Application for Mba Manufacturing

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mba manufacturig



Application for Master of Business Administration
(Manufacturing Excellence), Fall 2015
Please complete all the information, on all pages

Applicants are considered for admission to the MBA program based on an assessment of work
experience, previous academic work, expressed personal motivation, English language
competency, recommendations from a current supervisor, and a personal interview with the
Admissions Committee and Director of the Program. To receive full consideration, it is essential
that your application file is complete by the closing date for receipt of applications.
PERSONAL DETAILS (please complete all fields)
First name:


Date of birth

Middle name

Last name:

Married: 

Female: 


Passport number:

Single: 

Place of issue:

Expiry date:

Home address (please include P.O. Box):


Preferred e-mail:

Work phone:

Home phone:

Alternative e-mail:

Please list all the positions you have held, including important changes of employment within one organisation. Begin
with your most recent job.
Title of position



Start date


Briefly describe your current position:

Name and title of your Supervisor or Manager:

Contact Number of your Supervisor or Manager:
Email Id of your supervisor:

List all colleges, universities and other educational institutions attended since high school. List them in reverse
chronological order, with the most recently attended institution first.
Name of
University or

Location(city &



Title of degree


Please give details of most recent IELTS or TOEFL score, or planned date of next test.


Date of test (month/year)

Examination centre (e.g. UAEU, HCT,
British Council etc.)


Please use this space below to tell us anything else we should know about you. Please tell us
about any hobbies, outside interests, volunteer work you have done, etc:

Here is the checklist of all the paperwork we will need to register you.
1. Statement of Purpose explaining why you wish to take the UAE University MBA
2. Your current CV / résumé
3. Two letters of reference (including one from your employer)
4. Letter confirming your employment dates (from your HR department)
5. Photocopy of your passport
6. Photocopy of your Emirates ID (back + front)
7. Photocopy of your Family Book (for UAE nationals)
8. Two passport size photos (with your name written on the reverse)
9. Original copy of your undergraduate transcript / degree with marks included
10. If you graduated from UAE University, you can submit a photocopy of your degree
11. If your degree is from a country other than the UAE, you must produce an equivalency document from
the Ministry of Higher Education, certifying that the degree is recognized in the UAE, and that the GPA
or grade is acceptable.
12. Original IELTS or TOEFL certificate (see website for minimum requirements)
13. Application processing fee (Dhs 350)

All of the above must be supplied before we can process your application. When we have
received and reviewed your application form, we will contact you with an update on the status of
your application.

Information collected from application forms is for use at the United Arab Emirates University MBA Program only. It is not
shared or distributed to any third parties.

Will your employer sponsor you for the MBA course fees? Yes______

No ______

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