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Ally Worksheet

Please have your Ally read the following information about their role,

fill in their contact information, and sign below. Ally Information

Ally’s Name:

Youth Venture Ideas & Action Plan
The Venture Idea and Action Plan serves as the application for o cial acceptance into the Youth Venture network. It is also a useful resource structured to help you think through your community-bene ting idea and form it into a successful venture.

What is an Ally? Mailing Address: An Ally is a non-controlling adult mentor who offers support and guidance to Venturers. Each team is required to haveventures must meet certain criteria in order to receive funding and support All at least one Ally. City:

What are the Youth Venture criteria?

To apply, your team should complete and submit one Venture Idea and What is the role of an Ally? (direct line, if available): Evening Telephone: Daytime TelephoneAction Plan. You may type or handwrite your answers on this form, or Youth-created Allies offer expertise and provide guidance when Ventureand youth-led teams make Based on original ideas you may attach your answers in a separate document. Please make sure Youth Venture is an organization building adecisions or need support. Allies help connect Venturers to local communiglobal movement of young that your responses are thoughtful and honest. If you feel you can better Run by a team of at least 3 young people between the ties. They also encourage changemakers. We are made up of young people - Venturers - from around teams by attending Selection Panel presentaRelationship to Team: Email: communicate in another manner or through di erent medium (such as video Ages Each tions and staying the world who have launched projects to positively impact their in regular contact with the team.of 14-24 team decides the or audio), please feel free to do so. We welcome any document or best way to get support Designed to bene t society or community communities. Youth Venture provides youth with the opportunity to make from their Ally. A team can have more than one presentation that tells us about you, your idea, and your plan. Ally, but must have at youth one. Designed to be ongoing (lasting at least 6-12 months) a contribution to society, learn new skills, entrepreneur, and connect withleast from

from Youth Venture. We are only able to support ventures that are:

HowState: my teamCode: does Zip apply?

What is Youth Venture?

around the world. For more information, visit

What is venture?

What can’t Allies do? Allies cannot lead or create a Venture. They are not responsible for planning activities, for scheduling meetings, or for making decisions for the Venture team.

As an Ally, I agree to:

A venture is a club, program, organization, or for-pro t business run by youth and designed to have a positive social impact. Ventures can address any type of community problem or challenge. Some of our past Venturers have dealt with issues such as poverty, health, the arts, the environment, This Ally Agreement does not bind, legally or otherwise, an Ally to Youth Venture or any partnering organization; signing indicates that education, and diversity.

the signer understands the conditions of the agreement, and that he/she is committed to fulfilling his/her responsibilities. All Allies are subject to background checks conducted by Youth Venture or Youth Venture invests in young people (ages 14-24) to create, launch, and partnering organizations.

Return your completed Venture Idea and Action Plan to us by email, • Supply suggestions when youth get stuck. • Provide guidance when thefax or post. Once we receive your Venture Idea and Action Plan we Venturers make decisions will review it and get back to you within two weeks. If you have any concerning the Venture. questions about • Offer my expertise to the Venture Team. completing your Venture Idea and Action Plan, please contact us. • Help connect the Venture Team to my community. • Be a liaison between Youth Venture and the Venture Team. • Encourage the Venture Team throughoutVenture AShoka’s Youth the Venture.

What does Youth Venture do?

lead social ventures. We provide our Venturers with resources including: Seed funding of up to R 7000 Ongoing guidance, tools and support Access to mentoring and trainings A connection to a global community of young changemakers

5th oor - West Wing, Oak Park. 352 Oak Avenue Randburg, Gauteng, South AFrica P.O. Box 30653, Braamfontein 2017, South Africa I agree to the Ally role as outlined by Youth Venture. I commit to this youth-run, youth-led Venture, as a non-controlling adult mentor. Tel: +27 (0) 11 326-2736 Fax: +27 (0) 11 326-2704 email 1: [email protected] Ally Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ______________ email 2: [email protected]

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