Arthritis and Ginger

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 Arthritis and Ginger  Ginger is an ancient remedy for a number of diseases. Its efficacy in the treatment of arthritis is due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidan antioxidantt properties. by Brad Chase Pin it



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In This Article What is Ginger? Ginger: Uses, Supplements and Doses Ginger: Safety and Side Effets "o# Ginger Wor$s %or &rthritis (esearh on the Effiay of Ginger in the )anagement of &rthritis "o# to Use Ginger to +reat &rthritis

What is Ginger? inger refers to the rhiome of Zingiber officinaleofficinale&lso alled ginger root, it is the plant stem running underground and sprouting green and #hitehot or yello#/green flo#ers a0o.e ground&fter har.esting, the rhiomes #ith #ater or sraped to pre.ent ne# and flo#ers from gro#ing- are #ashed and salded Ginger is etensi.ely used as seasoning, spie, deliay and mediine in many &sian ultures- t is related to other $no#n seasonings suh as turmeri and ardamomo oung ung ginger rhiomes are edi0le4 they are usually pi$led to 0e eaten as sna$s 0ut they an also 0e made into andy- Ginger tea is usually made from suh rhiomes- )atured ginger rhiomes are drier and they are the form of ginger used as spie in different &sian uisine5o#dered ginger is more potent than fresh ginger- n fat, * parts of fresh ginger is the e6ui.alent and su0stitute for 1 part of po#dered ginger+he harateristi harateristi odor and taste of ginger is due to its ingerone and gingerol ontent- Shagaols #hih are produed from gingerols #hen ginger is oo$ed or dried an also produe this odor and fla.orGinger also ontains essential oils suh as ingi0erene, itral, ineol, farnesene and 0isa0olene-

Ginger: Uses, Supplements and oses Medicinal Properties of Ginger • • • • •

Sedati.e &nalgesi &ntipyreti &nti0aterial &ntioidant



+he antioidant property of ginger is useful for pre.enting damage to ells, tissues and organs in the 0ody- t speifially regulates the peroidation of lipids and the release of harmful free radials& ne# study found ginger etrat to 0e effeti.e e ffeti.e for reduing musular pain- n this study, ginger #as a0le to redue pain 0y 2'8 after reent eerises- Ginger has also 0een indiated to 0e helpful for reduing arthriti pain",, the most ommon indiation for ginger root is nausea and .omiting assoiated #ith motion " si$ness, hemotherapy and pregnanyEarly results from preliminary studies sho# that ginger may redue the ris$ of heart atta$ and stro$e 0eause it lo#ers holesterol le.els and pre.ents 0lood from lotting- Ginger is also sho#ing possi0le antianer 0enefits in in .itro studiesGinger is sold in food mar$ets as a oo$ing spie- t is a.aila0le 0oth as fresh and dried roots%resh ginger root an 0e used to prepare ginger tea and the dried root an ser.e as an her0al remedy- Ginger oil, o0tained from the steam distillation of the root, is also sold as a supplementGinger supplements ta$e different forms inluding tinture, apsule, etrats and oilsGinger is not reommended for hildren under the age of 2- n adults, daily doses of ginger should not eeed ! g and the upper limit for pregnant #omen is 1 g daily- +he +he dose of ginger for arthriti pain is 2'9 mg ta$en ! times daily-

Ginger: Safety and Side !ffects Ginger interferes #ith some drugs espeially those used in the treatment of dia0etes, hypertension and for pre.enting 0lood lot antioagulants suh as ;oumadin<- +herefore, patients plaed on these drugs should onsult their dotors 0efore starting on gingerGinger an lo#er 0lood sugar le.els, sugar le.els, therefore, it inreases the ris$ of hypoglyemia in patients already ta$ing dia0etes mediations- t an also lo#er 0lood pressure and pre.ent 0lood from lotting7astly, ginger inreases the prodution of 0ile- +herefore, it must not 0e used for patients suffering from gallstonesStill, the %D& reognies ginger as safe- t ta$es a .ery high dose to ahie.e ginger toiity- +he symptoms of this toiity are aused 0y the o.erstimulation of the entral ner.ous system- +his intoiation ours at doses eeeding 2 g of ginger per $g of 0ody #eight;ommon side effets of therapeuti doses of ginger in.ol.e gastrointestinal symptoms- +hese inlude 0elhing, gas, 0loating, nausea, heart0urn and diarrhea- Some of these gastrointestinal side


effets an 0e a.oided 0y ta$ing ginger apsules instead of etrats, tintures and oilsGinger allergy is also possi0le and its hief presentation is rash-

"o# Ginger Wor$s %or &rthritis Ginger is useful in the management of osteoarthritis osteoarthritis and  and rheumatoid arthritis 0eause arthritis 0eause it  =oint pain and redues inflammation- t also has antioidant propertiesproperties+hese 3 effets of ginger are interrelatedStudies sho# that ginger produes its anti/inflammatory effet at the ellular le.el 0y inhi0iting the prodution of inflammatory fators suh as ;>/2, lipoygenase and [email protected]%/alpha tumor nerosis fator/alpha<n the inflammatory asade reation, arahidoni aid is oygenated 0y t#o enymes: ylooygenase ylooygen ase ;>< and lipoygenase- +his reation produes leu$otrienes 7+< and prostaglandins 5G<- >f the leu$otrienes and prostaglandin produed, t#o of them, 7+A! and 5GE2, are the ma=or fators in.ol.ed in inflammatory proesses suh as the one that auses the =oint to s#ell in arthriti patientsGinger inhi0its the prodution of 7A+! and 5GE2- +herefore, it is desri0ed as a dual d ual inhi0itor of eiosanoid leu$otrienes and prostaglandins are eamples of eiosanoids< synthesis+his anti/inflammatory ation eplains the effiay of ginger etrats in the treatment of arthritis and musulos$eletal disorders-

'esearch on the !fficacy of Ginger in the (anagement of &rthritis n a 1BB2 study pu0lished in the =ournal, Medical Hypotheses, Hypotheses, all '* patients #ho suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other musular disorders eperiened impro.ement in pain and inflammation #hile ta$ing po#dered gingern the period of treatment #ith ginger up to 2-' years<, none of the patients reported ad.erse effets li$e they did #ith non/steroidal anti/inflammatory drugs @S&Ds<, ortiosteroids ortiosteroids and other on.entional anti/inflammatory drugs&nother study done at the Uni.ersity of )iami and pu0lished in the @o.em0er 2911 issue of of Arthritis  Arthritis & Rheumatism reported similar 0enefitsn that study, etrats from t#o ginger speies #ere ta$en- +hese ginger speies #ere Zingiber officinale and officinale  and Alpinia  Alpinia galangagalanga- +his onentrated etrat #as administered to some of the studyCs 2! patients #ith osteoarthritis of the $nee+he results of the study sho#ed that patients re the om0ined ginger etrats eperiened


more pronouned redution in $nee pain upon standing and after #al$ing- n addition, the ginger group sored higher on the Western Western >ntario and ))aster Uni.ersities W&)U< >steoarthritis ;omposite nde the standard in outome test for arthritis studies< than the ontrol group& 299' study pu0lished in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine eamined Medicine eamined the effets of these t#o ginger speies on the inflammatory proess+his study #as done in .itro on the ells of the syno.ial fluids found in the =oints- +hese ells #ere treated #ith etrats from Alpinia from Alpinia ginger,  ginger, Zingiber  ginger  ginger and the om0ination of the t#o gingers- &t the end of the inu0ation period, the le.els of hemo$ines in eah 0ath of the ells #ere determined;hemo$ines are proinflammatory fators fators that are sereted in high amounts in the ells of the syno.ial fluid to trigger inflammation in the =oints+he results sho#ed that the om0ination of the t#o gingers #as the most effeti.e treatment for reduing hemo$ine le.els and inflammation- >f the t#o gingers, Zingiber officinale #as officinale #as more effeti.e than Alpinia than Alpinia galangagalanga-

)reat eat &rthritis "o# to Use Ginger to )r Ginger apsules are the 0est forms of the supplements to ta$e #hen treating arthritis- +hey #ill help redue the gastrointestinal side effets of the her0+o further redue the hanes of suh side effets, you should ta$e ginger apsules #ith foodSine the 0est prodution method that yields the purest ginger is the super/ritial etration, etration, loo$ for ginger apsules produed using this methodGinger sna$s and tea do pro.ide ginger #hen ingested 0ut at le.els that are not enough to produe signifiant therapeuti effets- +herefore, you should still ta$e ginger supplements along #ith food soures of the her0Some people do prefer the taste and odor of ginger- +o $eep the fla.or and redue gastrointestinal side effets, you an mi some grated ginger #ith food #hile or after oo$ing& ginger oil massage an also 0e helpful for =oint pain and reduing inflammation- +his $ind of massage is ommon in apan and it an 0e easily adapted to treat arthritis patients- f a massage is unahie.a0le, hot ginger ompresses and 0ath an 0e used to treat inflamed, ahing =oints-

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By brad case

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