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..from "How to Gain Weight, Train Hard, Get Massive" by Arnold Schwarzenegger as told to Gene Mozee (Ironman, March 1994)... "Heavy movements stimulate the deep-lying muscle fibers that lighter movements n ever reach. The objective is to use fewer exercises, employ heavier poundages an d train your whole body in one workout. I gained most of my weight and massivene ss on a program of 10 exercises that I performed three times a week. After I rea ched a satisfactory bodyweight, I changed over to the more advanced split system and began training six days a week." "If you need to put on 20 pounds or more, the following program is for you." Gain-Weight Routine Squats 5 x 8,8,6,6,6 Bench Presses 5 x 8,8,6,6,6 Incline Presses 5 x 8,8,6,6,6 Wide-Grip Chins 5 x 8-10 Bent-Over Rows 5 x 8,8,6,6,6 Behind-the-Neck-Presses 5 x 8,8,6,6,6 Barbell Curls 5 x 8,8,6,6,6 Lying Triceps Extensions 5 x 8,8,6,6,6 Deadlifts 5 x 3-5 (building up to one max set) Machine Calf Raises 5 x 10-15 Mon, Wed, Fri Chest: Bench press 5 x 6-10 Flat bench flyes 5 x 6-10 Incline bench press 6 x 6-10 Cable crossovers 6 x 10-12 Dips (body weight) 5 x failure Dumbell pullovers 5 x 10-12. Back: Wide-grip chins (to front) 6 x failure T-bar rows 5 x 6-10 Seated pulley rows 6 x 6-10 One-arm dumbell rows 5 x 6-10 Straight-leg deadlifts 6 x 15 Legs: Squats 6 x 8-12 Leg press 6 x 8-12 Leg extensions 6 x 12-15 Leg curls 6 x 10-12 Barbell lunges 5 x 15 Calves: Standing calf raises 10 x 10 Seated calf raises 8 x 15 Oneplegged calf raises (holding dumbells) 6x12 Forearms: Wrist curls (forearms on knees) - 4 sets, 10 reps Reverse barbell curls - 4 sets, 8 reps Wright roller machine - to failure

Abs: ½ hour of a variety of nonspecific abdominal exercises, done virtually nonstop. Tues, Thurs, Sat Biceps: Barbell curls 6 x 6-10 Seated dumbell curls 6 x 6-10 Dumbell concentration curls 6 x 6-10 Triceps: Close-grip bench presses 6 x 6-10 Pushdowns 6 x 6-10 French press (barbell) 6 x 6-10 One-arm triceps extensions (dumbell) 6 x 6-10 Shoulders: Seated barbell presses 6 x 6-10 Lateral raises (standing) 6 x 6-10 Rear-delt lateral raises 5 x 6-10 Cable lateral raises 5 x 10-12 Calves , Forearms & Abs: Same as Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout

The Reg Park Beginner Routine Here is a workout that he and Arnold used with great success (provided by Kaya P ark, Reg's grandson) Workout A Back Squats 5x5 Chin-Ups or Pull-Ups 5x5 Dips or Bench Press 5x5 Wrist Work 2x10 Calves 2x15-20 Workout B Front Squats 5x5 Rows 5x5 Standing Press 5x5 Deadlifts 3x5 (2 warm-up sets and 1 "stabilizer set") Wrist Work 2x10 Calves 2x15-20 Week 1: A, B, A Week 2: B, A, B Week 3: A, B, etc ----------------------Reg Park's Power Training Schedule 1 - To be performed 3x/week for 5 weeks before continuing onto Schedule 2

Back Squat - 5x5 Bench Press - 5x5 Power Clean - 8x2 Standing Press - 5x5 Barbell Curl - 3x5 strict, add 20-30lbs then 2x5 cheat curls Deadlift - 5x1, working up to a top weight (Only performed on Day 3) Beginners s hould do 1x5 Schedule 2 - To be performed 3x/week for 5 weeks. Front Squat - 5x5 Clean and Press, warmup w/ 2 sets of 2, 5x2 Stabilizing sets. Optionally perform 2 more sets of 3 Push Jerks Upright Row - 5x5 Dips - 5x8 Dumbbell Curls - 5x5 Deadlift - 5x1, working up to a top weight (Only performed on Day 3) Beginners s hould do 1x5

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