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Presented By: Priyanka Ghosh (104) Mohit Tihara (61) Rajarshi Dutta(108) Udit Grover(97) Sameer Kochhar(89)

TATA DOCOMO was launched for

people believing in some different services( Hatke services).

Tata DOCOMO is Tata Teleservices

Limited's (TTSL) telecom service on the GSM platform-arising out of the Tata Group's strategic alliance with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO in November 2008.


GSM Mobile Services

Prepay connection 1p/ second - Anywhere In India ISD calls on 1 second charging Best SMS rates from Tata DOCOMO

Postpaid Connection Pay as per actual usage only Get charged for your airtime usage on a per second basis.

GPRS GPRS is the Mobile Data service that gives you the power to enjoy continuous wireless connection to Internet even when you are on the move.


To Double the sales.


Current sales of TATA DOCOMO: 2007-08 are estimated at $62.5 billion (around Rs 251,543 crore), of which 61 per cent is from business outside India.


DoCoMo enters Indian market with picking up a 26% stake, worth $2.7 billion, in Tata Teleservices, the No. 6 player in India.

Integrating all the promotional tools
Integrated marketing communication is integration of all marketing tools, approaches, and resources within a company which maximizes impact on consumer mind. Hence, We were developing an IMC program for out product TATA DOCOMO to identify opportunities and threats in the environment to make quality contact with our customers.

Marketing Plan: IMC
Promotions Opportunity Analysis
1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Establishing Marketing Communications Analysis Establish Objectives. Developing a Communicating Budget Adapting Promotional Strategies. Match your tactics with your strategies

Promotions Opportunity Analysis
The process of identifying target audiences for the offering (Products & services).

Two key objectives for promotions opportunity analysis:

Determine which promotional opportunities exist for the firm, and Identify the characteristics of each target audience so that we can precise advertising and marketing communications messages can reach them.

Conduct a Communication market analysis
` ` ` ` `

Competitive analysis Opportunity Analysis Target Market Analysis Customer Analysis Positioning Analysis


Opportunity Analysis

Tata Docomo have a great opportunity to expand its services in providing GSM Mobile connection all over India.

` ` `

To introduce any new plans for internet users. Introduce 3G compatible services. To introduce new combined plans like SMS, Internet, Calling integrated offers.

Target Market
Identify the benefits customer are seeking and determine the various ways in which the customer can be reached. For such we need to plan a Target Market Analysis:

Identify markets with unfulfilled needs. Divide the overall market into smaller segments. Positioning through marketing strategies such as advertising campaigns for each smaller groups.

Target Audience (Customer Analysis)

According to Marketing Investment perspective, an advertisement must reach the larger audience which is in more number.

Good act must reach the desired customer.

Our Audience:

Brand Loyalist (This group of customers are studied at first in order to understand people¶s think, when they buy, why they buy or where they buy and how they evaluate a product.)

` ` `

Other Brand Loyalist Promiscuous (No loyalty towards any particular Brand) Non- Users

Target Audiences


Whom Should We TARGET?

1. User 3.Influential

2.payer 4. Buyer

Product Positioning Analysis:
Advertising Competitors Use or application Price-quality Relationship Product user Various Offers Innovative discounts

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
The unique selling proposition highlighted by Tata DoCoMo was the 'pay-as-you-use' scheme under which the subscriber would be charged one paisa per second and only for the duration of use. Based on this concept, the company formed its tagline 'Do the new'.


For Young Generation : Friendship Theme
Tata Docomo has Released a brand new advertisement with The Title Tata docomoFriendship Express where a group of people from different customs, different place, different ages will be travelling together and it¶s all about how the tune Do Dooo Do which makes a magic over there!

TATA DOCOMO: Offerings

Tata Docomo offers 1 paisa/sec call to US, Canada from Punjab. TATA DOCOMO now offers Daily and Weekly plans for BlackBerry. Tata DOCOMO offers free social networking on BuddyNet. Tata Docomo SMS offers- Free 750 SMS per day offer RC 30 details.


Tata DOCOMO brings you an exclusive opportunity to participate in the Major Auditions of INDIA's GOT TALENT.


Tata DOCOMO is awarded 'Best Emerging Markets Carrier' at the 13th Annual Telecom Asia Awards (2010).

Establishing Marketing Communications Objectives.
1. 2.

Develop Brand awareness. Enhance brand¶s Image by improving the quality of brand, i.e. connectivity.


Enhance purchase actions or Repeat Purchase actions by introducing new product feature of Tata Docomo.


To know the impact of promotional activities on the purchasing behavior of the buyer.

Communication Objectives
Communication objectives that are derived from such marketing objectives can be measurable by:
1. 2. 3. 4.

Sales volume Market share Profits Return on Investment.

DOCOMO is a firmly established market leader
` `

DOCOMO has become a 26-per cent shareholder in Tata Teleservices. Limited and three DOCOMO Directors will be named to join the TTSL Board.


The company is a strong market leader used by more than 50 percent of Japan¶s mobile phone users. NTT DOCOMO, under which the Japanese telecom.


company was to acquire 26 per cent of the common shares of Tata Teleservices Limited²in accordance with the capital-alliance agreement.

Developing a Communicating Budget
Establishing a Communication Budget.

An unrealistic


assumptions about the relationship between promotional expenditures and sales.

Methods of determining communication budget:
` ` ` ` ` `

Percentage of sales method Meet the competition ´What we can affordµ Objective and task Payout planning Quantitative models

Advertising Budget

Trade promotions 45%

Advertising 35%

Consumer Promotions 20%



Adapting Promotional Strategies

Primary Market for Tata Docomo are the teenagers and the young adults as for now the southern Region and slowly the entire country.

Tata Docomo¶s ad are vibrant and colorful. They focus on happy and the audience who are much more active in life. The Young Adults Revealed study shows massive mobile penetration amongst young adults worldwide, with 92 per cent owning a handset.

The Communication Strategy of Tata Docomo is to reach it¶s target customer carefully by it¶s slogan such as ³ DO THE NEW´. The Young Adults Revealed study shows massive mobile penetration amongst young adults worldwide, with 92 per cent owning.

The Tata Docomo OOH and print ads have been received very well and the freshness handset.

Match your tactics with your strategies

Tactics are activities to support strategies. Tactics include promotional campaigns around themes based on strategies.

` `

They add Excitement or interest to what company plans to provide. Tata Docomo strongly believes in adding tactics to it¶s strategies by providing:


Coupons Bonus Packs Contest and prizes

Students Moving from their HOME STATE to another City to study:
` `

Free Prepaid SIM CARDS. Cheaper calling (1p/sec) within the state. Slashed calling cards to their Home Country.


Cheaper calling to landline or Wire-Less phones.

SIM CARDS ‡Free of costs.* ‡@Rs100(Postpaid)* *Conditions Apply

MARKET SEGMENATATION BY CONSUMER GROUPS: Demographics Psychographics Generations Geographic areas Geodemographics Benefit Segmentation Usage Segmentation By Industry By Size By geographic Location By product usage By Customer Value




Tata Docomo targeting Young Adults and teenagers, Both male and female who mostly live on small earnings or pocket money.

Psychographic Segmenting:
AIO - Attitudes Interest and Opinions

´Psychographic & Technologyµ

Segmentation Basis:Gadget Freak. Technology Inclined.

Segmentation by Geographic Location

A GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, having license to operate in 20 out of total of 22 telecom circles of India, has set a target to cover entire southern region like Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Orissa Telecom circle,


The company has recently started rolling out services in Kolkata, West Bengal, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh circles and aims to expand its pan India, with the exception of Jammu & Kashmir and North-East.

Tata Teleservices¶s GSM Mobile service Tata DoCoMo has launched its commercial operations in Orissa.

The company has also started its GSM services in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and currently covers a total of 20,847 towns and villages, 4,205 km of national Highay.


Tata Docomo introduces new prepaid special tariff coupon 'Tariff & SMS & Talk time Pack· in Tamil Nadu.


Tata Docomo introduces Daily And Weekly prepaid BlackBerry plans.


Tata Docomo introduces Daily And Weekly prepaid BlackBerry plans.


Nokia,Tata Docomo Tie Up to Offer ´Ovi Life Toolsµ

Segmentation by Product Usage

TATA DOCOMO has been offering a wide range of telephony services including:
Mobile services

Wire line services

Product Usage

Wireless Desktop Phones

Public booth telephony


A segmentation system that classified business customers into segments and determined the opportunity of each segment.


Business segmentation can also drive changes to marketing communications and advertising.

The growing list of successful business segmentation projects suggests principles that any company can adopt for B2B marketing success:

Leverage the value of two pieces of basic company information: size and industry classification.


A business database can help compare customer files to a known universe to calculate market penetration by size and industry segment.


Use data on existing business customers to score profit potential, prioritize acquisition, retention and cross-selling initiatives.


Measure the effectiveness of segmentation-based sales and marketing programs using metrics like quarter-over-quarter sales, cost to convert prospects into customers and direct mail response rates. Then fine-tune marketing based on these metrics.


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