Affordable Care Act Final Project

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It is about the Affordable Care Act , introduction , literature review , and many other things



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Affordable Care Act
Health Policy and Economics


In this paper the Author is going to discuss about a brief of Affordable Care Act. In
this paper, he will discuss about the definition of ACT, problem created by Act, people

Online Course Project
facing problem from it, the whole analysis of the problem, its solution,
implementation, and a suitable justification about it. So first of all let us discuss about
it. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was formed in 2010, and its shortly
know an Affordable Care Act. It is also well known by its nick name Obama care. It is
made up of Patient Protection Act, Affordable Care Act and other Health care related
Act for the People and many other laws such as food, drug and cosmetic Act this entire
drug combines and formed this Act. Now lets us discuss that what these Act actually
do, this Act is long, complex combination of all the things and it is made to provide
better quality and health insurance, payer, tax breaks, education , spending , new jobs
and many other. Their are various Titles of Affordable Care Act , they are Title
I Quality, affordable health care for all Americans, Title II The role of public
programs, Title III Improving the quality and efficiency of health care, Title
IV Preventing chronic disease and improving public health, Title V Health care
workforce, Title VI Transparency and program integrity, Title VII Improving access to
innovative medical therapies, Title VIII Community living assistance services and
supports, Title IX Revenue provisions, Title X Reauthorization of the Indian Health
Care Improvement Act. So all above are the titles of this Act.

Problems and Analysis

Online Course Project
In the above paragraph author as given as the brief overview of the Affordable care act
and its various titles. As we all know that every policy has its Pros and Cons. But
today he would like to discuss about the problem the people are facing through this
Act. As from the analysis we came to know to know that by implementing this act, the
people who are working privately or the employees as to pay more taxes. There was a
rise in the in the Taxes to fulfill a tons of millions of people with insurance. It is also
be seen that they are telling that with this act almost 30 million of uninsured
Americans will be with insurance. But there are still many people who cannot able to
pay their bills for their Health and many are uninsured. Moreover many of them also
say that all Americans who can afford to obtain health coverage will get an exemption
or pay a fee. This will create a complication in filling the Taxes. There are various
Health Insurance company they are paying a millions of dollars on healthcare, so this
ACT also affect them in many ways. So the above are some of the problem that the
people and other are facing from this ACT. As in the above paragraph in Problems, the
author as discuss about the problem that are creating or facing by the people of Unite
States of America due to Affordable Healthcare Act. So after doing the analysis author
has found a various number of problems, regarding providing coverage, and many
other things.

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Literature Review
As the author as stated above that there are various Title of Affordable Care Act , but
in this paper he will discuss about the first title that is Quality, Affordable Health Care
for all Americans. They are trying to reform the Healthcare system of the United States
of America, before that they have to keep this three most essential links to achieve
reform they are that all Americans should be the part of these Act, There should not be
increase in the taxes for the employees and many more. So first of all they have to see
the most important part is Immediate Implementation: As we all know that the
Healthcare insurance reform will take a longer time, so we are implementing
Affordable care act in 2010. There are various things that this act will do; they are as
bellow, 1. They will block the rescissions of health insurance policy 2. They are
various people who are uninsured, so they will provide them insurance on the basis of
a pre-existing condition 3. They will provide extend dependant coverage up to age 26
4. They will also form documents which will be uniform, so that it will easy for the
people to compare health insurance with each other. So the above are the point that
they will keep in mind and will people regarding their batter health insurance. 2
Health Insurance Market Reform: They also stated that they will implement new
insurance reforms in 2014.They are going to change rules and regulation of all the
small and individual health insurance markets in all states. They also told that
premiums will be varying only by tobacco use, family structure, geography and many

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more things.3 Available Coverage: They have divided various insurance in a
category , they says that the maximum coverage for the individual will be 2000 $ and
4000$ for family. So there are many more point such as making coverage affordable,
benefit exchanges, Shared responsibility and many more. So the above is the literature
Solution and Implementation
There are various points through which we can solve the above problem regarding this
act. First of all we should not increase the taxes. If they want to increase the taxes than
they can increase on a limited types of thing such as tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol and
many other things. By doing this the consumption of all these things will be reduces
and we will get funds for the Health Insurance for the people. There are many other
points they are Costs, Patient safety, Access to care is threatened, premiums are rising
for Healthcare Insurance. So this are the point on which they have to take action and
should be reduces if they really want to help the people of United States of America.

In the above paper we have studied about the Affordable Healthcare act. Problem ,
solution , implementation , analysis , literature review and may other thing about these
act. Author only want to say that if they want to improve the Healthcare problem , than
they should see the above the point.

Online Course Project

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