Attributes Explained

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Attributes Explained



Attributes  Products: This will include what all assets are included in the portfolio offered by the wealth management firm             Services: This will consist of the add-on advisory, research and other services offered to the customer before, during and after the creation of the portfolio. AUM: This will show the assets under management of the particular wealth management firm. Number of Clients: The total number of clients using the wealth management services of the particular firm. Branches: No. of branches of the wealth management arm of the firm. Countries: The International footprints of the firm. Regional Coverage: The number of branched in the different geographical areas of the country like Northern India, Eastern India. Etc. Segment covered: This will talk about the type of clients like corporate entity, Entrepreneurs, People with family money etc. Investment Process: What is the process of creation of portfolio followed by the firm, is it discretionary or are there pre-structured products and only those are available. Customer Involvement: Participation of customers(when, which stages is it allowed and how much) Marketing Channels: Channels of marketing i.e. TV, newspaper, Internet, Financial magazines etc. Marketing Strategies: What is the thought process that the firm follows for positioning itself in the market? How does it differentiate itself? Customer Satisfaction: Level of customer satisfaction and efforts taken to ensure customer satisfaction.

Research Methodology
This will primarily be a secondary research where I will go through the websites of the firms concerned, their annual reports and the various articles and projects on the firm and collect data to be presented in the report.

Example Anand Rathi
Products        Equities I Bonds I Mutual Funds I Derivatives Managed Investment Services / PMS Commodities FX Trading Life Insurance General Insurance Alternative Assets - Private Equity Funds - Structured Products - Real Estate Oppurtunities Fund Special Situation Oppurtunities Offshore Structures & Global Investments

 

Services        AUM Over USD 300 million Number of Clients Over 15000 clients Branches Pan India Presence across 750 locations Countries It has international presence through offices in Dubai and Bangkok. Creation of a customized financial strategy Diversification of assets based on a formal process of asset allocation Active tracking, monitoring and review of portfolios Creation of private trusts Tax planning Estate planning Structuring of family wealth

Regional Coverage Anand Rathi has a strong foothold in most of the major financial hubs and metros in North, West and South India while it is yet to tap into the customer base of Eastern India. Segment covered Ultra - rich segment of Individuals, Private Clients, Corporates and Institutions Investment Process The hierarchy followed in the private wealth management segment in Anand Rathi is Product Expert, Investment Broker, Investment Advisor, Relationship Manager, Wealth Planner and Personal CFO according to increasing responsibility and powers in decision making as also clients with a bigger amount of wealth to be managed. Customer Involvement Their belief is that there is a spark in every person that distinguishes him as an individual, and defines his aspirations and goals. A Wealth Management solution for every individual is therefore unique. They also belive that customer deserves a customized solution for managing his wealth that is specific to his needs and not a generic template – based offering. Marketing Channels    Word of Mouth. Ad’s in magazines and Internet sites. Leading financial newspapers.

Marketing Strategies The main marketing strategy is Word Of mouth. As the target group is HNI’s the most important aspect of marketing is to create relationship confidence and trust. This is done through Word of mouth. And another strategy is reviews about new stocks and events in the financial world in leading newspapers. Customer Satisfaction Anand Rathi has been ranked Best Overall Private Bank in India by Asiamoney in their 2012 polls. Asiamoney Polls is a unique survey run by Asia's regional financial publication that surveys the end-user i.e. clients. It is the leading and definitive industry survey in the region. This award came their way because of the goodwill, support and patronage of their clients and the trust they placed in Anand Rathi and its advisory.

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