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My chlldhood has noL really been whaL mosL people would conslder a Lyplcal oneŦ ?ou
seeţ growlng up as Lhe daughLer of a mlllLary naval Cfflcerţ we moved Len Llmes slnce my blrLhŦ
l was born ln klngsvllleţ 1xŤ and Lhen we relocaLed Lo San lranclscoţ CAŤ ÞorLlandţ C8Ť SeaLLleţ
WAŤ vlrglnla 8eachţ vAŤ San ulegoţ CAŤ and 8ldgecresLţ CAŦ Poweverţ l do noL regreL belng a
ºmlllLary braL" one blL as lL has helped mold me lnLo who l have become Loday Ŷ a smarLţ
sLrongţ carlngţ senslLlveţ oplnlonaLedţ ofLen sLubbornţ and happy person wlLh lofLy goals and a
flrm bellef LhaL l can achleve anyLhlng l seL my mlnd Lo!
lf someone were Lo walk lnLo my bedroom rlghL now and look aroundţ one would see
plcLure deplcLlng my llfeţ such as famllyţ frlendsţ my Lravelsţ eLcŦţ and shelves covered ln rellcs
from my chlldhoodŦ 1he phoLos splaLLered all over my walls reflecL my favorlLe hobby Ŷ
phoLographyŦ lL was noL unLll my [unlor year aL LasLlake (my former hlgh school ln Chula vlsLaţ
CA) LhaL l dlscovered Lhls passlonŦ LasLlake offered ÞhoLography as a class and so l declded Lo
glve lL a LryŦ Cnce l began Lhls classţ l reallzed [usL how much l en[oyed Lhe many faceLs of
phoLographyŦ ln facLţ my phoLography Leacher pralsed me by leLLlng me know how lmpressed
he/she was wlLh my arLlsLlc LalenL for eylng Lhlngs (capLurlng and Laklng beauLlful plcLures)Ŧ
Poweverţ and qulLe unforLunaLelyţ l was noL able Lo conLlnue Laklng ÞhoLography as my dad
reLlred from Lhe navy durlng Lhe mlddle of my [unlor yearţ and we had Lo relocaLe Lo
8ldgecresLţ CAŦ AlLhough my new hlgh school (8urroughs) does noL offer ÞhoLographyţ l have
conLlnued Lo en[oy Lhls hobby ln my spare Llme uslng my dlglLal cameraŦ
As for my sLudlesţ Lhe relocaLlon durlng Lhe mlddle of my [unlor year was somewhaL
challenglng aL flrsL (change ln currlculum and mlsslng my close frlends ln San ulego)ţ buL l am
Lhrlvlng now and Lhe move has acLually helped me dlscover whaL l am lnLeresLed ln ma[orlng
for collegeŦ My ChemlsLry class aL LasLlake was ºan easy 'A'" as Lhe Leacher [usL had us Lake
noLes ouL of Lhe book wlLhouL addlng any lnŴdepLh lecLures or ºreal world" appllcaLlonsŦ
Poweverţ my ChemlsLry Leacher aL 8urroughsţ on Lhe oLher handţ has made all Lhe dlfference ln
Lhe world Lo meţ ln LhaL alLhough Lhe class proved dlfflculL aL flrsLţ he challenged me Lo excel
and hls excepLlonal LalenL for Leachlng ChemlsLry capLured my lnLeresL and lnsplred me Lo
ma[or ln a sclence fleldŦ lurLhermoreţ even Lhough l was already lnLeresLed ln Lhe Sclence
lleldţ my declslon ln Laklng Zoologyţ AnaLomy / Þhyslology has focused LhaL passlon even moreŦ
l love how one can look aL Lhe body and how lL funcLlonsţ from so many vlews and anglesŦ lL
Lles ln wlLh my hobby of phoLography and AnaLomy / 8lology ln LhaL unlque vlewpolnLs and
angles Lhey can be percelved fromţ boLh physlcally and meLaphyslcallyŦ 1he body and
phoLography are llvlng arL Ŷ Lhe body ls physlcally allve and phoLography keeps memorles allve
Ŷ frozen ln LlmeŦ

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