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A Life Skills Program For School Children Adolescence is a period marked with several changes at the physical, mental, emotional and social level. For most it is a So that they thrive, confusing period because not only do they have to deal with changes not merely survive within themselves but also with changes in people’s attitudes and behaviors to those changes! Various international organizations have been advocating the need to introduce Life Skills training at the school level. Interest in Life Skills training, the world over, addresses the two-pronged concerns: • To prevent individuals from making debilitating choices during their formative years • To strengthen their abilities to engage with life situations in a way that promotes their well being and their relationship with others The program will give participants ample opportunity and a safe forum to interact with others, share and exchange ideas, which is turn will impact their perception and attitude about themselves and the world. The program will also equip them with thinking, behavioural and attitudinal skills needed to cope with problems and stresses. This will be achieved through activities that are aimed at awareness building, providing necessary skills and application in day-to-day life. The process of learning will be experiential and fun.


Target Group:
Children in the age group of 10-14 years (Classes 5 to 9)

Program Framework:
Based on research, Life Skills for adolescents should include
ning Liste ow n to k ning Lear ive to l er th toge

Lear ni to b ng e Lear ni to d ng o

Broad Objectives:
• To help participants develop a realistic and positive self image • To build confidence and develop decision making skills • To improve communication skills- with peers and elders • To induce team spirit and team work • To develop the ability to think innovatively

| Anchor | A Life Skills Program For School Children

• To improve presentation skills • To provide a platform for sharing concerns

Elements of the Program:
The Anchor Life Skills Program will focus on these aspects through the development of : Cognitive Skills • Critical and Creative Thinking • Decision Making and Problem Solving Social Skills • Communication Skills • Empathy and Team Work • Assertiveness Training • Negotiation Skills Self-management Skills • Self Esteem • Emotional Intelligence • Healthy Habits • Handling Stress Interpersonal Skills • Managing Conflict • Proactive Citizenship The program will address these aspects in every class with age appropriate interventions.

Fifteen sessions of one hour each per class

• Highly interactive and fun! • Role plays • Drawing activities • Presentations

Anchor | A Life Skills Program For School Children |

• Discussions • Activities • Simulated games • Case study discussions • Self exploratory questionnaires

• Props for activities • Posters • Presentations • Worksheets and questionnaires • Authentic material- articles, newspaper, reports - to contextualize learning • Each participant will receive a Journal/ Handbook to record their process and shifts and also information and formats that will benefit them in their lives later

Facilitator Profile:
Experienced faculty with excellent communication and inter personal skills. Understanding the age group being handled and the task at hand- of building skills and clarifying and enhancing attitudes, it is imperative that the program is delivered sensitively and decisively.

Infrastructure for the workshop:
• Room with chairs and tables that can be rearranged • White/ Black Board

Optimum Group Size:
Class of 40 students

| Anchor | A Life Skills Program For School Children

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