Archival Exhibitions

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It is a presentation about organization of archival exhibitions to create archival awareness.



Archival Exhibitions
Characteristics and Methodology


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Need of the Study Definition of Exhibition Types of Expositions Nature of Exhibition Size, Characteristics, Venue and Methodology Presentations of few Exhibition

Need of Study
• Because it has been realised that a common man is attracted by:

How it is Displayed ?

instead of

What is displayed ?


A collection of things put on display for people to look at
Oxford Dictionary

What is Exhibition
An exhibition is a means of communication aiming at large groups of the public with the purpose of conveying information, ideas and emotions relating to the material evidence of man and his surroundings with the aid of chiefly visual and dimensional methods

Commercial Informational/Educational

• Marketing your institution or Promoting your institution's programs and services • Celebrating an occasion • Teaching Students and others about your institution • Promoting a fundraising event • Creating interest in your institutions • Collaborating with other institutions • Promoting a cause or issue

Archival Exhibitions have two fold aims

Archival Awareness People learn things in simple way

Archival Exhibitions are Educative in Character

Random Thematic

Size of the exhibition
 Visitor should feel that he/she is in the garden of information not in the jungle of information  World over the display capacity of the exhibition gallery is 100-125 items

Venue of the Display
• Random display of the selected items may be organised in the reception area , conference hall , verandah/ corridor. • Ideal venue for the display of thematic exhibition is ground floor of a hall in the cultural complex of the city ,preferably centrally located.

Methodology for the exhibition

Selection of topic
• Birth centenaries of eminent
personalties,silver jubilee/ golden jubilee/diamond jubilee/ centenaries of historical events. Relevance with the society Bearing on the current topics/ events

• •

Selection of material
• Check up horizontal as well as vertical • • •
collections on the selected topic Allied institution should also be consulted for the availability of the material Subject expert should be consulted to have better understanding of the subject. Priority should be given to single sheet documents

Highlight central theme
• Graphic Design • Mural • Translite • Diorama

Preparation of exhibits



Display of exhibits
• Showcase (original) • Readymade Panel boards • Tailor made Panel boards

Preparation of textual material
• Main Story- line • Sectional Story- line • Captions • Publicity material

Preparation of publicity material
• • • • • • • • • •
Brochure Leaflet Press release Posters Information to the engagement column of daily Newspapers Letters to School/College Advertisement in Newspapers Signage Boards Title/Publicity Boards Banners

Projection of ambience
• Subject friendly decoration in the hall • Background music befitting the theme • Spotlighting for the exhibits • Folio pottage arrangement

Inauguration of the exhibition
• Traditional Method • Western Style

Visitors participation
• Comments in Visitor Book • Feedback form • Interactive activities based on exhibits

Precautions /Suggestions
Security of the original exhibits should be ensured  Avoid brittle and faded documents for the display.  In case it is must , the fasicimile copy/model may be got prepared with the help of artist  New experiments in display may be discussed with exhibition team  People having aptitude for the craft of the exhibition should be associated  Remain in touch with the latest developments in the field  Budgetary considerations should be pre planned

Summing up
Mostly visitors spent short time in your exhibition  One should plan, design and present exhibitions in such a manner so that the visitors are comfortable, happy and wish to visit next exhibition

Assistant Director of Archives , National Archives of India, Janpath, New Delhi-110001 E mail: [email protected]

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