Are Private Colleges As Efficient As They Should Be

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Are Private Colleges As
Efficient As They Should

Are you paying excessively high tuition for your Level 7 management degree? Is
a postgraduate degree too costly for you? Although your answer to these
questions would depend on your background, but the fact is college tuition has
been increasing constantly since the past few years. So the right question to ask is
“Are private colleges efficient?” let’s find out....

Funding Issues At Private Colleges

Department for Business,
Innovation and Skills (BIS), along
with the Student Loans Company and
the Higher Education Funding
Council for England recently got
together at the Public Accounts
Committee, which was chaired by
Margaret Hodge. One of the main
topics of discussion was the
Investigation into Financial Support for Students at Alternative Higher Education
Providers report prepared by the National Audit Office (NAO). The report stated
that the BIS became confused over the designation scheme, specifically for
alternative providers during 2012-13.


this period, the volume of
funded students in different private
colleges escalated to 33,000 from
13,000. Moreover associated grant
and loan outlay increased to £421
million from £123 million. It was
found that several colleges that are not
reputed or known with narrow track
records chose to adopt Higher
National qualifications and took
advantage of the system. Even though the Department for Business, Innovation
and Skills took numerous measures to control the damage and curb the
enrolment of funded students at the rapidly developing providers, the expansion
continued. According to provisional figures from the SLC more than 53,000
private students gained funding from £675 million in 2013-2014.

Why Is There High Rate Of Dropouts

utilised figures offered by the SLC to find that on an average private
college students have 3 times higher probability to leave their education. It was
found that 999 students at the London School of Science and Technology got
almost £9.9 million in 2011-12, which included £2.5 million tuition loans.
However, about 49 per cent of students dropped out from the institute in that
school year. Moreover, the London Churchill College also saw around 59 per
cent and 30 per cent dropout rates in the same year. It should be noted that BIS
has yet again reapproved both these colleges which makes the “designation”
process rather dubious.

How Can You Ensure That Your College Is
When no one is responsible for supervising funded student progression, then
even students who are not registered with Pearson can get funded. As a result of
all this chaos, regular students are feeling more pressure to pay higher tuition
fees and graduate with a heavy burden of student debts. Is this the right way to
earn your postgraduate degree? No. There is actually a better alternative that
allows you to pursue quality education and recognised qualification without the
need for paying excessively.

What Is The Solution?

you are planning to pursue a business management degree that allows you
learn what you need and earn an
accredited qualification, then you
should think about studying
online. The fact is online
become widely popular nowadays
and numerous students from
around the world are pursuing
these programmes. With a Level 7
diploma in management from an
ATHE recognised online school, you can learn about the core elements of business
management and build your career. Moreover you will be able to fast track to a
postgraduate business degree like an MBA.


you are already working and still want to
pursue higher education then studying an ATHE
postgraduate diploma in management online is
surely the best option for you. You will get
excellent flexibility and convenience to balance
your personal, academic and professional
obligations effectively.

The Bottom Line
Let’s face private colleges become more expensive, online management
education can give you the opportunity to build a lucrative career without
emptying your wallet.

What do you think about private colleges? Are you an online student? Or do
you want to earn an online diploma? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas
with us. We would love to hear from you.

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