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The key to anger reduction
is knowing yourself.

Do important jobs now
before they become

When you make mistakes,
learn from them rather
than getting angry.

Most problems are really the absence
of ideas.
Think ahead... anticipate...
do it or get it done, even if second
best... you will be less angry.

Organize your mind and
organize your desk
for six minutes every

Say sorry at the right moment to
reduce the anger of others.( I did it
in MTC forum publicly )

For every 10 minutes you are angry
you lose 600 seconds of happiness.

A short pencil is better than a
long memory.
Use it to reduce your anger.

Nobody can make you angry
without your consent.
Never get angry with a man who
has nothing to lose.

The most common occupational
disease of a poor executive is
his inability to listen.
The result is anger.

Never reply to a letter
when you are angry.

Make common sense your best
friend to reduce your anger
and the anger of others( I
tried…my Hon.MTC colleagues

Indecision makes you angry.
Therefore, decide this way or
that way.

You cannot change others as
easily as you can change

Do not just catch your employees or
your children doing wrong things; it
will make you angry. Catch them
doing right things.

When you want to get things
done, use creative ways to
remind people as they tend to
forget conveniently; this will
reduce your anger.

Most people remember 20 %
of what they hear...
understand this fact to reduce
your anger.

Learn to say no…

with SMILE

Aristotle’s Challenge

Anyone can become angry -- that is easy
( I learned it in MTC interactions…)
But to be angry
• with the right person,
• to the right degree,
• at the right time,
• for the right purpose, and
• in the right way -this is not easy.

A strong man is not one who can
fight but one who can control his
temper when angry.

Anyone can be polite to a King,
it takes a gentleman/Lady to
be polite to a beggar.

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