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Subject – BBA-101 Foundations of Management & OB Each Question - 15 Marks Q1.

(a) Difference between Management & Administration. (b) Difference between Policy and Procedures.

Q2. Define OB. Explain the nature of OB in detail. Briefly explain the fundamental concepts on which the study of OB is based. Q3. What is perception? Explain the various factors influencing perception. Explain in detail the various elements in the process. Q4. Define Transactional Analysis. What do you mean by ego states as used in TA? Explain behavioural responses associated with each ego state. Also explain the different transactions that emerge out of them. Subject – BBA-102 Business Environment Each Question - 15 Marks Q1.Differentiate between Business, Profession and Employment? Q2. Explain different forms of Business of Business Organizations with their advantages and disadvantages? Q3. Write a brief about the different documents used in import and export. Also elaborate few export promotion institutions? Q4. Explain different forms of transportation systems with their limitations and advantages? Subject – BBA-103 Business Economics Each Question - 15 Marks Q1. (a) Why does a demand curve slope downwards to the right? (b) Explain the basic determinants of demand. Q2. What are the propeerties of indifference curve? How is the consumer equilibrium arrived by indifference curve approach? Q3. Define the following in brief: (a) Marginal Utility. (b) Price Discrimination.

(c) Risk and Uncertainty. (d) Demand Elasticity. Q4. How is the price discrimination possible under monopoly? How is the price discrimination applied by the companies? Subject – BBA-104 Financial Accounting-I Each Question - 15 Marks Q.1 What do you mean by Financial Accounting? Discuss its various functions and benefits. Q.2 What adjustment entries are required to be made at the time of preparing final accounts? Give illustrative examples of any seven such adjustment entries. Q.3 What is a Bank Reconciliation Statement? How is it prepared? Prepare a Performa of Bank Reconciliation Statement with imaginary figures, showing at least 10 items in it. Subject – BBA-105 Business Mathematics

Subject – BBA-106 English Language Each Question - 15 Marks

Q1. Write a letter to a company complaining that the books sent by it are not those that you had ordered. Q2. You are interested in the purchase of electronic goods. Write a letter to a wholesaler asking him to quote prices and send price list and catalogue. Q3. Change the following from direct into indirect speech: (a)Mr Singh said to his children,” Come to the dining table. The food is ready.” (b) The carpenter said to his daughter, “What are you cooking today?” (c)The teacher said to the students, “ The earth revolves round the sun.” (d) The stranger said to the boy, “ Can you tell me the way to the bank?” (e) He said to me, “ Give me your pen, please.” Q4.Change the following sentences from active to passive voice: (a)Who will teach us French? (b)They appointed him the manager of the company. (c) Shut the door immediately. (d)They had bribed the clerk. (e) He was reading a book. Subject – BBA-107 Computer Awareness Each Question - 15 Marks Q.1 What is the block diagram of computer? Also discuss about the application of computer in business & society. Q.2 Difference between algorithm & flowchart. Make a flowchart to find the greatest number among three numbers. Q.3 Distinguish between: Compiler & interpreter Analog & Digital computer High level languages & low level languages Q.4 Write a short note on the topic: Responsibilities of DBA LAN,WAN,MAN Bluetooth virus

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