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 Introduction Through my extensive research in the Orne Library and elsewhere, it is clear t hat a great many groups and individuals from alien worlds have come to stay on Earth throughout its long history. Amongst the great many species and unique entities which have come over the aeons, the Mi-Go are one of the very few which have shown evidence of what we humans would call technological advancement. This is not necessarily to say that the Great Old Ones are not technologically advanced. The likes of Cthulhu and his kin may well be technologically advanced, but if so that advancement is to such a degree that there is little or no evidence of anything that – as mere humans – we are able to recognize as technology. The Mi-Go are, perhaps, not so very far removed from humanity. They may be centuries or even millennia ahead of us in scientific development, but it's not unreasonable to assume that given that the stars remain not right , humanity might one day develop similar sorts of  technological marvels. One of the few other known non-native species on Earth possessed of technologies at least dimly recognizable to humans as being such are the denizens of blue K'n-yan, as described in  “The Narrative of Pánfilo de Zamacona y Nuñez, gentleman, of Luarca in Asturias, Concerning the Subterranean World of Xinaián, A. D. 1545 ”. Their subterranean world seems centred under the continental United States and – clearly vast – its exact dimensions remain unknown. Perhaps, in their level of scientific knowledge, the inhabitants of K'n-yan and the Fungi From Yuggoth fall into a similar category?

Notes on the history of the two races We know that the Mi-Go were here on Earth as early as 160 million years ago. Having defeated attempts by the Elder Things to defend the planet, they first gained ground on the land that would one day become Mu. They either found there, or brought with them, their worship of  Ghatanathoa. The Mi-Go migrated north after their initial planetfall and, it appears, for a long period they may have dominated the terrain which would eventually become North America. By around 200 millennia ago, the humans of Mu were themselves adopting Ghatanathoa as a chosen deity. The worship of this awful thing seems to have been a plague which spread and brought ruin and, conflicts regarding the god's supremacy in Mu would eventually destroy the kingdom. We know that in ancient times, the people of K'n-yan had accepted emissaries from, and even traded with, the inhabitants of Atlantis, Lemuria and – we might assume - Mu. During the period around 25 to 15 millennia ago, “...only a few refugees remained to bear the news to K'n-yan. Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed. Also Mu This was undoubtedly due to the wrath of space-devils hostile rose again and Ghatanathoa exercised its minions alike to men and to men's gods “ to – at least for a time – dominate humanity. This The Narrative of Pánfilo de Zamacona y Nuñez, translated. would mark the period when the denizens of K'nyan would find they were no longer receiving emissaries and traders from the surface world. We don't have any direct evidence of there being an exit from K'n-yan to the surface in the hills of Vermont, there are a great many reports of hairy, man-like beasts haunting the remote woods. Often known as “Bigfoot”, little is known about these entities but they are clearly a species rather than a single individual. They are large, brutish and hairy. It is my opinion that these beasts are the same sub-human slave race that the peoples of K'n-yan use as workers and steeds. What is the relationship between the Mi-Go and the p eople of K'n-yan?  Perhaps the Mi-Go, worshippers of Ghatanathoa, would have wanted to impose the worship of their god upon all the peoples of Earth – including the inhabitants of K'n-yan? Perhaps also, the intriguing technologies of the denizens of K'n-yan might have fascinated the MiGo to such a degree that they would have attempted to get hold of those technologies? Most importantly of all, we know that the Mi-Go are digging. It is said that they are digging for “metals”, although there is no physical evidence of this – it could be obfuscation by the Mi-Go. Nonetheless,  “metals” are apparently what they're searching for. Since Mi-Go excavations are known to exist in only a very small number of places around the world, we can assume that whatever metal they're looking for is an unusual and rare one. We know from Zamacona's narrative that the cavern of K'n-yan has large reserves of metals, particularly gold, silver, zinc and copper. However, the substance most prized by the inhabitants of K'nyan is an “unknown exotic metal”, weakly magnetic and extremely rare. In K'n-yan it is used almost exclusively for high-status ceremonial items such as statues of Yig and Tulu.

So, what is happening in the hills of Vermont?  War! The degenerate remains of the once great civilization of K'n-yan are fighting a protracted battle in defence against the Mi-Go. K'n-yan's mysterious ceremonial metal is the very substance that the Mi-Go travelled to Earth to find. However, given the metal's extreme mystical value to the denizens of K'n-yan, they're unwilling to trade it or let it be taken. Both sides have little interest in humanity as such, but may occasionally abduct and e xploit humans to perhaps serve some unknown purpose in their battle. My Evidence Other than the above mentioned references to the two races, most of which have come from very old texts in the Library, I have collected a number of other pieces of evidence which – while circumstantial – I believe make a convincing case for my hypothesis of an ongoing struggle between these two extra-terrestrial species: •

Disappearances of people in the “Bennington Triangle” area

Strange objects and lights in the sky around Green Mountain

Lake Monsters in Vermont

Disappearances The area around Green Mountain, encompassing the area popularly known as the “Bennington Triangle” is legendary for its mysterious cases of sudden disappearance. During the years 1945-1955 as many as 9 people vanished in extremely mysterious circumstances. "Five times in five years this litt le corner of south western Vermont has seen people walk away into nothingness."  Associated Press story, November 30, 1950

Mi-Go Abduction of Humans From the testimony of my own late grandfather, Albert Wilmarth, we can explain a number of  the great many mysterious disappearances that have been recorded in the Green Mountain area over the past century. The Mi-Go not only co-opt certain individuals to serve them but also sometimes abduct other individuals, removing their brains and flying them – kept alive inside technological devices – to their base on Pluto (“Yuggoth”). Detailed discussion of this concept can be found in the university library amongst my late Grandfather's papers dealing with the Akeley incident in 1928/29. Another example of a Mi-Go abduction is, I believe, evident in the story of the disappearance of Freida Langer in that area during 1950. On October 28, Freida Langer had been hiking with her cousin Herbert Elsner. Freida had stumbled and gotten rather wet in a stream. She told her cousin to wait there while she hurried quickly back to camp – a half mile or so - to get a change of clothes. When she did n't return, Herbert went back to to look for her and discovered that she had never arrived. Nobody saw Freida leave the woods and she knew the area well and was unlikely to get lost. It was broad daylight. Search teams were organized and the area was scoured thoroughly on foot, by plane, and even by helicopter but no trace of Freida was found. A second search on Nov 5th through 7th also found nothing. On Nov 11th and 12th, over 300 army, police, firemen, and volunteers conducted a third search for Freida but still no sign of her could be located. Finally, on May 12, 1951, Freida's body was found in an open area where she would not have been missed during the search. Her partially-decomposed corpse was spotted by two hunters in marshy area about 3 miles from the original camp. The body was lying on its back and was badly decomposed. One hand was missing and the corpse's head was described as being  “barely more than a skull”. (source: Stock, R.D.; Zeller, J. "The Strange Disappearances at Mt. Glastenbury." FATE Magazine, July 1957)

It is my belief that Freida fell victim to the Mi-Go.  Abduction of Humans by the inhabitants of K'n-yan Another notable disappearance during the period 1945-1955 was of 68 year old James Tedford. There is rather less to be told about James' vanishing than Freida's but it is striking nonetheless. On Dec 1st 1949, Benningtonian James Tedford got on a bus in St. Albans, intending to return to the Soldier's Home in Bennington where he l ived. Numerous other passengers on the bus knew and recognized him. He sat near the back. When the bus arrived at its destination, James was simply no longer there. No trace of the man was ever found. (source: Stock, R.D.; Zeller, J. "The Strange Disappearances at Mt. Glastenbury." FATE Magazine, July 1957)

This disappearance seems quite different to the type of scenario we would expect if the Mi-Go had been involved. However, the denizens of K'n-yan are known to have a technology that allows them to appear and disappear at will – and to pass through solid objects. I believe there is no explanation for James Tedford's disappearance other than that he was abducted by the people of K'n-yan!  Abductions on both sides So, it seems clear that both sides have been involved in the abduction of humans. For what precise and nefarious purpose we can only guess, but I believe the sharing of this common trait is one indicator of an overlapping of interest between the two species.

Exchange of fire over Burlington?  If a centuries-long war were being fought (even if  mainly underground) we might expect that at least occasionally humans would observe some direct evidence of conflict. Explorers from other Worlds? Sir, Upon July 2, 1907, according to an account by Bishop John S. Michaud, published in the Monthly Weather Review (Washington), 1907, page 3 10, a "torpedo-shaped  body" appeared in the sky, over the city of Burlington, Vermont. For a while it was stationary, and then it slowly moved away. "Tongues of fire" issued from the object. There was a terrific explosion. Because conditions were stormy at the time, an attempt was made to explain the explosion and something that was seen to fall in terms of "ball-lightning," but the account is of a vessel which appeared, seemed to fire a projectile, and sailed away. There was no known airship of this earth that could have appeared in Vermont in July, 1907.  Letter published in T.P.'s Weekly, June 6th, 1925 

We know from Zamacona's report that the denizens of K'n-yan had transportation technology which could match the above description. He described a“profusion of gold, silver, and steel 

transportation machines which had once threaded land, water, and air”. It also seems likely that the Mi-Go might have similar airborne vehicles since we know that their wings are poorly suited to atmospheric flight. It is my belief that this report from 1907 details an exchange of fire between K'n-yan and MiGo forces, although it is impossible to say which side was firing on which. March 6th 1918 -- the fall of black rain. March 7th -- the glare in the sky. March 9th -- down upon this earth fell dusts in volumes that were proportional to the glare. See Amer. Jour. Sci., Monthly Weather Review, and, Sci. Amer., of this period.(13) There was a fall of [383/384] dust in Wisconsin, and in Michigan; and there was a fall of dust in Vermont. These falls, so far apart -- in Ireland, in Western States, and in Vermont -- look like what is called indication of an origin somewhere beyond this earth. There is no f indable record of any disturbance upon this earth, by which to explain. No new star was reported, but there may have been a stellar eruption in a part of the daytime sky, reflecting in a glare, at night. There may have been relation with an occurrence in June. In the meantime, there were several remarkable glares in the sky. Charles Fort, “Lo!”, published in New York by Claude Kendall, February 9 th 1931

This report is much more vague, but could this be some kind of chemical weapons exchange? Or perhaps debris from a further exchange of fire be tween the two species? Furthermore, although I have no evidence to suggest it, I believe it possible that the famous and unprecedented Vermont Flood of March 1927 might have be en the aftermath – or perhaps even the intended effect – of an advanced, perhaps meteorological weapons system used by one side against the other.

Great Serpents Amongst the deities worshipped by the denizens of  K'n-yan deep water dwelling Great Cthulhu and the serpentine Yig are most praised. All these deities seem to be described with very large, powerful physical forms and are very at home in water or deep underground. The proximity then, of two of the most legendary lake monsters in North America must make one wonder if “Champ” (The Serpent of Lake Champlain) and “Memphre” (The Serpent of Lake Memphremagog) are perhaps connected to the inhabitants of K'n-yan in some way? Both Champ and Memphre have clearly been around for some time. Legends of lake monsters in both lakes pre-date the first European colonists of the area. The Abenaki Indians gave Champ the name "Tatoskok" for instance. Finding any detailed information about legendary lake monsters is obviously quite difficult, but I feel a likelihood must be acknowledged that Champ and Memphre may be servants of the inhabitants of K'n-yan, perhaps granted to its people as a boon from Yig or even Cthulhu with the aim of assisting them in their war against the hated Mi-Go.

Conclusion So, to answer my original question: what are the Mi-Go doing in Vermont? They are trying to invade ancient K'n-yan. Trying to overcome the lingering technological defences of its once great underground people and the occasional attack from giant Yigspawned monsters that live in Vermont's lakes. They want the mystical sacred metal of K'nyan, and they'll stop at nothing to get it!

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