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Astrology Careers: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
Career Aptitudes and Best Jobs for the Astrological Air Signs

Read more: Air signs are not suited to solitary or repetitive work. The best jobs involve a wide variety of tasks or responsibilities, new experiences, and social interaction.

Air sign people usually prefer working with groups rather than in isolation, and most like to meet new people. The air signs tend to be open to adopting new technologies, and so are suited to technology-oriented professions. While all the air signs are inclined to prefer sociable work environments, there are some key differences. Gemini usually needs to be on the move, perhaps driving or walking around, constantly shifting focus, or multitasking. Libra has the strongest aesthetic sense of the three air signs and is more likely to apply technology to the design field. Aquarians are suited to eccentric or unusual careers that provide the opportunity to invent, innovate, and try new approaches in an attempt to solve old problems.

Gemini Career Aptitudes
Most Geminis like a fast, challenging pace and lots of opportunity to interface with the public and put their considerable powers of persuasion to use. Careers offering the opportunity to move around and talk to many different people are the ones most likely to hold a Gemini’s interest. Many Geminis prefer to work two or more part-time jobs rather than one full-time job, as this may be the only way to achieve the variety they need. Geminis tend to be good with their hands, so hands-on technical work or crafts are often good choices. Most Geminis are strong speakers and writers as well, so any career that allows them to use these skills is favoured. The majority of Geminis are also good with technology, particularly small, handheld gadgets, so careers that make use of modern technological interfaces and gadgets are often more suitable those that involve working with the natural, organic world. Gemini careers include:

• • • • • • •

Anything in communications Anything in public relations Anything to do with the media Bus driver Cab driver Chauffer Comedian/entertainer

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Computer programmer Craftsperson DJ Fiction writer Fundraiser House painter Journalist Lecturer Light manual worker (carpentry, carpet laying, etc.) Mail carrier Pilot Radio talk show host Receptionist Repair person Salesperson Shop assistant Talent scout Teacher (further education or university) Telephone operator Travel agent Web designer

Libra Career Aptitudes
Libras have a strong aesthetic sense and usually have an aptitude for various forms of design. Their visual-spatial skills are strong, so jobs that require arrangement or physical organization are favoured. Like all the air signs, Libras

usually have a talent for technology and may be good with computers, though a creative streak also fits them for the arts. Diplomatic skills and idealism lead some Libras into social work, law, and/or politics. Most Libras possess a natural grace that may suit some of them for certain athletic pursuits, such as skating, martial arts (particularly Tai chi), and yoga. Naturally charming, they also do well in hospitality industry positions where they greet and interact with the public. Libras require a harmonious work environment. Argumentative coworkers can cause significant psychological distress, even if the Libra is not directly involved in the conflicts. Careers where the Libra has to make quick decisions are also a bad idea unless the ascendant falls in a more decisive sign, such as Aries. Libra careers include:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Architect Athlete Beautician Dancer/dance instructor Diplomat Fashion designer Flower arranger Hair stylist Host/hostess Interior designer/decorator Judge Lawyer/law reformer Martial arts instructor Mediator Model Painter Personnel officer Politician

• • • •

Professional ice skater Receptionist/secretary Writer (poetry, poetic prose, philosophical, legal, or politically based works) Yoga instructor

Aquarius Career Aptitudes
Aquarians grow bored more quickly than most in traditional 9-5 jobs. They are also not suited to working alone. Ideally, they will have the opportunity to work within an egalitarian group rather than a hierarchical structure. The ideal Aquarian job offers a fair bit of flexibility and the opportunity to labour on behalf of a good cause. Aquarians are suited to anything modern, progressive, or related to the fields of science and technology. Careers that offer the chance to debate issues are also a good choice, as most Aquarians love to argue – not in a combative way, but for the intellectual stimulation. Aquarians have trouble with authority and restriction, which makes traditional work settings quite difficult for them, particularly if they get stuck with draconian bosses. They are also more inclined to choose interesting careers than well-paid ones. Atypical, intellectually stimulating careers are best for this sign, though some are drawn to certain athletic pursuits as well. Although Aquarians favour group work for most things, in athletics, they are more likely to prefer individual sports over team sports, and many have a particular affinity for snow and ice sports. Aquarius careers include:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Anthropologist Architect Astronaut Astronomer Athlete (skiing, hockey, snowboarding, luge, tennis, other individual sports) Charity or humanitarian worker Comic book writer Computer games developer Computer programmer Engineer Inventor

• • • • • • • • • • •

Lawyer Peace Corps worker Pilot Politician Professor Psychologist Reformer (law or politics)/activist Science fiction writer Scientist (especially physics) Social worker Sociologist

Other Factors in Astrological Personality
The sun sign is only one aspect of an astrological profile. Many other factors play a role, including rising and moon signs. For example, a person with the sun in Aquarius and Capricorn rising may be better able to manage in the 9-5 business world than a typical Aquarius. For more information on the air signs, see Gemini Personality Profile, Libra Personality Profile, and Aquarius Personality Profile.

Astrology Careers: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Career Aptitudes and Best Jobs for the Astrological Fire Signs
Fire sign people need excitement, variety, and opportunities to interact. They should avoid jobs that are sedentary or solitary, and repetitive detail work.

There is a fair bit of overlap among fire sign careers because all three fire signs are characterized by friendliness, altruism, confidence, and a propensity for risk taking. However, Aries careers tend to be physical, entrepreneurial, or combative; Leo careers are more likely to have a creative component; and ideal Sagittarius careers revolve around or incorporate travel. Overall, fire signs should avoid careers that call for tactfulness and diplomacy. While many fire sign people are charming, they are not known for their politeness or restraint.

The ideal career for a fire sign will offer some degree of flexibility, as Aries and Leo always want to run the show and Sagittarius has an exaggerated need for personal freedom.

Aries Career Aptitudes
Aries people do best in careers that offer variety, novelty, independence, and perhaps a little bit of risk or danger (or a lot of it). Aries is the sign of the entrepreneur, the pioneer, and the fighter. Many Aries people start one or more businesses, while others get heavily involved in politics. Being impulsive, Aries people are more inclined to start career-related projects than to finish them. Ideally, the Aries will initiate things and let others take care of long-term execution. Altruistic and generous, a lot of Aries people gravitate to professions that involve rescuing or protecting others. The physical courage and risk-taking proclivities of this sign also favour careers that involve competition (or even combat) and general athleticism. Aries is associated with all types of vehicles (particularly cars), weapons, and cutting tools, so typical careers may revolve around these things. Confidence and childlike enthusiasm also suit some Aries people to working with young children. Aries careers include:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Armed Forces Athlete Blacksmith Butcher Coast guard Dentist Engineer Explorer Firefighter Lawyer Martial artist/martial arts instructor Mechanic Metalworker Paramedic

• • • • • • • • •

Policeman Politician Primary school teacher Race car driver Rescue worker Self-employed businessperson Stuntperson Trade union leader Wilderness guide

Leo Career Aptitudes
Leos do best in careers where they can be noticed and admired, and in which they can put their creative and dramatic talents to good use. With physical strength and confidence, they are also suited to athletic careers. Leos have a strong aesthetic sense, which can lead some into fashion and design. This sign is also known for exceptional organizational ability and leadership skills, suiting many Leos to high managerial positions. In addition, Leos are often good cooks and green thumbs, so work with food or plants is also a possibility. Leos should avoid careers where they will work alone. Jobs that provide the opportunity to meet and interact with lots of people are best, as Leos tend to be extroverted and have good social skills, unless the ascendant falls in a more introverted sign. Many Leos are also good with children and animals. Leo careers include:

• • • • • • • •

Actor/actress Animal trainer Anything to do with the media or public relations Athlete Business manager Chairman/woman Charity organizer Clothing designer

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cook/chef Dancer Director of movies, productions, plays, etc. Event planner/coordinator Gardener Hairdresser Hospitality industry worker Host/hostess Interior designer/decorator Lawyer Managing director Model Painter Radio host Self-employed business person Talent agent and/or promoter Teacher Writer Youth worker

Sagittarius Career Aptitudes
Sagittarians are often desperately unhappy in 9-5 office situations as they tend to become bored and restless, and also because they resent authority. Ideally, they will make their living doing something hands-on and physical, or a job that provides variety and intellectual stimulation. Anything involving books, animals, education, holistic medicine, religion, sports, or travel is favoured.

Sagittarians are good under pressure and don’t mind a little (or a lot of) excitement on the job. They usually prefer a fulfilling and interesting career to one that pays well. The best careers for Sagittarius are in some way related to travel or other languages and cultures. Sagittarius careers include:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Animal trainer Anthropologist Athlete Bookseller/publisher Construction worker Explorer Fiction writer Gambler Holistic healer/naturopath Interpreter/translator Jockey Journalist Lecturer/professor Paramedic Priest/spiritual leader Sociologist Sports instructor/trainer Sports physiotherapist Travel agent Travel guide/eco-tour guide (hiking, kayaks, or any other mode of travel) Travel writer


Other Factors in Astrological Personality
The sun sign is only one aspect of an astrological profile. Many other factors play a role, including rising and moon signs. For example, a person with the sun in Aries who has Virgo rising will likely be more introverted, cautious, detail-oriented, and diplomatic than a typical Aries. For more information on the fire signs, see Aries Personality Profile, Leo Personality Profile, and Sagittarius Personality Profile.

Astrology Careers: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
Career Aptitudes and Best Jobs for the Earth Fire Signs
The earth signs do best in careers that offer security and the possibility to advance through hard work and talent rather than flashy showmanship.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn people work effectively either on their own or with other people, and don’t require much supervision to get the job done. Most get along well with coworkers and supervisors unless severely provoked. If choosing physical or athletic careers, earth signs tend to do better in those that require strength and endurance more than gracefulness. Earth sign people should avoid careers that involve significant physical discomfort, such as cold, wet conditions outdoors in bad climates, unless the ascendant falls in a fire or air sign. Earth signs are very sensitive to aspects of the environment, so a healthy workspace with natural lighting, ergonomically friendly seating, and environmentally friendly practices is ideal. While stability and comfort are key attributes for all three signs, there are some significant differences in other career requirements. Taurus and Virgo are more concerned with the natural world, often preferring to work hands-on with natural materials (plants, wood, stone, etc.), whereas Capricorn tends to be more business-oriented. Other differences include the fact that Taurus has strong aesthetic leanings, Virgo is oriented toward health and service, and Capricorn is inclined toward a broad array of fields, ranging from music to investment to engineering. However, all three signs tend to have an appreciation for practical crafts.

Taurus Career Aptitudes
Taurus people do well in any of the established, solid trades. Jobs in which they can make things with their hands are favoured, as well as jobs involving money and valuable objects. Another Taurus area of strength is agriculture – anything to do with growing things. Taurus people may also be drawn to the building trades because they are solid, tangible, and enduring. Artistic fields, particularly those that involve tactile work such as sculpture, are also associated with the sign of Taurus. And because they tend to have a variety of practical talents, some Tauruses become educators of young children, which gives them the opportunity to delve into many different subjects.

Taurus careers include:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Art dealer Banker Building trades Businessperson in an established field Construction worker Doctor (general practitioner rather than surgeon) Financial planner Florist Gardener Jewelry maker or dealer Teacher (nursery, kindergarten, and early grades) Landscaper Model Musician Plant nursery worker Pottery maker Real estate agent Sculptor Singer (most Tauruses have good voices) Wrestler

Virgo Career Aptitudes
Virgos are good at anything involving fine detail work, numbers, research, medicine, health, or diet. Although these are the strong areas, they usually do well in almost anything they try because they have good work ethics and learn

new things easily. Some Virgos are also drawn to dance or other physical arts that require intense dedication, long hours of practice, and the perfecting of small details. Virgos have excellent organizational skills and a desire to make the world a better place through some sort of service. They don’t need a lot of recognition and they are tireless workers, though they may lack the aptitude or desire for assertive self promotion. Many work long and unpleasant hours without complaining, and they tend to be meticulous and perfectionistic in their work. Virgo careers include:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Accountant/bookkeeper Analyst (financial or other) Architect Charity worker Consultant Craftsperson Critic Dancer Dentist Designer Dietician Doctor Domestic engineer/maid Editor Environmental organization worker Event organizer Gardener Home-care worker Inspector

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Institutional worker (particularly mental hospitals and prisons) Interior decorator Lab technician Librarian Mathematician Naturopathic healer Nonfiction writer (especially books on nutrition, medicine, and general health) Nurse Researcher Scientist (particularly biology or microbiology) Seamstress/tailor Secretary Social worker Statistician Teacher (elementary or high school) Translator

Capricorn Career Aptitudes
Capricorns can do well in almost any career they choose and will usually rise to the top through diligence and hard work. They are particularly good in the areas of business, engineering, music, administration, and anything involving material resources, particularly assessing the value of things. Capricorns are self-disciplined and shrewd enough to run their own businesses, and diplomatic enough to excel in politics.Their self-control, intensity, stoicism, and strong sense of duty may also lead them into policing or the army. Capricorn careers include:

• • •

Accountant Administrator Antique dealer

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Architect Athlete Banker Builder Businessperson (self-employed or other) Dentist Engineer Farmer Guard Investor Lawyer Manager Musician Police officer Politician Real estate agent Scientist Soldier/army officer Surveyer Valuer

Other Factors in Astrological Personality
The sun sign is only one aspect of an astrological profile. Many other factors play a role, including rising and moon signs. For example, a person with the sun in Virgo but Leo rising is likely to be far more extroverted and inclined toward self-promotion than the average Virgo.

For more information on the earth signs, see Taurus Personality Profile, Virgo Personality Profile, and Capricorn Personality Profile.

Astrology Careers: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
Career Aptitudes and Best Jobs for the Astrological Water Signs
Most water sign people gravitate toward stable careers that offer the opportunity to help, serve, or care for others in some way.

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces tend to favour very different career paths, though there is often some element of selflessness involved in any career chosen. Scorpio and Pisces are inclined toward solitary work, whereas Cancer, though prone to shyness, is more sociable. Cancer is associated with domestic professions and those related to the past, and Cancers often help others in a hands-on, nurturing way. Scorpios are more inclined to serve others in ways that require some degree of risk and solitary endeavour, such as police or rescue work. Helping humanity also appeals to Pisceans, though they are more inclined to do it through professions that require brilliant inspiration, spiritual enlightenment, or profound self-sacrifice. Pisceans and Cancers are also drawn to artistic pursuits, whereas Scorpios are more likely to delve into the depths of psychology.

Cancer Career Aptitudes
Cancers need stable careers that bring in good money because they crave security and need sufficient cash flow to maintain a comfortable home base. Cancerians are very good with the public, if they are not too shy, and they do especially well in careers that make use of their compassionate and nurturing qualities, particularly those involving children or animals. Careers that involve boats, liquids, food and drink, hospitality, and photography are also favoured. Cancer is a sign that tends to be nostalgic, and many Cancers are interested in history. This historical focus can lead to a variety of careers ranging from furniture restoration to antique dealing to archeology. Like Leos, Cancers tend to be good cooks with a green thumb, which opens up additional career possibilities. Cancer careers include:

Antique dealer

• • • • •

Archeologist Bartender Caterer Charity worker/fundraiser Cook/chef

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dishwasher Fisherman Furniture restorer Gardener Historian Home care worker Homemaker Host/hostess Housecleaner/domestic engineer Museum curator Musician Nanny Nurse Photographer Restaurant or hotel owner/manager Sailor Self-employed businessperson (particularly in a family business) Social worker Store manager Teacher (especially for very young children) Waiter/waitress Work that helps seniors, small children, families, or animals

Scorpio Career Aptitudes
Many Scorpios do well in psychological and medical fields because most are not squeamish, and they are able to deal with death, and with psychological concepts that frighten other people. Nerves of steel, coolness under pressure, and a tendency not to show any weakness in front of others also suit some Scorpios to law enforcement, military careers, or undercover work. Scorpios who prefer office work make excellent researchers and accountants, as they are good with detail and precision work. Most Scorpios are also good with money, which suits some for careers that require making shrewd investments. Because Scorpios have issues surrounding power and control, they do best when they have a fair bit of control over their own work situations. They do not take well to being bossed around, even by a boss. Scorpio careers include:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Analyst Athlete Butcher Chemist Detective Diver Doctor/surgeon Financial consultant Forensic pathologist Forensic psychologist Librarian Medical researcher Mystery or crime writer Naturopathic healer Paramedic Pathologist

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Plumber Police officer Private investigator Rescue worker Researcher Scientist Self-employed businessperson Sex therapist Soldier Spy Tarot card reader Undertaker

Pisces Career Aptitudes
Many Pisces people have trouble maintaining ordinary 9-5 routines, which can lead to unemployment for some. The majority of Pisceans do best in jobs that offer them the opportunity to do artistic, nurturing, or scientific work – anything that requires inspiration. When they do find their niche, Pisceans will work very hard. This is a self-sacrificing sign, and Pisces people can work tirelessly on behalf of others in charitable, healing, compassionate, or scientific occupations. Pisceans are happiest when they are needed, and when they are improving the lives of people or animals, which can lead them into medical, nursing, caretaking, and animal rescue fields, or to the furthering of scientific knowledge. Pisces people are extremely sensitive to atmosphere, and a workspace with a negative ambience can lead to health problems. Pisceans also need a lot of time alone, and are suited to solitary occupations. Pisces careers include:

• • • •

Actor/actress All jobs in mental institutions Artist—especially painter or sculptor Careers involving boats

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chiropodist Counselor Dancer Doctor Fiction writer/poet Film industry worker Home care worker Inventor Lab technician Marine biologist Masseuse/massage therapist/physiotherapist Nurse Oceanographer Photographer Priest Prison worker Psychic Reflexologist Scientist Singer Swimming instructor Veterinarian Volunteer (in any rescue or helping organization for people or animals)

Other Factors in Astrological Personality
The sun sign is only one aspect of an astrological profile. Many other factors play a role, including rising and moon signs. For example, a person with the sun in Pisces and Aries rising may be more inclined to choose a career such as firefighter that involves both danger and selflessness, rather than one of the less risky and more solitary Piscean careers. For more information on the water signs, see Cancer Personality Profile, Scorpio Personality Profile, and Pisces Personality Profile.

Astrology and Sports
How the Zodiac Signs Keep Fit

Everyone has different fitness levels and different approaches to exercise. What kind of sports and keep fit pursuits might each sign of the Zodiac choose?

Some signs are active in a physical way, others prefer to exercise their minds. This is how the sun signs might enjoy keeping fit. Aries, Sports and Keeping Fit Aries is always on the go both mentally and physically and this helps keep them slim. Arians are natural sportsmen but carelessness can lead to bumps and bruises. They enjoy competitive games and they won't be beaten. Motor sport holds particular appeal. Taurus, Sports and Keeping Fit Taureans can be terribly lazy. At the same time, they’re hard working too. Exercise is a must otherwise weight, like their age, just keeps on increasing. Dancing is ideal. Of course nothing as lively as a Highland Fling. Just something gentle to get the body moving.

Gemini Sports and Keeping Fit
Gemini is an agile sign and their general lifestyle helps keep them fit. They’re seldom likely to stick at anything for too long, so their interest in sport tends to be as changeable as the weather. Geminis often enjoy gymnastics, tennis, badminton and running.

Cancer Sports and Keeping Fit
Cancer is the type who will be faithful to the one sport year after year. Whichever area takes their interest, whether it is indoor games or the outdoor life, they’re likely to push themselves to the limit. Cancerians enjoy being part of a team and water sports appeal.

Leo Sports and Keeping Fit
Leo IS the sign of sports and recreation yet incredibly, many Leos enjoy spectating as much as taking part. Regular exercise is good for their heart and circulation. For the sportsminded Leo, nothing else matters but to win. They shouldn’t overdo.

Virgo Sports and Keeping Fit
Virgos like to keep fit so no-one has to twist their arm to persuade them to exercise. They love to be out in the open air and cycling, golf and hiking are firm Virgo favourites. They have bags of energy and will give their all to winter team sports such as football and hockey.

Libra Sports and Keeping Fit
Librans need clean, gentle exercise. Swimming, ice-skating or a few rounds on the golf course as opposed to kicking a ball around muddy football fields. They like the restful atmosphere of health clubs but it will probably take a close friend to persuade them to join.

Scorpio Sports and Keeping Fit
Sporting Scorpios are no strangers to torn ligaments and the like, as they're just too hard on themselves. They take everything so very seriously and they don't like to lose. Many excel at water sports while boxing, the martial arts and snooker may also draw their interest.

Sagittarius Sports and Keeping Fit
Whatever the season and whatever the weather, Sagittarians need plenty of activity, preferably in the great outdoors. Tennis and swimming help keep them fit while they’d enjoy getting out on the ski slopes but in this they should take care. Sagittarius can be accident prone and their hips and thighs are vulnerable areas.

Capricorn Sports and Keeping Fit
No wonder Capricorn often feels so stiff; they need to get their bodies moving! Regular exercise will help keep those joints from aching. Some Capricorns like canoeing and even mountaineering but if they want something that won't put a strain on the pursestrings, they should try jogging, walking or cycling.

Aquarius Sports and Keeping Fit
Aquarians don't like to feel restricted and given the chance, they will go for something different such as sky-diving so as to feel as free as a bird. Closer to the ground, athletics and dancing would help keep them in trim while reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body!

Pisces Sports and Keeping Fit
Because Pisces isn't a 'sporty' sign as such, swimming, fencing and badminton are better than anything too strenuous. A love of music makes dance a pleasure. Pisceans are also pet-lovers and exercising the dog could be a good way to keep in trim too.

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