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Nepal Festive Experience
Personal Information
1. Full Name: 2. Sex: 3. Occupation: 4. Email Address: 5. Phone Number: 6. Mobile Number: Birth Date:

Country: City: Languages you speak well:

Rotaract Club Information
Club Name: District number: Designation in club: Involvement in club: Club contact:

Special Needs (allergies, special food, religious needs, drugs, health problems, etc):

1. How do you describe yourself?

2. Why did you join rotaract?

3. Share your experience in Rotaract.

4. Why do you want to visit Nepal?

   

Participants will have to email this form at [email protected] You will get a conformation email after we get your email. The participants of the program will ONLY be selected from those who send their application form in duly by September 15, 2013. The final list of participants will be decided upon the basis of your application where you confirm your desire and possibility to take part in this project. The final list of participants will be uploaded in “Nepal Festive Experience”, facebook page of this event and an invitation mail will also be sent to them by September 17, 2013.

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