Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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WWW.COVEREDNOW.COM"We've got YOU covered"Mandated HEALTH INSURANCE. There are penalties for those that do not have coverage moving forward.At Cornerstone Financial Services we are located in and outside the exchange to be able to help you decide the best coverage for your family. Call Today 425.256.3105 xt.108



O: 425.256.3105 XT.108 C: 206.910.2247 E: [email protected]
Details in the ACA may change between now and Open Enrollment Nov. 15, 2014. This document is for informational purposes, and is not meant to be final or authoritative.
Please consult with a licensed agent.
And How it Affects You!
As of January 1st , 2014: Every
ci t i zen has been mandat ed by t he Aff ordabl e Care Act
(ACA) t o have heal t h i nsurance ei t her t hrough t hei r em-
pl oyer or an i ndi vi dual pl an. Empl oyers wi t h l ess t han 50
empl oyees are not requi red t o off er coverage.
www. coverednow. com
“we’ ve got you covered”
Financial Consultation

  
5432 Any Street West
Townsville, State 54321 USA

(543) 555-0150 (800) 555-0150
425.256.3105 xt.108
[email protected]
PROBLEM: Everyone is REQUIRED to have Health Insurance

PENALTIES: 2014 $95/Person or 1% of Income (whichever is greater)
2015 $350 / Person or 2% of Income (whichever is greater)
2016 $695 / Person or 2.5% of Income (whichever is greater)

PLAN: Contact Us Today to help solve the your health insurance

CALL/EMAIL: JOE JONART 425.256.3105 XT. 108 or
[email protected]


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