USMC) TS (1)thunderstorm TS (2)Tropical Storm TSA Transportation Security Administration TSB Technical Support Branch (TPC) TSC (1)Tactical Service Center (US Navy) TSC (2)TRICARE Service Center (US Navy medical) TSC (3)Terrorist Screening Center TSC (4)Technical Subcommittee (of IRAC) TSC (5)Training Systems Contract TSC (6)Training Support Center TSCC (1)Tactical Surveillance Control Center (US Navy) TSCC (2)Transportation Security Control Center (TSA) TSCC (3)Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children TSCC (4)Telemetry Standards Control Committee TSCC (5)Telemetering Standards Coordination Committee TSCC (6)Tracking Signal Corrections Counter TSCM Technical surveillance countermeasures (antibugging) TSGT Technical Sergeant TSNO thunderstorm information not available TSOP Thin Small Outline Package TSP (1)Telecommunications Support Plan (NCS) TSP (2)Telecommunications Service Priority (NCS) TSR Terminate and Stay Resident (IBM programming) TSSR Tropospheric Scatter (TROPO)-Satellite Support Radio TTL (1)Transistor-Transistor Logic TTL (2)Time To Live (of Internet packets or DNS records) TTL (3)Talk To ya Later TTL (4)Through The Lens TTP Trusted Third Party (for authentication of public keys) TTT CW prefix: Distress call follows TTWCS Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System

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TTY Teletype TTYL Talk (Type) To You Later (Internet) TU (1)CW brevity: Thank you TU (2)Terminal unit (old current-loop RTTY) TUBA TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (possible Internet extension) TV Television TVA Tennessee Valley Authority (big dam operator) TVC Televisió de Catalunya (Catelan TV, Barcelona) TVI Television interference TVNZ Television New Zealand TWA (1)Trailing-wire antenna (USN ELF/Tacamo) TWA (2)Tilt Whip Adaptor (US Army) TWA (3)Trans World Airways TWAIN (1)Toolkit Without An Important Name (Standard graphic scanner interface) TWAIN (2)Technology Without An Interesting Name TWAS This Was (ALE) TWEB Transcribed Weather Broadcast Twinplex Four-frequency duplex teleprinter system TWR (1)tower TWR (2)Trans World Radio TWT Traveling Wave Tube TWX Teletype Wide-area eXchange tx Transmitter, talk TXD Transmitted Data (Serial I/O modem line) txt (1)Extension: file is unformatted ASCII text (computers) txt (2)Text U CW brevity code: "You" U Up U/L (1) Uplink U/L (2) Upload UA (1)Packet control frame: Unnumbered Acknowledgement UA (2)User Agent (Internet) uA Microamp UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (computer) U-ATA Ultra-AT Attachment UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (USAF) UCVE Unconfined Vapor Cloud Explosion UDP User Datagram Protocol, type of Internet packet good for streaming UDRE User Differential Range Error (GPS) UDT (1)Universal Dataflow and Telecommunications UDT (2)Underwater Demolition Team, crack USN WWII unit UEJ Unattended Expendable Jammer uf Microfarad UFN Until Further Notice UFO (1)Unidentified Flying Object UFO (2)UHF Follow On, new Navy COMSAT UGR Unitized group ration UHF Ultra High Frequency (300-3000 MHz) UI (1)User Interface UI (2)Packet designator: Unnumbered Information UI (3)User Initiated UID User Identification UIDL User Initiated Download UIN Universal Internet Number (ICQ) UK United Kingdom UKADGE UK Air Defense Ground Environment UKCC United Kingdom Control Center UKMACCS United Kingdom Maritime Coastal Communications System UKMET United Kingdom Office of Meteorology (also a model) UKNET UK network for UUCP UKSOF UK Satellite operations facility, part of NATO UL (1)Upload UL (2)Unauthorized launch UL (3)Underwriters' Laboratories ULS Universal Licensing System (FCC) UMT Unit ministry team UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System UN United Nations UNB Universal Magnetic Balun uncl unclassified UNCLASS Message is not classified [~] UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea UNF (1) UN Forces UNF (2) Unformatted UNHCR UN High Commission for Refugees UNI User Network Interface Unid Unidentified Uniden Unidentified UNIFIL UN Interim Forces, Lebanon Univac Universal Automatic Computer, once IBM's main competition Unix Not an acronym; computer op-system derived from MULTICS [~] Unk Unknown UNO United Nations Organization UNPROFOR UN Provisional Forces UNSCOM UN Special Commission (Iraq inspectors) UP (1)CW prosign: "change to working frequency" UP (2)unknown precipitation UPNP Universal Plug aNd Play UPS (1)Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS (2)United Parcel Service UR CW brevity code: "Your" URE Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles Ureq User request (computer return code) URL Universal Resource Locator (World Wide Web) URSI International Union of Radio Science URSIGRAM Coded solar-terrestrial report, originally from URSI US (1)United States US (2)Unit Separator (ASCII) USA (1)United States of America USA (2)US Army USA (3)Underground Service Alert ("dial before you dig") USA (4)Unit self-assessment USACE US Army Corps of Engineers USADA US Department of the Army USAF US Air Force USAFA US Air Force Academy USAFAWC US Air Force Air Warfare Center USAFE US Air Forces, Europe USAIS US Army Intelligence and Security Command, VA USAMMA US Army Medical Materiel Agency USAR (1)Urban Search & Rescue USAR (2)US Army Reserve USAREUR US Army, Europe USARSPACE US Army Space Command, part of USSPACECOM USART Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter USASC US Army Signal Command USASCH US Army Support Command Hawaii USASDC U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command, now USASSDC USASI US Army Space Institute USASSDC US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, formerly USASDC USAV US Army Vessel USAWC US Army War College USB (1)Upper Sideband USB (2)Universal Serial Bus USC (1)United States Codes (Federal statute law) USC (2)Unified Space Command, now USSPACECOM USC (3)Up S[pit] Creek USCENTCOM US Central Command

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USCG US Coast Guard USCGA US Coast Guard Auxiliary USCGC US Coast Guard Cutter USCGR US Coast Guard Reserve USCS US Customs Service USCSIS United States Space Command Space Intelligence System USD US Dollars USDA US Department of Agriculture USELMNORAD US element, North American Aerospace Defense Command USENET "User Network," huge volunteer organization that propagates "News," not necessarily over Internet USEUCOM US European Command USFJ US Forces, Japan USFS US Forest Service USFWS US Fish and Wildlife Service USG (1)US Gallons (about 4 liters) USG (2)US Government USGS (1)US Coast & Geodetic Survey USGS (2)US Geological Survey USIA US Information Agency USKA Union Schweizerischer Kurzwellen-Amateure (Swiss ham assn) USLANTCOM US Atlantic Command USM US Marshal USMA US Military Academy USMC US Marine Corps USMCR US Marine Corps Reserve USMS US Marshals Service USMTF United States Message Text Format USN US Navy USNA US Naval Academy USNG US National Guard USNO US Naval Observatory USNR (1) US Naval Reserve USNR (2) US Navy, Retired USNS US Naval Ship USO United Service Organizations USOS Unshift On Space USP University of the South Pacific (Fiji, classes by radio) USPACOM United States Pacific Command USPHS United States Public Health Service USPS (1)United States Postal Service USPS (2)US Power Squadrons USR (1)User USR (2)US Robotics (modem mfgr) USS United States Ship USSOCOM US Special Operations Command USSOUTHCOM U.S. Southern Command USSPACECOM U.S. Space Command USSS United States Secret Service USSTRATCOM U.S. Strategic Command USTA United States Total Army USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command USVI US Virgin Islands UT (UT0 - UT3) Universal Time scales (corrected constantly) UTB Utility Boat UTC (1)Universal Time, Co-ordinated (corrected with leap sec.) UTC (2)Coordinated Universal Time uTLD Unsponsored Top Level Domain (.biz, etc) UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair (hardwired networks) UUCP Unix-to-Unix Copy Program (Unix file transfer s/w) Uudecode Unix program, converts uuencoded files back to binaries Uuencode Unix program, converts binary files to ASCII for transfer uuf Micro-microfarad, now pf (picofarad) uV Microvolt UV Ultraviolet uW Microwatt UWB Ultra Wideband UWC Universal Wireless Communications consortium UXB Unexploded Bomb UXO Unexploded Ordnance V (1)Voltage (electromotive force) V (2)Variable V (3)Verification v Velocity VA (1) CW prosign: "End of transmission" VA (2) Volt-amps (as in a power supply) VA (3) Veteran's Administration VA volcanic ash VAAA Voice Activated Auto Attendant (telco) VAAT Voice Activated Audio Text (telco) VAB Vehicle Assembly Building (NASA) VABP Voice Activated Blue Pages (telco) VAC Volts Alternating Current VAD Voice-Activated Dialing (telco) VADM Vice-Admiral VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base (CA) VAIVR Voice Activated Interactive Voice Response (telco) VAL Visiting Aircraft Line VANC Voice-Activated Network Control (telco) VAPD Voice Activated Premier Dialing (telco) VAS VOLMET Automation System VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator VAX (1)Variable Address Extension (old DEC Computer) VAX (2)English vacuum cleaner brand : ) VAX/VMS VAX Virtual Memory System, op-system for above VBI Vertical Blanking Interval (TV) vBNS Very high speed Backbone service (US) VBR Variable Bit Rate VBS Visual Basic Scripting (Microsoft security nightmare) VC in the vicinity Vcc Collector voltage VDC Volts Direct Current VDE Video Display Editor, at one time standard freeware CP/M & PC text editor VDL VHF Data Link (ARINC) VDLM2 VDL, Mode 2 VDLC Virtual Data Link Capability VDSL Very high-data-rate Digital Subscriber Line VDSL Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line VDT Video Display Terminal VDU Video Display Unit VE Volunteer Examiner (Amateur) VEC Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (Amateur) VENONA Old US codeword for its USSR decryption program 1943-1980 [~] VESA Video Equipment Standards Association, computer displays VESREP Standard report from commercial fishing vessel VF (1)Voice frequency VF (2)Velocity Factor VF (3)Fighter squadron (USN) VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table (MS-Windows) VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator VFR Visual Flight Rules VFT Voice Frequency Telegraph (multiplex RTTY) VHF Very High Frequency (30-300 MHz) vi Visual Editor, full-screen text editor for Unix VICS Vehicle Information Communication System VIN Vehicle Identification Number VIP Very Important Person VIS visibility VISNO visibility at secondary location not available

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VLB VESA Local Bus; PC display bus, now usually done by the PCI VLF Very Low Frequency (3-30 kHz) VLM Virtual Loadable Module (Novell) VM (1)Voice mirror VM (2)Virtual memory VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions VMS Virtual Memory System, good but obsolete DEC OS VNA Viet Nam News Agency Vne Absolute top speed of an aircraft; "never exceed" VOA Voice Of America Vocoder Voice coder VOH Voice Of Hope (KVOH, religious broadcaster) VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol VOLMET Flight weather transmission, for planes in route Volt Unit of electrical potential, named for Alessandro Volta VOM Volt-Ohm Meter VOMUX Voice Multiplexer VOR (1)VHF Omnidirectional Ranging (Aircraft NAVAID) VOR (2)Voice Of Russia VORTAC Ground station combining VOR and TACAN VOX Voice operated switching VPF Vertical Processing Facility (NASA) VR (1)Voltage regulator VR (2)Visual Route (air training route) VRAM Video RAM VRB Variable wind VRC (1)Vehicular Radio Communications (AN/VRC-xxx) VRC (2)Vehicular radio configuration (Army) VRC (3)Vertical Redundancy Check, fancy name for parity (computers) VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language VROC Vertical rate of climb VRT Vlaamse Radio- en Televiseomroep (Belgian) VSAT Very Small Aperture (Antenna) Terminal VSC Vertical Service Code (telco features - start with *) VSFC Virginia Space Flight Center, Wallops Island vsh Visual Shell, clunky full-screen command interpreter for Unix VSWR Voltage standing wave ratio VT (1)Vertical Tab (ASCII) VT (2)Valid Time (wx forecasts) VTnnn Series of old DEC terminals, still a popular emulation code VTP Virtual Terminal Protocol VTS Vessel Traffic Services VTVM Vacuum-tube voltmeter VU Volume Units VUFER VHF/UHF Frequency Experimental Radio VV Vertical Visibility (of obscured sky) VVV CW test group VWS Virtual Warning System VxD Virtual Device Driver (MS-Windows) VXO Variable Crystal Oscillator VY CW brevity code: "Very" W Power, in watts W west W Whisky ("Benchmark Whisky" is USN offset) W3C World Wide Web Consortium WA (1)CW prosign: word after WA (2)Work Authority (railroad orders) WABNRES Worldwide Airborne Resources (command a/c) WAC (1)Worked All Continents (amateur award) WAC (2)Women's Army Corps, obsolete WAC (3)World Aeronautical Chart WAD Wide-Area Domain (computer games) WAFS World Area Forecast System, satellite delivered air wx WAGB USCG designation for icebreaker WAIS Wide-Area Information Server WAMS Wide Area Master Station WAN (1)Wide-Area Network WAN (2)Wide-Area Network Station WAP (1)Wireless Application Protocol WAP (2)Wireless Access Point WARC World Administrative Radio Conference WARN Weather Amateur Radio Network, see SKYWARN WARP Weather and Radar Processor WAS (1)Wide-Area Surveillance WAS (2)Worked All States (US amateur award) WAS/MTI Wide Area Surveillance/Moving Target Identification WATS Wide Area Telephone Service WAZ Worked All Zones (amateur award) WB (1)Wideband WB (2)CW prosign: word before WB (3)Welcome Back (Internet) WB (4)Warner Bros (Good movie studio, lousy TV network) WBFM Wideband frequency modulation WBU World Broadcasting Unions WBU-ISOG WBU Inter-Union Satellite Operations Group WBU-TC World Broadcasting Unions Training Centers WCRP (1)World Climate Research Program WCS (1)Wireless Communications Service WCS (2)Waste Collection System (Space shuttle potty) WDC World Data Center, any of several for solar-terrestrial obs W-DCMA Wideband Code Division Multiple Access WE Western Electric WEFAX Weather Facsimile WEMA Work Equipment Movement Authority (railroad orders) WEMF World Electronic Media Forum WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy (wireless computer LANs) WFAS Wildland Fire Assessment System (USFS) WFM Wideband FM WFN War Fighter Net WFO Weather Forecast Office WG Working Group (ITU) WG/SO Working Group for Surface Observations WGI World Geophysical Interval (research observation period) WHCA White House Communications Agency WHEC High-Endurance Cutter (USCG) WHISC Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (see SOA) whoami Returns name you are logged in under (Unix) [~] whois Internet lookup program for finding people by querying servers [~] WIE With Immediate Effect WIFCOM Wirefree communications (US Navy) Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity, 802.11 standard interface; originally 802.11b Wilco Voice prosign: Will comply WIMP (1) Window, Icon, Mouse, Pointer (graphical interface) WIMP (2) Weakly Interacting Massive Particle WINS Windows Internet Naming Service WINSOCK Windows Sockets API, used for networking from Microsoft s/w WISE Web-Integrated Software metrics Environment WIU Wayside Interface Unit (railroad) WIX USCG designation for training barque Eagle Wkg Working WL Wordlength, size of basic data group (computing) WLAN Wireless Local Area Network (computing) WLB Seagoing Buoy Tender (USCG) WLI Inland Buoy Tender (USCG) WLIC Inland Construction Tender (USCG) WLIS We Love Interval Signals (Pirate) WLL wireless local loop WLM Coastal Buoy Tender (Medium Endurance USCG vessel)

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WLR River Buoy Tender (USCG) WMD (1)Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD (2)Weapons of Mass Distraction (psyops tongue-in-cheek) WMD-CST Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team WMEC Medium-Endurance Cutter (USCG) WMO World Meteorological Organization WMR World Music Radio WMSCR Weather Message Switching Center Replacement WMTS Wireless Medical Telemetry Service WMV Windows Media Video WND wind WNW West-northwest WO Work order WORM Write-Once Read-Many (CD-R, allows making own CD-ROMs) WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access WPB Patrol Boat (USCG) WPM Words per minute WRAPA Work Restricted Authority/Protect Against (railroad orders) WRC World Radio (Communications) Conference WRCC Western Regional Climate Center (NOAA) WRTH World Radio TV Handbook WRU Who Are You? (RTTY) WSHFT wind shift WSL Weapons Survivability Lab WSM Weapon system manager WSMR White Sands Missile Range (NM) WSO Weapon Systems Officer ("Whizzo") WSRO Weapon system replacement operations WST Weather Station WSTF White Sands Test Facility (NM) WSW West-southwest WT (1)Walkie-talkie WT (2)Wireless Telegraph (Morse or RTTY) WTB (1)Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (FCC) WTB (2)Want To Buy (radio swap ads) WTDD Wayside Train Defect Detector (hotbox/dragger detector) WTGB 140' Icebreaking Tug (USCG) WTLD Wayside Train Length Detector WTMD Walk-Through Metal Detector WU Western Union WUAN Wireless Universe Area Network WUN World Utility News, Internet group, maintains large e-mail list, rhymes with "one" WVDC Working Voltage, DC (capacitors) WW Weather Warning WWABNCPP Worldwide Airborne National Command Post Program WWCR (1)World Wide Christian Radio (callsign) WWCR (2)World Wide Conspiracy Radio (facetious) WWMCCS Worldwide Military Command and Control System, obsolescent WWNWS World Wide Navigational Warning Service WWRB World Wide Religious Broadcasters (callsign) WWV NIST standard frequency & time station, Boulder, CO WWVB NIST Boulder, CO, low frequency standard broadcast WWVH NIST standard frequency & time station, Kekaha, HI WWVL Old NBS low-frequency time stn, no longer on air WWW World Wide Web, aka W3, www, Web, World Wide Wait Wx Weather WYFR We're Your Family Radio (Callsign) WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get (computers) X (1) Reactance, in ohms X (2)(Also "Xray") prosign for end of sentence XAML eXtensible Application Markup Language (mickeysoft) X-band (1)8-12 GHz microwave band X-band (2)Expanded AM band, 1610-1720 kHz XCHS Extended Cylinder, Head, Sector (addressing) xcvr Transceiver xfmr Transformer XINU XINU Is Not UNIX (recursive and retrograde) xistor Transistor xmit Transmit mode XML eXtensible Markup Language xmlns XML namespace XMODEM Async file transfer protocol, uses 128-byte or 1K packets, over direct links, not Internet XMS Expanded Memory System (IBM PC, different spec from EMS) xmsn Transmission xmt Transmit mode xmtr Transmitter XO Executive officer Xon/Xoff Computer serial flow control, usually using DC3/DC1 (^S/^Q) xponder Transponder XSD XML Schema Definitions (see XML) XSL eXtensible Style Language XSS (1)Cross Site Scripting (Computer security) XSS (2)eXperimental Satellite System (USAF) XSS (3)eXtremely Simple Syndication (news feed) XSS (4)Callsign for new UK/NATO ALE system [~] XT eXtra Value (PC-XT was first IBM PC with a hard disk; obsolete) xtal Crystal XTP eXpress Transfer Protocol (computers) XUL (1)XML User-interface Language XUL (2)eXtensible User-interface Language X-windows Standard windowing system for networks (usually Unix) [~] XXX (1)CW prefix: traffic is urgent (same as SECURITE) [~] XXX (2)Set of standards for X.25 PAD packet networking XYL Wife ("ex-young lady") Y2K Year 2000, or resulting computer bugs (geekspeak) YAHOO Yet Another Heirarchical Officious Oracle; may be a back-formation, as guys who started Yahoo! styled themselves as just yahoos YB Yacht Boy (Grundig radio line) YF CW brevity code: "Wife," more typically "XYL" YL Female voice ("Young Lady") YLE Yleisradio (Finland, not an acronym) YMMV Your Mileage May Vary (cardinal rule of HF) YMODEM Along with YMODEM-G, improved async file transfer protocol [~] Z (1)Zulu time, standard time on 0 meridian, like UT Z (2)Impedance (in ohms) Z (3)This message has FLASH precedence Z-80 Early 8-bit processor chip, used by CP/M, still made Z-Count 29-bit binary GPS time stamp (17 LSBs are broadcast) ZAA Z-code: You have improper circuit discipline ZAE Z-code: I am unable to receive you ZAN Z-code: We have absolutely negative copy ZBI UK Military Z-code: Switch to voice mode ZBO Z-code: (INT ZBO Do you have traffic (of precedence...) for me?) I have traffic (of precedence...) for you ZBR Z-code: Break for retuning ZBZ Z-code: (INT ZBZ: What is my signal's printing acceptability? (1-5) ) Your signal's printing acceptability is (1-5) ZCP Z-code: I have poor conditions; please use full power ZCPR3 Small Z-80 operating system, improved on CP/M, obsolete ZDE Z-code: Message undelivered ZDF Z-code: Message delivered ZEN Military Z-code: Message has been copied to... ZFD Military Z-code: Message may be a duplicate ZFG Military Z-code: Message is a duplicate and is to be forwarded ZKI Z-code: Listen [on _ kHz] ZKR Z-code: I have a radio watch on _ kHz ZNC Z-code: I have no communication with _ ZNG Z-code: Band conditions no good for copy ZNI Z-code: No station ID heard ZNJ Military Z-code: Message has been sent to... ZNK Military Z-code: Addressees who do not hold cryptographic facilities are exempted

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ZNR Military Z-code: Msg may be forwarded without change by radio or non-approved circuit ZNR UUUUU Security Warning Signal: Message is Unclassified or offline encrypted - OK to forward unchanged on any circuit ZNX You have disclosed an EEFI (1-10; see EEFI) ZNY Military Z-code: Do not forward this message unencrypted by radio or non-approved circuit. ZNY RRRRR Security Warning Signal: Message is RESTRICTED ZNY CCCCC Security Warning Signal: Message is CONFIDENTIAL ZNY SSSSS Security Warning Signal: Message is SECRET ZNY TTTTT Security Warning Signal: Message is TOP SECRET ZRF Zero Retention Force ZRO Z-code: How copy? ZSR Z-code: You are strong-readable ZUC Z-code: Unable to comply until ---ZUH Z-code: Unable to comply ZUT (1)Unofficial Z-code: "CW Forever!" (see CW) ZUT (2)Zeta Upsilon Tau, 60s US Coast Guard radio op society ZWEI ZWEI Was EINE Initially (recursive acronym; see EINE) ZWR Z-code: You are weak-readable ° degrees ? wavelength µ micro µµF micro-microfarad, now pF µH microhenry µV microvolt ? ohms ? angle theta

Police/CB 10-codes: 10-1 10-2 10-3 10-4 10-5 10-6 10-7 10-8 10-9 10-10 10-19 10-20 10-21 10-22 10-23 10-27 10-28 10-33 10-97 10-98 10-99 Your signals are being received poorly Your signals are loud & clear Stop transmitting Your message is received ("Roger;" saying both is redundant) Please relay Station is busy Out of service, radio off In service, available Please repeat message Out of service, radio on Go back to station/HQ Location ("What's your 20?") Use landline/phone Cancel message Stand by Driver's license ID check Vehicle registration check ("Rolling 28" -CHP) All units stand by, frequency is on emergency status I am arriving at assignment/ on scene ("I'm 97") Assignment completed/ leaving scene Emergency; equivalent to SOS and MAYDAY

Other police codes: Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code 1 Come in on the radio 2 Respond quickly, without lights/siren ("hurry") 2A Hurry faster - call is priority 3 Respond with lights/siren 4 No more help needed, situation stable 4A No more help needed, suspect still not in custody 5 Stakeout at (--), uniformed patrol stay away 6 Out of vehicle, on investigation 7 Out to lunch 10 Request clear frequency 20 Notify news media 30 Alarm 30A Alarm with audible suspects inside 33 Emergency, all units stand by 37 Vehicle is stolen (LAPD) Alpha Assemble at prearranged staging point (LAPD) Blue (1)Notify police Blue (2)Respiratory emergency (medical) Red (1)Notify fire department Red (2)Frequency is restricted (LAPD Metro)

(your cops might be a bit different) Computer networking standards: IEEE 1394 "Firewire" high speed data transfer

56Kflex Telephone modem 56K, falling back in 2K increments from there. 802 802.3 802.3ab 802.3u 802.3z 802.11 802.11 802.11a 802.11b 802.11g 802.12 Family of IEEE recommendations for computer networks Ethernet, fast packet transfers, resembles wired radio Hot-rod Ethernet, one billion bits/sec over long copper Provides auto-speed, autoselection of duplex Hot-rod Ethernet, one billion bits/sec over fiber or twinax Draft standard for wireless Ethernet Original system; 1-2 Mbps using spread spectrum 2.4 GHz 54 Mbps via 5-GHz orthogonal FDM 11 Mbps in 2.4 GHz spread spectrum (Wi-Fi) 20+ Mbps in 2.4 GHz SS Recommendation for 100BaseVG/ 100VG/ AnyLAN IEEE 802.3 thin ethernet (high-speed computer networking) IEEE 802.3 thick ethernet IEEE 802.3 ethernet over fibre-optic cable IEEE 802.3 ethernet over twisted pair cabling Gigabit ethernet standards Short-haul over copper 1300nm multimode and single-mode fiber according to 802.3z 850nm multimode fiber according to 802.3z Long-haul over copper according to 802.3ab IEEE 802.3 fast ethernet at 100Mbit/s Encoded 100Mbit/s over 4 pairs, obsolescent encoded 100Mbit/s over 2 pairs see 100VG-AnyLAN Encoded 100Mbit/s 100Mb/s LAN carrying Ethernet or Token-Ring, obsolescent

10Base-2 10Base-5 10Base-F 10Base-T 1000Base 1000Base-CX 1000Base-LX 1000Base-SX 1000Base-T 100Base-T 100Base-T4 100Base-TX 100Base-VG 100Base-X 100VG-AnyLAN ATM AAL AAL-1 AAL-2 AAL-3/4 AAL-5

Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM Adaptation Layer Synchronous adaptation layer designed for carrying voice trunk lines Adaptation layer intended for variable bit rate video, but never really got off the ground and is not offered by vendors Adaptation layer intended to be used by Frame Relay and SMDS and other delay-insensitive variable rate or bursty data traffic, but mostly now passed ove 'Simple and efficient adaptation layer' for computer networking 300 bps FSK (US modem tones, see V.21) 1200 bps (US modem tones, see V.22)

Bell 103 Bell 212A T1

Relatively high speed data connection over phone line

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V.nn Prefix for CCITT specs - these are for phone modems V.17 Fax modem spec, to 14400 bps V.21 aka "Bell 103," the old 300 bps modem spec, makes sound like RTTY V.22 aka "Bell 212A," 1200 bps modem spec, slight differences V.22bis Above spec extended to 2400 bps V.23 1200/75 bps modem spec V.24 data link spec - equiv RS232 V.25bis modem control sequence for international calls, lost out to Hayes V.26bis 2400bps half duplex synchronous, used for fax V.27ter 4800bps half duplex synchronous, used for fax V.28 Data link spec V.32 9600/4800bps V.32bis 14.4K/12K/9600/7200/4800bps V.32 terbo (V.32 bis ter) proprietary modem spec for 19,200 V.34 33.6K/31.2K/28.8K/26.4K/24K/19.2K/16.8K/14.4Kbps, then like V.32 V.42 LAPM error control, 1200bps and above V.42bis Data compression, 1200bps and above V.90 56Kb, falls back like 56Kflex V.FC V.Fast Class: unofficial, 19.2Kbps X.nn X.PC X.10 X.21 X.21bis X.25 X.27 X.28 X.29 X.3 X.31 X.400 X.413 X.419 X.420 X.435 X.441 X.500 X.509 ITU-T (formerly CCITT) recommendations: Async version of X.25 for small computers Proprietary device control by signalling over AC balanced data signalling standard, 15 wires Above, for 25 wires, unbalanced Packet communication protocols (AX.25 is amateur 37-pin data interface, adding handshake and flow Standard interface, terminal to PAD Control packet standard for PAD and remote host, PAD standard Network security protocol E-mail protocol Definition of message storage and forwarding Defines P3 and P7 protocols Defines interpersonal e-mail Defines control messages Defines voice messages Directory standard Digital security and identification # # #

lines radio) control using X.25

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