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Pre-Selection Form Degree Programs Instructions 1.

Complete all sections clearly.


Attach supporting documentation of academic results and any employment employment experience if you are applying for Advanced Standing or Recognition.


Please send completed form to:


William Angliss Institute Information Centre 555 La Trobe Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Please note, the information requested on this form is i s an essential component of the selection process for degree courses. All information is scored and is used in conjunction with your application and academic scores, in making decisions. Your Your application cannot proceed without the completion of this thi s form. Please complete all sections.


3521-V1 0913

Pre-Selection Form for Degree Programs


Please tick the course/s you have applied for: (if applying for both, please indicate preference order 1, 2) VTAC Code


8600 860018 1861 6192 92

Ba Bach chel elor or ooff Tou Touri rism sm an andd Hos Hospi pita talility ty Ma Mana nage geme ment nt

8600 860018 1861 6182 82

Bac achhel elor or of Cu Culilinnar aryy Ma Mannagem agemen entt



Please tick 



Please tick the intake you are applying for: Intake

Application process


Apply through  VTAC and post Pre-Selection Form to William Angliss


Apply Direct to William Angliss and post Pre-Selection Form

Please tick     

 

Section 1 Personal Personal Information Surname:

Given name/s:

Date of birth:

VTAC ID (if applicable):



Telephone (Home):

Mobile/Other: Mobile/ Other:

Email: Gender:

3521-V1 0913



  Female

Pre-Selection Form for Degree Programs


Section 2 Educational Experience 2.1

Secondary Education

Secondary school attended: Highest level completed:

Year completed (eg. 2012):

 ATAR  AT AR Score:


Post Secondary Education

1) Name of qualification: Institute studied:

Year completed (eg. 2012):

Did you satisfactorily complete this course?

Yes  No 

If no, indicate how many units you have passed and the total number required to complete the qualification (eg. 6 units passed out of 10):

  2) Name of qualification: Institute studied:

Year completed (eg. 2012):

Did you satisfactorily complete this course?

Yes  No 

If no, indicate how many units you have passed and the total number required to complete the qualification (eg. 6 units passed out of 10):


Have you completed any of the following?

Traineeship   School Based Apprenticeship   Date Completed



Hospitality, Hospital ity, Tourism and Events Short Courses  Institute

Recognition and Advanced Standing

Recognition is a process whereby evidence is collated and a judgement is made by an assessor or an assessment team against the requirements of one or more subjects. The judgement is made on evidence provided pr ovided by candidates of the skills and knowledge that they have previously learnt through work, life and other experiences, and that are currently being used. Advanced Standing is a process pr ocess whereby applicants who have completed an Advanced Diploma or Diploma qualification can apply for exemptions of stages 1-4 subjects within the degree program. If there are any subjects in the degree programs for which you intend to claim Recognition or Advanced Standing, please attach copies of supporting documentation.

3521-V1 0913

Pre-Selection Form for Degree Programs


Section 3 Employment/Wor Employment/ Workk Experience When completing this section, include only employment and work experience for which you can provide evidence, if required. It must include the company/firm, position, duties, duration and details of any voluntary and/or community work.


Industry Employment and Work Experience






eg. 2012


Free Range Cafe

Customer service

1 year

3521-V1 0913

Pre-Selection Form for Degree Programs


Section 4 Motivation 4.1

Why do you want to study Tourism and Hospitality Management or Culinary Management?


Why have you chosen William Angliss Institut Institutee for your degree study?


Which operational areas within the Hospitality and/or Tourism sectors do you see yourself working in upon the completion of your degree?


Why is building long-term repeat customer business important?


How do major events held in Melbourne contribute to the Tourism and Hospitality industries?


Further Information. Please provide any other informat information ion you feel will help us in our selection process.

3521-V1 0913

Pre-Selection Form for Degree Programs


Section 5 Scholarship Would you like to apply for a scholarship? If so, what category would you like to apply for:  Academic




*You can apply for more than one category. If successful your scholarship will be equal to half of your first semester fees.

Section 6 Declaration I declare to the best of my knowledge that the information above is correct and complete. I acknowledge that the provision of incorrect information or the withholding of relevant information relating to my academic record or work experience may result in the withdrawal by the institution of a place that may be offered and that this withdrawal may take place at any stage during the course I undertake.

 Applicant’s signature: signature:


Please Note: Unsigned forms will not be processed.

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY  Application complete:

Yes  No 

 Application approved:

Yes  No 

Higher Education Manager Signature: Pre-Selection Form TOTAL: TOTAL:

3521-V1 0913

Date: /20

Pre-Selection Form for Degree Programs

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