Affidavit and arrest warrant for Derrick Stafford

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The affidavit and arrest warrant for Derrick Stafford in the fatal shooting of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis and the wounding of his father, Chris Few, on Nov. 3, 2015. The documents were released on Dec. 11, 2015, after a gag order in the case was lifted.



STATE OF LOUISIANA LOUISIANA VS. Derrick Walker Stafford 207 Tricia Park Road Mansura, Louisiana 71350 DOB 07/06/1983

LOUISIANA PARISH OF AVOYELLES Affiant came and appeared before me,  __________________________________  ____________________________ ______ TH Jud Jud e of of the the 12 12 Judicial District Court

Trooper First Class Rodney Owens,  a Louisiana State Police Officer, who having been duly sworn, did depose and say; that one Derrick Stafford on the 3rd day of November 2015,  did willfully, unlawfully, knowingly, and intentionally commit L.R.S. 14:30.1 Second Degree Murder (Transfer of Intent) and L.R.S. 14:30.1 Second Degree Murder modified by L.R.S. 14:27 Attempt. The Affiant Charges that accused committed the above-described offense based on the following information: On November 03, 2015, at approximately 2120 hours, Norris Greenhouse, a Marksville Ward 2 Deputy City Marshall, Marshall , while on duty du ty and acting in his h is official capacity, c apacity, engaged en gaged in a vehicle veh icle pursuit of a 2000 KIA KIA Sport, bearing Mississippi License “FCU100”. Marksville Ward 2 Deputy City Marshals Jason Brouillette and Derrick Stafford were also on duty and acting in an official capacity, engaged in the vehicle pursuit in a second Marksville Ward 2 City Marshal’s unit. The fleeing vehicle being being pursued was operated by Christopher Few, W/M, DOB 04/21/1990 and was also occupied by Few’s six year old son, Jeremy Mardis, W/M, DOB 08/14/2009, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. Marksville City Police Sgt. Kenneth Parnell III responded to assist the pursuing units and got  behind the pursuit as the vehicles turned from Preston Street onto Martin Luther King Jr. Street. Sgt. Parnell followed the pursuit and activated his body camera. As the pursuit appeared to be ending, ending, with a very little little avenue avenue of escape, at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Street and Taensas Street, S treet, Deputy City Marshal Greenhouse, along with Deputy City Marshal Stafford exited their units, and discharged their duty weapons towards the 2000 KIA Sport vehicle. The vehicle, Mr. Few and his son were struck by multiple gunshots fired by the Deputy City Marshals. As a result of Deputy City Marshal Greenhouse’s and Deputy City Marshal Stafford’s actions, Mr. Few was critically wounded by two gunshot wounds. Mr. Few’s six year year old son received five gunshot wounds and was  pronounced dead at the the scene. Video obtained from the body camera camera worn by Marksville Marksville Police Sgt. Kenneth Kenneth Parnell Parnell III captured capture d the officer involved invo lved shooting. shoo ting. The length len gth of the video is app approxima roximately tely thirteen minutes and forty-seven forty-seven seconds (13:47). Upon my review of the body camera video, at approximately twenty-six (26) seconds into the video, the driver, Christopher Few’s empty hands are raised and visible when gunfire becomes audible. An examination of the duty weapons obtained from Deputy City Marshals Greenhouse, Stafford and Brouillette, and Marksville Police Sergeant Parnell, were conducted by Louisiana State Police Crime Lab Analysts. Crime Lab analysis revealed reve aled all spent spe nt casings casing s recovered at a t the scene were w ere fired from the duty weapons of Deputy City Marshals  Norris Greenhouse and Derrick Derrick Stafford. During Sgt. Parnell’s interview with Louisiana State Police Detectives Detectives,, he stated he didn’t fire his weapon because he didn’t fear for his life. L.R.S. 14:30.1 Second Degree Murder (Transfer of Intent) is the killing of a human being: b eing: when the offender has a specific intent to kill or to inflict great bodily harm. L.R.S. 14:30.1, Second Degree Murder modified by L.R.S. 14:27, Attempt , is the attempted killing of a human  being: when the offender has a specific intent to kill or to to inflict great bodily harm. harm.

Therefore, Derrick Stafford  violated the provisions of L.R.S. 14:30.1 Second Degree Murder (Transfer of Intent) and L.R.S. 14:30.1 Second Degree Murder modified by L.R.S. 14:27 Attempt Attempt  in that he did shoot Christopher Few while he operated a motor vehicle with intent to kill or inflict great bodily harm against Mr. Few when he no longer posed an imminent threat or danger of death or great great bodily harm to his own life or that of another. Jeremy Mardis, a front seat passenger of the vehicle, was fatally shot due to the actions of Derrick Stafford. th

All within this State and Parish, and the jurisdiction of the 12  Judicial District Court, contrary co ntrary to the form of the statutes of the State Sta te of Louisiana in su such ch case made and provided, and against again st the peace and dignity of the same. Wherefore, deponent prays that the said accused be arrested and dealt with according to law.

 __________________________ AFFIANT th Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6  day of November 2015 .

 ____________________________ __________  ______________________________________ Judge 12th Judicial District Court of Louisiana


WARRANT State of Louisiana 12




TO ANY COMMISSIONED PEACE OFFICER: WHEREAS, complaint has been made before me, upon oath of Trooper First Class Rodney Owens, a Louisiana State Police Officer, charging, one: Derrick Stafford, Stafford , B/M, DOB 07/06/1983 with L.R.S. 14:30.1 Second Degree Murder (Transfer of Intent) and L.R.S. 14:30.1 Second Degree Murder modified by L.R.S. 14:27 Attempt.

 Now, therefore, you are hereby commanded, in the name of the State, to apprehend and arrest the said accused and bring Derrick Stafford  before our Court to answer the said complaint. You are further commanded commanded to keep the said accused in safe custody pending a session of the Court, or until released according to law, and this shall be your warrant.

Given under my official signature this 6th day of November 2015 .

 _________________________ ______________  _______________________________________ th Judge 12 Judicial District Court of Louisiana

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