Allstate Insurance Company

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Corporate Relations Intern



Allstate Insurance Company

10800 E. Geddes Ave., Suite 300 Englewood, CO 80112 O (303) 779-3797 C (720) 308- 978 ! (877) 2 1-"" #e $%e see&ing $ 'o%(o%$te %el$tions inte%n to $'t $s $ 'o))uni'$tion gene%$list *o% Allst$te+s #est Cent%$l ,egion$l Co%(o%$te ,el$tions te$). -.e inte%n will /e $n integ%$l ($%t o* t.e #est Cent%$l te$), lo'$ted in Englewood, Colo%$do. individu$l will /e %es(onsi/le *o% develo(ing inte%n$l 'o))uni'$tions in $ v$%iet0 o* ve.i'les $nd 'ondu'ting *ollow-u( )e$su%e)ent %e(o%ts, $s well $s $ssisting wit. st%$tegi' (.il$nt.%o(0 $nd e1te%n$l 'o))uni'$tions su((o%t. -.e inte%n will su((o%t t.e te$) in en.$n'ing $nd (%ote'ting Allst$te+s %e(ut$tion $'%oss ou% nine-st$te %egion. -.e individu$l will wo%& 'losel0 wit. ou% s$les, (%odu't $nd )$%&eting te$)s to (%o)ote v$%ious %egion$l initi$tives 2 new (%odu't l$un'.es $nd (%odu't en.$n'e)ents, s$les (%o)otions, st%$tegi' (.il$nt.%o(0 $nd %e'%uit)ent.
-.e (e%son in (osition is e1(e'ted to3

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4evelo( $nd e1e'ute inte%n$l 'o))uni'$tion (l$ns $nd tools t.$t 'onside% $ll st$&e.olde%s $nd $%e $ligned wit. 'o%(o%$te $nd %egion$l (%io%ities, )ess$ging $nd /usiness o/5e'tives. As di%e'ted, i)(le)ent $nd su((o%t (%o$'tive )edi$ %el$tions (%og%$))ing, in'luding develo(ing $nd dist%i/uting ele't%oni' $nd video 'o))uni'$tions )$te%i$ls6 $ssisting wit. t.e i)(le)ent$tion o* st%$tegi' (u/li' %el$tions '$)($igns integ%$ted wit. n$tion$l %e(ut$tion go$ls $nd (%og%$)s6 $ssist wit. t.e (l$nning $nd e1e'ution o* )edi$ $nd 'o))unit0 events. As di%e'ted, i)(le)ent $nd )e$su%e inte%n$l $nd e1te%n$l 'o))uni'$tions (l$ns to ensu%e integ%$tion $nd )ess$ge 'onsisten'0 $)ong $ll %egion$l st$&e.olde%s. As di%e'ted, develo( st%$tegi' 'o))uni'$tions to .el( d%ive eng$ge)ent, line o* sig.t $nd 'ultu%e '.$nge $)ong %egion$l inte%n$l7e1te%n$l st$&e.olde%s *o% new $nd e1isting /usiness $nd %e(ut$tion (%og%$)s $nd initi$tives. Assist wit. g%owing ($%tne%s.i(s wit. 'o))unit0 o%g$ni8$tions $ligned wit. -.e Allst$te !ound$tion9s sign$tu%e (%og%$) $%e$s, in'luding teen s$*e d%iving $nd t.e e'ono)i' e)(owe%)ent o* vi'ti)s o* do)esti' violen'e. E1e'ute '$t$st%o(.e 'o))uni'$tion )$n$ge)ent6 in'luding )edi$ %el$tions (%og%$))ing6 develo(ing $nd dist%i/uting inte%n$l 'o))uni'$tions6 i)(le)enting $nd )$n$ging so'i$l )edi$ su((o%t )$te%i$ls.

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Assist wit. t.e i)(le)ent$tion o* events $nd (%o5e't )$n$ge)ent *o% -.e Allst$te !ound$tion, voluntee% $'tivities, E1te%n$l :edi$, $s well $s t.e $'.ieve)ent o* &e0 /usiness unit o/5e'tives.
-.e (e%son in %ole will utili8e t.ei% inte%n$l $nd e1te%n$l 'o))uni'$tion s&ills to develo( )$te%i$ls t.$t $ssist wit. *$vo%$/l0 (ositioning Allst$te wit. its &e0 st$&e.olde%s, in'luding Allst$te $gents, 'usto)e%s, 'onsu)e%s, )edi$, o(inion le$de%s $nd e)(lo0ees. ;n $ddition, individu$l will .el( wit. t.e $dv$n'e)ent o* t.e '%edi/ilit0, $nd (ositive %e(ut$tion o* t.e 'o%(o%$tion t.%oug. i)(le)enting $n integ%$ted, )ulti*$'eted inte%n$l 'o))uni'$tion (l$ns. will en.$n'e Allst$te9s i)$ge $nd %e(ut$tion t.%oug. i)(%oved Allst$te% eng$ge)ent $nd $''ount$/ilit0. Qualifications An ide$l '$ndid$te )$0 .$ve e1(e%ien'e w%iting internal and external communications, newsletters, social media, communication measurement and analytics, media research or media relations. ,e<ui%ed3

• • • •

=%o*i'ien'0 wit. :i'%oso*t O**i'e #o%d, E1'el $nd =owe%=oint. E1'ellent w%itten 'o))uni'$tion s&ills St%ong $ttention to det$il. >ig.l0 s&illed $t )ultit$s&ing $nd *$st delive%0 o* wo%& (%odu't

• • •
A (lus3

A/ilit0 to $d$(t $nd su''eed in $ *$st-($'ed $nd '.$llenging envi%on)ent. St%ong 'usto)e% se%vi'e o%ient$tion.

>ig.l0 o%g$ni8ed sel*-st$%te% w.o is d%iven to $'.ieve outst$nding %esults.
?nowledge $nd e1(e%ien'e wit. Const$nt Cont$'t. ?nowledge $nd e1(e%ien'e wit. Cision to develo( )edi$ lists ?nowledge $nd e1(e%ien'e in )edi$ %el$tions, (%int o% /%o$d'$st 5ou%n$lis) E1(e%ien'e develo(ing online 'ontent *o% newslette% $nd inte%n$l we/sites E1(e%ien'e wo%&ing in 'o%(o%$te 'o))uni'$tions setting

• • • • • •

@ideo $nd i)$ging so*tw$%e s&ills $nd editing e1(e%ien'e

• • •

-i)e*%$)e3 !le1i/le A student 'ould wo%& /etween 20-"0 .ou%s (e% wee&. 4e(ending on 'l$ss lo$d, we would t$&e so)eone $s soon $s l$te :$%'. o% $s l$te $s )id-:$0, $nd t.e o((o%tunit0 will l$st t.%oug. t.e su))e%. #e 'ould $lso st$%t wit. *ewe% .ou%s i* t.e student is still in 'l$ss $nd go to )o%e .ou%s du%ing t.e su))e%.

S$l$%03 >ou%l0, /etween A1"-17 (e% .ou% de(ending on e1(e%ien'e

A((li'$tion =%o'ess =le$se send in<ui%ies $nd7o% %esu)es to $)0.$ll)onB$llst$te.'o)

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