Advocates For Blind Children

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Helping families of vision impaired children to succeed through educational and societal support.



Advocates Blind Children


Blind Children
One Vision ABC helps families of blind children receive access to services at school and in the community


• Oregon School for the Blind was closed in 2009 after 136 years of service
• State law promised "enhanced" services for students and budgeted nearly $3,000.000.

• Students were promised improved services in the expanded curriculum

Broken Promises…
• Efforts to promote services were thwarted • Promised services were not implemented and the $3,000,000 was taken away • Those working to get additional services were reprimanded and terminated

How We Came To Be
• Advocates for Blind Children was started by retired educators in Oregon Determined to be advocates for blind children and their families

Initially funded with proceeds from lawsuit settlement
ABC successfully led and continues to lead efforts to provide services for blind children

Oral Hull Foundation
50 year old foundation accepts Fiscal sponsorship:
Oral Hull provides recreational and educational opportunities for blind individuals

Why Blind Children And Their Families Need Advocacy Services

The Special Education System
Complicated, Confusing, Complex
• • • Students are identified Assessments are conducted (by various experts) Teams of educational professionals meet
• 6-8 professionals in attendance (many times even more)…

The Special Education System
… usually one very overwhelmed mom

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Meetings
• • • Goals are often pre-written Case loads are already determined Service hours already budgeted

Parents of Blind Children Need Support

Lions Club Members Can Help

The Lions Club And The Blind
Helen Keller – 1925 Lions International Convention

“I appeal to you Lions, you who have your sight, your hearing, you who are strong and brave and kind. Will you not constitute yourselves

Knights of the Blind…”

The “Knights Of The Blind”
4 Main Areas of Lions’ Clubs Service
1. Serving the youth 2. Serving the blind 3. Fighting hunger worldwide 4. Protecting the environment
Judge Brian Stevenson Lions’ International President 1987-1988

Advocates For Blind Children
Combines Two of Four Lions Areas Of Service Serving the blind and serving the youth

ABC Proposes The Lions Advocacy Initiative
Lions In Action - The Lions Measles Initiative
• 2012 Measles challenge
• Raise $15 Million for Measles Vaccinations

Gates Foundation Offer
• Donate $5 Million to match Lions’ $10 million

Lions Change Lives
The Lions Measles Initiative
• Results
• • • Lions raised $18 Million (Nearly Double!) Bill and Melinda Gates added $12 Million 41 million children vaccinated

Literally Priceless

Lions Can Change Lives
The Lions’ Advocacy Initiative
• Goals
• • • Raise $15 Million to fund an endowment Make advocacy programs available Fund advocacy programs in the United States and Canada for generations

Who’s On Board Already
• • • International Directors Past International Directors Our Secret weapon…

The Lions’ Advocacy Initiative
Mr. Jim Stovall
• 1999-2000 Lions Club International Humanitarian
New York Times Bestseller Emmy Award Winner Featured in USA Today, on Fox news, and in hundreds of other mainstream publications…

• • •

“…One of the most extraordinary men of our era...“ ~ Steve Forbes

13+ bestselling books translated into multiple languages and shared throughout the world

Mr. Jim Stovall
New York Times Bestseller Emmy Award Winner USA Today, Fox news, Forbes

The Lions’ Advocacy Initiative
Mr. Jim Stovall
• “The Ultimate Gift” released by 20th Century Fox
• • • Film release events Fundraising opportunities Awareness opportunities

• $27 million was raised for local charities around the country

The Lions’ Advocacy Initiative
The Ultimate Life
• Movie Premiere Launch Events Goals
• • • Raise $10 million $5 Million matching grant Create blind advocacy programs for generations to come

We Need You
• • • District Advocacy Chair Zone Advocacy Chairs Local Club Advocates

The Lions’ Advocacy Initiative
Your Next Steps
• Speak with your Regional Coordinator
Change children’s lives for generations to come

Advocates Blind Children

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