Ati Pharmacology

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Pharmacology for Nursing ATI Quiz



treat HTN by blocking conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II treat HTN by blocking the binding of angiotensin II to rece tors in tiss!es $lisinoPRIL $lo#ARTAN %hat to &onitor %hen taking ACE (lisinoPRIL) 'AR"# ( lo#ARTAN) sto di!retics ,-$-. hrs before starting ACE (lisinoPRIL) &ay ca!se/

ACE inhibitors (lisinoPRIL)

AR"# (lo#ARTAN)

ACE inhibitors AR"# &onitor () levels* blood ress!re and angiode&a (give e i s!b+) ACE inhibitors (lisinoPRIL) ersistent non rod!ctive co!gh

side effects incl!de/ angiode&a (ad&inister e i s!b+) ACE inhib(lisinoPRIL) ' AR"s (lo#ARTAN) and hy otension $ sho!ld not be !sed in the ,nd'0rd tri&ester of regnancy AR" that sho!ld be taken 1 ho!r before &eals slo%s &ove&ent of calci!& into s&ooth &!scle cells ca!sing arterial dilation and decreased "P a&lo2IPINE* vera a&il* cardi3e& !sed to treat angina and HTN &ay be !sed to treat afib* afl!tter or #4T reca!tions'interactions in CC"s/ a&lo2IPINE* vera a&il* cardi3e& CC"s CC"s/ a&lo2IPINE* vera a&il* cardi3e& vera a&il and dilta3e& ts taking digo5in and beta$blockers6 heart fail!re* heart block or bradycardia6 do not cons!&e gra efr!it 7!ice side effects' advrse effects of CC"s (a&lo2IPINE* vera a&il* cardi3e&) consti ation* refle5 tachycardia* eri heral ede&a* and to5icity ca toPRIL calci!& channel blockers (CC"s)

in7ect I4 CC"s (a&lo2IPINE* vera a&il* cardi3e&) over 8888 to 8888 &in ho% to 2'C CC"s (a&lo2IPINE* vera a&il* cardi3e&) %hat to &onitor in ts taking CC"s (a&lo2IPINE* vera a&il* cardi3e&) another na&e for al ha adrenergic blockers ( ra9:#IN) decreases "P by inhibting al ha$1 adrenergic rece tors ca!sing arterial and veno!s dilation &ay be !sed in the treat&ent of "PH %hat dr!gs &ay decrease the effect of ra9:#IN side effects of sy& atholitics ( ra9:#IN) %hat ti&e sho!ld sy& atholitics ( ra9:#IN) be taken and %hy; decrease eri heral vasc!lar resistance by sti&!lating al ha adrenergic rece tors antiHTN dr!gs that &ay be !sed in severe cancer ain %hen are al ha$, agonists (cata res* tene5* aldo&et) contraindicated


slo%ly ta er heart rate and "P

sy& atholitics ( ra9:#IN)

sy& atholitics ( ra9:#IN)

do5a9:#IN N#AI2s di33iness* fainting* hy otension at bedti&e to &ini&i3e effects of hy otension

al ha$, agonists (cata res* tene5* aldo&et)

al ha$, agonists (cata res* tene5* aldo&et)

in ts taking anticoag!lants'<A:Is * ts %ith he atic fail!re'C4A* <I* diabetes* dre ssion or chronic renal fail!re

do not ad&inister 88888888 thro!gh I4 line %ith barbit!ates or s!lfona&ides lactating &others sho!ld not !se these antihy ertensives

al ha$, agonists (cata res* tene5* aldo&et)

al ha$, agonists (cata res* tene5* aldo&et)

dry &o!th* dro%siness'sedation* rebo!nd HTN* black'sore tong!e* le!ko enia ts sho!ld notify the hysician of this %hen taking al ha$, agonists (cata res* tene5* aldo&et) decrease/ cardiac e5citability* cardiac o!t !t* and &yocardial o5ygen de&and6 lo%er "P by decrease release of renin in the kidney beta$blockers (&eto r:L:L) are contraindicated in ts %ith 8888888 (beta$blocker) &ay &aks signs of hy oglyce&ia in diabetics do not ad&inister labet:L:L in the sa&e line %ith ; side effects of beta$blockers (&eto r:L:L)

side effects of al ha$, agonists (cata res* tene5* aldo&et) invol!ntary 7erky &ove&ent* rolonged di33iness* rash* yello%ing of the skin beta$blockers (&eto r:L:L)

A4 block* or chronic res iratory diseases

ro an:L:L

f!rose&ide bradycardia* nasal st!ffiness* A4 block* bronchos as&

hold beta$blockers (&eto r:L:L) %hen #"P = 8888 or HR = 88888 nitro* nicardIPINE* vasotec I4* es&olol are; !sed in HTN e&ergencies b'c they directly dilate arteries and veins res!lting in decreased reload and afterload vasodilators (nitro* nicardIPINE* vasotec I4* es&olol) sho!ld not be !sed in ts %ith; side effects of vasodilators (nitro* nicardIPINE* vasotec I4* es&olol) nitro r!sside &ay not be &i5ed %ith 888 cardiac glycosides

#"P =1>> ' HR = ?>

vasodilators vasodilators (nitro* nicardIPINE* vasotec I4* es&olol)

he atic'renal disease* old age* electrolyte i&balances di33iness* HA* rofo!nd hy otension* cyanide to5icity* any other &eds digo5in

increases the force in velocity of heart contractions to i& rove stroke vol!&e (@>&L) and cardiac o!t !t and slo% cond!ction rate !sed to treat heart fail!re and afib 888888888 &eds increase risk of hy okale&ia and reci itate digo5in to5icity signs of digo5in to5icity


digo5in thia3ide' loo di!retics* AR"s (lo#ARTAN) 'ACE inhibitors (lisinoPRIL) A Early signs of to5icity/ BI ! set/ Anore5ia* N'4'2* A Late signs of to5icity/ HA* vis!al dist!rbances* HR abnor&alities

nor&al ser!& digo5in level ad&inister 8888 for digo5in overdose in digo5in to5icity %hat sho!ld dysryhth&ias be treated %ith %hen digo5in is sto ed

>C. $ , digibind dilantin

slo%s cond!ction ti&e thro!gh the A4 node* interr! ts adenosine A4 node ath%ays to restore N#R rolongs re olari3ation* rela5es s&ooth &!scles* decreases vasc!lar resistance increases firing of the #A node and cond!ction thro!gh the A4 node$ o nerve convert s! raventric!lar tachycardia (#4T) to N#R treat 4$Dib* !nstable ventriv!lar tachycardia treat asystole* bradycardia adenosine a&iodarone atro ine oses action of the vag!s atro ine a&iodorone

anti$hy erli ide&ia &eds 8888 &ay ca!se rolonged bleeding in ts take co!&adin do not ad&inister statins %ith 88888; inhibits the absor tion of cholesterol %hen sho!ld 3etia be taken short$acting inhaler for ac!te bronchos as& long acting inhaler for for long$ter& control of asth&a oral* long acting beta$, adrenergic agonists (bronchodilator) !sed for long$ter& control of asth&a 888888 &eds that %ill increases the effect of bronchodilators

statins statins

gra efr!it 7!ice 3etia 1 ho!rs before or - ho!rs after statins alb!terol foradil* serevent terb!taline


ca!ses rela5ation of bronchial s&ooth &!scle ca!sing theoPHELLINE bronchodilation !sed for long ter& control of asth&a 888888 and 888888 decrease theoPHELLIN levels thera e!tic level of theoPHELLINE treat&ents of theoPHELLINE to5icity henobarbitol and henytoin 1>$,> &cg'&L activated charcoal to decrease absor tion* lidocaine for dysrhyth&ias and dia3e a& for sei3!res inhaled anticholinergics ca!sing bronchodilation i ratr:PIF< is contraindicated in ts %ith a 888888 allergy i ratr:PIF< ean!t

!se i ratr:PIF< %ith e5tre&e ca!tion in atients %ith 888888 and 888888 side effects of i ratr:PIF< do not take gl!cocorticoids %ith 8888888 revents effects of le!kotrienes ca!sing decreased/ infla&&ation* bronchoconstriction* air%ay ede&a* and &!c!s rod!ction 88888888 %ill decrease the circ!lating effects of sing!lar side effects of sing!lair and 3yflo

ac!te angle gla!co&e and "PH

dry &o!th'eyes and !rinary retention N#AI2s sing!lair* 3yflo


elevated LDTs* %arfarin and theo hylline to5icity

slo%s carb absor tion and digestion* contraindicated in ts %ith intestinal disease

Precose* Blyset

red!ces gl!coneogeneis* increases gl!cose ! take by &etfor&in &!scles ro&otes release of ins!lin* lo%ers gl!cagon secretions and slo%s gastric e& tying Gan!via dose sho!ld be red!ced in atients %ith diabetes &ed that sho!ld be %ithheld for -. hrs rior to and after contrast &etfor&in is contraindicated in atients %ith red!ces rod!ction of gl!cose and sho!ld not be !sed %ith NPH ro&otes release of ins!lin fro& the ancreas gli i3ide* glyb!ride severe infection* shock* hy o5ic conditions randin* starli5 i& aired renal f!nction &etfor&in Gan!via

these diabetes &eds ca!se high risk for hy oglyce&ia gli i3ide* glyb!ride

in ts %ith renal* he atic or adrenal disorders oral &edications that decreases ins!lin resistance oral diabetes &edications that have a high risk for CHD d!e to fl!id retention onset of h!&alog eak of h!&alog d!ration of h!&alog onsent of reg!lar ins!lin eak of reg!lar ins!lin d!ration of reg!lar ins!lin onset of NPH eak of NPH d!ration of NPH onset of lant!s eak of lant!s d!ration of lant!s 2ra%ing$! reg!lar and NPH ins!lin less than 1? &in 0>$H> &in 0$- ho!rs 0>$H> &in ,$0 ho!rs ?$@ ho!rs 1$, ho!rs -$1, ho!rs 1.$,- ho!rs 1 ho!r none 1>$,- ho!rs N$R$R$N 1C In7ect air into NPH ,C In7ect air into reg!lar 0C 2ra% ! reg!lar ins!lin -C 2ra% ! NPH %hen sho!ld lant!s be ad&inistered at bedti&e Avandia* Actos Avandia* Actos

do not &i5 other ins!lins %ith the only ins!lin given I4 glyce&ic agent that breaksdo%n glycogen into gl!cose in the liver gl!cagon sho!ld not be &i5ed %ith 88888 and 8888 sol!tions sti&!lates the &etabolis& of all body syste&s acclerating the rate of cell!lar o5ygenation side effects of synthroid' signs of hy erthyroidis&

h!&alog* lant!s or co&bination ins!lins reg!lar gl!cagon

sodi!& or de5trose


tachycardia* restlessness* diarrhea* %t loss* decrease bone density* heat intolerance* inso&nia

inhibits synthesis of thyroid hor&one increases rod!ction of ins!lin$like gro%th factor avoid !se of 88888 %hen taking so&at:TR:PIN so&at:TR:PIN is ad&inistered ro&otes reabsor tion of %ater %ith the kidneys6 vasocontriction of vasc!lar s&ooth &!scle des&oPRE##IN is !sed to T5

Ta a3ole so&at:TR:PIN gl!ccocorticoids s!b+ des&oPRE##IN

diabetes insi id!s* cardiac arrest and noct!rnal en!resis

side effects of des&oPRE##IN blood rod!ct !sed to re lace vol!&e blood rod!ct !sed to T5 severe ane&ia* he&olytic ane&ia* erythroblastosis blood rod!ct to T5 active bleeding* a lastic ane&ia*

hy onatre&ia* sei3!res and co&a %hole blood (,$- hr) acked R"Cs (,$- hr)

latelets (1?$0> &in)

and bone &arro% s!

oression DDP

blood rod!ct !sed to T5 he&orrhage* b!rns* shock* TTP* and reverse effects of %arfain sti&!lates R"C rod!ction sti&!lates I"C rod!ction &ay ca!se bone ain or le!kocytosis sti&!lates latelet rod!ction hold digo5in if an infants !lse is less than hold digo5in if a childKs !lse is less than %hen to delay He " va5 %hen to delay 2TaP va5 %hen to delay Hib va5 delay all va5 if te& L ; %hen to delay <<R va5 %hen to delay 4aricella 4a5 %hen to delay ne!&ococcal va5 %hen to delay &eningococcal (<C4) va5 In bacterial &eningitis 8888888 M 888888 are elevated and 888888888 is decreased ab5 class !sed to T5 se sis* &eningitis* ne!&onia

Procrit Ne! ogen* Ne!lasta

Ne!&ega J> @> allergy to bakerKs yeast* liver disease 0> days after i&&!nos! if child is ill 1>1C>D allergy to eggs* neo&ycin* gelatin $ regancy allergy to neo&ycin* gelatin sensitivity to di theria regnancy I"C' rotein N elevated gl!cose N decreased a&inoglycosides (a&akin* vanco<ECIN) ression

this class of ab5 are ototo5ic* ne hroto5ic* "FN'creat sho!ld be &onitored thera e!tic level of vanco<ECIN ab5 class !sed to treat FRIs* skin and FTI* this class of ab5 have a cross sensitivity %ith PCN and yo! sho!ld &onitor for CCdiff !se ca!tion in atients %ith he atic* renal or sei3!re disorder %ith these ab5 !sed for clients %ith a PCN allergy and ad&inister %ith &eals

a&inoglycosides (a&akin* vanco<ECIN)

,>$->&cg'dL ce halos orins (ce hale5in* CEDaclor) ce halos orins (ce hale5in* CEDaclor)

fl!roO!inolones (ci roDL:PACIN)

3$ ak* e$&ycin* bia5in

a broad s ectr!& ab5 contraindicated in ts %ith renal &acrodantin dysf!nction !sed to T5 FTI %arn ts taking &acrodantin that; CCCCC %hen taking "actri& and #e tra; !rine %ill t!rn bro%n cons!&e at least 0L of %ater* !se back$! contrace tives* avoid s!n e5 os!re %hen taking tetraCECLINEs cons!&e at least 0L of %ater* !se back$! contrace tives* avoid s!n e5 os!re do not give 888888 to children less than . d!e to er&anent teeth discoloration 88888888 ca!ses gingivitis* gingival hy er lasia %hat 4a5 are needed by age H &onitor he atic'renal f!nction* refrigerate s!s ensions* increased risk - bleeding in ts taking anticoag!lants &onitor for dr!g ind!ced retino athy in ts taking laO!enil* O!inine 2ilantin 2Ta * IP4* <<R* 4aricella* 2ifl!can tetraCECLINEs

!sed for revention and T5 of T" recations %hen taking 8888888 incl!de/ risk of ne!ro athies'he atoto5icity cons!&e "H avoid alcholol avoid eating 88888 and taking 888888 %hen on INH 88888888 %ill ca!se discoloration of !rine* saliva* s%eat and tears ad&inister this antiretroviral on an e& ty sto&ach ad&inister these antiretrovirals %ith food %hen taking any antiretroviral 1C; ,C; osteo orosis &eds (boniva* 3o&eta) absor tion is decreased %hen taken %ithCCCCCC osteo orosis &eds (boniva* 3o&eta) sho!ld be ad&inistered this &ed !sed to T5 rhe!&atoid arthritis is contraindicated in regnancy* renal'liver fail!re* soriasis* blood disorders this &ed (2<AR2) !sed to T5 rhe!&atoid arthritis &ay ca!se increased risk for infection* bone &arro% s! ression* BI !lceration

INH* rifa& in INH

tyra&ine ' dilantin rifa& in

A9T* retrovir acyclovir increase fl!id intake begin thera y %ith first onset of sy& to&s

calci!&* :G* antacids* caffeine

in the A< on an e& ty sto&ach



laO!enil &ay ca!se go!t &ed that inhibits !rac acid rod!ction !sed to

retinal da&age (blindness) allo !rinol

treat ACFTE go!t go!t &ed that inhibits rocesses to revent le!kocytes fro& invading 7oints !sed to treat CHR:NIC go!t go!t &eds are contraindicated in ts %ith;;;; avoid 88888 %hen taking &eds for go!t na&e - antian5iety &eds do not give 888888 and 888888 to ts %ith s!bstance ab!se and liver disease 8888888 is contraindicated fo clients taking <A:Is %hich antian5iety &ed %ill not ca!se %ithdra%al #5 treat overdose of antian5iety &eds %ith 888888 %hat antide ressants are contraindicated for clients %ith sei3!re disorder do not ad&inister 888888 %ith <A:Is or #tCGohns %ort &onitor for anticholinergic effects* sedation* to5icity and decreased sei3!re threshold in ts taking the follo%ing are #5 of 88888888 agitation* conf!sion* hall!cinations and sho!ld be &onitored for the first 8888 hr %hen taking 888888 side effects of ##RIs ( aroPETINE* le5a ro* l!vo5* 3oloft) incl!de %eight gain se5!al dysf!nction fatig!e dro%siness serotonin syndro&e* @, ho!rs* ##RIs ( aroPETINE* le5a ro* l!vo5* 3oloft) tricyclics (Elavil* ToDRANIL* do5e in) tricyclics (Elavil* ToDRANIL* do5e in) "!# ar "!# ar Ro&a3icon tricyclics (Elavil* ToDRANIL* do5e in) renal* cardiac and BI dysf!nction A#A lora9EPA<* 5ana5* libri!&* "!# ar 4ali!& and "!# ar colchine

<A:is incl!de do not take <A:Is %hen taking 8888888 888888 are contraindicated in ts taking ##RIs* tricyclics* and %ho have heart fail!re* C4A* renal ins!fficiency side effects of <A:Is incl!de instr!ct client to take 8888888 antide ressants in the A< 888888 and 88888 %ill increase lithi!& levels &onitor ser!& 88888 levels %hen taking lithi!& thera e!tic level of lithi!& thera e!tic effects of lithi!& begin in 888 to 888 days %hat is the lithi!& to5icity level; #5/ BI distress* &ental conf!sion* oor coordination* coarse tre&ors %hat is the lithi!& to5icity level; #5/ ata5ia* conf!sion* increased dil!te !rine o!t !t* bl!rred vision* clonic &ove&ents* sei3!res* st! or* severe hy otension* and co&a* !l&onary co& lications &ay lead to death $ !se 8888888 to increase rate of e5cretion ac!te dyskinesias and dystonic reactions* tardive dyskinesia* Parkinsonis&* akinesia* akathisia* and ne!role tic &alignant syndro&e are;;; a disorder res!lting in invol!ntary* re etitive body &ove&ents

&ar lan* Parnate antihy ertensives <A:Is

CN# sti&!lation* orthostatic hy otension ##RIs ( aroPETINE* le5a ro* l!vo5* 3oloft)

N#AI2s and A#A sodi!& >C- $ 1&EO'L @ to 11C? to ,/ &oderate to advanced

L ,/ severe $ &annitol

e5tra yra&idal effects of conventional (haldol* thora3ine* nacene) anti sychotics

tardive dyskinesia

Co&&on sy& to&s incl!de/ A2ecrease in facial e5 ressions A2iffic!lty starting and controlling &ove&ent ALoss or %eakness of &ove&ent ( aralysis) A#oft voice A#tiffness of the tr!nk* ar&s* or legs ATre&or absence* overty* or loss of control of vol!ntary &!scle &ove&ents a disorder in %hich there is an !rge or need to &ove the legs to sto !n leasant sensations #y& to&s incl!de high fever* s%eating* !nstable blood ress!re* st! or* &!sc!lar rigidity* and a!tono&ic dysf!nctionC #y& to&s occ!r %ithin &in!tes to ho!rs of taking ( aroPETINE* le5a ro* l!vo5* 3oloft)* and &ay incl!de/ A Agitation or restlessness A 2iarrhea A Dast heart beat A Hall!cinations A Increased body te& erat!re A Loss of coordination A Na!sea A :veractive refle5es A Ra id changes in blood ress!re A 4o&iting !sed to &aintain sobriety in T5 of alcoholis& do not give antab!se %ithin 8888 days of drinking alcohol &edications !sed to treat &ysasthenia gravis




ne!role tic &alignant syndro&e

serotonin syndro&e

antab!se 1- days

Prostg&in* <ytelase* Tensilon

do not ad&inister &yasthenia gravis &eds if systolic "P is belo% "H decreases the effects of this arkinsonKs &ed 8888888 ca!ses increased e5cretion of digo5in* %arfarin* and :CP thera e!tic range for 2ilantin do not take Ti&o tic %hen !sing 888888 o iod is contraindicated after biliary tract s!rgery 8888888 o iod is contraindicated in clients %ith renal fail!re thera e!tic level of &agnesi!& s!lfate act on !terine &!scle to sto contractions signs of &agnesi!& s!lfate to5icity


levodo a 2ilantin

1>$,> CC"s and beta$blockers &or hine


-$. tocolytics (brethine* rocardia* &ag s!lfate) 2e ressed 2TR (dee tendon refle5) $ Res iratory de ression $ Co&a $ Cardiac arrest $ 2eathC

if yo! s!s ect &ag to5icity ; 2ecreased a&&onia level N

ad&inister Calci!& Bl!conateC i& rove&ent in ts %ith he atic ence halo athy

<!scle s as&s indicate hy o or hy ercalcae&ia #5 of hy o or hy er calce&ia Lethargy* %eakness* fatig!e* conf!sion* %t loss* bone ain* cardiac dysrhyth&ias and kidney stone

hy ocalcae&ia hy ercalce&ia

88888888%ill be elevated in bone or liver disease and BBT is also raised by alcohol and he atoto5ic dr!gs A flatted T %ave is indicated of ; a&inoglycosides (genta<ECIN* vanco<ECIN) are ad&inistered I4 over 88888888 (ti&e) a vaso ressor !sed in the T5 of shock and heart fail!reC increases cardiac o!t !t by increasing &yocardial contractility Qalso dilates renal blood vessels* %hich increase renal rof!sion leading to increased !rine o!t !t thera e!tic effect of do a&ine increased !rine o!t !t d!e to dilated renal blood vessles and increased renal erf!sion side effects of do a&ine increased !lse HTN dysrhyth&ias !sed to correct hy otension that is !nres onsive to adeO!ate fl!id vol!&e re lace&ent or occ!rs as art of shock syndro&e ca!sed by bactere&ia* chronic cardiac deco& ensation* dr!g overdose* <I* o en$ heart s!rgery* renal fail!re* tra!&a* or other &a7or syste&ic illnesses6 to i& rove lo% cardiac o!t !t Ihere is Penicillin B ad&inistered; PCN B is very irritating and sho!ld be in7ected into a large &!scle (ventral gl!teal ' vast!s lateralis) !sing a ,,$,?B 1 $1 1',R needle and sho!ld be ad&inistered dee %hy is <ag s!lfate is ad&inistered to re$ecla& sia ts; the best evidence of thera e!tic res onse to Plavi5 is absence of angina* neck'7a% ain and absence to revent sei3!res vaso ressors (do a&ine) do a&ine hy okale&ia 1 ho!r

of diffic!lty s%allo%ing ts %ith an allergy to PCNs &ay also have an allergy to this ab5 class N#AI2s 8888888 di!retic effects to5ic levels of 88888888 can ca!se di lo ia'do!ble vision* HA* and vertigoC #er!& sodi!& levels can be i& acted and !rine o!t !t decreased <edication !sed for alcohol %ithdra% are Elavil* is a antide ressant* the side effects are Libri!& :rthostatic hy otension* di33iness* get ! M &ove slo%ly* <onitor "P* M heart rate before* and 1 ho!r after ad&inistering* if decrease in heart rate* hold &eds M notify 2octorC Elavil* Thera y Relief can take 1 to 0 %eeks* and ossibly , to 0 &onths for f!ll benefitC Elavil* also effects Frinary retention* dry &o!th* bl!rred vision* hoto hobia* consti ation* tachycardia Pro ranolol* as Inderal* is a "eta "locker 2o not sto ab!rtly* client sho!ld &onitor heart* and "lood Press!re daily* Treats* hy erthyroidis&* &igraine* and gla!co&a Pro ranolol* Inderal #ide Effect "radycardia* !lse rate belo% H>* hold &edication M call 2octor* 2iabetics can &ask tachycardia* &onitor gl!cose to detect hy oglyce&ia* 2ecreased cardiac o!t !t signs* are shortness of breath* ede&a* fatig!e* :rthostatic hy otension* faintness* Avoid in client %ith asth&a Lisino ril* as Prinivil is a Ace Inhibitor for "lood Press!re Treats* Hy otension* heart fail!re* &yocardial infraction* it decreases the left ventric!lar red!ce CEPH'Dalos orins

dysf!nction Lisino ril* side effects are Ca!ses a 2ry co!gh* sto &edsC* notify 2octor* hy erkale&ia* &onitor otassi!&* e5 ected range 0C? to ?* Rash M dysge!sia* as altered taste* Angioede&a is a s%ollen tong!e* and oral haryn5* side effects are treated %ith in7ection of E ine hrine 2ystonia # as& #!stained* invol!ntary &!scle contractions 2antri!&* is a #keletal <!scle Rela5ant Treats <alignant hy erther&ia* stiffness* and s as&s* can occ!r d!ring s!rgery %ith certain ty es of anesthesiaC Ce halos orin* is a "road s etr!& bacterial &edC Treats Frinary tract infection* ost o erative infection* M elvic infection Iron s! le&ent Need to take %ith 4iti&in C* olike orange 7!i5ce* to increase absor tion* Avoid &ilk* M calci!&* it interferes %ith absor tion* !se a stra% it can stain teeth* <ay ca!se black stools and consti ation Nitro ress is !sed to treat congestive heart fail!re* and life threatening high blood ress!re* as hy ertensionC <yasthenia Bravis* Treat&ent 2r!gs It effects the &!scles of the eyes* face* &o!th* throat* neckC Ie &ay see facial droo ing* dr!gs !sed are Neostig&ine* as rostig&ine 2ilantin* adverse effects are Hy er lasia* as bleeding B!&s* RashC* and 2ilantin #ide Effect* is Hair loss 2ilantin* 2r!g interaction %ith :ral contrace tives* Co!&adin* and

Bl!ccocorticordsC* 2ilantin are !sed to control #ei3!res Ti&olol Is a beta blocker* that is !sed for treat&ent of gla!co&a* as I:P of the eyes Probenecid* interacts %ith Anti go!t &edications* it revents re absor tion of !ric acid Bo!t* it also inhibits the secretion of enicillin Pinicillin Interacts %ith As irin* and A&inoglycosides* %hen &i5ed in the sa&e I 4 sol!tion Co!&adin kno%n as %arfarin INR/ ,$0* a anticoag!lant* revention of blood clotsC <eds that interact* %ith co!&adin are He arin* 2ilantin* M Aceta&ino hen as tylenol* and As irin He arin* Thera !etic Range H> to .>* inhibits the clotting rocessC* latelet !nder 1>*>>>* sto &edication He arin* I 4 2ri LabC 4al!e <onitor aPTT 1C? to ,C* ad&inister slo%ly* no &ore than ,>&g er &in!te* and ?>&g er 1> &in!teC* 2igo5in* a cardiac glycoside 4al!e are 1C? to ,C>* <onitor otassi!& levels* The dr!g Lasi5* interacts %ith digo5in* and increases to5icity 2igo5in* #ide Effects are Anore5ia* tachycardia* bradycardia* and heart block Ta&o5ifen* A Cancer dr!g* a :ral <edication Estrogen Rece tor "locker* #to s gro%th of "reast Cancer* #ide Effect are* Endo&etrial Cancer* abnor&al bleedingC* Hy recalce&ia* &ontior calci!& levelsC* P!l&onary E&bol!s*

shortness of breath* and chest ainC Dentanyl* is a Narcotic Analgesic It is &ore otent than &or hine* yo! need a %ritten rescri tion for& Physician Theo hylline* 2r!g A bronchodilator to treat asth&a* bronchitis* e& hyse&a* %hich Interacts %ith caffeine Cro&oly& #odi!&* as Intal Inhaler Is a anti infla&&atory* a Long acting control of asth&a* Iait 1? &in!te after !se for activity* or e5 os!re to allergen Alb!terol* is !sed for e5ercise ind!ced Asth&a Fse the Alb!terol inhaler first6 then %ait abo!t ? &in!tes before !sing the steroid inhalerC* This allo%s the Alb!terol to o en ! yo!r air%ays* so the steroid can %ork betterC Antihesti&ine* as "enadryl PTF* Interacts %ith PTF* side effects Ca!ses slee iness 2igo5in* <ay increase gl!coside levels Hy othyroidis&* Ieight gain* "radycardia* Anore5ia* cold intolerance* he atic to5icityC* agran!locytosis is RARE* b!t ca!se sore throat* M fever Lo id Dibrates* for Cholesterol Test <onitor "aseline Liver f!nction* M Renal f!nction test "i hos honates "oniva* adds calci!& to bones for osteo orosis* Take on e& ty sto&achC* sit ! right for 0> &in!tes after takingC* No food* or calci!& s! le&ents %ithin an ho!r of taking &edicationC* Not for atient %ith hy ocale&ia* it can ca!ses cardiac arrest

<ethotre5ate* a Rhe!&atoid Arthiritis <ed* interact %ith Rhe!&atoid Arthiritis* Dindings to Re ort

N#AI2* M #!lfona&ides* &ay ca!se To5icity* &onitor levels Patient sho!ld be tested for t!berc!losis first* and any active infection* or fl!

Rhe!&atoid Arthiritis <edC Adverse Effects

Are at risk for infection* fever* sore throat* fetal death* he atic fibrosis* and sho!ld &onitor liver f!nction

Ergostat* <edication Ergostat* #ide Effect are

Treats &igraines Detal abortion* BI disco&fort* na!sea* vo&itingC* Ergotis&* are &!scle ainC* Paresthesias* cold fingers M toes

"yetta* is a 2iabetes <ellit!s* They are refilled in7ection en

Ihich can ca!se Pancreatitis* and severe abdo&inal ain* sto &edication* and notify doctorC* It also ca!ses B I effectsC* "yetta needs in7ected 1 ho!r rior to &eals* NE4ER INGECT ADTER <EAL* store in refridgarator

Antivirals* &edications treat

HI4* her es* He atitis "* C* Infl!en3a A M "* #lo%s do%n viral load* and allo%s the T cells levels to stay nor&alC* Al ha interferons inhibit s read of vir!ses to ne% cells

Rifa& in

A treat&ent given to T" atients* it is taken in con7!nction %ith the other first line &edication* This can ca!se :RANBE C:L:RE2 FRINE* and er&enant discoloration of soft contact lensesC

Potassi!& Inf!sion

Bive no faster than 1>&EO er ho!r and* val!e level 0C? to ?C>

If there is a &edication error

Check atients vital signs first

Che&o 2r!gs* contraindication are

Liver* kidney* %o&en regnant* and atient that %ith i&&!nos! ression

Bara&yci&* is a Antibiotic Protien synthesis

#ide Effect* hearing lossC* Interacts %ith &ilk* calci!&* anatcids* and iron s! le&entsC* take 1 ho!r before &eals on a e& ty sto&ach

Levodo a* a Anti ParkinsonKs dr!g

It is converted into do a&ine in the brain* %hich increases intraoc!lar ress!re* and is contraindicated in closed angle gla!co&a

Ne!rologic 2r!gs* as 2ilantin kno%n as Phenytoin* interacts %ith "lood Press!re <eds* as 2e&erol* <or hine* M Dentanyl* adverse effects Ca!tion of :lder atients

<A:Is* Co!&adin* :ral contrace tives* CN# de ressants* and gra efr!it 7!ice Are Res iratory de ression* and hy otension

<edications effect older atients liver* renal* B I* blood

He arin* Adverse Effects

"r!ising* etichiae* bleeding* and Thro&bocyto enia* lo% latelet

He arin* in7ections are

Biven s!bc!taneo!s* , inches fro& the !&bilic!s* a ly ress!re for 1 to , &in!tes after in7ection* He arin is a anti clotting s!bstance for&ed by tiss!e cells* es ecially the liver6 a anti rothro&bin

"enadryl* is a Antihista&ine H 1 Rece tor "acteria Cell Iall <edications

#ide Effects are #lee iness* and dry &o!th Are in7ected I < in the b!ttlock &!scle area* ca!tion %ith in7ecting arteries

"1, 2eficiency* #igns

Are Ne!ro athy* beefy tong!e* Patients need to adhere to Lab tests* and blood co!nt levels

"1, 2eficiency* Treat&ent

Cyanocobala&in as cobala&in in7ection*

Teach atient to eat green leafy vegetables "1, 2eficiency* ca!ses Hy okale&ia* &onitor otassi!& levels* also ernicio!s ane&ia* gastric by ass* acid s! ression* CrohnKs* ta e%or&* and ile!& resection Antili e&ic* as Li itor* and* 9ocar Need to take half ho!r before &ealsC* &onitor ck levelsC* side effects* are &!scle ache* ain in hands and feet* n!&bnessC* avoid gra efr!it 7!ice Probenecid Treats Chronic Bo!t* a dr!g that red!ces the level of !ric acid in the blood Probenecid* interacts %ith <alignant Hy erther&ia As irin A a hereditary condition of !ncontrolled heat rod!ction* occ!rring %hen s!sce tible ersons receive certain anesthetic dr!gsC <alignant Hy erther&ia* is treated %ith anti hychotic dr!gs* as Haldol* Thora3ine* #ide effects Che&o 2r!gs* Adverse Effects Are Hair loss* na!sea* vo&iting* diarrehea* and lo% %hite blood cells 2i!retics* as Lasi5* M :s&itrol* #ide Effects Are 2ehydration* and Hy okale&ia* ca!ses lo% otassi!&* &onitor otassi!&* if belo% 0C1 notify doctor Calci!& channel "lockers* as 4era a&il* side Effects :s&ostic 2i!retics* as :s&itrol treats 4ita&in ( is a antidote for Are ede&a* hy otension* do not drink gra efr!it 7!ice Red!ces the intracranial ress!re of the eye Patient* on co!&adin* and e5 erience bleeding 2antri!& Are 2ystonia* s as&* neck s as&

Al3hei&ers taking 2one e3il #ide Effect

Is dys nea* ca!ses bronchconstrictionC* N!rse sho!ld notify doctor

Libri!& <edication (etrorolac M Toradol #ide Effects

Prevents deliri!& tre&ors Increase risk of bleedingC* check for bri!singC* Take %ith food

"eta ace <edication I&d!r

Is !sed to decrease heart rate #ho!ld be given* if atients blood ress!re is less than J>


Is taking to revent hy otensionC* To %ake ! atient


Is !sed to treat gla!co&a* the rest of the atients life

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