Active Directory Domain Services

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Requirements for Active Directory Domain Services
Let’s go through some of the requirements for a fresh install of Active Directory Domain Services.
Some of these will be required to be done before hand; others as noted can be done during the install:
• Install indows Server !""#
• $onfigure %$&'I& and D(S networ)ing configurations
• %he dis) drives that store S*S+,L must be on a local drive configured (%-S
• Active Directory requires D(S to be installed in the networ). If it is not already installed you
can s.ecify D(S server to be installed during the Active Directory Domain Services
,nce you verify that these requirements have been met we can get started.
Install Active Directory Domain Services via Server Manager
-or the first e/am.le let’s start by installing Active Directory through Server 0anager. %his is the
most straight forward way1 as a wi2ard will guide you through the ste.s necessary.
1. Start Server 0anager.
2. Select Roles in the left .ane1 then clic) on Add Roles in the center console.
3. De.ending on whether you chec)ed off to s)i. the Before You Begin .age while installing another
service1 you will now see warning .ages telling you to ma)e sure you have strong security1 static I&1
and latest .atches before adding roles to your server.
If you get this .age1 then 3ust clic) e!t.
". In the Select Server Roles window we are going to .lace a chec) ne/t to Active Directory Domain
Services and clic) e!t.
#. %he information .age on Active Directory Domain Services will give the following warnings1 which
after reading1 you should clic) e!t:
• Install a minimum of two Domain $ontrollers to .rovide redundancy against server outage
4which would .revent users from logging in with only one5
• AD DS requires D(S which if not installed you will be .rom.ted for
• After installing AD DS you must run dc.romo.e/e to u.grade to a fully functional domain
• Installing AD DS will also install D-S (ames.aces1 D-S 6e.lication1 and -iler 6e.lication
services which are required by Directory Service
$. %he %onfirm Installation Selections screen will show you some information messages and warn
that the server may need to be restarted after installation.
6eview the information and then clic) e!t.
&. %he Installation Results screen will ho.efully show Installation Succeeded1 and an additional
warning about running dc.romo.e/e 4I thin) they really want us to run dc.romo5.
After you review the1 clic) %lose.
'. After the Installation i2ard closes you will see that server manager is showing that Active
Directory Domain Services is still not running. %his is because we have not run dc.romo yet.
(. $lic) on the Start button1 ty.e dc)romo.e!e in the search bo/ and either hit *nter or clic) on the
search result.
1+. %he Active Directory Domain Services Installation ,i-ard will now start.
%here are lin)s to more information if you want to learn a bit more you can follow them or you can go
ahead and clic) .se advanced mode installation and then clic) e!t.
11. %he ne/t screen warns about some o.erating system com.atibility with some older clients.
-or more information you can view the su..ort documentation from 0icrosoft and after you have read
through it go ahead and clic) e!t.
12. (e/t is the %/oose De)loyment %onfiguration screen and you can choose to add a domain to an
e/isting forest or create a forest from scratch.
$hoose %reate a ne0 domain in a ne0 forest and clic) e!t.
13. %he ame t/e 1orest Root Domain wants you to name the root domain of the forest you are
-or the .ur.oses of this test we will create AD*!am) After that go ahead and clic)
1". %he wi2ard will test to see if that name has been used1 after a few seconds you will then be as)ed
for the (et7ios name for the domain.
In this case I will leave the default in .lace of AD*2AM34*1 and then clic) e!t.
1#. %he ne/t screen is the Set 1orest 1unctional 4evel that allows you to choose the function level of
the forest.
Since this is a fresh install and a new forest with no additional .rior version domains to worry about I
am going to select indows Server !""#. If you did have other domain controllers at earlier versions
or had a need to have indows !""" or !""8 domain controllers 4because of 9/change for e/am.le51
then you should select the function level.
Select ,indo0s Server 2++' and then clic) e!t.
1$. (ow we come to the Additional Domain %ontroller 5)tions where you can select to install a
D(S server1 which is recommended on the first domain controller.
If this was not the first domain controller you would have the o.tions of installing 6lo7al %atalog
and'or setting this as a Read8only Domain %ontroller. Since it is the first domain controller1 6lo7al
%atalog is mandatory1 and a RD5% controller is not an available o.tion.
Let’s install the DS Server by .lacing a chec) ne/t to it and clic)ing e!t.
1&. *ou will get a warning window about delegation for this D(S server cannot be created1 but since
this is the first D(S server you can 3ust clic) Yes and ignore this warning.
1'. (e/t you can choose to .lace the files that are necessary for Active Directory1 including the
Data7ase9 4og 1iles9 and SYS:54.
It is recommended to .lace the log files and database on a se.arate volume for .erformance and
recoverability. *ou can 3ust leave the defaults though and clic) e!t.
1(. (ow choose a .assword for Directory Services Restore Mode that is different than the domain
.assword. %y.e your .assword and confirm it before hitting e!t.
ote; You s/ould use a S<R56 )ass0ord for t/is and 0ill 7e 0arned if it doesn=t meet
2+. (e/t you will see a summary of all the o.tions you have went through in the wi2ard.
If you .lan on creating more domain controllers with the same settings hit the *!)ort settings >
button to save off a t/t co.y of the settings to use in an answer file for a scri.ted install. After
e/.orting and reviewing settings clic) on e!t.
21. (ow the installation will start including the D(S server o.tion if selected. *ou will notice a bo/ to
Re7oot on com)letion that you can chec) to reboot soon as everything is installed 4A reboot is
required you can do it manually or use this function to do it automatically5.
5<*; </is can 7e from a fe0 minutes to several /ours de)ending on different factors.
%onfirming Active Directory Domain Services Install
hen you reboot you will be as)ed to login to the domain1 and be able to o.en Active Directory
.sers and %om)uters from the Administrative menu.
hen you do you will see the domain AD*!am) and be able to manage the domain.
*ou have now successfully installed Active Directory Domain Services and the first Domain $ontro

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