ATmega Based Garage Door Opening

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An Android OS based cell phone is used to remotely control a garage door motor through Bluetooth system connected to a programed ATmega microcontroller so that the data received with accepted password is used to operate the relay driving the motor.Wrong password entry develops a buzzer alarm.For more information about this project, visit





The main objective of this project is to unlock a garage door by an android application using a unique password entered through the android application device. Opening and closing of garage door involves human labor. In this proposed system, the opening and closing of a garage door is achieved by using an android application. The owner can connect android application device to the system through Bluetooth, which in turn is connected to an T!"# microcontroller controlled garage door that can

open$close the door by entering the password. "ntering a wrong password generates a bu%%er alarm. &emote operation is achieved by any smart'phone$Tablet etc., with ndroid O(,

upon a #)I *#raphical )ser Interface+ based touch screen operation. This project is based on the android application, android application send data through Bluetooth. Bluetooth device connected at the receiving end which is fed to the nother T!"#

microcontroller. The sent data *password entered by the user+ matches with the password stored in the microcontroller, and then the microcontroller can initiate a mechanism to open the door through a relay operated motor. The project however is supplied with a lamp in place of the motor ,urther this project can be incorporated with an ""-&O! i.e., a non'volatile memory so that the password can be changed by the owner.


T!"# series !icrocontroller, &esistors, crystal, 2apacitors, 0iodes, Transformer, 3oltage regulator, Bu%%er, &elay, a lamp etc ., .

.anguage/ &0)I1O -rogramming .anguage

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