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An Islamic Perspective of Alcohol in Britain
The charity 'Alcohol Concern' tell us that alcohol is the cause of: 60-70% of homicides 70% of stabbings 70% of beatings 50% of fights or assaults in the home The British Medical Association tells us a THIRD of homicide victims are intoxicated at the time of death. The Home Office tell us that 13,000 violent incidents take place in or near licensed premises each week. That 75,000 violent facial injuries are sustained each year where either the assailant or victim has been drinking. Accident and emergency departments says that between 65% and 80% of assault patients were intoxicated at the time of the injury. The BBC says the annual cost of alcohol-related crime and public disorder has been estimated at £7.3bn, the cost to employers has been put at £6.4bn. Doctors say the NHS cannot cope and is at breaking point. As a forward thinking and enlightened society why we do not BAN drinking altogether? The harms clearly outweigh the pleasures.

If alcohol is a disease, it is the only disease that: - Is sold in bottles - Is advertised in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television - Has licensed outlets to spread it - Produces revenue for the government- Brings violent deaths on the highways - Has no germs or viral cause- Destroys family life and increases crime ALCOHOLISM IS NOT A DISEASE IT IS SATANS HANDIWORK

Mohammed Ansar

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