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B.TECH. INFORMATION TECHNOLGY WEB TECHNOLOGY Time: Three Hours Answer All The Questions Part – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks) 1. Mention The Different Internet Address Class And It’s Range 2. Explain About List Tag. 3. What Is The Use Of Frames In Html Give the Syntax Of Frames 4. Give the syntax of a CSS rule. 5. Write the syntax of JAVASCRIPT program 6. Give the syntax to specify a characteristic in linked style sheet. 7. What is DOM? 8. What are the types of nodes in DOM Tree. 9. What is the Advantages of setProperty() ?. 10.What is Session Tracking?. Maximum : 100

PART – B (5 X 16 = 80 MARKS) 11.a.(i) Explain in detail the working of the following Internet Protocols (8) (ii) Write short notes on HTTP and MIME protocol. (8) OR b) (i)List and explain any four HTML elements in detail. [8]

(ii)State the types of lists supported by HTML and explain them in detail. 12.(a) (i) Explain any eight CSS text properties. (8) (ii) Discuss javascript Array object in detail. (8) OR (b) (i) Discuss about Javascript debugging. (8) (ii) Explain in detail CSS border and CSS outline. (8) 13.a) Write short notes on (i) image mapping (ii) Links (iii) Lists (iv) Tables OR b) i) Write a java script program to randomly display the image from a image pool. ii) Design your own personal webpage using forms and get the values, use all the form elements and validate the same using script. 14.a) Explain DOM in detail. Give some Examples for how the DOM Works?
OR b) Explain the Servlet operation in detail with a sample Servlet program.

15. a) (i) Explain about the document tree in detail. [8] (ii) Explain in detail about non complaint browsers. [8] OR b)(i) Explain the sessions in Servlet with flow diagram. [16]

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