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August 3:
Presidency Message,
Getting to Know You
August 10: Joseph
Fielding Smith 15:
Eternal Marriage
August 17: Joseph
Fielding Smith 15:
Bringing Up Children
in Light and Truth
August 24: Teaching
for Our Time: “Love-
the Essence of the
Gospel” President
Thomas S Monson,
!pr "#1$ %eneral
August 31: 'ishopric
Price 1#th (ard ) !ugust "#1$

1 Melody Thatcher
* &hristine Johnson
+ ,eidi 'lac-
15 .e/ecca Peirce
1* Tracy 'edont
"1 0mily Marshall
"* Faun Pendleton
"+ 1aren 'ro2n
Presidency Message
3n an address gi4en in the Octo/er 1++5 %eneral &onference, Sister
6irginia Pearce spo-e on the importance of 2ard families She stated that
2ard families are “a great and miraculous part of ,ea4enly Father7s plan8
She challenged us to e9pand our “appreciation of the po2er of the 2ard
family and rene2 our commitment to participate positi4ely in that
community of Saints8
Sister Pearce listed se4eral 2ays that 2ard families help strengthen
each other:
1 (ard families pro4ide a sense of /elonging
" (ard families pro4ide the reassurance of listening ears
5 (ard families pro4ide encouragement
$ (ard families are a refuge
5 (ard families pro4ide 2ays for us to contri/ute
: (ard families pro4ide a la/oratory for us to learn and practice the
Sister Pearce concludes her tal- 2ith the in4itation “to lo4e 2hate4er
2ard you are in)participate in it, en;oy it, learn from it 0ach of us can
en4ision our 2ard or /ranch as a <ion community and then 2or- to ma-e it
that 2ay8
(hat a 2onderful opportunity 2e ha4e as a ne2 2ard to /ecome that
<ion community= (e li4e in such an e9citing time and the >ord has made it
possi/le for us to 2or- together to hasten ,is 2or- as mem/ers of the
Price 1#
(ard .elief Society !s a presidency, 2e are grateful for you,
our ne2 2ard family There are so many talents and such strong
testimonies among you >et us stri4e to 2or- together to e9perience the
po2er and the /lessings of our 2ard family Sister &hristina Pay

Contact Nu!ers
&hristina Pay :5?@*#5:
First &ounselor
6irginia Aoyes :5?@":5#
Second &ounselor
Sara 'ryant :5?@15*+
Tracy >udington :5#@5+"5

"isiting #eaching Corner
#his Month$s essage:
“The Bi4ine Mission of Jesus &hrist: Messiah8

The scriptures teach that 2e can d2ell in the
presence of %od “through the merits, and mercy, and
grace of the ,oly Messiah8 C" Aephi ":*D Messiah is “an
!ramaic and ,e/re2 2ord meaning Ethe anointed7 F 3n
the Ae2 Testament Jesus is called the &hrist, 2hich is
the %ree- eGui4alent of Messiah 3t means the anointed
Prophet, Priest, 1ing, and Beli4erer
0lder Jeffrey . ,olland of the Huorum of the T2el4e
!postles testified: “3 -no2 IJesus &hristJ is the ,oly One
of 3srael, the Messiah 2ho 2ill one day come again in
final glory, to reign on earth as >ord of lords and 1ing of
-ings 3 -no2 that there is no other name gi4en under
hea4en 2here/y a man Ior 2omanJ can /e sa4ed

IJesus &hristJ is the Sa4ior and .edeemer of the
2orld,8 said President Bieter F Kchtdorf, Second
&ounselor in the First Presidency “,e is the promised
Messiah ,e li4ed a perfect life and atoned for our sins
,e 2ill e4er /e at our side ,e 2ill fight our /attles ,e is
our hopeL ,e is our sal4ationL ,e is the 2ay
Consider #his
(hy is it important to understand the Sa4ior7s role as the
Boo% Clu!

'oo- &lu/ 2ill ta-e a summer
/rea- and /egin again in
Si&le Sunday Su&&er
“Fonl! let th! food "e prepared with singleness of heart ” #$C %&'()
Chic%en Salad Croissants
CSer4es :D
Prep time: "# minutes &oo- time: # minutes Total time: "# minutes
'ngredients: (irections:
" T 2ater chestnuts drained N chopped 1 &hop 2ater chestnuts, onion, and celery
1 T onion, chopped
1 C: oOD can 2hite chic-en, drained " &om/ine all ingredients e9cept croissants and mi9 well.
" T celery, chopped
" T sour cream 5 Place desired amount on croissant and ser4e
" T mayonnaise
1P$ t dill 2eed
'a-ery croissants Cor sand2ich /readD

Mar% )our Calendar
Aug * + , Q &astle 6alley Pageant, &astle Bale
Aug- 12 Q (ard 3ce &ream Social, ?:## pm, Sta-e Pa4ilion
Aug- 17 Q Sta-e !dult Fireside, ?:## pm, “Signs of the Times8
Se&t- 21 Q .e@dedication of the Ogden Temple, times to /e announced
Se&t- 2. Q %eneral (omen7s Meeting Cfor girls * years and olderD, dinner at 5:## pm,
'roadcast at ::## pm
Come mix, mingle, and have some fun at the

Manti Temple
The 1#
(ard .elief Society Theme for "#1$ is: “'ecoming a <ion People8
*+nd the Lord called his people ,ion- "ecause the! were of one heart and one
.ind- and dwelt in righteousness/ and there was no poor the.”
Moses 0'(1
“!s important as it is to ha4e this 4ision in mind, defining and descri/ing <ion 2ill
not /ring it a/out That can only /e done through consistent and concerned daily
effort /y e4ery single mem/er of the &hurch Ao matter 2hat the cost in toil or
sacrifice, 2e must do it8 @ 2resident 3pencer 4 Ki."all
(e are online= >oo- for Price 1#
(ard .elief Society on Face/oo-
“>i-e8 our page for updates on 04ents, >essons, and much more=

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