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The topics and central ideas of the following students are approved. Gracie (327) : One-child policy Amanda : Chinese film development Ann: Culture Revolution Michael (119) : criticisms of “The Water Margin” Delia (204): Gun control laws (US) Brook: Drunk Driving Laws – you wrote, “Different judges of drunk driving.” It should be “laws” not “judges.” ______________ The following students need to reword the central idea. (Remember, the central idea is one sentence, specific, and clear.) Jackie : China’s economic growth (Do you mean, “Main achievements and important reforms of China’s economic growth?” Also, the central idea needs to follow all the guidelines mentioned above) Bruce: traditional Chinese weddings (Unclear) McGrady: Bo Xilai – you need to reword and develop the following part, “he is a really great man” Alice (116): You gave an overview of the issue. The information you give is suitable for background information. However, what is your central idea? The stricter laws or the scandals? ________ The following students need to change their topic, change their central idea, or change both. Remember, the central idea is one sentence, specific, and clear.) Vivian (205) : Need a new topic & central idea Ida (112) Snowden: Your thesis is too broad. Narrow the aim. Jerry & Aaron: Both want to discuss the environmental crisis. Both central ideas are unclear and need to be specific. Whichever student emails or QQs me their revised thesis first, will get to discuss this topic. The other, will need a new topic & central idea. James: Needs a new topic and central idea Jack (319) : The central idea is confusing. What are you discussing? Coco: - impact of American moves on China : The central idea is too broad. Change it and develop a more specific one. Crook: Confucius and Chinese Education- You gave information. Revise your central idea according the guidelines mentioned above. Emily: Poetry of the Tang Dynasty- Rewrite your central idea. I can’t read what you wrote before the words “poetry of the Tang Dynasty” Jessica- Problems regarding Chinese tourists abroad. Develop a proper central idea.

Alex- Great Firewall: Your topic is suitable, but to discuss the aim of the Great Firewall alone doesn’t allow for an in-depth speech. Revise the central idea. You can discuss the aims to an extent , however, tie them to another related issue. For example, discuss the methods China uses to enforce its Internet censorship policy. With such focus, you would still have to mention the aim, but the focus would be the methods.

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