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PO Box 10010, Beaumont, TX 77710
Education & Training Plan
Certification Program

Student Full Name:

Program Duration: 4 months
(due to open enrollment, start and end dates are determined by the student)
MyCAA Information
Tuition: $2800 (MOS exam included)
MyCAA Course Code: LIT-AA2
Program Duration: 4 months
(Please note these courses are approved as one course block)

This training program combines:
• Administrative Assistant
• Microsoft Office 2012

Program Description

Our Administrative Assistant Certificate program develops the necessary skills to thrive in
an office environment, especially as the support person for a business executive. You’ll
learn to type quickly and effectively, identify the steps to complete general office
procedures, comprehend the basics of working within Microsoft®Office, identify the steps
for creating business documents using professional language, identify the basic
requirements for
bookkeeping and accounting in the office. The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) training
course include expert instructor-led training modules with customized presentations, practice
exam simulators and learning supplements for an all-inclusive training program that provides
all the benefits of classroom training at your own pace. This program will prepare students
for the
MOS exams by teaching greater skill mastery in each of the individual Microsoft Office
2010 programs.

Program Outline – Administrative Assistant

Typing Practice & Improvement

• Pre-Test Your Typing Ability
• Finger Positioning Exercises
• Typing Practice Games
• Typing Progress Tracking
• Improve Your Typing Skills
• Increase Your Typing Speed

General Office Procedures

• The New Administrative Assistant
• The Daily Routine
• Telephone Usage & Etiquette Tips
• Mail Services and Shipping
• Travel Arrangements
• Transportation Reservations
• Dealing with Meetings
• Meeting Agendas and Minutes
• Time Management
• Creating Action Plans
• Keeping Accurate Records
• Filing Systems and File Cabinets

Office Equipment and Computers

• Understanding Office Equipment
• Using Microsoft Windows
• Using Apple Macintosh
• Navigating with Mac OS X
• Email Accounts & Programs
• Organizing Your Email
• Using the Internet
• Computer Networking
• Web Conferencing
• Data Security
• Troubleshooting Computer Problems
• Office Ergonomics

Using Microsoft Office

• Common Microsoft Office 2010 Features
• Using Microsoft Word
• Using Microsoft PowerPoint
• Using Microsoft Excel
• Using Microsoft Publisher
• Using Microsoft One Note
• Using Microsoft Outlook
• Using Microsoft Web Applications

Business Documents

• Creating a Great Business Letter
• Appearance and Paragraphing
• Interoffice Memorandums and E-Mails
• Reports and Report Templates
• Press Releases
• Editing and Proofreading
• Forms of Address
• Legal Documents and Terms
• Grammalogues
• Notary Public Forms
• Agreements and Contracts
• Legal and Real Estate Terms

Language Usage

• Grammar
• Using Adjectives and Adverbs
• Language Usage and Style
• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Avoiding Redundancies
• Phrases and Words to Omit
• Common English Usage Problems
• Spelling and Spell Check
• American English vs. British English
• Punctuation: Using a Period or Comma
• Writing Numerals
• Roman Numerals

Financial Activities

• Bookkeeping and Accounting
• Business Taxes
• The Company’s Bank
• Business and Financial Information for Small Businesses
• U.S. Weights and Measures
• International Weights and Measures (Metric)
• Business Math
• Career Advancement
• Growing as the Company Grows
• Presentation Skills
• Communication Skills
• Office Management and Supervision

Program Outline - Microsoft Office Specialist (2010) Desktop Skills

MOS Microsoft Certified Application Specialist: Word 2010

• Introduction to Word 2010
• Basic File Commands and Operations
• Creating, Managing and Formatting Content
• Tables
• Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content
• Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document
• Proofreading Documents
• Applying References and Hyperlinks
• Mail Merge
• Customize the Word Interface

MOS Microsoft Certified Application Specialist: Excel 2010

• Introducing Excel 2010
• Basic File Commands and Operations
• Creating, Managing and Navigating the Worksheets
• Entering and Managing Worksheet Data
• Formatting Cells and Worksheets
• Applying Formulas and Functions
• Analyzing and Organizing Data
• Naming and Hyperlinks
• Displaying Data Visually Using Charts
• Preparing to Print and Printing
• Share Worksheet Data with Other Users
• Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Workbook
• Customize the Excel Interface

MOS Microsoft Certified Application Specialist: Access 2010

• Access Overview
• Access Basics
• Designing a Database
• Building a Database
• Managing Table Data
• Creating Selection Queries
• Creating and Managing Forms
• Creating and Managing Reports
• Controlling Data Entry
• Finding and J oining Data
• Creating Flexible Queries
• Enhancing Forms
• Customizing Reports
• Sharing Access Data
• Structuring Existing Data
• Writing Table Queries
• Using Macros
• Making Forms More Effective
• Improving Reports
• Creating a Startup Interface
• Database Maintenance
• Distributing and Securing a Database

MOS Microsoft Certified Application Specialist: PowerPoint 2010

• PowerPoint Overview
• Beginning a Presentation
• Beginning and Creating a New Presentation
• Formatting Text
• Preparing to Deliver a Presentation
• Working with Tables and Charts
• Using Multimedia in PowerPoint Presentation
• Working with Autoshapes
• Managing PowerPoint Masters
• Special Effects Through Animation
• Delivering a Presentation, Slide Show and Annotation
• Collaborating in PowerPoint
• Securing and Distributing the Presentation

MOS Microsoft Certified Application Specialist: Outlook 2010

• Introduction Course Overview
• Working with Outlook Mail Items
• Common Outlook Item Actions
• Working With Outlook Calendar Items
• Working With Contact Items
• Working with Outlook Task Items
• Organizing Outlook Items
• Advanced Message Management
• Managing Outlook Data Files
• Security and Privacy
System Requirements:
Internet Access
• Broadband or high-speed internet access is required. Broadband includes DSL, cable, and
wireless connections.
• Dial-Up internet connections will result in a diminished online experience. Moodle pages may load
slowly and viewing large audio and video files may not be possible.


• Windows hardware configurations and processors are acceptable
• Mac computers MUST have Microsoft Window Operating Systems over Bootcamp (Bootcamp is
a free download from Apple's website)
• 1 GB RAM minimum recommended
• Operating Systems
o Windows XP, Vista or 7 and Mac OS X 10 or higher with Windows
• Web Browsers
o Google Chrome is highly recommended
o Internet Explorer is not recommended as it may not display certain menus and links
• Cookies MUST be enabled
• Pop-ups MUST be allowed (Pop-up Blocker disabled)
• Kindle Reader App is needed for many of our courses (No special equipment needed. This can
be downloaded onto your computer.)
• Adobe PDF Reader
• Media Plug-ins (These may be required depending on your course media.)
• Adobe Flash Player (Required for many of our career courses and ALL of our IT courses.)
• Adobe Acrobat Reader, Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Player, &/or Real Player
• PowerPoint Viewer (Use this if you don't have PowerPoint)

**Subject to change, as courses and materials are updated.**

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