Appraisal Request Form

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Request For Appraisal
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Part 1 ­ Request
1. To (Name and Address of Appraiser) 2. From (Name and Address)

3. Applicant/Borrower (Name and Address)

4. Lender

5. Signature of Lender

6. Title

7. Date

Part II ­ Property and Mortgage Information
8A. Property Address 9. Sales Price: $ 10. Loan Amount: $ 8B. Folio/ID Number 12. Property Type Detached Attached Condo PUD CO­OP 17. Escrow Company 13. Occupancy Status Primary Residence Second Home Investment Property No. of Units 11. Estimated Value: $ 14. Type of Loan Conventional FHA VA Other: 15. Lien Position First Mortgage Second Mortgage 16. Loan Purpose Purchase Cash­Out Refinance No Cash­Out Refinance

18. Title Company

19. Listing Agent

20. Selling Agent

Part III ­ Appraisal Information
21. Due Date: 23. Type of Appraisal: 22. Collect Payment at Door: Please Specify: Yes No

Interior/Exterior (Full) Exterior Only Market Rent Analysis Other 24. Contact for Entry, if not same as borrower:


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