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Policy guiding singing in the Adventist Church, NCD - CPC



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14 November 2013
This is a directive from the Communication Department of PNGUM that all singing groups
in local churches, districts, schools etc., must take heed that Adventist singing must bear
t he qual i t y of worshi p, l i f est yl e, doct ri nal pri nci pl es of t he church and f ocuses on God.
It has come to our attention that many people, who sing, play instruments, direct choirs,
people who make music tracks etc., have questionable standing with the church,
We have also noticed that some of the beats, tempos and the rhythms of the music
produced in Adventist singing lately have changed its form, sacredness and focus to God.
We also realize that music must be relevant and contemporary as much as possible,
However, while trying to contemporize Adventist music we would like to encourage that
musi c must mai nt ai n i t s sacredness & f ocus on God.
We woul d l i ke t o encourage al l Advent i st si ngi ng groups and i ndi vi dual s t o be endorsed by
the local church boards if any group will represent the Seventh-day Adventist Church
whet her si ngi ng i n t he church, school s, t hrough DVDs or publ i c pl aces.
Any group or individual that does not have a proper standing or belong to any local church
cannot sing purporting to be a member or church goer.
Please make an effort through the district directors and pastors to get a list of all the
endorsed singing groups and individuals through to the Communication Department of the
Local Missions & CPC. We will notify the national church so that when making tours or
service calls we would like to make sure singing groups & individual singers are endorsed
by the church to represent the Seventh-day Adventist church of PNG.
Thank you for considering this notice.
Papua New Gui nea Uni on Mi ssi on
P. O. Box 86
Lae, MP 41 1
Tel ephone: (6751 472 1488
Fax: ( 675) 4721873
Communi cat i ons & Coordi nat or Publ i c Evangel i sm

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