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Objectives A. Student Development  Strategies Distinguish numerate and non-numerate students.  Activities Giving them at least 5 questions which pertain to the four fundamental operations in math. Getting the students’ profile. Time Frame  June 2013 Clientele  G7-RVR class Expected Output  Students endowed with basic mathematical knowledge so that they will be able to step-up to the next level.  We can avoid dropouts and could promote a harmonious teacher-students relationship.

Recognize the needs of the learners when it comes to their constancy to progress up to the closing stages. Allow students to be involved mentally and physically with various activities/ programs initiated by the school.

A month

G7-RVR class

Actively involve themselves in school-initiated activities; interschool activities; even division/ national activities if possible.


G7-RVR class

Will be able to produce multitalented students.

Objectives B. Teacher Development

Strategies Uphold the eagerness of being on time always  Be responsive to the needs of my students (that I was not able to carry out last school year whole-heartedly because I have difficulty with my pregnancy  Application of the K-12 program.

Activities Deal with time wisely.

Time Frame  Lifelong=)

Clientele  Me, myself and I

Expected Output  A productive and dynamic teacher=)

Have precious time with my students (so glad I have EsP subject in my class).


Me, myself and I

A compassionate and considerate adviser.

C. Curriculum Development

Letting the students engage in the learning processes.


Grade 7 students

D. Physical Development

Having PTA conference/s so that they will be involved in the development of the physical aspects of our school, particularly maintaining our classroom conducive to learning.

Asking for their permission to freely have a PTA contribution/ projects to sustain the needs.



Generate students equipped with knowledge and skills as they go along with the curriculum. School/classroom would be more beneficial to learning.

Objectives E. Resource Development/ Budget

Strategies Point out the needs of my room and the students who could be instruments to meet the said needs.

Activities Engage in school/fund raising programs such as High School Day.

Time Frame  JanuaryFebruary 2013

Clientele  “Can afford” students

Expected Output  Will benefit (my room) from a part of the fund the school could have in the said activity 

SY 2013-2014

A plan I pledge to accomplish.

Marcial B. Villanueva NHS San Francisco, Quezon

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