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Small motorized appliances
1. Introduction 2. Food mixers How to solve problems ranging from a damaged beater to a dead motor. 3. Food blenders Fixing a blender is like fixing a mixer. It's not difficult. 4. Vacuum cleaners and electric brooms These appliances use the same kind of motor as a food blender. 5. Floor polishers If your polisher doesn't work, it's due to one of five reasons. 6. Electric knives Some interesting features are packed into this small utensil. 7. Electric toothbrushes When to repair a brush, and when to exchange it or have it repaired. 8. Electric shavers Believe it or not, this is one of the most complicated appliances! 9. Electric can openers Introducing the shaded-pole motor—slow, but sturdy and reliable. 10. Hair dryers and hot combs Whatever the design, all dryers are basically the same. 11. Small electric fans .. , What to do when a fan is noisy, won't cool, exhaust, or oscillate. 12. Home workshop motors These AC-DC universal motors seldom fail and are easily repaired.

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Small appliances without motors
13. Introduction 14. Room heaters The appliance is basically simple, but be alert when repairing it. 15. Electric blankets The malfunctions you can repair are those outside the blanket itself. 16. Heating pads A heating pad is actually more complicated than an electric blanket. 17. Electric irons These come with many variations. Follow repair tips in our big chart. 18. Waffle irons Waffle irons are so troublef ree you may never get a chance to fix one. 19. Coffee makers Electric percolators share the principles of waffle irons and heaters. 20. Electric pop-up toasters * Various mechanisms, elements and switches complicate this appliance. 21. Electric toaster-ovens These resemble an electric roaster more than they do a toaster.

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22. Electric roasters Also called "electric broilers" and "rotisseries", they are simple ovens. 23. Electric skillets, sauce pans and fry pans The three appliances work similarly and have the same problems. 24. Hot plates and hot trays These are so simple you should be able to fix one in a few minutes.


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Major appliances
25. Introduction 26. Clothes dryers How to fix practically anything in an electric or gas model. 27. Automatic clothes-washing machines All washers have many things in common; repair may not be difficult. 28. Dishwashers Most troubles with dishwashers are the fault of the user, not the unit. 29. Room air conditioners Here's help with several air-conditioner malfunctions you can fix. 30. Refrigerators and home freezers Your repair role is limited, but it's wise to know how these units work. 31. Garbage disposers For long, troublef ree service, know what you can and can't feed these. 32. Trash compactors How to understand, care for, and repair this popular new appliance. 33. Oil and gas furnaces The main thing is to know what to do until the repairman can come. 34. Electric and gas water heaters Here are the most common water heater failures and how to handle them. 35. Electric and gas ranges No matter how fancy, these all consist of heat sources and their controls. 36. Humidifiers There are several different types of units, but all have the same job. 37. Dehumidifiers Here are important facts about this useful warm-weather appliance 38. A safety reminder When working with electricity, follow these practices automatically. 39. Attic fans J Problems are few and easily handled. Here's what you need to know. 40. Appliance surfaces How to restore a marred surface to a like-new condition.

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