attorney or vp or sales manager or regional manager

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attorney, vp,sales manager,regional manager, with 10 years experience looking for a Executive position.



DAN W. ARMSTRONG P.O. Box 1535 Ponte Vedra Beach (Jacksonville), FL 32004-1535 (Office) 904-280-0058, (Fax) 904-270-0109, (E-Mail) ________________________ CAREER SUMMARY Over 10 years Florida practicing attorney in business, estate planning and elder law and healthcare transactional matters, with over fifteen prior years OEM sal es and senior business experience within the health care industry serving hospit als, nursing homes, durable medical equipment companies, and physicians as a dis tributor of medical devices and services and as a manufacturer of medical and co nsumer products. Extensive legal work in; asset protection, contracts, fraud, ab use, false claims in addition to business areas in marketing, product developmen t, sales, advertising, consulting, business development, management development, and company acquisition and funding. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Accomplishments a Attorney focusing sole transactional legal practice in estate planning, elde r law, healthcare and all business matters. a Initiated and funded corporate acquisition team, resulting in the purchase o f a medical company with $75 million sales. a Wrote and developed expertise in private placement offerings, business plans , long-range strategy, and solicitation of financial backing. a Restructured human resources, downsizing 550 employees to 450 employees whil e increasing overall productivity. a Implemented computer in-house field communication network and reporting syst em, contributing to a 1.5% expense reduction. a Maintained investor relations and financing. a Negotiated contracts in excess of $15 million annually. a Managed corporation with full profit and loss responsibility resulting in in creased operating income. a Increased profitable sales by $17 million first year (Whitestone) and therea fter 64% (MMAR). a Consulted on Medicare reimbursement, code applications, reimbursement approv al, and representations to H.C.F.A. administrative law judges concerning reimbur sement appeals. a Mediator, County, Certified Florida Supreme Court Business Development & Leadership a Designed, developed and expanded product lines by over 50%. a Staffed and provided leadership and support to senior line managers resultin g in new business culture, and thus profitable return of investment and assets i mplemented. a Drafted and developed an effective motivating sales and senior management co mpensation program. a Drafted and performed evaluations on corporate sales and financial statement s using ratios, trends, projections and analysis. Financial a Drafted, presented, sold, and negotiated private placement funding of over $ 4 million. a Assisted in bank negotiations and securing of credit line financing of $15 m illion. Marketing a Designed advertising programs, press releases, and special events. a Completed as the subject of a thirty-minute abusiness turn-arounda program o

n personal and company achievements of the Whitestone acquisition airing on CNN. a Developed annual and five-year strategic plans. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Owner/Attorney Law Offices of Dan W. Armstrong, P.A. 2001-Present Ponte Vedra Beach (Jacksonville), FL Prior Employment: Johnson & Johnson American Hospital Supply USMC- Honorable Discharge EDUCATION Florida Coastal School of Law Juris Doctorate, 1999 University Of North Texas B.B.A., Marketing, Wharton School of Business Miscellaneous Courses,

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