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To Create Personal Folders in Outlook 2010:
1. Open the File tab

2. Click the Account Settings button and select Account Settings.
3. Click the Data Files tab
4. Click Add...
5. In the New Outlook Data File window, select Office Outlook Personal
Folders File (.pst) and click on OK.
6. In the Create or Open Outlook Data File window, navigate to the folder
where you would like to store the personal folders file; typically
your Documents folder. Click OK.
To use your Personal Folders, select the messages you want to move and click and
drag them to your Personal Folders in the Folder List pane.
To Create New Folders Within Personal Folders to Organize Your Messages:
1. Right click on Personal Folders in the Folder List pane.

2. Select New Folder...
3. In the Create New Folder window, enter the name of the folder in the Name
field and click on OK.

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